Season 1 Episode 8

iSpy a Mean Teacher

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Again Ms.Briggs is a bitch!

    A decent episode with an interesting plot from start to finale.
  • iSpy A Mean Teacher- Sadly once agian Abysmal

    I have to say this because I just hate Freddie in Season 1. That affected my score ALOT. Sam and Spencer are the only funnyish ones in this season. Also, the plot WAS NOT FUNNY! Tisk Tisk writers.
  • Here is another perfect example of why Season 1 stinks


    The topic for the next iCarly webcast is figuring out what mean teachers do outside of school. When Carly and Freddie follow Ms. Briggs home, they get stuck inside her house. Oh my gosh, where do I even start? this Season 1 episode of "iCarly" was just so awful. Seriously? the iCarly crew wants to see what mean teachers when they're not at school. Most of the humor in this episode were all just pure awful and jokes we've heard before. Proves how Dan Schneider can't think of anything better for a show like this. This show did offer like 2 laughs and that's it. I don't remember the humor though because it's been 2 years since I've even watched this episode but I'm not gonna even waste my time watching this episode again. Oh yeah, I do remember laughing at Ms. Briggs doing her exercise and yeah... I don't remember the second part I laughed at though. The storyline is awful, the humor is tasteless and bland, and characters were either annoying or just lame. Also, the "iCarly" actually putting in stupid and childhish backgrounds while Ms. Briggs is playing her bad pipes is stupid as well. Overall, this was such a terrible episode of "iCarly" and it is another perfect example on why Season 1 stinks. 2.5/10

  • poor....

    Not so funny episode Where the kids spy on their teacher. It was just a bit childish to me. The weird teacher and the kids trying to hide themselves in the closet. Sam was outside and was trying to help Carly and Freddie to escape but was caught also. Freddie trying to make a move on Carly again. And again no consequences ... Well they did have to let their teacher on the show to play terrible bag pipe music.Then they used the green screen to alter the view so there we're things going on behind the teachers back. This episode was so childish and boring.
  • 108

    iCarly is one of the better shows targeted for kids on TV these days, but to say that it took a little bit of time to find its footing would be an understatement as this was not exactly a great episode. The jokes were a little too over the top, and just the pacing, it just felt a little bit off, not to mention the ridiculousness of almost everything going on in the episode from the Randy Jackson room to Spencer getting upset that his girlfriend was juggling for someone else.

    Not horrible, but definitely not a good episode tonight.
  • mediocre

    carly, sam and freddie follow ms. briggs around to see what mean teachers do. but carly and freddie get trapped in her closet. what will happen when she finds out?

    it was alright, but i think the last half is one of the most boring things ever on iCarly. I mean, some of it is them trapped in her closet, some of it is her on iCarly... i did not think the images that were appearing behind her were funny really, and so because of all this, the good first half and the boring second, it gets a low "C"
  • This is such a....

    ...horrible horrible episode. Who would really follow their teacher around after school? They see them for six, almost seven hours a day! my problem with this episode was that Sam kept on expressing her dislike for bag pipes, which in my opinion are fine when they're being played by an experienced person. This episode is distracting kids from becoming more cultured. Kids don't act like they did before. Kids used to be smarter than they are now. Hardly any kids can play chess properly, or read books often enough, watch good movies, listen to good music. They get strung up on singers or actors just because a magazine poll said they were "in". Little children "don't miss their blankets, they miss their nintendo wii". But besides that point, Freddy is so camp. Camp means feminine, im-masculine...subra subra subra...Subra means blah blah blah.
    So "iRate" this episode a 4.5. Not good. But not a 1 because "iSympathize" for the iCarly fans. Sorry....*cough*
  • Pretty great, with funny moments.

    I really like this episode. I still wouldn't consider this my favorite episode, but I thought it was pretty great. This episode had a lot of funny moments.

    I don't know what it is with Ms. Briggs and her loving Randy Jackson so much that she would have an entire closet filled with him, but I found that quite funny. But Ms. Briggs playing the pipes on iCarly was pretty bad. Good thing the gang managed to get their biggest audience ever back with the hilarious changing backgrounds.

    And I also found it funny how Ms. Briggs noticed that Freddie smelled nice only because he stole the Randy Jackson cologne. That was pretty funny. And you can forget when Freddie says "it smells tight dawg." That got me laughing.
  • I liked this epsiode as it had some funny moments

    I loved Sam's diversion, pretending to be a dairy agent and the stupid bee following Freddie's fake pie. Wow Miss Briggs is really mean at school but kind of boring and freaky (her Randy Jackson collection) at home. I liked Miss Briggs's preformance with the green screen, though I didn't think it was very funny. I guess ICarly isn't the booger she thought it was, lol, everyone at school clapped for her. All in all not a bad epsiode, though I wish it was on more often on YTV then on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays but hey you can't control when it is on.
  • My favourite episode so far... this stuff just keeps on getting better.

    Ok Carly, Sam and Freddie decide to video tape Ms. Briggs out of school and show the iCarly viewers what teachers are like outside of school. Sam helps Spencer with a sculpture but turns out he never needed her! Meanwhile Carly and Freddie are at Ms. Briggs house, They find nothing interesting until a bee comes along... And this is hosw they both end up in Ms. Briggs closet. They find out that she loves music and Randy Jackson (So funny)... Carly decides to ring sam and ask her to help, Sam comes up with a lame distraction and they are found out in the end... Ms. briggs threatens the three that she will expell and file a report with the police but she wont if she can show teens how good real music is, She attends the iCarly show and plays the bagpipes, This isn't a success as the show looses viewers, The Trio come up with a plan to L-O-L Their audience without her knowing, This leaves iCarly with hilarious reslults.
  • freddie and carly spy on their mean teacher mrs. briggs to see what she does outside of school; sam helps spencer w/ an art project

    this was a pretty interesting ep..but im kinda tired of it now lol..however it is a wonderful idea to think about and try to imagine..like i dont worry too much about my cool teachers (yes there is such a thing lol) so i know theyre cool outside of school and then there are some that are cool but serious at the same time that are like history buffs so thats all they do outside of school..and then i wonder what the mean teachers do..theyre probably mean to like every living creature lol..anyways mrs. briggs is interestin w/ her bagpipe and the green screen made it kinda funny..then the sculpture part was short but ok
  • Carly and Freddie spy on Ms. Briggs, but end up inside Ms. Briggs' house.

    Since Ms. Briggs is always so mean, Carly decides to film her afterschool to see the mean things she does, so she and Freddie spy on Ms. Briggs with Freddie's Pie Spy Camera. Meanwhile, Sam, who's tired of being with Freddie all the time, goes with Spencer and Spencer makes a sculpture shaped like her. Meanwhile, when Carly and Freddie are outside Ms. Briggs' patio, a bee follows Freddie. Freddie panicks because he's allergic to bees, and he ends up in Ms. Briggs' patio, and can't get out, so he and Carly hide in the garage and wait for a chance to get out. Watch this episode to see what happens.

    This episode is an episode that gives viewers a lot of suspense, and would always make you want to know what hapens next. It also has a very interesting twist at the end.
  • This episode was drippin!

    "iSpy A Mean Teacher" was an outstanding episode. I never expected a so out there episode like this. It turned out to be one of my favortie episodes of the series.When I first saw the promo,I thought,Wow,great episode (sarcastic). It really blew away my expectations. It had everything I would expect from an iCarly episode.It was funny,serious,and well funny. I would have never expected that Ms.Briggs would be a Randy Jackson fan. She doesn't really seem like a persoon that would be obessed over an American Idol judge but hey,theres a first time for everything. Freddie talking liek Randy Jackson was like Hilarious. Graet Episode.
  • not my favorite episode of icarly

    Carly and Freddie sneak in to Miss Briggs's house and figure out that she is absolutely obsessed with Randy Jackson The Third, the judge from American Idol. When she catches them, she threatens to call the police and expell them unless she can perform with her bagpipes on iCarly. Freddie uses a green screen to make the horrible performance funny.

    I found this episode unoriginal and kind of over done, I mean who is that obsessed with Randy, and who cares about backrounds on a green screen, her bagpipes were horrible, but did that green screen hide the sound?

    I can honestly say this is my least favorite episode of iCarly, please don't hate me for it though.
  • When Carly And Freddie Try And Spy On Miss Briggs Things Turn Sour.Carly, Sam , And Freddie Get Caught Around And In Miss Briggs Apartment And They Are Forced To Let Miss Briggs Perform On iCarly Unless They Want To Be Reported To The Police.

    This My Favorite iCarly Episode. It Was Cleverly Written And A Great Source Of Entertainment. Carly May Have Been Badly Punished By Miss Briggs But She And Freddie Sure Got Her Back With That Awesome Background Thing. My Favorite Background Was The Elephant Butts. The Part Where Miss Briggs Was Talking To That Cutout Of Randy Jackson From The Show American Idol Was Extremely Strange But Hilarious At The Same Time. Mindy Sterling Does A Great Job At Playing The Role Of The Most Devilish Teacher In The World (Miss Briggs). Everyone On iCarly Does An Amazing Performance. I Just Adore iCarly.
  • Funny ep!

    This was a funny ep so far. Loved how Freddie and Carly were trapped in the closet. Loved the Randy Jackson. It is such a random show. Loved Miss Briggs. Wished there was more Sam and Freddie interation but I'll deal. It was funny with the pie camera. Especially with Spencer "Is that one of those Spy Pie Cameras I saw online?" Poor Freddie. He is the shinging point of this entire season and it's just awesome the way the work him in. I hope there's more Freddie love in episodes 12, 13, 14 and etc cause he deserves it.
  • Funny, real funny.

    iSpy a Mean Teacher is an awesome episode, like most of the other ones. The part when the mannequin of Randy Jackson was talking, it didn't sound like him at all. It was funny though how he was all over the closet. When Mrs. Briggs was playing her instrument thing, it sounded like the same thing Kimmy played on Full House. Didn't it? The same song. Well anyways, Carly and Freddie sneak in Mrs. Briggs house because they are making a webcast on what mean teachers are like outside of school. I thought the juggling girl was funny how she wanted the guy to watch her.
  • Carly and her friends spy on Miss. Briggs.

    Wonderful episode, Amazing episode, just a great episode. Who would ever see the other side of Miss. Briggs. She loving Randy Jackson (that was very funny lol.) and Freddie and his obssesion with Randy Jackson coloen. I really loved this episode. We get to know more of Miss. Briggs. Including the green scence or called 'The Green Scence' or 'The Green Scren... blah, blah.. ahh! Whatever. When they started to put random pictures, so the iCarly viewers wouldn't get bored. I personally didn't get bored. This is my television review of the TV series, iCarly Episode 8. Thanks for reading. Peace out _Halo.
  • ANother great epsiode of iCarly.

    I really liked this eppi. When Carly wonders what mean teachers act like outside of school she gets the idea to do that for a webcast.So her and Freddie sneak over to ms. Briggs house and watch for three hours her doing nothing but when a bee attacks Freddies spy pie he runs in the house and Carly follows. When they here Ms. Brigg coming back they run in the closet. There stuck there and when they turn on the light they find someones a little more then a fan of Randy Jackson. They end up calling Sam for help who is at Carlys house modeling for one of Spencers peices of art. She comes to there rescue but ends up getting caute along with Carly and Freddie. The only way to not to get suspended is to let ms. briggs play her bagpipes on the webcast. During the cast they lost over half there viewers so to get them back they lower down the green screen and put some pretty random things to make the webcast funny and Ms. Briggs has no clue. I recomend you check this episode out.
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