Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Carly, Sam and Freddie want their show to be reviewed. Carly risks receiving a bad review when she insults the annoying eleven year old who runs a popular site that rates web casts.

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  • iNevel.

    It was a fair episode but it lacks creativity,humor,and lack of sense.
  • iNevel- Fair

    I didn't mind this episode. I loved Nevels high vocab. But since it was season one comedy, I had to give it a 6.5.

  • good

    the sixth epsiode of icarly was pretty good. this episode was very good and creative. and this is the beginning of a new enemy NEVEL PAPPERMAN. I thought the plot was good when he starts out of giving icarly good review but now after carly shoved topena in her face he wont. overall a good episode of icarly
  • The introduction of Nevel Papperman

    Season 1 really isn't iCarly's best season but at least it has some episodes that make me laugh hard like this for instance. I loved the introduction of Nevel Papperman and how it showed how the iCarly gang and Nevel became enemies. I don't normally enjoy the Nevel in the future episodes because Nevel is irritating but this is probably one of the few Nevel episodes that actually made me laugh hard. It was hilarious when Spencer is making a sculpture out of butter. It was absolutely hilarious when everyone finds out the Nevel is actually 11 years old and how Spencer keeps saying how cute Nevel is. Nevel trying to make a move on Carly was very funny as well. I was most definitely impressed with Spencer's butter sculpture and it was very cool to see. Although, Mrs. Benson irritates me pretty all of the time, her appearance in this episode was funny also because she had a short role. It was very funny when the iCarly gang used Germy to get Nevel to apologize which didn't work. The ending was hilarious when the iCarly gang tattletaled on Nevel as their payback. Overall, an excellent episode of "iCarly". 10/10moreless
  • This isn't the best.

    I didn't like this episode. Carly tries to ask What she thinks is a man nevel to rate her website so she can get even more viewers but the man is a 11 year old kid . He smells her hair and tries to kiss her. Then Carly smears tapenade in his face. Icarly gets a bad review by nevel who will change his reviews if Carly kisses him. But she tries to trick him which doesn't work so at the end she tells his mother. And nevel has to adjust his review. The ending was a bit sudden and sort of a anti climax i thought Sam was going to go mental again on him.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Chuck, the food delivery guy, is sitting on a chair with boxes of Chinese food on his lap. When Carly and Sam pull him up to dance, all the boxes fall on the floor. The camera goes to Freddie, and when it goes back to Carly, Sam and Chuck, there are no boxes on the floor.

    • At the beginning of the episode, the sign that says "iCarly" in the shopping cart is just a simple poster. But if you look closely at the opening (theme song), it shows Freddie getting pushed in the cart with a different poster, which was the iCarly logo.

    • The segment "Random Dancing" was shown for the first time in this episode.

    • The URL nevelocity.com redirects to iCarly.com.

    • Nevel owns a website called nevelocity.com.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Nevel: (to Carly) You told my mom on me?
      Mrs. Papperman: Nevel?
      Nevel: Okay, yes! But only 'cause she rubbed my face with tapenade!
      Carly: 'Cause you kissed me in a surprise attack!
      Nevel: Shhhh!!
      Mrs. Papperman: You told me you thought girls were yucky!
      Nevel: That was last year! ...I'm going through changes.

    • Spencer: (while working on his new butter sculpture) Don't worry Toasty! Soon you'll be back and butter than ever! (glances around) Thank God no one heard that.

    • Spencer: Look, I gave him no fruit, now please, I'm out of butter-
      Mrs. Benson: False! I saw you come home yesterday carrying grocery bags filled with butter!
      Spencer: You spied on me?
      Mrs. Benson: No, I just happened to be glancing through my peephole!

    • Mrs. Benson: I came over because I heard screaming. Freddie, are you alright?
      Freddie: Yes, mom!
      Spencer: He's fine, but I really-
      Mrs. Benson: You know he's allergic to fruit?
      Sam: Aw, who's got a fruit problem?

    • Sam: (about Spencer's melted butter sculpture) Gross, it's like a giant baby threw up!

    • Freddie: (about Nevel) And what did he mean, you'd rue the day?
      Sam: Yeah, what does rue mean?
      Carly: No one knows!
      Spencer: I got it, right here. Roux - a mixture of fat and flour used to make sauces and soups!
      Sam: Nevel called you a fat flower?

    • Sam: (to Freddie) You just keep making out with your stuffed animals!

    • Carly: Look, I don't want to sound rude, but I really didn't come here to dance. Could you just interview me about the web- (Nevel kisses her) Nevel!!
      Nevel: I stole a kiss, upon your cheek. And now another kiss I seek!
      Carly: Seek some tapenade! (shoves tapenade all over Nevel's face)

    • Carly: So, you ready to drive me to Nevel's for my interview?
      Spencer: Yep! Let's hit it! (tries to grab the car keys off the counter, but they keep slipping out of his hands) My hands have a-
      Carly: Butter?
      Spencer: Yeah...I-I got 'em though. (tries grabbing them again and they fall to the floor, so he picks them up with his mouth) Let's go!

    • Spencer: (to Carly) Okay! So what are we doing for dinner? What's that little tween belly hungry for?

    • Carly: (about Tasha) She irks me!
      Sam: I wanna do bad things to that chick!
      Freddie: (sitting in a grocery cart) You should!
      Sam: I will!
      Freddie: Cool. What are we gonna-
      (Sam pushes the cart in Tasha's direction)
      Freddie: Woah, woah, what are you doing?! I didn't mean me! Look out!! (he crashes)

    • Carly: Hey Jeremy! You've heard of our web show, right?
      Jeremy: Sure. I've seen every epi- (starts sneezing and coughing)
      Freddie: Flyer? (offers him an iCarly flyer)
      Jeremy: Yes, please! (takes it, blows his nose, and hands it back to Freddie) Thank you.
      Freddie: You keep that!
      Jeremy: You're nice.

    • Sam: I ordered Chinese food.
      Carly: During the show?
      Sam: There's no wrong time to eat an egg roll!
      Carly: Ahh.

    • Sam: (About Nevel) Yeah, let's make him regret writing that review!
      Carly: Oh he's not just gonna regret it, he's gonna rue it!

    • Carly (finishing an e-mail) There. All sent. Let's hit it!
      Spencer: Um well...yeah, but first I was kinda hoping-
      Carly: You wanna go make the toilet water turn blue?
      Spencer: So much!
      Carly: Do it!

    • (Spencer tells Carly he's building a sculpture out of butter)
      Spencer: Ask me what I'm getting paid!
      Carly: Ok what are you getting –
      Spencer: Money baby!

    • Carly: Oh yay, you went shopping! What'd you get?
      Spencer: Well, you see...
      Carly: (looking into the grocery bag) Butter, butter, butter... Oh look! Butter!
      Spencer: I bought a lot of butter.
      Carly: Clearly. This all you got?
      Spencer: No! I also got this thingy that makes the water in your toilet turn blue!
      Carly: Great! So for dinner, we can have butter and blue toilet water!

    • Carly: (about Jeremy) Didn't he have a cold last week?
      Freddie: Last week, the week before that...
      Sam: Why are we talking weeks? That lump's been blowing his nose nonstop since first grade!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Okay I'm Carly!
      Sam: I'm Sam!
      Carly: And we like to draw families on our toes!
      Sam: Observe!

    • Spencer: Hey why isn't it cold in here? Toasty the Baker! Good God!! (Spencer runs to his sculpture and screams)

    • Carly: (About Nevel) I'm gonna go scrub his creepy lip residue off my cheek.

    • (Sam and Carly are interviewing the delivery guy)
      Carly: So Chuck where are you from?
      Chuck: Wisconsin.
      Carly: Are you in college?
      Chuck: No.
      Carly: Ok, oh what's the weirdest thing that's every happened to you while you were delivering food?
      Chuck: I don't know.
      Sam: Chuck, you're very boring.

    • Spencer: Aww I got butter on my elbow... (He tries to lick his elbow)
      Carly: Spencer?
      Spencer: Mmhmm?
      Carly: It's not possible!

    • Carly: (About Nevel) Okay, I got there, Nevel sat next to me, he sniffed my hair, he showed me an x-ray of his brain, he tried to make me dance, and then he kissed me!
      Freddie: Woah, he kissed you?! That jerk! Come show my lips exactly what he did!
      Carly: Yeah I don't think so.

    • Mrs. Papperman: Uh, why don't you and I go in the kitchen? I'll make you some tea.
      Spencer: Will there be lemon?
      Mrs. Papperman: Yes.
      Spencer: All right then!

    • Nevel: Look at this, it's an x-ray of my brain.
      Carly: Ah interesting.
      Nevel: Big, isn't it?
      Carly: Yeah, that's one beefy brain you got there!

    • Nevel: Are you hungry?
      Carly: No.
      Nevel: I'll fetch you a snack.

    • Nevel: You feel the rue? You feel it?!
      Jeremy: He outsmarted me.

    • Chuck: Hey your toilet water's blue! Look at it! (Water falls from his hands) I'll get more!
      Carly: Now he gets a personality.
      Spencer: Who's the dude playing in our toilet?

    • Nevel: What is that?
      Spencer: Oh! I'm an artist. I'm making a sculpture out of butter.
      Nevel: Hm. Your work disgusts me. (walks off)
      Spencer: Nevel's a stupid name...

    • Freddie: Must you attack me with words?
      Sam: Do you want me to use rocks?

    • (meeting Nevel for the first time, revealing himself to be a kid)
      Carly: (confused) You're Nevel?
      Spencer: You're just a little kid. (to Carly) He's so cute.
      Nevel: (firmly and flatly) I created and now run one of the world's most visited web sites which gets over five million page views per day! I'm not cute.
      Spencer: Yeah, you are. I can tell 'cause I wanna mess up your hair. (messes Nevel's hair) Who's cute? (messes Nevel's hair again) Who's a cute Nevel? (messes Nevel's hair again) Who gets five million page views? (messes Nevel's hair again) You do!
      Nevel: Mother!

    • Carly: Sweet!
      Spencer: Sweet like corn syrup!
      Carly: High fructose?
      Spencer The highest!

    • Freddie: (looking at the Nevelocity website) Uh...get ready to rue!

    • Nevel: (to Carly) You'll rue this day, you'll rue it!

    • Carly: Wow, you have an amazing nose.
      Nevel: Yes.
      Carly: You must love flowers.
      Nevel: I hate flowers. Bugs sit upon them and make poo.
      Carly: Okay!

  • NOTES (3)