Season 6 Episode 3

iOwn a Restaurant

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iOwn a Restaurant

    It wasn't the worst episode of the show ever, but as far as premises go, it doesn't get much stupider than this. Some laughs, but they were mired in the dumb storyline.
  • icarly

    this is cool
  • Fans Really Overreacted

    Finally caught this episode. I don't know why most shippers hated this episode. It honestly goes to show how Shipping ruins a show. Not only was their LITTLE interaction between Sam and Freddie, but everyone was making it seem like it was all this drama. That tidbit between Sam and Freddie about him crushing on Carly was so innocent and short. How shippers could come to such extremes about what it meant is kinda crazy! This is why I suggest watching the show with shipping glasses off and enjoy these precious final episodes for what they are, because these ARE the final episodes as sad as it is to say it. On to the review of the episode:

    I loved the popcorn attack! It was hilarious how Carly, Spencer, and Freddie jumped over the table and I even saw Carly knock over the cup of juice . I felt terrible for Ms. Benson xD . hat Billy Boots kid os a real jerk! I thought Mr. Howard's mean days were over . Guess not . Lol at Sam beating up Billy, and with the classic Buttersock . I must say, that was a really impressive duck on Gibby's part when Billy swung at him . I was ROTFL when they showed that Principle Franklin was eating at the Resturant and when Mr. Howard left, he told Sam and Gibby to continue it .

    A small Shippy Sidenote: The Carly-Freddie study convo in the apartment hallway was adorable ^^ .
  • Not the best but certainly not the worst episode!

    It was an enjoyable episode. It could have been better but for what it was it was defo worth watching.
  • Best Episode I've Ever Seen In 2 Years

    Gibby & Sam decide to open a restaurant in their school and Spencer works on a robot version of himself. Okay, there hasn't a PERFECT episode of "iCarly" in 2 Years because the last PERFECT episode was "iOMG" and that was in April 2010 so yeah. Season 5 has been very boring and not very well written. The first two Season 6 episodes have gotten off to be a very poor start until this 3rd Season 6 episode came along and it's the first PERFECT episode of "iCarly" in 2 Years, it's about freakin' time. finally!!! But anyways, I'm watching this episode thinking it was gonna be boring but I turned out to be completely surprised. I turned out to really love this episode. I have already watched this episode three times before reviewing it and I still loved it. I loved Sam's part here and she is starting to become more likeable because she doesn't abuse Freddie anymore. Sure, she insults him from time to time but at least she doesn't do constantly like in the past. Spencer's subplot was hilarious as well. The part with the robot starting to shoot popcorn seeds like a machine gun and Carly, Freddie, and Spencer jump to the kitchen and "take cover" was so hilarious but the part that was even more hilarious was definitely Mrs. Benson getting shot with popcorn seeds by the robot while Spencer tries to unplug it. As for the main plot, I loved the idea of Gibby opening up the restaurant. I just didn't like the dude (who got released from juvy) insulting Gibby but I was glad how Sam was sticking up to Gibby and being smart on how to talk to the dude. Sam also beating up the dude with the butter sock was so hilarious and awesome especially her line to Gibby afterwards "Sorry I got butter on your face". I also enjoyed the return of Mr. Howards but I mostly enjoyed the return of Principal Franklin since it's been a LONG time that he has appeared in an episode of this show. As far as I can remembering, the last time Principal Franklin appeared in an episode of this show would have to be the Season 3 episode "iHave My Principals" and that was three seasons ago. So yeah, it was good to see him again even though he was only in the last 1 1/2 minutes of the episode. Principal Franklin enjoying Gibby's restaurant and approving it was definitely hilarious and good to watch. I was also glad that Principal Franklin let Gibby keep his restaurant at the school and keep it a secret when he was almost gonna shut it down thanks to Mr. Howard and that dude insulting Gibby. I wonder if this means we will see Gibby's restaurant for the rest of the season until this show ends... I'll guess we will see in the future episodes. Overall, best "iCarly" episode in 2 Years... an episode totally worth watching and not boring at all, finally a PERFECT episode after so long. 10/10