Season 2 Episode 1

iSaw Him First

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Carly and Sam both develop a crush on Freddie's pal Shane. They compete for his affections, deciding that whoever kisses him first gets to go out with him. As the rivalry heats up, their friendship begins to suffer.

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  • Sorry fans but this episode was just poor in my opinion.

    OK this episode is about Freddie's new friend guest stars on iCarly and Carly and Sam like him so they figure out who's gonna get him. Meanwhile, the elevator is broken so Spencer tries to fix it. I thought this was a poor iCarly. Now the subplot was actually funny but the main plot wasn't good at all. I thought that Carly and Sam were being immature with Shane, well the first half they weren't but starting at the end of the first half they were. Now i did laugh only once at the main plot it was kind of a chuckle but when Shane was knocked out in the hospital Carly kisses him and says "I win!" If it wasn't for the subplot this episode might have been a 1 or a 1.5. One more thing i didn't like about the plot was that everyone was thinking that Shane would be ugly because he was a nerd and Spencer even thought that because he said " For a nerd your hot." When he saw him. Now just because some one is smart doesn't make him a nerd. This episode could've been a lot better. Overall 4/10.moreless
  • iSaw Him First- Superb

    This episode WAS NOT BAD!!! I just loved the plot. But .5 points were deducted because Carly says I win when she kisses Shane! I though Shane has to kiss them!!!!
  • Season 2 Premiere

    I usually don't actually laugh out loud when I'm watching iCarly, but today was different, I've watched this episode before, but I forgot how funny it was. I came in watching this episode on TV not really expecting much but I laughed throughout the entire episode. We've got great dynamics between all the characters. I loved the "Maybe 3... 4" joke.

    It was genuinely entertaining watching Sam & Carly trying to kiss Shane. Also Spencer is always funny and things were definitely no different here. Loved how the plots came together with the elevator shaft. Shane falling down it seemed too dark for Nickelodeon, especially when all Carly cared about was the kiss at the end, but hey it was funny. Great premiere.moreless
  • One of the best things I have seen on television all of my life.

    This episode was definitely unforgettable. I especially enjoyed Carly's summary of the arm muscle event -- I applauded her after hearing it: Miranda must have taken forever to get those lines nailed and to a crisp. The last few episodes of the show's first season induced me to become nervous about this episode. This was a great way to start off iCarly's second season. I definitely felt so excited and into this episode. I have never felt this way that often, unless watching That's So Raven or something on Disney Channel. iCarly is definitely one of my top ten favorite shows and I am looking forward to more excitement from Carly, Freedie, Sam, Spencer, Mrs. Benson, and the rest of the gang! iLove iCarlymoreless
  • isaw him a first

    iCarly, Nick's breakout hit, has another season and unfortunately while this is a good show, this episode was not. Maybe it is because a college age guy cannot relate to two 14 year old girls fighting over someone, but I just think this was a dumb storyline, relatable or not.

    There were a few good laughs here, but I would have liked something actually relating to the web show and not their personal life. Usually I am not a fan of the actual iCarly web show segments, but here I was praying for more of it.

    Sam and Carly dating is inevitable on this show, but they could have done a better job than this.moreless

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