Season 1 Episode 11

iRue the Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Plain White T's are set to perform on iCarly, but Nevel plans to ruin the event by hacking into the site.

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  • Superb Episode

    This is an excellent episode of icarly. I would definitely recommend this episode. This episode is well written and funny. My favorite part is when the Plain White T's performance in the end. It was pretty cool to see them guest star in this epiosde. This episode is not perfect because Nevel ruined my score. I didn't like it when he was responsible for icarly's technical difficulties. He gets really annoying in most episodes too. But anyways, it was really funny to see Carly's Dads Friend did to Nevel in the end. It was funny when Nevel's Grandma mistakens Freddie as a Spider and hits him with an Umbrella. That part got me rolling. Overall aside from Nevel ruining icarly's technical problems, this is an Fantastic episode. I loved this episode. 9.5/10.moreless
  • iRue The Day- Terrible!

    You know as well as I know, I hate giving these episodes low scores but they just lack humor. For one thing, Nevel is a little shit so why can't they all just go over there and beat him up? No no they have to go on this big adventure to do it. Unbleivable!

    What is with Season 1?
  • Best episode of icarly of season 1

    it was so good i never wanted this episode to end. The Plain White ts's were pretty good i liked their song. i loved this episode so so much. This episode was the best icarly episode of season 1. Nevel was the one that made this episode awesome. if Nevel wasn't in it this episode would be a 5 but Nevel doubled the score. This eshow started out pretty bad, but now because of this episode season 1 is the second best season on icarly. (season 4 is the best). NEvel is my new favorite chacter. HE ROCKS! If you havn't seen it watch it it's awesome.moreless
  • I hate the episode. The only part I like is the plain white t`s

    I hate this episode. The only part I recommend is the plain white t`s. If you read my review, dont watch the whole episode. Only watch the plain white t`s, listen to the song, and you will understand why I think the plain white t`s are awesome! They sing "our time now". But, the rest of the episode is bad. Only watch the end! If you read this review, and you have never watched icarly, wait till the next time icarly comes on, click info, if the episode says "irue the day", kepp it on a different channel, until 1:20. I hate this episode, but I only like the plain white t`s.moreless
  • Tearjerker in a bad way. It made me cry it sucked so bad!!

    I didn't like this episode because it was really unrealistic. Why? Why, oh, I don't know. Maybe because the FBI would never leave a kid dangling from the ceiling even if he did do illegal tampering to Carly's webshow. "Who cares" is what i say. Some people may ask why I would review episodes of a show i dislike so much. I do this because i want to share my opinions on good and bad things. I congratulate neville for screwing up iCarly even if he didn't win the battle. They get crap for being crap. / / / / /moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Carly and Sam are in Nevel's computer room, the hamster green screen shot can be seen on one of the screens.

    • When Carly sneaks into Nevel's house, the music playing is the Mission Impossible theme.

    • In the show, the military tells Nevel that he has violated the Internet Security Act of 1983, but the real Internet Security Act didn't come into effect until April 13th 2000.

    • The maroon berets worn by the Air Force officers and men at Nevel's house identifies them as Pararescuemen, which are members of an elite Air Force unit tasked with recovery of personnel from hostile areas.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • Freddie: Mayday, mayday, mayday! We have a situation!
      Carly: What's wrong?
      Freddie: I think Nevel's grandmother just walked in!
      Sam: Don't worry, Nevel said she's hopelessly confused.

    • Nevel: (From the computer screen) Surprise! (Evil laugh) Aww, it's so cute how you tried to crash my website. But who failed? You did!

    • Nevel: What are you people doing here?! I demand a -
      Colonel Morgan: Quiet!
      Nevel: Yes, sir!

    • Freddie: Who are you calling?
      Carly: You'll see.
      Sam: Are you ordering pizza?
      Carly: No!!

    • Carly: (She sneaks into Nevel's house) Sam, where are you?
      Sam: In the kitchen.
      Carly: How'd you get in here?
      Sam: Back door was open.

    • Tom Higgenson: Before we do this song, I want to thank Carly's brother, Spencer, for saving my life. Spencer, you're a heck of a guy and you wear some rocking socks!
      Spencer: (He shows his socks to everyone) It's true!

    • Nevel: I am the source of iCarly's technical difficulties!
      Carly: Well knock it off!

    • Carly: Spencer!
      Sam: That's you!
      Carly: You're like a hero!
      Spencer: Like?
      Freddie: So did you get an autograph from Tom Higgenson?
      Spencer: Better! I didn't have any paper so he signed my back!

    • Nevel: Wait! They're taking my equipment! They can't do that!
      Colonel Morgan: Oh yes they can! And I can also place you under military arrest!
      Nevel: No! No please, I'm just a young boy!
      Colonel Morgan: (grabbing Nevel's long-haired wig) Huh?
      Nevel: (taking off the wig) A boy! Trust me!

    • Freddie: Well, we can't do iCarly as long as Nevel controls our site!
      Nevel: (appearing on the computer screen) So true!
      Carly: Get off my monitor! (runs over and unplugs the computer)

    • Spencer: Hey. Which socks do you think I should wear when the Plain White T's come here? Blue stripes with golden pineapples? (holds up one sock) Or aqua with fushia palm trees? (holds up another sock)
      Carly: Wear one of each!
      Spencer: That's brilliant! Look at you, thinking outside the socks!

    • Nevel's Grandmother: (walks into the house past Freddie, who is dangling from the ceiling, then turns around and squints at him) Ohhh, spider!

    • Carly: Woah! Okay Freddie, we're in Nevel's nerd cave. What do we do?

    • Freddie: He messed with iCarly.com, we're gonna mess with nevelocity.com!
      Carly: You think you can hack him back?
      Freddie: Yeah. We just gotta sneak into his house so I can get to his computer. And then, when he realizes that we can crash his site, he'll leave iCarly alone!
      Carly: Nice!
      Sam: Wow, Freddie. I like seeing you get all feisty.
      Freddie: That's the Freddie way.
      Carly: I thought the Freddie way was a toasted bagel with grape jelly?
      Freddie: That's the Freddie breakfast way!

    • Sam: Do you know how huge it would be for iCarly to have the Plain White T's on?
      Carly: Yes!
      Freddie: Then we're not cancelling the show. (to Spencer) Tell Tom we'll be ready.
      Spencer: Yay! I go dial!

    • Spencer: (after speaking to someone on his cell phone) OH MY GOD. That was Tom Higgenson. He said YES! I got you the Plain White T's for iCarly next week! (Carly, Sam, and Freddie are silent) ...Guys, calm down!

    • Carly: Freddie, what do you think went wrong?
      Freddie: I'm not sure but, I'd bet an entire month's allowance all my equipment was working perfectly.
      Carly: Wow, you'd bet a whole eight bucks?

    • Carly: Ok guys, it looks like we're having some minor technical difficulties.
      Sam: So, while we get them fixed-
      Carly: Please enjoy this picture of an old lady biting a brick!

    • Carly: Well, how's he doing it?
      Freddie: (typing on his laptop) I don't know. Somehow, Nevel hacked into my computer and was able to control everything in our studio!
      Carly: Well, this horrible!
      Sam: (holding a cup of hot chocolate) You know what else is horrible? You're out of mini marshmallows!
      Carly: Sam!
      Freddie: This is a crisis situation!
      Sam: Nah, I'll just...use this big one! (puts a big marshmallow into her cup)

    • Sam: Look Nevel, you better just back off or I'm gonna squeeze your big round melon-head 'til it pops!

    • Nevel: That's right, I hacked your website. I told you I'd get revenge!
      Carly: No, you said I'd "rue the day."
      Nevel: Same thing!!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Hello, people of Earth, Jupiter, and Wisconsin! I'm Carly, which rhymes with barley!
      Sam: And I'm Sam-
      Carly: -which rhymes with ham!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Okay, we've got an awesome show for you guys tonight.
      Sam: And we're gonna kick it off by showing you a freakish video.
      Carly: Sent in by an iCarly viewer-
      Sam: -of a cat meowing the national anthem!
      Carly: God Bless Ameowica!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Hello, Internetolonians!
      Sam: Greetings, Webites!
      Carly: If you're here to see a live autopsy of an alien-
      Sam: You've come to the wrong URL!

    • Freddie: Benji's flaking on us.
      Benji: I'm not flaking!
      Sam: Benji!
      Benji: Come on! The Plain White T's are signing autographs at the Westburg Mall!
      Sam: (excitedly) The Plain White T's are in town?!
      Carly: I love them!
      Benji: So it's cool if I miss iCarly?
      Carly: No!

    • Colonel Morgan: For Carly, a handmade laptop case from Switzerland!
      Carly: Woah! I love Swiss laptop cases!
      Colonel Morgan: And for Spencer, a two-foot long Italian meat stick! (hands Spencer half eaten meat stick)
      Spencer: This is two feet?
      Colonel Morgan: It was, 'til I had lunch.

    • Carly: (hears the doorbell ring and runs to look through the peep hole) No way! (opens door) Colonel Morgan!
      Colonel Morgan: What's up, buttercup?
      Carly: Permission to hug?
      Colonel Morgan: Permission granted!

    • Carly: Hey!
      Spencer: What?
      Carly: Oh, nevermind, I shouldn't ask.
      Spencer: Ok.
      Carly: Will you ask the Plain White T's to perform on iCarly?!
      Spencer: Will you take a digital picture of my back?
      Carly: Yes!
      Spencer: Then yes!

    • Carly: Great! Where are we going to find another kid that can fit his entire foot in his mouth?
      Sam: (sees Gibby walk by) Hey Gibby! You wanna be on iCarly?
      Gibby: Totally! What do I gotta do?
      Sam: I'll show ya! (pushes Gibby down and tries to force his foot in his mouth)
      Freddie: She's not like other girls.
      Carly: No.

    • Freddie: Hey guys, bad news.
      Sam: (sarcastically) The doctors can't fix your face?

    • Sam: I can't believe Mr. Cline gave me a D on that test. How'd I get a D?
      Carly: You only answered half the questions, then told Mr.Cline the test was stupid, then burped, then left.
      Sam: And that's not worth a D+?

    • Sam: Wow, I used to rate geeks on a scale of one to Freddie. But I think Nevel just broke that scale.

    • Freddie: I'll bet you this month's allowance that my equipment was working perfectly.
      Carly: Wow you'd bet a whole eight bucks!
      Sam: Your mom only gives you eight bucks a month?
      Freddie: She's afraid that if she gives me more, I'll buy a bus ticket and leave her.
      Carly: That's so dumb.
      Freddie: Yeah, not really.

    • Nevel: But, look at the bright side.
      Freddie: What bright side?
      Nevel: There is none! Hah!

  • NOTES (4)