Season 1 Episode 7

iScream on Halloween

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • iCarly Halloween alright!

    Although not the best but certainly the most fun. Carly,Freddy,& Sam decide to do the show in an abandoned apartment but start hearing strange noises and someone shouting "DIE". This is defo one of the better episodes from season 1.
  • iScream On Halloween- Great

    I think this episode was great because it was funny how they were locked in the apartment and they were like scared out of their minds. I like when they mistakened all the explainable stuff was creepy. I lowerefd the score because I thought the kids were little shits. They were like, "Give us candy!" And then like attacked Spencer. I would amck those assholes is the face if I were Spencer.
  • boring halloween episode


    Now i know some people liked this episode but i have to admit the icarly plot was kind of funny. but Spencer's plot was so annoying. this episode was going to be a 5 but the very beggining was really boring. probably the funniest part of the episode was when sam said. mom i lied to you those part do make you look fat. overall a poor episode

  • Halloween episode of "iCarly" that was excellent in my opinion

    I thought that this was an excellent Halloween episode of "iCarly" and it's one of my favorite Season 1 episodes considering the fact that Season 1 doesn't have that many great episodes. I don't know why this episode got low ratings. My only small complaint was how the episode was being too predictable about the apartment that was haunted and it actually wasn't haunted, I already knew after one second that the apartment wasn't going to be haunted. It's just a small complaint so I can let it slide. Spencer trying to carve the giant pumpkin was absolutely hilarious and it made me laugh very hard. Spencer giving the trick-or-treaters nothing but ice cubes, cables, etc. instead of candy was absolutely hilarious. The trick-or-treaters getting angry and trying to get Spencer was absolutely hilarious. Spencer hiding in the giant pumpkin from the trick-or-treaters was also very funny. Carly/Sam/Freddie plot was great as well but Spencer's plot is funnier though. The trick-or-treaters rolling Spencer (who is in the giant pumpkin) down the street was very funny. The very ending with Spencer saying "Never forget to buy candy on Halloween" was also good. Overall, it's too bad that this episode only airs on Nickelodeon's Halloween Week every single year but it's always worth watching every year and I still laugh hard watching it every year and it's one of my favorite Season 1 episodes of "iCarly". 10/10
  • silly

    This episode was a bit silly. The laughing band was used to many times. The Halloween storyline was just boring as .... So the gang hears of a supposedly vacant apartment 13 B. they go there and make the web show there. But hear strange noises and see strange things like something crawling up their legs (a cat) glass breaking ( a cat) A severed clown head ( a phone?) And blood ( hair die ) It was all a big misunderstanding. And Spencer storyline of him having to carve out a big pumpkin and forgetting to buy candy for the kids was really lame and boring.
  • This was one of the episodes with boring plot lines.

    I think that this episode was kind of mediocre in terms of the plot. A lot of people were probably able to guess that the apartment wasnt really haunted and that everything really scary just had a weird explanation behind it. Doesnt that happen a lot in shows that try to teach you lessons about judging books by their covers or whatever? Also, half of the epsiode included Sam, Freddie, and Carly screaming at something, Sam insulting Freddie (typical) and Spencer being mobbed by trick-or-treaters. Nothing too varied or unexpected.
  • fair

    carly and friends do their web show from a supposedly haunted apartment. they do not really believe it could be haunted, but when creepy things start to happen, is the apartment haunted? and will carly, sam, and freddie make it out alive? Meanwhile kids are mad at Spencer because he forgot candy. Will they be able to just move on from this or are they gonna make Spencer regret not buying any candy?

    alright, but kind of boring. had an interesting plot but the overall execution could have been a lot better, so my grade is a C+/B- or so
  • Really funny episode!

    I luv this episode! It's soooo funny! My favorite part was when Lewbert said, "Happy Hannukah". I also like when Spencer is in the giant pumpkin and says that he's the spirit of halloween. I think it's funny when they find the clown head phone. I thought it was really funny when the little kids roll spencer (who's in the pumpkin) down a street and then into the ocean. Then, there's when Carly thinks that she has blood on her hand, and when the lady says "Dye, dye, dye". I thought the little cat was really cute. Finally, I liked when that kid stole Lewbert's steak.

    Grade: A+
  • Hilarious.

    As great as this episode is, we won't be able to see it much except for Halloween time. I realled liked this episode. Of course, there's the spooky feeling that there's something haunting the apartment on Halloween night. And our trusty gang goes in searching for it and making it a special iCarly webshow night.

    I loved the jokes, mostly regarding the costumes, and I loved how they got all afriad over nothing. Its just suprising how Lubert was the one that played the prank on them in the first place. That's kinda something you wouldn't expect. This episode is in my top 3 favorites.
  • Its not the best iCarly could offer but it was still awesome

    Okay, first things firsts. I felt that they laugh track was played too much in the first part. And most of their jokes in this episode are Hannah Montana jokes (corny jokes).
    But i loved the Spencer sub-plot. it was totally awesome. I loved it when he was trapped inside the pumpkin and he was like "No! This is the spirit of the pumpkin. *makes funny noises* pumpkin noises *makes funny noises" that was simply classic
    the whole ghost thing was pretty fake. I'd rather watch 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody', 'Ghost of 3-16'. anyway, if you are looking for scary, dont watch this episode. if you are looking for fun but not scary-ish :s, watch this episode!

    This episode was very good, Carly and the crew decide to do iCarly in an abandond apartment that is supposedly haunted says Lewbert. They decide to shoot their but find out that it is haunted! as they find things falling off walls, a woman shouting get out and gohsts moving among them., They try to get out but they cant open the door and are stuck in there until morning!. Meanwhile Spencer asks his buddy Socks to give him a pumkin, turns out the pumkin is a little too big than what Spencer suspected.He triesm to make a jack-o-lantern out of this but has constant interruption from trick or treaters... Spencer hands out not candy, but jump ropes and soup and food to the kids, this leaves Spencer with disastous results. So back to the gang up in the appartment... Carly, Freddie and Sam find out that the appartment isn't haunted at all when a woman and her son live there! The kids look for the excuses of things falling off the walls and the lighting failures and the old woman... Turns out the woman wanted a spider ou of her room, the cat was what was making things fall off the wall and there is a small glich with the lighting, iCarly viewers are dissapointed as much as the crew that the place is not haunted... But they fell that it was a strange experience....
  • it's halloween and what better place to shoot a halloween ep of their webshow than from a supposedly haunted room..but will things take a turn for the worse for this trio?

    ok this was actually one of the funniest eps ive seen (i admit i havent seen every single ep yet but im working on it..ive at least seen parts of the ones ive missed so i have a general idea)...i loved the whole costume thing..freddies was hysterical..and i have no idea why carly would dress up the way she did..well the room seemed haunted and that part was funny at that pt but when they started fitting the pieces together i was rather disappointed w/ the ending b/c it just didnt end right..i expected it to be like the suite life halloween ep w/ the haunted suite in some regards..but it just didnt follow thru right..the kids attacking spencer and stuff was pretty funny too
  • awsome episode

    iscream on halloween was an awsome epiosde.one of the best episodes ive ever seen.im sure all the other viewers of this show would have to agree on this episode's awsomeness. And im sure that webcast was one of icarly's highest rated.i think they should do a real webshow every week and put it up on the icarly website.it was really funny too. i cant believe they actually believed that apartment was haunted.after all lewbert was the one who told them about it and hes a liar.Well i guess the wart makes him a liar.... well i dont know.Maybe its just him. :p
  • Pretty good

    Carly, Sam and Freddie do their Halloween web cast from an apartment that is rumored to be haunted. When creepy things start happening, the friends worry that the ghost rumors just might be true. Carly's strangely secretive neighbor, Mrs. Halberstadt, adds to their anxiety. Meanwhile, when Spencer forgets to buy candy, he's got a bunch of angry trick-or-treaters on his hands. This was a pretty good episode but I have to admit it wasn't the best. That was funny. I hope a chrostmas episode will be good like this one. I think lewbert was very funny in this episode. I love when he was up in Freddie's face and he's like "WELL YOU GOT A SICK MAMA!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! :)
  • The iCarly crew shoot an episode in the supposedly haunted apartment 13B; Spencer carves a huge pumpkin but forgets to buy Halloween candy in the process.

    iCarly shoots its first special holiday episode, "iScream on Halloween". Carly and Freddie hear about a supposedly haunted and abandoned apartment from Mr. Lubert. Carly gets the idea to shoot the Halloween episode of iCarly in the apartment. Carly and Sam say yes, while denying the fact he is scared, Fredddie says yes. But 2 vs. 1 - Team Carly and Sam win and iCarly broadcasts from the spooky apartment 13B. But things get bad. The lights go out. Thunder clashes. Carly, Sam, and Freddie feel something fuzzy by their legs. The door knob breaks. Scary "Get out! Get out!" screams from beyond are heard. A freaky clown head is found in a closet. Sam finds blood on her hand. Carly, Freddie, and Sam hear more screams. This time, they say, "Die! Die! Die!" And a woman comes out with a tennis racket. Aaahhh!! Wow, the creators thought of a lot of scary stuff to add in. And Mr. Lubert had his biggest role in an episode so far. He was probably in about half or more of the episode.

    In the other plot of the episode, Spencer carves a huge pumpkin he receives from a friend. Perfect, right? Wrong. Then some little kids come along - so what? The thing is, Spencer forgot to buy some Halloween candy. So some kids get stuck with a six-pack of root beer, some macaroni, tuna, porkchop, ice cubes, and other crazy stuff. I wonder if Spencer realizes that kids don't like that kind of stuff. If I was him, I would of just ignored it. He should of just kept on carving the pumpkin. The pumpkin was cool. That would of been an awesome hiding spot if you were playing Hide & Seek. In fact, when the kids revolt against Spencer, Spencer locks his door and hides, (in the pumpkin) thinking he is safe. UNTIL, Mr. Lubert once again comes along and asks why the kids are screaming. They explain to him how Spencer is giving them junk for Halloween - or for what Mr. Lubert thinks is Hannukah. Then they say they need to beat him up. So Lubert unlocks the Shays' door and says, "Beat him quietly!! Quietly!!" So then, Spencer who is hiding in the pumpkin - is doing so good hiding when his cell phone rings and he answers the phone - and the kids hear him. "He's in the pumpkin! Open the elevator and stuff him in!" So once again, the kids come along and Lubert asks them what they are doing. They say they are going to roll the pumpkin out the door onto the road into the ocean. Poor Spencer. I hate those kids.

    At the end of the episode, when the Carly-Freddie-Sam plot comes back, Carly discover that the oldest tenant in the apartments lives in Apartment 13B. What are their excuses for everything? The one light switch doesn't work good. Thunder? Thats natural. The stuff on the floor rubbing up against their legs was their cat. The clown face was a phone - and it wasn't plugged in because nobody ever called. The "blood" was red dye, and the lady was screaming: "Dye! Dye! Dye!" because she was looking for her hair dye. And the "Get out! Get out!" screams were because she saw a spider in her bedroom. Go figure. So why did Lubert say the apartment was haunted and abandoned? Let's ask Lubert himself:

    "Because I'm craaaazzzzyyyyy!!!!"

    So they have an excuse for everything I see. Great episode. This episode might of been pretty crazy and silly, and maybe a little unrelealistic, but it was still great! And at the end of the broadcast, we have a word with Spencer as he returns from the ocean. Spencer?

    "Never forget to buy Halloween candy."
  • Carly and her friends film an episode of iCarly in room B13. Meanwhile, Spencer gets a giant pumpkin, but forgot to buy candy!

    A classic!! Only the 3rd episode I saw in the whole series, and it makes me want more! It is a great episode and I love it a lot!! Sam was funny as usual, and Freddie was, his normal wacky self. They screamed a lot though, which got on my last nerve! But it soon made up for it with the anger trick or treaters that come. Spencer got rolled down the hill in a giant pumpkin. A true classic. It was one of my favorite Halloween episodes of a series (Next to Hannah Montana's Hannah Ween), and the best Halloween episode on Nick! I love iCarly!! Go iScream on Halloween!
  • An adventurous and exciting Halloween episode!

    When Carly, Sam, and Freddie hear rumors about the haunted apartment on the 13th floor, they get in the apartment to prove that there's no such things as ghost-haunted apartments. But when they get in there, the apartment really appears to be haunted when creepy things happen, like lights suddenly being turned off, a clown mask in the closet, lightning flashes on a clear night, and strange noises. Meanwhile, when Spencer's too busy carving a gigantic pumpkin to prepare candy for trick-or-treaters, the children try to beat him up.

    This episode was really exciting and suspensive, because I didn't know why the strange things are happening in the apartment, and what would happen when the angry children search for Spencer.
  • A great Halloween episode!!

    iScream on Halloween is an amazing episode. Well, in my opinion, I think it's one of the best episodes of iCarly ever made so far, along with iWant More Viewers. The clown mask in the closet scared me at first. Why you ask, well, I can answer that. First of all, I didn't think it was coming, and second of all, I'm really scared of clowns. I guessed before they went into the haunted apartment that it wasn't really haunted, and I was right! And I liked seeing Estelle Harris, Muriel from the Suite Life, again on TV. She was really funny in this episode.
  • Disappointed.

    This episode wasn't up to par with the rest of the series so far. After watching this episode I thought of it as just another holiday special that Nick wanted to order to have new episode of SOMETHING on there channel. It was obvious that old lady was going to have to do with something, and when she was shouting out "Die, die!" you could tell that it was her. This episode was still good, but it didn't fit along with the other iCarly episodes. They could have done better with a Halloween special. The only thing I even liked about this episode is Spencers carving of the pumpkin. I thought the kids ringing the door bell every five seconds was extremely annoying and irrelevant to the rest of the episode. I hope the next episode is better.
  • iCarly produces it's best episode yet!

    In "iScream on Halloween" Carly puts on a webcast on a haunted apartment room. Estelle Harris from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Muriel) guest stars as the lady who has hearing problems, that lives in the haunted apartment. The episode has funny stuff like a giant pumpkin, Freddie in a witch costume, rebelling trick or treaters, and (as always) hilarious Jeanette McCurdy & Miranda Cosgrove. But with a severed clown head, blood, a loud noise screaming "Die! Die!", a ghost bumping into Carly and Sam, flickering lights, broken glass, and a locked door, could this be the last iCarly ever? Stay tuned, and find out what happens.