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Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Carly's teacher, Ms. Briggs puts her in charge of the school talent show. After Freddie uploads the auditions, hosted by Carly and Sam, to the Internet, it becomes a huge sensation. So Carly and her friends decide to create a weekly variety show.

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  • A perfect beginning of iCarly

    I thought that the pilot episode of icarly was spectacular. it had a lot of funny moments and enjoyable moments too. the beginning where Carly taped her teacher picture under a copy of a Rhino was funny. It was funny that Carly and Sam had to tape auditions to the kids that have less talent. Freddie recording carly and Sam talking about boobs is funny, although it is kind of inappropriate to talk about bosoms in a kids show. icarly does have a lot of inappropriate humor that is not suitable for kids to watch. It was cool for Carly to make a webshow and Freddie calling it icarly, because "I" is for internet and "Carly" is just for Carly. Most of their Webshow bits in the show are pretty unique and funny. The first webshow was pretty cool, and the ending was good too. Overall a perfect pilot episode of icarly. 10/10.moreless
  • Pilot for iCarly

    I honestly love this show and to me I feel like pilots are just meant to introduce the shows entire plot and that's what this show did. I wish the pilot would be better but it's already been done so yea, although it did have a few good jokes like when they were making fun of Ms.Briggs. I really kind of got boared at quite a few moments and It makes me not mind to get up in the middle of the episode and make popcorn because I get that boared. That's why I give this episode a 5 out of 10. Not so good pilot for iCarlymoreless
  • Great start to an amazing show

    It is just as great now than it was five years ago. I wish it was no ending but... What can you do? Nothing . Grew up watching this and it sucks to see the show I came home to watch everyday is over soon
  • Great way to start the show!!

    I had soo much fun with this episode. Ms.Briggs is such a bitch.
  • iPilot- Good

    I think this episode really captured the beginning moment. The talent show part of the episode bored me out of my mind. But I really enjoyed the other parts. I like how spencer's chararcter was introduced. The way he just fell from a pole and stuff. All and all this episode was a pretty good introduction to the iCarly seiries.
Donna Pieroni

Donna Pieroni

Woman With Dog

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Nate Hartley

Nate Hartley


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Colin Spensor

Colin Spensor


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Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Briggs

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    • Carly: Wow, I just signed an autograph.
      Sam: Get used to it! iCarly's a great show! You might get famous.
      Carly: Yeah, I don't know if I'm gonna like that...
      (two hot guys approach them)
      Hot Guy: Hey. Saw your web show. Pretty hot!
      (Carly and Sam look at each other)
      Carly: Um, thanks!
      Sam: Yeah, thanks a lot...
      Hot Guy: So you guys wanna dance?
      Carly: Yes!
      Hot Guy: Cool, let's do it!
      (the two guys walk away)
      Carly: I'm gonna like it!

    • Freddie: Oh hey! Awesome party!
      Carly: Yeah!
      Freddie: You wanna go out in the hall and kiss?
      Carly: No.
      Freddie: Yeah, me neither!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Okay, this first kid we're gonna show you can take a glass of milk-
      Sam: -this is so deliciously gross-
      Carly: -snort the milk up into his nose...
      Sam: And it's the best thing ever!
      Carly: And then make the milk squirt out of his eyes!
      Sam: I wanna marry this boy!

    • Sam: Is that a new shirt? I don't like it.
      Freddie: I don't have to take that!
      Sam: Yeah you do.

    • Freddie: And um, you're gonna need a technical producer, right? To set up the lights, audio, work the camera...
      Sam: Aww...he wants to be our geek.
      Freddie: You got a big mouth, lady!

    • Carly: Seriously! Ms. Briggs is the worst!
      Sam: You don't gotta convince me! I hated her even after she got that brown lump removed from her nose!

    • Carly: Um, we had some trouble putting the video online, so here's a DVD of every kid who auditioned on Saturday.
      Ms. Briggs: Thank you!
      Carly: Sure!
      Ms. Briggs: I'll try not to poke a hole in this with my pointy bosoms!

    • Carly: Where's Ms. Briggs? What if she saw it?
      Sam: The video was off by yesterday morning.
      Carly: What if she saw it before it was off?
      Sam: It was Sunday, she was probably in church!
      Carly: What church would let Ms. Briggs in the door?!

    • Freddie: (reading the comment boards on Splashface about Carly and Sam) And this kid says, "You guys are way better than most of the puke here on Splashface."
      Sam: Wow. They love us!
      Carly: Yeah. More than puke...

    • Sam: (about a boy who auditioned) Can we please discuss the boy's hair and glasses? He looks like Ms. Briggs!
      Carly: Yeah! Except he doesn't have Ms. Briggs' crazy pointy boobs!
      Sam: I know! What is up with those?
      Carly: It's like she stuffs waffle cones in her bra!
      Sam: Totally! I mean, she can poke an eye out with one of those things!

    • Sam: (walking in) Hey! You invited the doof!
      Carly: Sam...
      Freddie: Aw, man! I didn't know that was gonna be here!
      Sam: She! I'm a she, Freddie, as in GIRL!
      Freddie: Barely!

    • Carly: I have to tape a bunch of auditions at school on Saturday.
      Spencer: Fun!
      Carly: Yeah not really. Anyway, would you let me borrow your video camera?
      Spencer: I would.
      Carly: Awesome.
      Spencer: Though I can't...
      Carly: Why not?
      Spencer: I made it into a squirrel.

    • Freddie: Hey, I hear you need to borrow a camcorder, to tape some auditions?
      Carly: Yeah, but I'll just use my brother's.
      Freddie: Oh. Well if you change your mind, you know my digits! (takes out his cell phone)
      Carly: Hey, you got a new cell phone.
      Freddie: You can have it!

    • Carly: I thought we talked about this. We can be buds, but you gotta get over this crush thing.
      Freddie: I am over it! Seriously! I'm in love with you, you just want to be friends, and I'm totally cool living with that constant pain!

    • Carly: Well, here's an idea: Stop doing bad things!
      Sam: Hey... chillax!
      Carly: (angrily) I will not chillax!

    • Sam: Did you get in trouble?
      Carly: 'Course I got in trouble! Teachers tend to get upset when you put their heads on the bodies of big fat animals!

    • Principal Franklin: So, I understand you put some flyers up all over the school.
      Carly: Yes sir, I did.
      Ms. Briggs: Punk!

    • Sam: (referring to the Splashface video) Look, see the view count? Only twenty-seven people have clicked on it.
      Carly: (breathes out a sigh of relief) Oh. Okay, good. (Sam and Carly look at the screen again) Sam?
      Sam: Yeah?

    • (Talking to Freddie)
      Sam: Carly will never love you.

    • Sam: Why do they put a bone right in the middle of a ham?

    • Carly: Sam, come on.
      Sam: Sorry, I had to pee.
      Carly: You always have to pee.
      Sam: Well, it's either that or I explode.

    • Carly: What time is your mom coming to pick you up?
      Sam: She's not, I told her you invited me to spend the night.
      Carly: I didn't invite you to spend the night.
      Sam: Well you should because I'm not leaving.

    • Carly: You know, anybody but me would punch you right in the head.
      Sam: Which is why you are my best friend.
      Carly: Good to know, now why are you mine?
      Sam: Because I'm a lovable person.

    • Carly: Freddie, were you just looking out your peephole waiting for me to come home?
      Freddie: No!
      Carly: Freddie...
      Freddie: Yes!

    • (Spencer falls from ceiling onto floor)
      Carly: I can't believe you're in charge of me.

    • Freddie: That's it! I'm taking my stuff and I'm going home! (referring to his camera equipment after being insulted by Sam)
      Carly: Please stay.
      Freddie: Okay.

    • Carly: I am so MAD!
      Sam: Me too... I need some ham.

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