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Season 7 Episode 5

iRescue Carly

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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Carly tags along when Sam hangs out with Dana, an old friend from juvie. Although Sam warns Carly about her, Carly tries to get into the tough crowd and accepts Dana's invitation to a smash party where people break into an old house and smash everything. Despite Sam not going and insisting that Carly doesn't go either, Carly goes anyway. Once there sherealizesshe's uncomfortable but wishes to prove herself to Sam so she calls Freddie and Gibby to go meet her there. When Freddie and Gibby arrive at the party, the three of them get tied up and people throw stuff at them. When Sam learns Carly went to the party, she goes there, too. Although she is outnumbered, she beats everyone up with her butter sock after turning off the lights and putting on a pair of night vision goggles, saving Carly, Freddie and Gibby.

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  • A Quality Episode

    So I thought this episode was actually pretty good. I liked the scenes at the Groovy Smoothie with Sam, Carly, and Dana. I thought she was being really mean to Carls. I didn't like how Dana and her trashy friends held Carly, Freddie, and Gibby hostage. Then threw stuff at them :O . Sam's "Maybe I've gone soft, but my butter hasn't" xDDDDD. Glad Sam herself admitted that she isn't as hard as she used to be, but if you push her, she will totally victimize your a** xP. Her beating them up in the dark with he butter was awesome. She was spanking that one guy's butt lmao.

    The Night Vision Goggles plot wasn't that interesting until Sam used them, but Gibby taking his shirt off again at last was epic!moreless
  • Nice and funny

    Like the title says. The butter sock fight at the end was funny. Sam helpin' that boy at the Groovy Smoothie was cute, but I knew she might say som'n wrong/mean. Lol. Carly shouldn't have gone to that "party". T-Bo and Spencer fighting with teddy bears was som'n else. There were other (minor) things I thought about, of course.

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