Season 4 Episode 9

iPity the Nevel

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Nevel's image is ruined after a video of him berating a child goes viral, so he asks Carly and the gang for help in restoring his reputation.

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  • Haha.

    Never thought the gang would help Nevel.
  • iPTN

    First off, this episode includes Nevel, a reoccurring antagonist of this show. He has he some good performances, and this proves to be his best. This time, nevel's inner meanness is caught on video as he screams at a innocent little girl. Carly and the gang celebrate by a cheesy karma party. After the party, Nevel comes to THEM for help. They finally succed with a heart-felt apology to the little girl. Meanwhile, Freddie stars as a vampire in an ICarly skit, making him popular with girls.

    Overall, I give this 9.5 outta 10, and I highly recommend it. Especially to people who have previosly liked this show. The comedy rate was higher than normal, and the interesting, funny Nevel storyline was revisited.moreless
  • 409

    "iPity the Nevel" is a really lame attempt at poking fun at the meltdowns of celebrities in recent years. Think Christian Bale, Alec Baldwin, that sort of thing. A couple problems with that. They already did this on an episode of Dan Schneider's other teen comedy Zoey 101, and there has not been an incident like this in awhile.

    Now, I can excuse those two things if it was actually funny, but this really was not. Too much cheap humor from all of the characters. Spencer buttering his face, really?

    Sorry iCarly, but it has seemed lately like this season should be the last.moreless
  • iPity The Nevel!

    My official review:

    Spencer: That fact that he was doing "nothing", was funny in itself :P . This has got to be his most random plotand he did nothing. NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!

    Nevel: It was sweet during the scene when hr apologized to Molly. It showed a more serious side of iCarly, that only bursts out in rare moments on the show. I didn't like how they ruined it at the end. For ONCE Dan, you should have not left the episode open ended.

    Twiblood: Funny parody of Twilight. Freddie and Gibby being vampire/werewolf was extremely funny. The stupid cowgirl, this had to be her funniest appearence. Overall, a fantastic episode, that shows iCarly can be at its best at any time and come back with a banger after a few lousy episodes (As "fans" think).moreless
  • 409

    Good installment of iCarly, by the end, this episode just seemed like a huge filler though. We got some substantial development with the Nevel character only to be thrown away in the very last scene. This episode did have it's emotions, but the comedy was just really weak here.

    Granted, I'm a little out of range of this show's target audience, but the whole Vampire thing annoyed me, and the Nevel plot line was contrived. We did get some takeaway scenes here though, like the line about the video's comments being monitored, or just Spencer in general (hilarious as usual).

    An episode that could have had a lot of potential but just fell short in some ways. It was a fine installment, but it's far from the "best episode of the season."moreless

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