Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • A clever title goes here!

    looking forward for the next season
  • Finally Sam Realizes her Feelings


    For Years They had Sam and Freddie Hate Each other
    They even had Sam go as far as to Beat the living crap out of him
    But i knew and Everybody Else that she liked him she didn't want to admit it They Hinted them getting together for Ikiss and and Future Episodes Im glad they waited until later on the Series for them to Realize that Sam and Freddie should at least have a Chance to be Together Im sure it will change the Webshow Icarly but they have to take a Chance

  • 410

    Kids are excited about the prospect of being locked in school for ten hours to work on projects? Boy, have things changed since I graduated.

    This was a very well-done episode of iCarly. As soon as the pearpad read "In Love" I knew where they were going with it, but this is still a big moment in the show, especially for the shippers of that couple. If they do make them a real thing and don't end it in the next episode then they may have found a way to extend iCarly for another few seasons.

    Funny episode, even Gibby had me laughing, and he usually irritates me to no end. Unfortunatley we are going to have to wait months to see the next installment of iCarly. But no denying this was one of the show's best eps in awhile.
  • IOMG is right!

    I simply have to say that IOMG is a most perfect title for this episode of iCarly. Who would ever believe that Sam would be in love with Freddie considering the fact that she did nothing but tormet him for years? But is the feeling mutual, or does he still have feelings for Carly? A future episode will probably answer that question. At least it explains why Sam hasn't been harrassing him much lately. The sub-plot where Spenser becomes the test subject in Carly and Gibbie's school project was to total scream. I give a perfect ten to this surpising installment of iCarly.
  • A perfect episode with a surprising ending

    Wow! this episode has really impressed me in so many ways. It seems to me that "iCarly" really has been getting better lately... I still consider this an okay show but "iCarly" by far ain't the worst show on Nick. Dan Schneider really has been improving "iCarly" and I'm happy about that. Season 4 could possibly be the best season of "iCarly" I've ever seen. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby have this lock-in project at their school. I thought the most hilarious part of this episode was when Carly and Gibby test their project on Spencer and he would get electricuted while holding the chowder and Spencer being tortured by the teen music. Freddie does the Mood App on Sam and it is revealed that Sam is actually in love. There was also some humor that kids wouldn't understand that I found funny such as when Carly and Freddie were talking about those two horses in the barn "dating" each other from Animal Planet. It was funny when Carly set Sam and Brad together. It turns out that Sam doesn't love Brad. I thought the ending was surprising when Freddie was talking to Sam about love and Sam kisses Freddie. I don't know if Sam may love Freddie or not but I guess we will find out in the future episodes of "iCarly". Overall, a perfect episode of "iCarly" with a surprising ending. 10/10
  • Only rated a 9.5 because nothing is perfect. C:

    My absolute favorite part was Freddie and Carly having the talk about "horses", how they put two horses in a barn and dim the lights if they want them to "date". I just think that Carly's embarrassment in explaining it coupled with Freddie's amused facial expressions were priceless!

    Throughout the episode, Sam acts uncharacteristically nice, right when Brad is hired as iCarly's new intern. Then, she starts to tag along when Brad and Freddie hang out. My guess is that she was nervous about hanging out with Freddie on his own, or with Carly. The two have connected by arguing and by teasing Carly together, but we don't see them hanging out on their own. And of course if Sam did want to hang out with just Freddie, it may hurt Carly's feelings.

    Now throughout the episode, Carly encourages Sam to go for a nice guy, the smart one... the one that makes delicious fudge. Apart from the fudge, Carly is describing Freddie as well. Both are nerdy and nice, smart. Both have clean track records, ha! But I think what is important is that she makes Sam think about the type of guy she wants. Back and forth the scenes go, from focusing on Sam to Carly and Gibbys' project with Spencer. Great comic relief in the intense seriousness of some of the conversations. Dan Scneider revealed that Jerry Trainer hates being trapped in small spaces, which makes the scene even funnier.

    And then, in the last scene, Freddie has a very serious conversation with Sam. His focus on the "hate" between them shows his surprise at what is about to happen. He gives her a very gentle, sincere version of the "go for it" speech that Carly gave her, except she then grabs Freddie and kisses him.

    He doesn't even shut his eyes, or move. He doesn't react. She kisses him enthusiastically, and then pulls back. Much more flavored on her part than her first kiss with him. And then she says, "Sorry" in such an embarrassed way that it's hilarious, as he nervously responds, "It's cool". What was he thinking, and what will he think about all of this? Carly was watching at the window, and looked shocked- what is going to happen now between them and her? So many questions to answer in the next episode! The next episode thankfully is a continuation of iOMG, thank goodness, because this one ends at quite the cliffhanger. Enjoyable episode though, loved it!
  • 410

    A very special episode of iCarly tonight. We actually got a quality episode tonight that I'm sure was very momentous in the show's run. The only question that is left is where does the iCarly gang go from here? I really hope Dan Schneider handles this story line with caution, he put himself in dangerous waters here what with possibly messing up the dynamics of the group, but I'm looking forward in seeing how this plays out.

    I honestly saw the ending from a mile away but it was still great to see regardless. It's what most fans have been asking for over the course of 4 years. Not only did this episode bring us substantial development, but we got a lot of laughs on tonight's episode, plus, the whole "locked in" thing was pretty great.

    In it's entirety, it probably was the best episode of the season by far. But not only because of the kiss at the end, but because we got an original concept, intriguing characters, and just a fun episode to watch overall. Good job, Dan Schneider, now we wait in anticipation.
  • Oh my god.

    Yeah the title pretty much describes it all. Oh my god is exactly what I felt after seeing this episode. This actually was the best episode of iCarly ever, in terms of both drama and comedy. For 4 years of watching iCarly I always knew it had potential to grow and evolve to a more mature show, something more deep, relatable, dramatic yet still funny, but Dan kept throwing silly comedy in our faces, but now he finally shows that he can make an episode that brilliantly blends both. I'll talk first about the comedy. Even though this was clearly a more drama focused episode it still blended the comedy brilliantly, both in slapstick and in more grown up humor. Carly and Freddie talking about horse mating rituals was both adorable and hysterical all at the same time, Spencer's part of the plot with the slapstick was brilliantly done, they even slipped in a drawing on the forehead joke, and come on everyone older than 10 knows what Sam drew on Gibby's forehead...perfect.

    Then of course, comes the drama. I'm going to talk about Sam and her brilliance in this episode in a minute but first I'm going to talk about someone who was just as, if not more brilliant than Sam throughout the whole episode, and that's Freddie. Throughout the whole episode he was suspicious of Sam, never trusted her motives for a second and was 100% positive that when the test said in-love that she was in love with Brad. But his brilliance really came in the last scene. He came out passionate and angry, wanting to figure out what was up with Sam, he brings up that Sam hates him and she denies it, then he starts to let down the angry guard, especially when Sam gets upset and starts to leave, he stops her and all of a sudden he goes into this incredibly real, incredibly sincere speech about just going for it and not being afraid of her feelings, and after the kiss his reaction couldn't have been more perfect, shock was the only way this episode could end well, and the way he said "it's cool" was the perfect way to end. Now Sam was also brilliant in this episode, she showed her personality perfectly, first stubborn and proud, snarkily ignoring the signs and denying her love. Then in her conversation with Carly we saw some vulnerability show, especially when Carly said she just wanted her to be happy, sure her line of "if you want me to be happy, make me a pie" was funny, but there was also intense vulnerability and weakness in that line. Which leads to her solemnly sitting outside, and her weak responses to Freddie saying she hated him. Then, her vulnerability completely shows and she tries to go back into her shell by trying to angrily push past Freddie, when Freddie wouldn't let her by and gave her that speech she broke down and kissed him, no warning no nothing. A complete cycle of emotions in a full episode and it worked. It ended on the absolute best cliffhanger too, and since Dan said he's making a continuation, too be continued this summer. And I couldn't be more excited.
  • perfect

    Carly and Sam hire Brad as their new intern, and Sam starts acting differently and wanting to spend time with Brad and Freddie. Brad and Freddie make a new app for the pear phone which reads your mind, and it says that Sam is in love. They both assume she loves Brad, but does she?

    That was great. I don't know why Sam would randomly start loving Freddie, unless she has all this time, it was just getting bigger (her love), but wow. Stunning. This episode is probably one of the best in terms of drama, much better then previous episodes like iStart a Fan war. It also had some great humor, most of which involved Spencer. I can't wait to see what happens next! I feel like I'm watching a drama mixed with some comedy now! A+
  • Awesome Episode!

    A-Plot: Sam was funny through this episode, with the whole kissing her sandwich ^_^ . I'm not gonna lie, Sam and Brad do make a good couple.. But oh my god! I was not expecting them to kiss! With Carly watching! and they both saw she was watching!

    B-Plot: Lol at some of the Spencer scenes. Carly and Gibby make the perfect science partners. They were entertaining throught this episode.

    This probably will change iCarly forever. I know Carly is so shocked by what she saw. How will she react? Either way, this season leaves off with n amazing cliffhanger that leaves everyone wanting more!
  • Sam's in love...

    So, after the Icarly crew hires Brad, Sam starts acting different, and everyone believes that Sam's in love. Freddie then uses his Mood-Reader app, and Sam IS in love, but you won't BELIEVE with who.

    Two words: Suprise. Ending. However, before I go too far into that, let me explain the humor. Most of the humor was from Spencer getting blasted with gas and the vibrating chowder. Now, about that suprise ending...

    Sam Actually KISSED Freddie!!! That has to be the most suprising ending yet! I mean, Who Knew?!

    10/10 A+ This episode is the best "Sam's In Love" episode ever! Not to mention the suprise ending!So, Enough Said!

    See You Next Time!
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