Season 4 Episode 11

iParty With Victorious - Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 11, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • When Worlds Colide.


    I recently saw the longer two hour version of "iParty with Victorious." I'm glad they brought both shows into one epic movie. As Part one opens, Carly falls for some boy and later in part one, Tori falls for the same guy. all this leads for the set up for the rest of the movie. Parrt One goes back and forth between iCarly, which is based in Seattle and Victorious which isbased Los Angeles. I can't wait to see the cast of those shows will interact with each other.

  • superb

    Carly has never been happier, as she starts dating a new boy named Steven. Steven is home schooled, and he spends one month with his mom and one month with his dad, at Hollywood. Steven has another girlfriend, Tori Vega. Carly and Sam and Freddie plot to go to Hollywood and get the truth from Steven. What will they find out?

    Good first half. A lot better than I thought it would be. I really liked the return of Mr. Howard, the 'radishes' line, amongst other things. The only joke I remember not liking a lot was the 'she looks like Shelby Marx' line, mostly because jokes like that don't make me laugh. The rest was pretty good though. B- or so as my final grade
  • Part 1 of the "iParty With Victorious" crossover and it started out overall great but I'm not really expecting much from this crossover as it goes along

    Well, when I first saw the promo for this crossover... I really was NOT excited about it at all especially because we all have seen the same ol' boring dating the same guy storyline. Come on, can Dan Schneider stop making the relationship episodes and just do something different. If the crossover was about the iCarly crew going on a vacation to Los Angeles and we the Victorious crew on the way, I would have actually been excited for this crossover and that sounds like a better idea but anything but a boring dating the same guy storyline. The crossover started out great so far... no perfect which I really don't expect but overall great. My score is low because of the "iCarly" part of this crossover but the "Victorious" part of this crossover was awesome. "iCarly" part is alright and "Victorious" part is awesome. The only parts funny in the "iCarly" part was Freddie saying how hot Tori looks (which I don't blame Freddie because she is smokin' hot), Spencer having his book club, and Gibby massaging Spencer. Other than that, the "iCarly" part of it was okay, the rest just dealt with Sam finding evidence that Carly's boyfriend Steven is cheating on her with Tori. The "Victorious" part of this crossover was very funny. Sikowitz saying that Tori and Beck's acting was terrible was very funny. Rex tweeting everyone about having a party at Kenan Thompson's house was also very funny. Rex (as always) was very funny. Oh no, poor adorable Cat lost her voice... I really hope she hasn't lost her voice for the entire crossover because I love hearing her adorable voice. That idea for Cat could've been used for a regular "Victorious" episode then it would've been okay. Overall, Part 1 of the 90-minute crossover was overall great but my score was only low because of the "iCarly" part... let's see how the rest of the crossover goes and hopefully it will get better. 8/10

    Note: I'm gonna review all 3 parts of this crossover... if this crossover was an hour long then I would have only reviewed Part 1 to review the full one hour but since this is 90 minutes long, I'm gonna review all three parts of this crossover.
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