Season 2 Episode 3

iOwe You

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Sam gets a job so that she can pay her friends back the money she owes them, but the work starts to become too much to handle. Elsewhere, Spencer tries to impress an attractive single mom by helping her daughter sell fudge.

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  • Sam has to come up a way to get $526 to owe Carly and Freddie.

    This is a perfect episode of season 2. This episode is so funny. It was funny when Sam had to pay Carly and Freddie an estimate of $526. It was funny when Sam, Carly and Principal Franklin said the word Gilrs incorrectly by saying "Girfs". It was awesome to see Sam actually working to get the $526. It was funny that Freddie left while Sam was crying to Carly, although it bugged me to hear the laugh track laugh at Sam Crying, but hey it's iCarly. I died laughing when Sam screamed at Freddie to make him leave and then crying again to Carly. The reaction towards Sam receiving the $526 at the Chili my Bowl was hilarious. Sam spend the money to get the Trampoline. Normally, that would've been a terrible ending, but seeing the icarly gang having fun on a Trampoline was funny. Spencer's subplot was kind of good too. Spencer wanted to sell Girl Scout Cookies to impress that single mom. The other girls selling the cookies were Mean-Spirited. It was funny when Spencer was teasing those girls when he won the Bike. Overall a perfect episode of season 2. I laughed at this episode a lot. 10/10.moreless
  • I love this episode!

  • iOwe You- Poor!!!!

    Sadly this episode dissapointed me!!!! Why would the producers put on an episode about Sam getting money and just spending it!!! Thats teaching kids to just spend their money when ever they want and not save it for something they need. Tsk Tsk!!
  • almost perfect AGAIN!

    A wonderful episode of icarly. Once again an almost perfect episode of icarly. the reason why this episode wasn;t perfect was when Sam took the fire exstingusher and smashed it . that part was boring and i thought it was TOO random. This was a good idea of an episode to make Sam work. Now Sam HATES work so thats what made it funny. I thought it was creative when Sam used Icarly to get money, but i spoke too soon because Sam was sent to the princeipals office because of that. If you havn't seen this episode You have to seen it!moreless
  • good

    What I liked: Sam getting the money she owed Freddie and Carly, Spencer's sub plot of trying to help the little girl sell cookies, Sam getting a trampoline (which mysteriously vanished after this episode, CONSPIRACY!), amongst other things.

    Good episode. Sam getting a job was a good plot and the execution was well, and Spencer's plot was pretty funny, like him riding the bike around to flaunt it to those mean girls. B or so as my final grade, I think is fairmoreless
Jennifer O'Dell

Jennifer O'Dell

Kathy Millford

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Stephen Full

Stephen Full


Guest Star

Teddy Lane Jr.

Teddy Lane Jr.

Sam's Boss

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Tim Russ

Tim Russ

Principal Franklin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Sam bought the trampoline in this episode, but it was never seen again.

    • In this episode, Sam feels more comfortable going to the principal's office with Carly, but in "iPromise Not to Tell," Sam seemed to be fine with going to the principal's office by herself.

    • This is the second time Spencer's law knowledge helps Carly, Sam, and Freddie. The first time was in "iPromote Techfoots," in which Spencer got them out of a contract.

    • Two events from this episode are in the season 2 opening credits - Sam dancing on the counter at Chili My Bowl, and Sam hitting the moving 'olive' with a fire extinguisher.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Carly: (to Spencer) I can't take you seriously when you're wearing duck pajama pants. (Spencer pulls down his pants)
      ...Duck boxers?

    • (Sam is brought to Principal Franklin's office)
      Sam: Principal Franklin... You're looking well. You join a gym?
      Carly: (walking in) What happened?
      Sam: Carly! Look, Principal Franklin, it is my best friend Carly who loves me and sees the value in me as a person. Right, Carls? Tell the nice man.
      Carly: Tell him what?
      Sam: I sent you a text.
      Carly: Oh. (reading text) Sam did nothing wrong. She didn't do the thing you're mad about. She's not that kind of girf.
      Principal Franklin: Girf?
      Sam: Girl!
      Carly: Well, you wrote girf!

    • Carly: I'm Carly.
      Sam: And I'm Sam.
      Carly: And this is iCarly. The only web show that makes you laugh and prevents heart disease.
      Sam: So sit back with a pound of bacon and enjoy the show!

    • (finding out Sam owes Carly and Freddie $526)
      Freddie: Are you going to pay us back or what?
      Sam: I was, but I didn't know it was gonna be that much.
      Carly: So how much do you have?
      Sam: Um, let's see. (going through her pockets) I've got 14 bucks, a double A battery, some string, a fork, and I think that's an olive.
      Carly: The olive's moving.
      (Sam calmly takes a fire extinguisher off the wall and bangs it viciously on the table)
      Sam: I got it.

    • Sam: Hey, can I borrow thirty bucks? I gotta pay a cab driver.
      Carly: You took a cab to school?
      Sam: I had to. My mom loaned her car to some fisherman and I missed the bus.
      Carly: A cab here from your house doesn't cost $30.
      Sam: It does when you make the guy stop and buy you a breakfast burrito!

    • (Sam closes Freddie's laptop on his hand)
      Freddie: Ah, you squished my trek pad finger!
      Carly: That's not something a cool person says.

    • Sam: (crying) I had to clean urinals! Boys are so gross!

    • Freddie: Sam, are those address labels coming along?
      Sam: Great. Fine.
      Carly: (looking at the computer screen) You're not printing address labels, you're looking at trampolines!
      Sam: I'm sorry. I just want one so bad!
      Carly: Well, you know when you can have a trampoline?
      Sam: When?
      Carly: NEVER!

    • Sam: Can I help you?
      Guy: Yeah, I asked for hot sauce and there wasn't no hot sauce on my tray.
      Sam: Sorry. (slams a bottle of hot sauce on the counter) Here's some hot sauce!
      Guy: You should have put it on my tray in the first place!
      Sam: You know where I want to put it right now?!

    • Spencer: (about selling Fudge Ball) I could help her sell them.
      Mother: Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that.
      Spencer: Oh, come on! My little sister Carly used to be a Sunshine Girl. I used to help her sell Fudge Balls all the time.
      Mother: And you're sure you want to help Emily?
      Spencer: How tall is your husband?
      Mother: I'm single.
      Spencer: I really want to help Emily.

    • Carly: Isn't "Chili My Bowl" the place where someone found a finger in their chili?
      Sam: It was a thumb!

  • NOTES (1)