Season 2 Episode 12

iRocked The Vote

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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A contestant on "America Sings" named David Archuleta (who plays himself) appears on Carly's show before defeating his rude competitor, Wade Collins. But Wade then gains sympathy thanks to a sob story, so Carly helps expose Wade's true arrogance.

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  • Some obnoxious butthole of a dude comes on icarly to diss Americans.

    I hated this episode. I deducted points for lame jokes, for not punishing the obnoxious dude, for not letting David sing. First of all, like all of the other episodes, the jokes are lame, no surprise. Second of all that blond-haired guy was a total jerk to everyone in the United States shouting offensive names. I was more upset when no one offered to hurt him sooner. The writers of the show just decided to not allow someone to hurt him. That guy took it way too far and he needed to be hurt. He made just want to pop through that tv and just embarass him in front of everyone including his momma. The only thing that could've saved this episode from a horrible review is if the writers would've wrote where David sings on icarly. I would have given this episode a seven if David would've sung a song. An eight if he would've sung a full song. A nine if he would've sung a full song plus shown a shot of Wade in a cast in a hospital. Oh well, that concludes this reviewmoreless
  • Besides iMeet Fred,this is another cruel episode.

    This is a huge example why I hate iCarly.So at the beginning of the episode,Carly and Sam told the audience to vote for David Archuleta on some American Idol rip-off. Now,I like David,but he said something in here that made me like David Cook better. But that's later,when they were watching the show,Sam licked Freddie's phone...Twice. Wow,Sam. You are such a jerk. David wins it and beats Wade Collins. Meanwhile,Spencer tries to look for a tape for Boogie Bear Takes Manhatten. However,Wade says on the news that he wanted the money for his mom to heal.Or at least that's what we THOUGHT he said.So the iCarly cast decides to shoot him a music video,but it turns out,Wade is such a jerk. In all of this episode,it was 95% of Wade being a jerk. He is so rude,and even called America idiots. Is this allowed on tv? At the end,Wade's mom was alive,and the thing he said was just something to give him sympathy from. No,really,this was all just a prank. Does he think it's funny?I really want kill him right now. It's just like that lie Fred told in iMeet Fred. Meanwhile,Spencer is thought to lie,but ends up telling the truth,and the letter he got was just a lie by the company's boss. Again with lying. So they get David on iCarly,but you know what he said? He said that whoever hates iCarly are losers. David,Why? We are not losers! Think of all the people you insulted,at the end we are treated to a montage of Wade being selfish and disgusting. And David doesn't sing because of his throat so instead,we are treated to Spencer playing the banjo. Anyways,This was just cruel. Wade was such a hobknocker himself,David's thoughts on iCarly haters was just cruel,and this whole episode was cruel.moreless
  • Wow!!! this is a new low for iCarly... an immature dude named Wayne Collins says that "All Americans are Idiots". A reason why I hate iCarly sometimes WARNING: This episode might be offensive to all Americansmoreless

    Okay, iCarly is an okay show because it's not that bad of a show but sometimes I can hate "iCarly". Not only because of Sam but because of some of the inappropriate jokes, overused hobo jokes, and all that. Well, this episode just showed a whole new low for "iCarly". Please, if you haven't watched this episode yet, don't watch it and avoid it at all costs. I hated that Wayne Collins guy and I was extremely offended hearing "All Americans are Idiots". Seriously, iCarly? I hate you so much for offending me and possibly all of the Americans around the world. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mob of angry Americans going to Dan Schneider to teach him a lesson. I don't hate iCarly all the time but just sometimes and this episode proves why I hate iCarly sometimes. My score is a little high because Sam trying to teach Spencer how to lie since he got an overdue video was actually pretty funny and somewhat amusing. That plot was pretty funny and it deserves at least some points. Also at the end of the episode, David Archuleta said that whoever doesn't like iCarly are "losers". Seriously? I only somewhat like the iCarly show but not the webshow scenes, there almost unwatchable in every episodes so I'm unfortunately a "loser". Looks like an angry mob is coming after Dan Schneider and David Archuleta. Overall, all of the Americans that are reading this review, I just want to say "DO NOT watch this episode"... it's highly offensive especially to pretty much all of the Americans, just a bad bad bad episode of "iCarly". 3.5/10moreless
  • mediocre

    Carly and her friends use the power of iCarly to try and get David Archuleta, a singer they like, to win 'America Sings'. David does win and his opponent, Wade Collins, is sad and makes up a story about his mom being sick (he later learn this was just a story for sympathy). Carly and friends promise to help Wade shoot a music video, but soon learn he is a big jerk (and that's putting it nicely).

    Good episode, but the ending is such a tease. I mean, they know that a lot of people knew David would be on, and expect him to sing (since a lot of girls like him), and then at the end, he doesn't? Such a tease. If I liked him as a singer I'd be disappointed. The rest was ok I guessmoreless
  • Not the best episode...

    I was so happy when I learned that David Archuleta was going to appear on Icarly until I watched the episode. The video Freddie made about Wade in the end was pretty funny espically the part about the pimple in the ear. David is a great singer but a really bad actor and he couldn't stop smiling which was so annoying. When Wade's mother attacked Carly and like jumped on her I cracked up laughing that was a very funny Icarly moment. The music video was pretty lame, I didn't feel like the producers of the show put enough into it.moreless
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