Season 4 Episode 4

iSell Penny Tees

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Carly and her pals find success peddling T-shirts, and then they hire young kids to assist them. However, a disagreement erupts over how to treat their employees

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  • Worst season 4 episode of icarly

    You know, Season 4 Started off perfectly with the emotional igot a hot room and the insanely hilarious isams mom, and even iget pranky. Now I like Season 4. This season does not focus on the ebshow a lot, which is kinda disappointinv, but it's still funny and entertaining. But no, they had to come out and make an atrocious episode like this. Sam is the biggest problem with the episode. I just hated how cruel She was working those poor kids making penny tees in a sweaty basement. This is a kid's show for crying out loud Dan Schneider! This episode shows how much Hatred I have towards Sam. Spencer's Subplot was also stupid. He was dating a girl that he didn't know what language she spoke. It was funny how Gibby could translate to what the girl is saying. That is my positive for this episode. And another is Carly and Freddie takimg at least half of the kids to work for them. Oh, and I also hated the ending where the kids made their own Penny Tee Business stealing Carly gang's ideas. I give this stupid piece of crap a 2/10!moreless
  • Nope not again!

    iSell Penny Tees is a selfish and terrible episode that doesn't have any fun to offer.
  • Worst "iCarly" episode of Season 4 so far

    Just when Season 4 is starting to look bright to this show, this episode just had to come in. This episode should have been aired in Season 2 or Season 3 since those seasons had some bad episodes and I was hoping that Season 4 would a whole season with no bad episodes but sadly this episode came in. You know... this say that this is the most kids' show ever but I feel like that most of the time, this show really isn't for kids and this show is probably the reason why kids in this world are doing violence. I say that because this show just tells you that it's okay to do something bad and get caught. I can't believe what was in this episode, Sam overworking a bunch of little kids... wow, shame on you writers. Shame on you for writing such a horrible episode that shows little kids being slaves and Sam being the ruler and all that. Of course, Sam was abusing Freddie so that also made me mad. I also hated Spencer's subplot in this episode... It was just stupid that he dates a foreign girl even though he doesn't understand anything that she is saying. I also really hated the ending when the little kids stole Carly, Sam, and Freddie' penny tee ideas. My score would have been a 1 but the only thing that made my score high enough to be a 3 was Gibby's part. Gibby was the only one who was funny in this episode. Overall, Why did the writers air this as a Season 4 episode? because Season 4 has been such a good season except for "iSell Penny Tees"... the worst "iCarly" episode of Season 4 so far and I hope there no more bad episodes of Season 4... I have had enough of the bad episodes of "iCarly" in Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3. 3/10moreless
  • wow, they really aired this stuff? on a kids show?!

    Wow...i am quite literally speechless after watching this travesty of an episode..icarly has been getting old for quite awhile now..lame jokes..canned laughter seriously every 5 seconds regardless of if its actually funny..like seriously they laugh when some one says like "smoink" or some sort of non word like that but thats all besides the point this episode has proven to me how horrible this show really is because lets face it..sam's version of working kids is preeeeetttyyy much child labor...no breaks, their lunch is a can of meat..have to work in a hot basement theyre called work monkeys or something like that..at what conceivable point is this funny??! im actually a little offended i mean its a tv show i get it its not real but this is shown to kids what kind of people are we becoming if this is humor now? shame on you icarlymoreless
  • 404

    A really mediocre showing of iCarly tonight. A season can't be completely perfect right? The first three episodes of this season have been really enjoyable but this whole episode was completely ridiculous, and I hardly laughed.

    The opposite of what this season has been bringing to the table the past couple weeks. I mean sure it was entertaining, but this just wasn't up to par. The iCarly gang makes t-shirts and makes children work for them, then it doesn't work out and the children take over? Does this sound realistic to you? Spencer's plot was better than the main plot, but was still lacking, it seemed like not really worth a plot, and I feel as though it has been done before. Dating someone who doesn't speak the same language as you. You know from the start that it will be a recipe for disaster. The next episode doesn't look to promising either, lets hope iCarly can prove me wrong next week.moreless

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