Season 7 Episode 5

iRescue Carly

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iRescue Carly

    The fight scenes on Nick shows are always unintentionally amusing, as are the "crowd

    Kind of a good episode. I actually laughed a few times, but this show's best days are long behind it.
  • This episode proves how Season 7 is an improvement from the boring Seasons 5 and 6.

    This is a Fantastic episode of this season! I like the new Sam in this show. I used to hated Sam in the earlier seasons when she was torturing Freddie, and being mean to everybody except Carly, but i Love Sam in this episode. So carly and Sam meet Sam's longtime friend from Prison named Dana. Dana tells the two girls about a Party that she is throwing, Carly wants to go, but Sam tells her not to. Carly goes anyway, but when she was about to leave, She gets all tied up along with Freddie and Gibby when they tried to rescue her. Sam knew that Carly was at the Party, so She arrives at the Party to beat Dana and her friends with a Buttersock and Rescues Carly, Gibby and Freddie. Now what I like about iRescue Carly was that this episode has given Sam a HUGE character Development, I loved how she rescues carly, Gibby and Freddie. I'm gonna give this a perfect score Now my one flaw with this epiosde is that Carly was such an idiot for not listening to Sam and going to that Party. Like come on Carly! I thought you had better common sense than that. But i'm gonna let that slide. This episode is one of the best episodes of Season 7. Season 7 is a MAJOR improvement from seasons 5 and 6. i'm going to be generous and give this episode a 10/10
  • A Quality Episode

    So I thought this episode was actually pretty good. I liked the scenes at the Groovy Smoothie with Sam, Carly, and Dana. I thought she was being really mean to Carls. I didn't like how Dana and her trashy friends held Carly, Freddie, and Gibby hostage. Then threw stuff at them :O . Sam's "Maybe I've gone soft, but my butter hasn't" xDDDDD. Glad Sam herself admitted that she isn't as hard as she used to be, but if you push her, she will totally victimize your a** xP. Her beating them up in the dark with he butter was awesome. She was spanking that one guy's butt lmao.

    The Night Vision Goggles plot wasn't that interesting until Sam used them, but Gibby taking his shirt off again at last was epic!
  • Nice and funny

    Like the title says. The butter sock fight at the end was funny. Sam helpin' that boy at the Groovy Smoothie was cute, but I knew she might say som'n wrong/mean. Lol. Carly shouldn't have gone to that "party". T-Bo and Spencer fighting with teddy bears was som'n else. There were other (minor) things I thought about, of course.