Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Carly, and Spencer go to Mr galini's funeral to get the pie recipe

    This is actually an enjoyable episode. I laughed , and enjoyed it a lot. It was funny in the beginning when Sam, Carly and Spencer recorded Freddie eating his first pie. It was funny when Sam ate that last piece of pie in the was funny when Freddie failed to make Baby Stephanie laugh. It was funny when Spencer talked to Trudy about getting the pie recipe, she kissed him. It was funny when Sam beated Freddie with a Baseball bat when he was in a Bear Suit. I normally do not like Sam when she tortures Freddie, but that was pretty funny. It was funny when the icarly gang found the Pie Recipe in the Computer. It was funny in the end when Freddie put a Pie in his Face, and Baby stephanie laughed about it. Overall, this episode is enjoyable and funny at the same time. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Super tare

    Chiar a fot tatr
  • Coconut Creme Pie,anyone?

    Ok so this guy dies who makes the best pie ever invented so the gang goes through hell trying to get the recipe and there are some good chuckles along the way.
  • Carly, Sam, and Spencer take Freddie to their favorite pie shop when Freddie has never eaten their pies before. The sad news is that the proprietor passed away and the recipe for the pies may be lost forever

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "iCarly". It's one of my favorite episodes and it's actually pretty funny. The only problem was that everyone cared more about the pies than the proprietor that made them. Oh well, this episode is still excellent. Carly, Sam, and Spencer going to their favorite pie shop was good to see and Freddie's reaction when he had that first bite of the pie was funny. Everyone eating the last coconut cream pie quickly was absolutely funny. Freddie trying to make the baby laugh and ends up failing was funny. Spencer going out on a date with proprietor's granddaughter just to get the recipe to the coconut cream pie was funny. Carly, Sam, and Freddie having a contest to see which fan was the best recipe for coconut cream pie and the gang eating every single pie was funny. The memorial scene with the gang trying to look for the pie recipe was funny. Freddie and Sam were fighting over the computer and it turned out that the pie recipes were actually in his computer. The ending with Freddie finally making the baby laugh was funny as well. Overall, one of the best Season 2 episodes of "iCarly". 10/10
  • great

    What I liked: Spencer's line "It's a pie shop, not church!", "Will you hurry? Carly's making sad people sing", the ending of the episode where there are more pies, Sam eating the last known pie and Spencer chasing her into the bathroom, Freddie finally getting baby Stephanie to laugh by putting the pie in his face.

    Good episode. It had some good laughs, but the plot gets a little boring as the episode moves along. It starts off strong but I kind of lose interest in the second half. Final grade is going to be a B or so
  • 205

    "iPie" is an absolutely hilarious episode of iCarly that sees the gang go to extraordinary lengths, almost inappropriate lengths, to achieve the pie recipe of a deceased chef. This storyline was so neurotic that it could have easily been used in an episode of Seinfeld. But it was funny, and that is the ultimate goal of any Dan Schneider comedy, so it was a success.

    As I said, the idea of Spencer and Carly going all out for the pie recipe was bizarre, but I loved when they found it and the crowd at the funeral went wild. I hate to draw on another Seinfeld comparison, but it felt like "The Soup Nazi" when Elaine found the titular character's soup recipes.

    Great episode here. One of the best.
  • Anyone that knows me knows I hate pie, and now anyone that knows me knows I love this episode a lot.

    Where to start?! What a fantastic episode. I missed the first 3 minutes, but saw it on Nick Replay later, and thank goodness I did. As well as the rest of the episode, the first 3 minutes alone had me laughing very hard. So that's a goood sign. Freddie has never tasted one of the pies from that pie shop...whose name I cannot remember. When they find out the owner passed away, they want to get the recipes for the coconut cream (and others), worrying that they'll never have another of those lovely pies again. On iCarly, they tell everyone to send in their best coconut cream pie recipes, and they get loads, but none match the great taste of the pies from that shop (I think it's Gallagar for some reason XD). The owner's granddaughter, who is very ugly and scary, goes on a date with Spencer, so he can get the recipe, but she confesses that he never told anyone what the recipe is. He kept it in his computer. So they go to his memorial service, Spencer & Carly distract the others, and Freddie & Sam go into the room with his computer. When those two enemies are alone...what do you think is gonna happen? They end up smashing the computer! But Carly finds the recipes literally INSIDE the computer, and they have the recipe! A fantastic episode-possibly my favourite so far. Season 2 is a vast improvement on the original season, and the characters have developed more, and I sound really cheesy, lol. Anyway, this episode was absolutely superb, and I loved it a lot.

  • I like pie. :)

    Carly, Sam, and Spenser love a pie shop, and they find out Freddie never ate their pies before so they make him try it and they all love it. Later on, they want more pie but they can't because the store owner (I don't remember what his name was)is in the hospital and one of the employees tells them is that only his daughter Trudy knows it, she was really ugly and sweaty -_- . Meanwhile Freddie tries to make a relative laugh at him. So later Trudy tells them she dosen't know the recipe. So they go to the store owner's funeral and try to find it on the computer, Sam and Freddie fight again and break the computer and find it actually in his computer, and they go back to making pies.the ending was funny, the first time i saw this episode I knew Freddie was going to make his relative by throwing pie in his face. Good one Freddie.
  • An episode all about pie - tasty!

    I thought this episode was pretty good! It all starts out with this insanely delicious (at least the characters on the show made it seem that way) coconut cream pie from Galini's pie shop. Spencer, Carly, and her friends can't get enough! Then, awful and sad news - Mr. Galini has passed away. So now what will Carly and the gang do? They know that they must find that pie recipe at all costs! Some of things they do to obtain it are just crazy! Will they ever taste Galini's pie again? Watch and find out!

    One more thing: If you are worried that eventually they find that recipe was kept secret because of a gross ingredient (like I was) - don't worry, that won't happen. :)
  • Carly, Spencer, Sam, and Freddie all go to a pie shop. They all go crazy over it. Soon they find out that the shops propietier has past away and they have lost the recipies. Will they find them?

    This episode was pretty hilarious. You had your fair share of craziness here. What was funny, was when they were all running around chasing Sam. The good thing is, is that they show references to old shows. For example, when they were at the funeral, Spencer was referring to his old pet fish, from iDon't wanna fight. Then, Carly shows everyone she can sing, with Amazing Grace, but still making humor, by saying, "Here's a fun song to sing when people die!" Then, with the hilarious showings of the piemakers granddaughter. It was an awesome episode, one you wouldn't wanna miss!

    Just goes to show how creative and humorous a show can be. Warning: Episode makes you crave pie!
  • This episode was pretty good, but a tad crazy.

    I watched this episode last weekend when it premiered. I thought this episode was pretty good, but a tad crazy. The crazy thing about this episode is some of the humor on trying to get the last piece of pie from a retired resturant. This is almost like going to McDonald's constantly to have food. It really is bad eating pie constantly because of the dangers it has like your arteries getting clogged and *dong*. The funny part I liked is when the granddaughter of the store owner was making out with Spencer. I thought that was really hilarious! It is sad really when your favorite store goes out of business. Anyways, it is always a treasured memory :). Overall, good episode, but a tad crazy, Sam is very aggressive, Spencer kissing the somewhat horrid granddaughter of the store owner, Pie!!!!