Season 1 Episode 18

iPromote Techfoots

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Daka Shoes wants iCarly to promote their new shoe, Techfoots. Carly accepts and tells all her viewers to buy the shoe. Unfortunately, the shoes are no good and fans began to complain. The gang has to find a way out of the contract. Meanwhile, Spencer expresses his dislike for public transportation after he falls asleep on a bus and ends up in Canada.moreless

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  • A very boring episode!

    All this episode is is about shoes. "Yawn"! Next!
  • iPromote Techfoots- Abysmal

    This episode got soo old fast. It makes no sense that some random people wanna advertise their shoes on a webshow!!!! How about making a comercails. Overall, bad plot (as usual for seaosn 1).
  • Believe It Or Not, this episode actually made me laugh very hard

    I know I've said this a bunch of times but I don't like Season 1 that much and it's one of iCarly's worst seasons ever but this episode actually did make me laugh hard. The humor was surprisingly original and fresh, the plot was well executed, and everything else was just handled well. My score was just a tad low because I didn't like those Daka people too much and how they were almost gonna sue the iCarly crew for not mentioning the techfoots or whatever. Anyways, this episode was excellent by surprise. That one Daka person was very funny (you know the guy that ate a little piece of the tuna sandwich that Sam coughed out.... which was the by the way gross but it sure made me laugh). Carly and Sam showing the techfoots on "iCarly" was also very good and enjoyable. Spencer also waking up on the wrong bus and ending up in Canada (where he bought Canadian Bacon... not knowing that it was just ham) was very funny. Spencer being the iCarly crew's lawyer and then the Daka people canceled their contact was funny and excellent. The Daka people also giving the iCarly crew more money was very funny. I also loved the very ending when Carly bought a motorcycle for Spencer so he won't have to take a bus ever again. Overall, an excellent episode of "iCarly" that surprisingly had original and classic humor. 9.5/10moreless
  • 118

    "iPromote Techfoots" is a very funny installment of the most popular kids show on television, iCarly, that resonates as well with its younger viewers as it does older audience members who are hoping for a realistic avenue to share their love of comedy. From the discussion of the number of viewers to the tricking the Techfoot executives by falsely positively advertising the product, it was not an episode that insulted the viewer's intelligence (like most non-Wizards of Waverly Place Disney shows do.)

    The 18th episode of the show's 1st season is a great mix of comedy and a little bit of suspense that should satisfy the show's passionate fanbase.moreless
  • poor

    i never liked this one a lot, the plot of them having a contract to talk good about a new shoe was OK but the execution did not do much for me at all. I found most of it boring and i did not like it. nothing was really funny and to me the plot was not that good, though others may disagree, anyway, there really was not much i liked, spencer's plot was OK but it was short, so my overall grade for this episode is a low "D" because i did like spencer's plot a little i guessmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Carly, Sam, and Freddie sign contracts with Daka shoes; since they're minors, they would need an adult to countersign the contracts. Since no adult did, the contracts are null and void.

    • Goof: When Carly is showing Spencer his motorcycle 2 people walk by. A few seconds later the camera shot changes they walk by again.

    • During the web show where the iCarly gang is showing everyone how "wonderful" the shoes are, Sam sticks her hand through a shoe and it rips open, then she says "and then you just shove your toes through the front, like this!" then later when Spencer replays the footage from that same web cast, she says "and then you just shove your toes through the front to cool them off, like this!", she didn't say "cool them off" the first time.

    • Since he has been relying on different methods of transportation, it seems that Spencer doesn't drive.

    • The Daka shoe was the shoe promoted in the Drake and Josh one-hour special "Really Big Shrimp."

    • It is learned that Spencer's friend Socko has a brother named Tyler, who supplies Spencer with cool ties, as Socko provides his socks.

    • When the shoes exploded, Carly wore pink socks, Sam wore blue socks, and Freddie wore black socks.

    • In this episode, Freddie says that 355,000 viewers was the most iCarly had ever had. However, in "iSpy A Mean Teacher" they get 500,000 viewers.

    • The helmet Spencer wears when he blades is the same as his "Dance Helmet" in episode 03, "iDream of Dance."

    • In "iPromote Techfoots," the Daka Seattle office building is actually the Seattle Public Library.

    • Spencer attended law school for three days.

    • Sam was born on a bus because her mother wasn't really well organized.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Carly: (to the Daka President) And you have to give full refunds to every iCarly viewer who bought Jankfoots!
      Freddie: Techfoots.
      Carly: I know what I said!

    • Daka President: You think that I won't take legal action against you? You think that I'm above suing children?! Well I'm not! So I hope you have a good lawyer!
      Carly: Oh, we do!
      Spencer: (coming down the stairs) Gentlemen! I'm their lawyer! And this is my necktie! (shows them his flashing necktie)

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Sam: And wait til you see this!
      Carly: For those cold winter days-
      Sam: -every Techfoot comes with a built-in toe warmer!
      Carly: And if you turn the toe warmer on high-
      Sam: -like this! (turns it on)
      Carly: Then bang it on a table...(Sam bangs the shoe on the table)
      Sam: It magically catches on fire!
      Carly: Isn't that handy?
      Sam: That'll keep your piggies warm!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: And now, our technical producer, Freddie, will show you another cool thing about the Techfoots.
      Freddie: Okay. If your computer's hard drive is cluttered with a bunch of files and music and "precious pictures" of family and friends, the Techfoot does an amazing thing with Wi-Fi techonology. See, you just sync the pedometer up to your computer, and... (types something on his laptop) ...it wipes out your entire hard drive! Isn't that great?!

    • Spencer: One minute, I'm blading down Hill Street. Feeling good! On top of the world! The next thing I know - BAM! I got a face full of dumpster!

    • Freddie: Look, on iCarly tonight, you guys gotta tell everyone that Techfoots bite!
      Sam: Uh no thanks, I don't wanna get sued for everything I have!
      Carly: What do you have?
      Sam: Oh yeah...

    • Freddie: Here's another one. (reads a comment on the iCarly website) Why don't you iCarly jerks come over to my house so I can put on my new Techfoots and jump up and down on your faces?

    • Daka President: Look, you signed a deal with Daka Shoes, and you took our money. So you're going to keep talking up the Techfoots on iCarly or you're gonna be in big legal trouble!
      Freddie: We're not scared of you!
      Sam: Yeah, my uncle happens to be a lawyer!
      Carly: I thought he got arrested?
      Sam: Shhh!

    • Carly: How about this. We go talk to the guys at Daka, tell them everything that's wrong with the Techfoots, and then maybe they'll fix them.
      Freddie: I think that's smart.
      Carly: Sam?
      Sam: ...Oh sorry, I was lost in this muffin!

    • Carly: Maybe it's just me but, didn't the Techfoot shoe they showed us at Daka look better than these?
      Freddie: (looking at his Techfoot shoes) Yeah, I think you're right.
      Sam: Who cares? I got a lady making me pie!

    • Sam: Sonya! (Sonya runs into the room) I'm done with this plate.
      Sonya: Dessert?
      Sam: I really shouldn't.
      Sonya: I can make you cake.
      Sam: I'm thinking pie!
      Sonya: I will make pie!

    • Sam: Sonya, please make me a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato.
      Sonya: Yes, Miss Sam!
      Carly: I like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato!
      Sam: Make that two, please!
      Sonya: Yes, Miss Sam!
      Freddie: I like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato!
      Sam: Tough nubs!

    • Carly: What?!
      Freddie: You hired a personal chef?!
      Sam: Well, my mom doesn't feed me!

    • Freddie: So what'd you buy?
      Carly: Some awesome sunglasses from Mercedes Lens!
      Freddie: Woo! Fancy.
      Carly: Okay, tell me which pair you like better! These? (puts a pair of sunglasses on and poses) Or these? (puts on another pair)
      Freddie: Uhh...
      Carly: Or these? (puts on yet another pair)
      Freddie: How many did you buy?!
      Carly: I don't know! I stopped counting after thirty!

    • (in the Daka conference room)
      Carly: Where'd you get the turkey sandwich?
      Sam: Found it on some dudes desk!

    • (Spencer walks in)
      Carly: Where have you been all day?
      Spencer: Canada!

    • Daka President: Well, you know when you put out a new shoe, they always have a few minor problems.
      Sam: Minor?
      Freddie: What would be a major problem?
      Carly: If they came to life in the middle of the night and ate your family?

    • Daka President: And it even offers Wi-Fi connectivity.
      Braxley: I call it Shoe-Fi. (laughs)
      Daka President: Braxley!
      Braxley: I'm stupid.

    • Braxley: I swear! One minute my turkey sandwich was sitting there on my desk and then, gone!
      Daka President: Get over it Braxley!
      Braxley: I'm stupid.

    • Carly: Ok, we'll ask for a hundred. I hope they don't think that's pushy.
      Sam: (sarcastically) Yeah. I'd hate for anyone to think I'm pushy!

    • Spencer: Aw! This is just sliced ham! (walks over to counter and starts flinging ham around) How dare those Canadians try and pass this off as some sort of fancy bacon? (slowly smells and nibbles off piece of ham)

    • Carly: I can't believe you went all the way to Canada.
      Spencer: Eh, it wasn't a total loss. (holds up bag) I bought Canadian bacon while I was there! Who wants night breakfast?
      Carly & Sam: Me!

    • Carly: You know, I'm not sure it's fair to blame the bus 'cause you fell asleep.
      Spencer: It's not just that. Last week on the bus, a hobo spilled chili on me, then continued to eat it...without a spoon!

    • Sam: Ah, it's not that bad. You know I was born on a bus?
      Freddie: Huh?!
      Sam: My mom's not good at planning!

    • Sam: Ah, I am so hungry
      Carly: Then go make something.
      Sam: Ah, I am so lazy.

    • Freddie: Woah, last week's webcast of iCarly, the most viewers we ever got!
      Carly: Really?
      Sam: How many?
      Freddie: Three hundred fifty-five thousand!
      Carly: Woah!
      Sam: Holy cheese!

    • Sam: Didn't Spencer go to law school, for like twenty minutes?
      Spencer: Three days, thank you.

    • Kid at school: Hey, thanks for telling us to buy Techfoots.
      Another Kid: (sarcastically) Really awesome shoes!
      Another Kid: We want our money back.
      Carly: Well, we didn't sell you the shoes.
      Kid: Fine, then we're just gonna stop watching iCarly.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Freddie: Looking good, Carly!
      Carly: Feeling good, Freddie!

      This is an allusion to the 1983 movie, Trading Places, with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. The last lines of the movie are Dan Aykroyd's character Louis Winthorpe III saying, "Looking good Billie Ray!!" and Eddie Murphy's character Billie Ray Valentine responding, "Feeling good, Louis!!"

    • Freddie's Laptop Crash

      When Freddie shows his new computer getting crashed on iCarly, he gets the "blue screen of death." The screen shown is the real Windows XP "blue screen of death."

    • pearPhone

      This is a parody of the Apple iPhone.

    • Mercedes Lens

      This is a reference to the expensive car company, Mercedes Benz.