Season 6 Episode 5

iPear Store

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 12, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iPear Store

    The scenes at the Pear Store were okay, actually surprisingly with a clever take on the Apple store, but the Spencer/fire department thing was childish, which is saying something, as they involved the only adult on the show.
  • Worst episode ever!

    I hate this episode and I HATE ICARLY WHEN WILL STOP!
  • How could this show be renewed for a 7th season?

    Freddie gets a job at a pear store but Sam gets the same job. Alright, with the previous two episodes "iOpen A Restaurant" and "iHalfoween" being fantastic episodes... I was actually expecting this episode to be good but it was completely disappointing. There's barely anything good to say about this episode. The postitives about this episode would have to be that one or two parts made me laugh. This episode was so terrible that I can't remember if I laughed once or twice out of the entire episode. All I do know is that I at least laughed once. The last positive about this episode was the very end of the episode with Sam quitting her job at the pear store when Freddie got fired from the pear store except Sam didn't even say "I quit"... she just walked out of the pear store and the manager told Sam "You're not coming back, huh?" then Sam responds "Nope". Sam did annoy me a little here in this episode but not a whole lot and she really isn't the reason why my score is very low. Ever since last season (I believe), I started to gain respect for Sam. I hated how Sam was abusing Freddie in the older seasons and that's when she really annoyed me and got me furious. Judging from the ending though, Sam has seemed to change and actually care for Freddie because she didn't want to leave him down that she still has a job at the pear store and I did like the very ending of the episode for that. So other than those two postives (one or two funny moments AND the very ending of the episode), I just really hated this episode and it is the absolute worst of Season 6. Before reviewing this episode, I just got the news that this show is renewed for a 7th season which makes me disappointed.... they announced this season would be the final season and now they renew it. So yeah, this show is getting boring now and it's suffering. Also, I hated the subplot with Spencer being forced to volunteer with the fire department. I felt bad for Spencer and the fire department were such jerks. They are the fire department so they shouldn't be complaining at all because it is their job so it's messed up that they wouldn't help Spencer and Carly anymore and I just got furious by that. I'm just gonna go ahead and say which parts I really hated. The HUGE negatives about this episode were Gibby making Carly smell his armpits in the very beginning of the episode, the manager of the pear store made me angry especially when she fired Freddie at the end, Gibby was really annoying in this episode, Sam was a LITTLE annoying in this episode (not really a HUGE negative but I just out down here since it is considered a negative), the fireman making Spencer stay on the floor and then Carly tells Spencer to stay on the floor, Spencer being forced to volunteer at the fire department, Spencer causing fire gags have gotten old a long time ago, Carly flirting with that nerd guy was really irritating and made me roll my eyes (enough with these Carly dating guys storylines Dan Schneider, it's not funny and it's old), that nerd guy turning cool on Carly at the end, the customers at the pear store were complete morons and idiots especailly because Freddie has more experience with technology and they will only buy something from the pear store if Sam says something, the customers saying Sam is better than Freddie (wow!!! that really made me furious), the humor in this episode didn't even feel like humor at all and it was so boring, and IF IT's even possible a couple more negative stuff about this episode. I don't recommend this episode to anyone at all, it just isn't your worth time..... the humor was awful, the storylines were irritating and idiotic, there's barely any good moments, and this is one of those episodes where you feel bad for Freddie. Overall, a terrible episode of "iCarly" and it's definitely the worst episode of Season 6... I'm definitely NOT gonna watch this episode again. 2/10
  • Now you all know I love iCarly but this episode was just bad!!

    Freddie gets a job at a pear store but Sam gets the same job. Alright I've only seen 3 episode of this season iOwn a restaurant and iHalfoween, and they were pretty good but this episode was just sad. Now the main plot was the main reason this score has a 3.5, the main plot was a little funny Sam was a little irritating a bit but for the most part it was pretty funny and enjoyable. The sub plot with Carly and the dude REALLY got on my nerves!!! I hate these plots with Carly and a boy I mean Carly only looks on the outside, not in the inside. So yeah that was probably the worst plot. The sub-sub plot was so flipping annoying and I totally hated it!! but I laughed one time at the beginning of that plot. Probably my favorite part of the whole episode would have to be at the end when the manager fired Freddie and Sam quit because of that. Now i really wasn't a fan of Sam but shes starting to be likeable.I just hope we see that more in the future. Well anyway a bad episode overall 3.5/10.
  • Not The Best iCarly Episode

    Hmm, Idk what exactly to say about this episode, after finally catching it..

    So, Carly liking the guy was pretty confusing to me..I mean Carly going after the nerd-type? I guess if he's cute, it doesn't matter to her.. However his transformation at the end was odd..like it came out of nowhere. I did however like when Spencer took up for Carly and kicked his arse xP.

    Great to see the Shay's fire problem get expanded into an official episode plot, but its kinda illegal for the fire apartment to refuse to help them when there's a fire. It is their job. At least they getting paid for it. The Pear store thing was boring. I will admit I loved the store's design and the product's and their designs. I also did like the end when Freddie outbursted on Sam and the manager, then Sam explained how they used to go out, him "still being in love with her", etc. Then when Sam said she'd brb and the manager said "I'll never see you again, will I?" and Sam says "No". LMAO

    Two reasons she might of quit:

    1. She only accepted the job to work with Freddie (despite him being a nag to work with), and when he quit, she decided to leave to.

    2. She realized the manager was too hard on her employees. (Probably most likely) .

    Anyway, this episode bored me a bit. There were moments I'd stare off, like big chunks of the fire department plot, I didn't really pay attention. The whole Gibby thing was also bring til the very end.

    All in all, 7.5/10. 7.9/10 to be nice. I think that's one of my lowest grades for an episode of this show.