Season 3 Episode 8

iQuit iCarly - Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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After agreeing to help a pair of comedians make a video, Carly and Sam must choose sides when the comedians begin to fight. The girls then begin to fight so badly that Sam quits as both co-host and Carly's friend. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes obsessed with winning a boat.moreless

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  • Carly and Sam find that their personalities don't mesh as well as they thought and get in their biggest fight ever. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby defend their boat from "pirates".

    iQuit iCarly is easily one of my favorite episodes of the series. However, there's two down-points of this episode and sadly, they're quite major. 1. Fleck and Dave. What about them is funny exactly? With the exception of their part of "The Blowing", they were incredibly annoying. Was it really needed to have them be so important anyway? Couldn't Carly and Sam have found a way to fight without them? Or at the very least, just tone them down. Focus on more Carly/Sam, less on Fleck/Dave. 2. The Gibby/Spencer subplot. Now wait, I'm not not saying it was bad. It was very funny! Gibby and Spencer need to have more scenes together -- they play well off each other and the sillyness of each character works well with the other. However, with that said, this was NOT the episode to do it. It was hard to get wrapped into the Carly/Sam problem when every couple minutes we were pushed back to Gibby and Spencer on the stern...port...bow. For example, Carly and Sam up on the window washers platform (despite its cheesyness, it was entertaining)...one minute we were up there, next we were watching watermelons get pelted onto a boat. It just didn't work well, in my opinion. Had they paced it different or something, it may have worked. But I just found myself not caring, because I wanted to watch Carly/Sam. Hence, resulted in me fastforwarding. The whole time is just "ugh let's get back to the main plot!"

    Now that the cons are out of the way, let's go the the pros! They definitely outweigh the bad.

    1. The development in Carly and Sam's friendship. We see that there WAS an underlying problem there and there always has been: about their differences. They're opposites and it had clearly been rubbing them the wrong way. This episode got them to confront that and only strengthen their already strong friendship. 2. The Gibby/Spencer! They are SO funny together! The whole boat thing was great, just in the wrong episode. They definitely need to have more scenes together.

    3. The entire divorce scene. Hilarious!

    4. The Blowing. It was quite possibly the ONLY webcast related skit that was actually really funny. 5. Sam in her vampire outfit. "Maybe if our producer wasn't such a DIPHEAD." or "Well maybe if a certain hobo had written a better script. MWAHAHA." Need I say more?

    6. I was really impressed with the acting in this episode. Miranda and Jennette did really good with the drama. The entire "fighty" scene in the apartment was different than Carly/Sam fights from earlier episodes. This time there was no yelling and screaming about petty things. This time, it was talking and saying things, mostly the truth.

    I could go on with more fun moments, but I'll just end here with this. It was a GOOD episode, and I'm surprised the rating is as low as it is. There were some major problems with it but overall not bad. (maybe I'm biased: I LOVE the Carly/Sam friendship and episodes centered around it tend to be my favorite) I'll give it an 8.5moreless
  • Ahhh...

    This episode had many issues. Most of it was humorless. In fact, when I found out about this episode and what it was about, I immediatly knew this episode would have many awful momments, but when I saw it myself, man. The plot was bad. Sam and Carly broke up because of these two boys who split their friendship of doing a weird webshow. At the beginning of this review, I said most of it was humorless. It did have some good humor, like Sam's idea of Freddie getting in a daiper and jumping into a tiger exhibit for their webshow.

    Overall, I give it a mid-F.moreless
  • Wow!!!... really writers?... I knew that this wasn't going to be a perfect 1-hour TV Movie... I knew it!!!!!

    This review is for both part 1 and part 2 in the 1-hour "iCarly" TV movie "iQuit iCarly". Yes!!!!! my prediction about this 1-hour TV movie came true... I knew it was going to be a disappointment when I saw the promo for this. Come on!!! what's wrong writers?... are you running out of good ideas? The fans need an answer. Anyways, why would the writers make a 1-hour TV movie so stupid and so predictable? Come on!!! we all knew that Carly and Sam are going back to doing "iCarly" together at the end of this 1-hour TV movie. You must be stupid if you actually thought that Carly and Sam are giving up iCarly forever... they would have made this a series finale if that happened. Those two boys, Fleck and Dave really aren't funny at all. Come on!!! sometimes I feel like this show doesn't know what comedy is. The main plot was stupid and predictable but luckily Spencer's subplot saved my score. I thought it was funny when Carly meant to throw the muffin at Sam but missed the target and hit the elderly woman instead. When Carly and Sam were about to fall off the building... I thought it was funny when Spencer threw the rope down to save the girls and the rope hit Sam. Those are the only parts from the main plot that made me laugh. The subplot was even funnier. I thought it was very funny when Spencer is trying to win a boat. It was funny that Gibby would eat the watermelon. Spencer and Gibby throwing the watermelons at the people that are taking over Spencer's boat was hilarious. I thought it was so stupid that the audience (laugh track) would clap and cheer when Carly and Sam are saved... they make it sound like they were about to die and that they were never going to see them again... what a bunch of idiots. The ending was also ridiculous when Carly, Sam, Fleck, and Dave made "The Blowing" trailer. Overall, this was just a mediocre 1-hour "iCarly" TV movie... come up with better ideas than this for now on writers. 5/10moreless
  • iCarly features a video by Fleck and Dave and after the show they decide to work with the boys to try and win a contest online. When Fleck and Dave get mad at each other it rubs off and Carly and Sam end up dissolving the show.moreless

    Not one of the better ideas for iCarly the writers have come up with. I think it's the fact that Sam and Carly are so different that they get along. You would figure they would know that after all these years.

    Fleck and Dave were a little strange and not that funny. They really didn't bring much to the show except the catalyst for the big breakup which seemed to happen with a whimper instead of a bang. Most of what they did were major sight gags like the purple car.

    Spencer ends up winning a really expensive boat from watching the boating channel and some very strange things happen including Spencer bombing his own boat with watermelons. Yes, watermelons. In the end it's the same as always, Spencer did not consider all the factors when engaging in something.

    Freddie pretty much stands around and gets slapped and waits for something to happen. Of course you can't blame him for not wanting to come between Carly and Sam, but when Carly wants something he acted very much out of character as he loves her and can't stand Sam.

    Overall not one of the better outings for this show. I would still blame it on the writing and not the characterizations. There was more danger and negativity then funny and positive in the program and that's not what you sign on for when watching this show. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Highly dissapointed after waiting to see this episode for weeks.

    I have just begun to get back into habit of watching iCarly,and this episode was so dissapointing.The "comedians",Fleck and Dave,were not funny at all.In fact,they ruined the whole episode.When they were on screen I found myself tapping my foot,which I only do when I'm annoyed or waiting for something particularly annoying to end.Carly and Sam made the episode a little better,but Spencer and Gibby saved the episode from getting a five.What I did not like were the Fleck and Dave videos,but "The Blowing" movie trailer was good.Sam and Carly did not fight very much,and by the end of the episode they were friends again.Anyone should be able to understand why they were friends again.When they both saved each other from falling off the ledge,they realized that they really cared about each other and you can't go through something like that and stay angry with each other.The bottom-line is this:Fleck and Dave were not funny,and they could not act either.I blame them for the episode not being very good,it's like "iMeet Fred" all over again.Carly and Sam were fine,but if the episode had not concentrated on Fleck and Dave so much,and more on Carly and Sam's fight like I thought it would originally,we would have seen more of their argument therefore the episode would have been better.Only Spencer and Gibby could save an episode like this,and they came to the rescue.The sub-plot with Spencer and Gibby was good,it was funny and took away from the main plot that was mainly Fleck and Dave.Overall,this is not really an episode I could watch over and over.moreless

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