Season 3 Episode 10

iSaved Your Life

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Well, um, okay... this was um... well... not my favorite "iCarly" episode... BUT I guess... I'll be generous and give this.... an overall great score

    Well... I'm kind of pausing because... well... this wasn't my favorite episode and it could have been better. It was kind of mixed for me... I wouldn't say mixed like a 6 score but mixed like maybe a 7 or 7.5 score. I ain't no "iCarly" fan but I guess I'll be generous and give this... an.... overall.... great..score. Hmmm... Freddie saves Carly's life and then Carly starts to fall in love with Freddie after saving her. That plot is actually interesting but like I said, it was mixed. Spencer and Sam having their paintball fight was kind of entertaining as well but it's not like it's exciting. Mrs. Benson was getting on my nerves in this episode and shouldn't have blamed Carly for Freddie's injury. I didn't really laugh in this episode. I think the only scene I laughed at was when Mrs. Benson caught Carly making out with Freddie and then Mrs. Benson hits Carly with Freddie's underwear... that's pretty much the only scene I laughed really hard at. The other thing that got on my nerves in this episode is the laugh track would always keep wooing whenever Carly and Freddie are kissing. Okay, we get it... Carly and Freddie are kissing and it's fine if they wooed the first time but more than that was just way too far. Come on, even if Carly and Freddie kiss for half a second, the laugh track still woos... come on, that's pretty ridiculous right there. The laugh track also laughs at the nonfunny scenes. What's so funny about Mrs. Benson saying "Freddie, I'll be back in 36 minutes".. oh wow, how is that funny?. Also, they made a huge deal when Sam won the paintball game "Assassin" and yet the laugh track and yelling and clapping for Sam... we won a freakin' paintball game big deal. Although, Carly and Freddie being together for the rest of this show would have been very nice to see but sadly Freddie told Carly that they should wait to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The ending was kind of sweet when Carly kissed Freddie in the cheek before Freddie went in the elevator. Overall, though, this episode was kind of mixed to me, there really wasn't anything exciting and the laugh track was just getting very annoying in this episode... I'll be generous for once with "iCarly" and give this episode an 8 but my actual score would have actually been a 7 or 7.5 because it was overall decent but not great but I'll give it an overall great score just to be generous for once with this show... probably won't be that generous with "iCarly" again though. 8/10
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