Season 3 Episode 10

iSaved Your Life

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on Nickelodeon



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    • (From Extended Version)
      Mrs. Benson: Oh I knew something like this would happen!
      Freddie: It was just a freak thing!
      Mrs. Benson: Because you associate with freaks!
      Freddie: Carly and Sam aren't freaks! (Mrs. Benson gives him a look) Carly's not a freak!

    • Spencer: Are you in much pain?
      Freddie: I was but the doctor sent over some pills.
      Carly: You took one?
      Freddie: Well sort of. My mom thinks I'll choke on pills so she pounds 'em with a mallet and puts the pill powder in my fruit sauce.
      Spencer: Fruit Sauce?
      Freddie: My mom thinks I'll choke on fruit so she pounds it with a mallet-
      Spencer: It's not my business.

    • Sam: (after shooting a man with a beard, thinking it was Spencer in disguise) That was a real Rabbi!
      Gibby: I didn't know! I don't have cable!

    • Spencer (singing, while playing with Freddie's feet) This little piggy went to market, this little piggy got hit by a truck...
      Carly: Spencer!

    • Freddie: I'm not allergic to flowers.
      Ms. Benson: And you weren't allergic to Mexican food trucks, but look at you now!

    • Spencer: You bought a taco?
      Sam: Uh-huh.
      Spencer: From the truck that hit Freddie?
      Sam: Well, me starving's not going to help him!

    • Spencer: What dare?
      Sam: Some iCarly viewer dared Carly to dress up in a bunny suit and offer to brush people's teeth for a dollar.
      Spencer: (chuckles) Your web show's weird.

  • Notes

    • An uncut version of this episode will air on Feb. 12, adding seven minutes of footage not shown in the original airing.

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