Season 3 Episode 7

iMove Out

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • Superb episode!

    This episode really caught me by surprise. When I first saw this promo for this episode, I was really interested in how this episode was going to turn out. But, this episode is really a masterpiece. Freddie getting embarrased by his mother on icarly, and in school was really funny. Freddie standing up for his mother, and moving out was really good. It was funny when Freddie asked why Spencer was sleeping on the couch when he was sleeping with him, he said "I saw a Spider in there!" It was cool to see Freddie and his mom make up again in the end. The other plot with the photographers, and Harmoo the cat was kind of good. I laughed so hard when Spencer got attacked by Harmoo. It was funny when Spencer had to go up and rescue Harmoo from jumping out of the building. Overall, this is suprisingly another excellent episode. its really funny, and well-written. 10/10,
  • What a great episode!

    Hilarious and witty episode.
  • somethings wrong there is 3 perfect episodes of Icarly in a row.


    somethings wrong there is 3 perfect episodes of Icarly in a row. Ok After Mrs. Benson pushes Freddie too far by making Freddie eat asparagus while doing iCarly, showing people at his school baby pictures, vacumming his ear while he was sleeping, Freddie gets upset, moves out and gets his own apartment on the elevator room in the Bushwell Plaza. Meanwhile, Carly, Sam and Freddie start a pet photography buisness, only to see their studio destroyed by a snooty competing pet photography buisnes owners Stewart Butler and Ollie Paisley. To get revenge the trio decides to destroy their studio. When Stewart and Ollie come back early, Carly, Sam and Freddie hurry home. Sam however, kidnapps their cat Harmu just before leaving. Mrs. Benson realize she needs Freddie and he moves back in. Everyone was funny in this episode Escecally Stewart and Ollie wow overall another perfect iCarly.

  • This wasn't that good.

    One of the show's weaker specials. iMove Out is the title, but Freddie moving out seemed to be the subplot. The pet buisness was boring. The cat attacking Spencer wasn't really funny, but it made for a nice ending. I like that Freddie finally took a stand to his mother. She is way out of line sometimes. I wish my mother would pull that kind stuff and she'd ever see me again. Just joking haha. Freddie's mom is seriously insane though.

    She does love him very much though and I guess that's a good thing and overall, the most important thing!
  • 307

    A bit risky have two ambiguous heterosexuals guest starring here as pet photographers, but I suppose this probably went over the heads of most of the kids watching this program. What did not go over their heads was the signature charm that iCarly brings that no show on Nick since Kenan and Kel has brought to the table.

    This was a really funny episode, not just because of the petographers, but also the recurring role of Freddie's overly protective mother, who is always amusing whenever she pops on screen. I'd love to see more of her when Season 4 comes around.
  • Nice

    The special "iMove Out" was very good. In it, Freddie's Mom finally goes too far, prompting him to move out into his own apartment.

    Sam, Carly, and Freddie make a pet photography business, but two older jerks ruin their studio. The iCarly gang finds they really like their cat, so they kidnap the cat and demand that the two jerks fix their studio.

    In the end, everything is back to normal, when Mrs. Benson apologizes and promises never to embarrass him again {we'll see}.

    This was a great episode. The only thing keeping my score a little low is that the pacing overall was weird. But the plot was one of their better ones. It seems this season is going to have some more emotional/serious episodes then we had in the past