Season 2 Episode 20

iReunite With Missy

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 16, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Carly's old pal Missy moves back to town, causing a jealous Sam to worry that she's being replaced. Elsewhere, a young neighbor finds Spencer trapped in the basement and refuses to rescue him.

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  • Missy VS. Sam!

    A funny episode that is well deserving to be in the iCarly series!
  • I have to admit, this episode was actually enjoyable to watch

    Well, you all know how I think iCarly is just an okay show but sometimes I can surprised with these kinds of episodes. It's good to see that this episode was actually one of those episodes that is actually good. Carly's best friend Missy became to visit Missy and Sam feels like she is the third wheel. My score was only been a little low because I really hated that Missy character... she tries to rid of Sam so she can have Carly as her best friend all to herself. You all know that I hate Sam with a passion but I actually did feel bad for Sam in this episode. Spencer's subplot when he was gonna go camping until Chuck (the boy from "iHurt Lewbert") returns and locks Spencer in the basement so Spencer can be grounded this time was funny. The "Suspicious liquid" joke was funny also and I did understand that. I don't know if most of the younger viewers are gonna understand that joke though. Freddie actually giving up on his 6-month trip and giving it to Missy so Sam can be with Carly was pretty nice. I also loved how Carly found out about Missy's lies at the end of the episode. Overall, a superb episode of "iCarly". 9/10moreless
  • 220

    I actually liked this episode regardless of the generic story line. Manipulative character comes to town to mix things up, which inadvertently causes conflict between the main group, and then of course, we got Spencer's usual crazy antics.

    We got a lot of unexpectedly good Sam & Freddie scenes. But not in the relationship way that everyone poses them too be. This episode really highlighted their friendship in the series' run. If anything, I appreciate their complex friendship which is put on forefront in this episode.

    Spencer being locked up was pretty funny but we already had one villainous character in the episode, I would have liked to see a break from that story line but it was good regardless. I'd also like to commend the continuity on that one with the return of Spencer's nemesis. Overall good episode of iCarly.moreless
  • ireunite with missy

    Well, iCarly did it: they actually had an episode where you care about Sam and root for her to beat Missy in the friendship battle. While you knew that was going to happen, it was still good to see Missy get what she had coming to her.

    Of course this episode also introduced the nuisance of Spencer's young rival, and while the 26 year old brother of Carly was able to make the episode exciting, I hate the little kid. He definitely needs to be dropped from this show.

    This was an overdone 1980's family comedy concept, but that does not mean it was not a good episode.moreless
  • Decent

    Carly is reunited with her best friend from when they were kids, Missy Robinson. At first she seems fun and innocent, inviting Sam and Carly to go on a helicopter/jet ride with her and her father. But it is revealed she texted Sam the wrong address, meaning she didn't get to go. Then Sam "tosses" Missy her phone, but the phone goes in some punch Missy and Carly were about to drink. Then she gives Sam some chocolate that expired in 1992. Sam becomes convinced and paranoid that Missy is out to replace her as Carly's best friend. When she tells Carly this, she says Sam is just overreacting. Missy says she isn't trying to replace Sam, but whenever Carly isn't around she reveals she IS trying to. Sam wants Freddie to help her. Freddie ends up giving up a sea school thing he REALLY wanted so Missy can go away for six months. Everything is back to normal.

    Meanwhile, in Spencer's sub plot, he is trying to get ready to go camping with Socko and a couple girls they met, but he gets held prisoner by Chuck, the little boy he got grounded when filling in for Lewbert. At the end, Chuck's father finds out and grounds him again. But we never see exactly how Spencer is released...

    A decent episode, the main plot is good for plot and sub plot has some funny parts.moreless

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