Season 4 Episode 2

iSams Mom

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Sam crashes at Carly's after she has a huge blowup with her mother (Jane Lynch), but she proves to be a difficult house guest. Meanwhile, Freddie is stalked by a dangerous criminal after videotaping him in an act.

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  • Haha hilarious!

    What a terrific episode! Sams' mom will make you piss your pants
  • Jane Lynch guest stars in the "iCarly" episode "iSams Mom"

    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "iCarly" and it was well written in my opinion. This episode was wacky hilarious and fun to watch. Jane Lynch was also a perfect guest star as Sam's Mom and she did a very good job with that role. Sam and Pam (Sam's mother) arguing with each other was hilarious. It was hilarious when they were attacking each other in therapy. I also thought that the subplot was hilarious when some crook would barge in the "Groovy Smoothies" and steal all of the money and destroy the security cameras and then Tee-Bo calls him a jerk. It was hilarious when one of Freddie's friends and Tee-Bo would accidentally blurt out on the news of where he lives and the crook is out to find him. I also thought that the bodyguard who was protecting Freddie from the crook was very funny in this episode. It was hilarious when Sam told Pam that she told Pam's old boyfriend that she got ran over by a bus and then Pam told Sam that she sold her stuffed bunny to foreigners. This episode was creative, hilarious, and very original in my opinion. The thing that kind of bugged me just a little was that Mrs. Benson is taking control of Spencer and Carly's apartment (I'll let that slide since this episode made me laugh so hard). Overall, a hilarious episode of "iCarly". 10/10moreless
  • great

    we meet sam's mom in this memorable episode. sam's mom, pam, and her have a big fight and go see a therapist. will they eventually be healed and start loving each other?

    freddie is a new target of a dangerous criminal after catching him in an act.

    good episode, but i'm confused with spencer's plan to help freddie. i mean, aren't the apartment numbers in a specific order? couldn't the shadowhammer have seen carly's and spencer's apartment number and then assume freddie's is the one he was looking for? or am i wrong? anyway decent episode, grade would be a Bmoreless
  • Good episode

    iSams Mom is a fine episode. It has alot of laughs, and two really good plot lines. The two actually could have been two separate episodes. In a way, that is bad, because neither plot was drawn out as much as it should be. This episode guest stars Jane Lynch, from glee, who plays Pam Puckett, Sam's Mom.

    The episode is about how sam keeps fighting with her mom, and she eventually moves in with Carly, but when sam becomes a bad houseguest, Carly signs Sam and Pam ( her mom ) up for a therapist. The second half is basically about Sam and Pam in the "therapist box".

    The subplot is about Freddie catching a criminal robbing the groovy smoothie. The criminal has never been caught, and freddie's address is said on the news, so Freddie and Ms Benson decide to get a bodyguard for Freddie, and to move in with Carly and Spencer, which greatly annoys Spencer.

    Overall, I recommend this episode.

  • 402

    After that amazing premiere last week, I have to say this episode was definitely lacking, although it did have some funny parts, I just didn't really enjoy this episode as much as I would have liked too. Jane Lynch did do a good performance, and I respect her for acting in a Nickelodeon show, after her explosive role on Glee. It was surprising to see her on this show after her success on Glee, she did good guest starring.

    Why oh why did they make Gibby a cast regular? It doesn't make any sense, he's better as a recurring character honestly. The whole Shadowhammer storyline was weak. I would have to say the only real highlight from this episode is Spencer's reaction to everyone staying at his house. Whether it was Sam because of her mom, or Freddie and his mom because of the "Shadowhammer" All of them under one roof was hysterical.

    The plots in general were weak though, the introduction of Sam's mom was weak, them making up in the end felt forced. Carly being claustrophobic was incredibly annoying, and the whole Shadowhammer storyline was rubbish. Regardless of some funny parts, the plots were way too weak to put up a good rating.moreless

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