Season 1 Episode 8

iSpy a Mean Teacher

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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The topic for the next iCarly webcast is figuring out what mean teachers do outside of school. When Carly and Freddie follow Ms. Briggs home, they get stuck inside her house.

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  • Again Ms.Briggs is a bitch!

    A decent episode with an interesting plot from start to finale.
  • iSpy A Mean Teacher- Sadly once agian Abysmal

    I have to say this because I just hate Freddie in Season 1. That affected my score ALOT. Sam and Spencer are the only funnyish ones in this season. Also, the plot WAS NOT FUNNY! Tisk Tisk writers.
  • Here is another perfect example of why Season 1 stinks

    The topic for the next iCarly webcast is figuring out what mean teachers do outside of school. When Carly and Freddie follow Ms. Briggs home, they get stuck inside her house. Oh my gosh, where do I even start? this Season 1 episode of "iCarly" was just so awful. Seriously? the iCarly crew wants to see what mean teachers when they're not at school. Most of the humor in this episode were all just pure awful and jokes we've heard before. Proves how Dan Schneider can't think of anything better for a show like this. This show did offer like 2 laughs and that's it. I don't remember the humor though because it's been 2 years since I've even watched this episode but I'm not gonna even waste my time watching this episode again. Oh yeah, I do remember laughing at Ms. Briggs doing her exercise and yeah... I don't remember the second part I laughed at though. The storyline is awful, the humor is tasteless and bland, and characters were either annoying or just lame. Also, the "iCarly" actually putting in stupid and childhish backgrounds while Ms. Briggs is playing her bad pipes is stupid as well. Overall, this was such a terrible episode of "iCarly" and it is another perfect example on why Season 1 stinks. 2.5/10moreless
  • poor....

    Not so funny episode Where the kids spy on their teacher. It was just a bit childish to me. The weird teacher and the kids trying to hide themselves in the closet. Sam was outside and was trying to help Carly and Freddie to escape but was caught also. Freddie trying to make a move on Carly again. And again no consequences ... Well they did have to let their teacher on the show to play terrible bag pipe music.Then they used the green screen to alter the view so there we're things going on behind the teachers back. This episode was so childish and boring.moreless
  • 108

    iCarly is one of the better shows targeted for kids on TV these days, but to say that it took a little bit of time to find its footing would be an understatement as this was not exactly a great episode. The jokes were a little too over the top, and just the pacing, it just felt a little bit off, not to mention the ridiculousness of almost everything going on in the episode from the Randy Jackson room to Spencer getting upset that his girlfriend was juggling for someone else.

    Not horrible, but definitely not a good episode tonight.moreless
J.R. Nutt

J.R. Nutt

iCarly viewer

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Samantha Aisling

Samantha Aisling


Guest Star

Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Briggs

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Libe Barer

Libe Barer


Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (32)

    • Carly: I guess if you're going to obsessed with an American Idol judge, you might as well pick one who is fun but fair.

    • Ms. Briggs: You see! That silly comedy you girls do is no match for my true musical artistry!
      Sam: (sarcastically) You are so right!
      Carly: Thank you for teaching us that important lesson.

    • Sam: (about putting Ms. Briggs on iCarly) Don't do it, Carls! She's not even playing yet and I'm already bored out of my mind!

    • Ms. Briggs: I won't suspend you from school or call the police, if you let me perform an original bagpipe song on your web show!
      Freddie: You want to be on iCarly?!
      Sam: Just call the cops on us!

    • Freddie: iCarly's great. Thousands of people watch it every week!
      Ms. Briggs: Thousands?
      Sam: That's a pretty big booger!

    • Carly: Uh, look Ms. Briggs, we never meant to sneak into your house.
      Ms. Briggs: Then explain why you did.
      Carly: Well...we were videotaping you for our web show to sort of see what teachers are like when they're not in school.
      Ms. Briggs: Ah, your web show. iCarly. I've seen it. Nothing more than mucus in the nose of the digital age!
      Carly: (to Sam) Did she just call our show a booger?

    • Ms. Briggs: (talking to her Randy Jackson cut-out) Well, good afternoon, Randy Jackson! Oh, you are looking spiffy today! Now, is there something you'd like to say to me? (presses a button on the cut-out)
      Randy Jackson cut-out: Yeah, we got us a hot one tonight, baby!

    • Sam: How come you didn't ask your new girlfriend to model for you?
      Spencer: I broke up with Connie. Found out she was juggling for other guys!

    • Kid: Ms. Briggs, I picked you an orange from my mother's tree!
      Ms. Briggs: (takes the orange) I hate citrus fruit! (throws it on the floor and steps on it) Now get to class!

    • Sam: I love her brain!
      Carly: My brain says thanks!

    • Sam: That Ms. Briggs is a joy, isn't she?
      Carly: I wonder what she does when she's not in school.
      Freddie She probably spits on puppies!

    • (bell rings)
      Ms. Briggs: (using a bullhorn) Hey! Get to class! You! Stop laughing! I said get to class! Respect the bullhorn!

    • Sam: I can't believe Mr. Stearn would go to a concert.
      Freddie: Yeah, you don't really think about teachers having lives outside of school.
      Sam: I always thought they just locked 'em up in the teachers' lounge at night!

    • Carly: I like Tareen, but after she talks to me, I feel like I need a nap!

    • Ms. Briggs: I might even call the police!
      Sam: Or you could just let us run away, while you angrily shake your fist in the air and scream, "You rotten kids!"

    • Freddie: Uh, I'm sorry I tripped on your bagpipes...
      Carly: Are they ok?
      Ms. Briggs: NO!!

    • (Ms. Briggs answers the phone)
      Ms. Briggs: Briggs.
      Sam: Hello ma'am. Have you purchased any suspicious milk lately?
      Ms. Briggs: Suspicious milk? Who is this?!

    • Sam: I thought you were sculpting me for the past three hours!
      Spencer: Well I started off sculpting you, but then I started thinking about aquariums and...he happened! (He motions to the fish sculpture)
      Sam: Then why am I still here?
      Spencer: I get lonely.

    • (Freddie and Carly are in Ms. Brigg's storeroom)
      Carly: Freddie?
      Freddie: Yeah?
      Carly: Am I hallucinating or are we surrounded by two thousand Randy Jacksons?

    • Sam: So, how do I be a sculpture model?
      Spencer: Ah. You just sit over there, and do nothing!
      Sam: Cool, just like school!

    • Freddie: This is a quality piece of spy equipment!
      Sam: My Aunt Maggie's boobs look more real than that, and they're ridiculous!

    • Sam: (About the green screen) Can you make it look like I'm standing on your face?
      Freddie: Must you always attack me with words?
      Sam: You want me to use rocks?

    • Sam: Ugh, class was so boring.
      Carly: How would you know? You were asleep the whole time.
      Sam: Then I guess I dreamed class
      was boring.
      Carly: Well your dream came true.

    • Spencer: Hey, thanks for doing this.
      Sam: No prob!
      Spencer: How come you're not hanging with Carly and Freddie?
      Sam: A person can only take so much Freddie.

    • Carly: The green screen!
      Freddie: What about the green screen?
      Carly: Do you have it set up?
      Freddie: Uh yeah, but I haven't tried it yet. I was gonna test it out-
      Carly: Test it now!
      Freddie: Or I'll test it now!
      Sam: He'll test it now!

    • Randy Jackson cut-out: That was hot, yo!
      Carly: Oh, please be quiet Randy Jackson.

    • (Carly and Freddie are trapped in Ms. Brigg's storeroom)
      Freddie: You know, this might not be so bad. Just you and me, together...alone.
      Carly: Okay, we are in a serious situation here! This is no time for you to bust a move!

    • Ms. Briggs: (sniffing the air) Freddie! (sniffs some more) Mmm! You smell delightful!
      Freddie: Thanks, Ms. Briggs.
      Ms. Briggs: Mmm! (walks away)
      Carly: Randy Jackson cologne?
      Freddie: It smells tight, dawg!

    • Freddie: Get out of here, you stupid bee! I think it wants my pie!
      Carly: That is a stupid bee!

    • Freddie: I don't need a robot girlfriend, 'cause twenty years from now, I guarantee you I will be Carly's second husband.
      Carly: What happened to my first husband?
      Freddie: Nothing you can prove.

    • Freddie: This is just a normal piece of pie that doesn't record anything!
      Spencer: But there's a big lense on the side.
      Freddie: Oh just forget it! (He walks away)

    • Spencer: (trying to get Connie to juggle for him) C'mon, please?
      Connie: No!
      Spencer: Pretty please?
      Connie: No, Spencer!
      Spencer: Pretty please with sugar on top?
      Connie: I'm diabetic, and I said no!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Randy-chewitz Matzah and Randy-Yos

      In Ms. Brigg's closet, there is a box of Randy-chewitz Matzah and a box of Randy-Yos, an allusion to Manischewitz Matzah and Cheerios cereal.

    • iSpy a Mean Teacher

      The title of the episode is based on the popular look and find books, ISpy.