Season 3 Episode 10

iSaved Your Life

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Carly and Freddy in love.

    One of the best episodes to date.
  • my new favorite Icarly episode.


    my new favorite iCarly episode. When Carly is crossing a street and does not see a taco truck turning around the corner, Freddie does and pushes Carly out of the way. Carly is safe, but Freddie is injured instead. Carly starts to develop feelings for Freddie and nurtures him till he's back on his feet. Then Sam has a conversation with Freddie about the accident and realizes that Carly's feelings about Freddie aren't real. Ok I thought it was funny when they were in Freddie's apartment and Mrs. Benson passcode to let in look a long time. i also laughed whenCarly gave flowers to Freddie and she pounds them with a mallet and sokes it in bleech and Freddie says that his mom pounds it with a mallet puts the pill in his fruit saws and Spencers askes why and Freddie says that his mom might thing that he may choke on the fruit and so his mom pounds it with a mallet. I thought it was cute when Freddie and Carly kissed for the first time. Meanwhile Spencer and Sam were playing a paintball assin game to see who wins the final round. I thought that that plot was hillarious. Overall another perfect Icarly.

  • Well, um, okay... this was um... well... not my favorite "iCarly" episode... BUT I guess... I'll be generous and give this.... an overall great score

    Well... I'm kind of pausing because... well... this wasn't my favorite episode and it could have been better. It was kind of mixed for me... I wouldn't say mixed like a 6 score but mixed like maybe a 7 or 7.5 score. I ain't no "iCarly" fan but I guess I'll be generous and give this... an.... overall.... great..score. Hmmm... Freddie saves Carly's life and then Carly starts to fall in love with Freddie after saving her. That plot is actually interesting but like I said, it was mixed. Spencer and Sam having their paintball fight was kind of entertaining as well but it's not like it's exciting. Mrs. Benson was getting on my nerves in this episode and shouldn't have blamed Carly for Freddie's injury. I didn't really laugh in this episode. I think the only scene I laughed at was when Mrs. Benson caught Carly making out with Freddie and then Mrs. Benson hits Carly with Freddie's underwear... that's pretty much the only scene I laughed really hard at. The other thing that got on my nerves in this episode is the laugh track would always keep wooing whenever Carly and Freddie are kissing. Okay, we get it... Carly and Freddie are kissing and it's fine if they wooed the first time but more than that was just way too far. Come on, even if Carly and Freddie kiss for half a second, the laugh track still woos... come on, that's pretty ridiculous right there. The laugh track also laughs at the nonfunny scenes. What's so funny about Mrs. Benson saying "Freddie, I'll be back in 36 minutes".. oh wow, how is that funny?. Also, they made a huge deal when Sam won the paintball game "Assassin" and yet the laugh track and yelling and clapping for Sam... we won a freakin' paintball game big deal. Although, Carly and Freddie being together for the rest of this show would have been very nice to see but sadly Freddie told Carly that they should wait to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The ending was kind of sweet when Carly kissed Freddie in the cheek before Freddie went in the elevator. Overall, though, this episode was kind of mixed to me, there really wasn't anything exciting and the laugh track was just getting very annoying in this episode... I'll be generous for once with "iCarly" and give this episode an 8 but my actual score would have actually been a 7 or 7.5 because it was overall decent but not great but I'll give it an overall great score just to be generous for once with this show... probably won't be that generous with "iCarly" again though. 8/10
  • Just read the review, please. [:

    This episode, one of my favorites, involved Freddie getting hit by a car in an attempt to save his crush, Carly Shay's, life. Carly was upset that Freddie had gotten hurt because of her, and she nurses him back to health. Around the 13 minute mark of the episode, Freddie and Carly kiss, and then it cuts to a commercial break. When the show returns, Mrs. Benson starts hitting Carly with ... underwear. Freddie and Carly start showing some romance, like kissing in school. etc. But Sam ruins it for Freddie by saying, "She's not in love with YOU, she's in love with what you DID". Towards the end, Freddie says he wants to wait to be Carly's girlfriend.

    It's obvious that Freddie now has two lovers. Sam and Carly. I predict that in a future episode, Freddie gets torn between which one he picks, almost ending their friendship.

    Seddie forever.
  • Freddie saves Carly's life which results in her questioning how she really feels about him. Meanwhile, Sam and Spencer have a paintball fight to find out who is the ultimate assassin.

    Overall I was kind of dissapointed with this episode. It wasn't bad, but it was nothing to write home about either. My expectations were probably too high, but then again, how could they not be? Freddie saves Carly's life! Car! Injry! Life saving! On iCarly! This would result in high expectations, no?

    This is one of the few times where I can easily say that the subplot was better than the main one. I was much more entertained and interested in the Spencer/Sam thing than with Carly and Freddie. Maybe this just goes to show that I need Sam to keep me interested in things, I don't know. Carly and Freddie DID get some development, I'll give it that. Lots if kissing and Freddie shows his maturity yet again by deciding to wait until his hero status wears off before continuing a relationship with Carly. (all thanks to a mature conversation with Sam. Guess she has her moments, huh?)

    Sam and Spencer were hilarious as usual. Her final attack on Spencer was great, really didn't see that coming! Kudos to the writers. This is the kind of episode that probably should've been an hour long. Episodes like iFight Shelby Marx really don't need to be, but for something like this, I think it'd be better. With so much to show and so much story to be told, its hard to cram it into a half hour, when in reality it's only like 23 minutes. I think it could have been a lot better if the story had more time.

    I give it a 7. The main plot was rather boring after the first 10 minutes, but the episode was redeemed for me with the subplot.
  • Not bad! Creddie IS meant to be!

    I gotta say, I actually liked this episode, specially since I'm a strong believer that Carly and Freddie should be together and I think it was nice the way they tried to experience with this topic on this episode but still keeping it realistic. lol when Freddie went "What did I do?!" because of course he's dying for Carly but he did the right thing by opening up her eyes and who knows maybe she'll still have feelings for him in the future, so I think we'll definitely see more of this in future episodes.
    The sub-plot with Sam and Spencer was quite hilarious, I loved the part with the delivery guy "but in some places we call hem suckers" and then you see Sam hanging upside-down, so funny.
    Overall, I enjoyed watching this episode, and it was a treat to us Creddie fans. Final grade: A-
  • When Freddie saves Carly's life, Carly nurses him back to health. She then realizes that she loves him. Towards the end, Freddie comes to the conclusion that they should wait until he is better. He realizes his mistake in the end.

    This was one of the best episodes of season 3 of iCarly. After seeing Freddie and Carly together, and their break-up, I know for sure that they will eventually be together. And the way Sam told him that Carly was only in love with what he did for her portrays the jealousy between their relationship. By the end of season three, I hope that there will be the Creddie and Seddie battleship going on in full force. Loved this episode!!!!! I also loved that paint ball competition between Sam and Spencer. I loved the end when she was hanging from the top of the door. I wonder how she could manage to do that though? Anyways, now that this episode is over, I am so psyched to see who Freddie will choose by the end of this season. If I were in Freddie's shoes, I would have gone up that elevator and taken back what I said. I mean I know that he wants to wait, but maybe Carly will find someone else, which will eventually leave him heartbroken.
  • Freddie saves Carly from being hit by a Taco Truck and gets hit himself. Sam and Spencer are locked in an assassin war. Freddie's mom blames Carly for Freddie being hurt. Carly falls in love with Freddie, but Sam puts doubt in his mind about why.

    A very entertaining episode with some special chemistry between Carly and Freddie. I agree with those that say this relationship is inevitable. Freddie and Carly belong together.

    Sam and Spencer are chasing each around with paint ball blow guns and each pops up to surprise the other on one occasion or another, Of course Sam cracks an elaborate plan to defeat Spencer.

    Sam puts doubt in Freddie's mind about Carly and their new relationship. She claims that Carly is in love with the idea of Freddie saving her, not in Freddie. Freddie decides to talk to Carly about what is really going on.

    I enjoyed this special iCarly episode and hope they continue to make enjoyable and fun episodes. Thank you for reading...
  • isaved your life

    A very special episode of iCarly here tonight. Usually the show does not do storylines like this (a character nearly dying, people sobbing over him) but it worked here, and played up on a crucial part of the pilot, where Freddie was obsessed with Carly.

    It was both emotional and funny, and the woos and cheers when characters on this show kiss never get old. Some of the phoned in laugh tracks are annoying, but this is a genuinely funny show, unlike Tru Jackson VP, so I'm okay with it.

    Very good episode, and one that every fan of this show needs to see.
  • This was completely out of the ordinary.

    From the moment, Sam ducked down to hide from Spencer, to the very end, there was nothing but problems.

    To put how bad this is in perspective, I have put together a few problems throughout the episode.

    1) To start off, the humor was bad. For the most part, laughing was heard in most places where it shouldn't be. It's almost as though the writers expect something as insignificant as a paintball to the camera to be hilarious. To be honest, I didn't see what was funny about that. I mean how serious could you take a teenage female with a paintball gun.

    2) My second problem with this is that Sam seems to care about Freddie now that he got run over by a truck.
    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it Sam's life to humiliate and harass Freddie as much as she can? I mean throughout the series, she has been nothing but a descendent of Benny from the sitcom "George Lopez."
    I know that some of you are now banging your head against the wall in frustration over what I just said. "What are you talking about? Sam cares deeply about Freddie now that he's hurt!" WRONG!!!
    As you know, and should know, Sam bought a taco from the truck that hit Freddie. And her response to Spencer was, and I quote, "Well, me starving's not gonna help him!" to which the audience starts laughing. What is the joke! Where is the joke! Please explain! Sam does not care at all!!!

    3) And my final problem for this review, was Ms. Benson. From the moment she appeared on this episode to the moment Carly runs out of Freddie's apartment, Ms. Benson has not been behaving the way she normally would towards Carly. She was abusive, annoying, and overall, I felt like someone just needed to shoot this poor mother and put her out of her misery. In fact, this was the first episode where I thought Freddie's mother should just come to sense with her life.

    The overwhelming positive reception of this episode, is mind-boggling to me. This episode does not deserve the reaction it got. There was simply nothing hilarious or outstanding of "iSaved Your Life."
  • Well done!

    Finally! An iCarly special that's not overhyped, was honest to the very core and above all, FUNNY!!

    While doing iCarly outside, a taco truck almost hits Carly but Freddie pushes her out of harm's way getting hit in the process. Soon, feelings of romance stir up inside of Carly and the two share a kiss for the first time ever. Then, they start going out, but is Carly in love with Freddie or what he did? Meanwhile, Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer play a game of Assassin where they all try to spit paniballs at each other. The last one not to get hit wins and it's down to Sam and Spencer. Who will emerge victorious?

    -My only complaints were the fact that Mrs.Benson was twice as annoying as usual and was way too mean to Carly. Sure she was careless, but she showed regret which was important.

    -The plot felt a bit rushed at some point but it didn't affect the special THAT much.

    Let-Ups(I know it's not a real word :P):
    -I really liked how Sam acted when Freddie got hurt. She wasn't all like "Ha! Ha!" She showed that she was really concerned about him which IMO, was pretty cool. -The fact that Freddie wasn't so desperate to accept Carly's love even when it wasn't for him.

    -The subplot was frickin' fuuny!! Especially at the end with the delivery guy and the lollipop. But how did Sam hang upside down on the door like that? 0_0 And when Spencer appeared in Sam's locker, I almost died laughing!! XD

    So with the fact that for once, the world gets to see an honest iCarly special which actually had some entertainment and humor in it, I give it a 9.0 or an A-.
  • It was okay.

    It was a good episode, but not as good as I thought. At first, it was going to be an movie. Then it changed into a episode, so it was all squished together. Though the plot was neat. The paintball fight was so funny, especially the end. I am a Creddie fan,
    even though I still like Seddie ( I like Creddie more), so I enjoyed this episode. The only thing I didn't like was that it was all squished together and that Carly and Freddy decided not to become a couple for a while at the end. Overall I give it a 6.0 or a B.
  • Funny!

    I thought this episode was good. Carly is about to be hit by a taco truck but Freddie saves her. Now Carly helps him recuperate and feel better, and it leads to a romance between the two. Are they finally a couple?

    It was good! Better then I thought it would be. At times it felt rushed, like the scene when they first kiss, and I really did not care for Mrs. Benson, I felt she was too hostile towards Carly. But the rest was good and the end was funny and emotional. Overall grade would have to be an A