Season 3 Episode 13

iSpace Out

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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A quirky billionaire asks Carly and her friends to put on the first live Web show from outer space, so they undergo tests for space travel. Meanwhile, a strange little girl visits Spencer at the loft.

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  • iCarly in space.

    Hilarious,and fun episode.
  • Ok, I'm sorry, I just have to say something.

    I don't like this show in genral, but when my friend came over and made me watch this episode, I just knew I had to review it.

    First off... really? Space? Why would three underage children be selected to go into space? It takes years upon years of training to even step foot in a rocket, and even then, it takes millions of dollars to send the rocket into space. It's very unlikely that some NASA rip off would even consiter doing this just so three children with a stupid webshow could do the first webcast in space. (Which, by the way, is complete bull, because astronauts have had cameras to send pictures and transmisions back down to earth. Did the writers do any research?)

    Yeah, I'm sorry, That was just really making me mad.moreless
  • Not what I was expecting.

    Okay, I like iCarly, but this was one of the worst episodes I've seen. We were made to believe that Carly, Sam, and Freddie would go into space, but they didn't. The whole episode was about the three of them being stuck in a space pod, trying to survive each other until Carly suddenly goes crazy and breaks out. That didn't even make me laugh. The only thought that came to my mind was, "Whose idea was this?" The subplot with the little girl was also really weird, and it was never even explained. Also, unlike iThink They Kissed, this episode had no redeeming humor. Yes, I remember chuckling a couple times while I watched this, but I can't remember why specifically, so that means it really wasn't worth it. Overall, I don't know if I would say it was the worst of the series, but it was definitely one of the worst. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Marebear2009, out!moreless
  • ispace out

    A lot of people are really hating on this episode on the tv.com community. While it certainly was not up to the show's usual standards, I laughed a couple of times. The storyline with Spencer and the little girl, while childish, was mildly amusing, and a good filler of time.

    The space storyline was pretty lame though. I liked Michael Bunin from the underrated My Boys show appearing here, but as a Richard Branson rip-off? He looks nothing like him and I do not even think most kids know who that is. And the fighting and eating in the 36 hour space? Lame.moreless
  • Far Out Space Nuts!

    Another good episode of 'iCarly." This episode takes them to space, but first they must pass a series of test. That's the difficult part. A billionaire asked Carly, Sam and Freddie if they want to have their web show telecast in space. So they accepts and must go though a series of test. first, they have a rival web show to ndeal with and the must stay put in a small craft for 36 hours. Easy as pie? Would you know! In the secondary story, Jery Trainer gets a visit from a little girl. That story works as well as the main story. A fairly good episode!moreless

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