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Season 2 Episode 2

iStage an Intervention

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Carly helps Spencer when he gets hooked on playing a video game. Meanwhile, Sam convinces Freddie that he's experiencing bad luck because he did not forward a chain letter.

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  • iStage An Intervention- Poor

    Not a good episode!!! Spencer plays pacrat and the gang just magically helps him out and they magically finish it! Bad lesson in this episode!!! They don't even know who Sasha Striker is and they just let her in without having any info expect she is good t pacrat!!! This episode was very bad!
  • almost perfect

    ok this episode was almost perfect the reason why it wasn't was because the beginning that part was kind of boring but overall an AWESOME episode. So far season 2 is actually pretty good. I havn't seen an episode this good since irue the day. Icarly is now offically an AWESOME tv show. if you havn't seen this episode. you have to watch it!
  • 202

    First of all, everyone should go to iCarly.com (like they say at the end of almost every episode) and play Pak-Rat as it is an awesome game, a good taken on Pac-Man. Definitely up there with the best parodies this show has ever done (along with PearPad and PearTunes.)

    This was a funny episode that had some very child appropriate jokes and takes on interventions by having Spencer hooked on a game.

    Both storylines in the ep, Freddie's bad luck and Spencer's addiction, were good, a rarity on any show, particularly iCarly. It certainly would be hard to not enjoy this funny installment.moreless
  • Pak-rat!

    In "iStage An Intervention", Spencer is asked to build a labradoodle sculpture for a man who is a very big deal in the art industry. This is an amazing oppertunity for Spencer and it seems like nothing could stand in the way of him finishing th sculpture.

    However, he has recently found an old Pak-rat machine (their equivalent of Pac-man.) and once he starts playing - he becomes addicted to it and forgets all about his sculpture! Will he be able to stop playing for long enough to finish it or will he lose this very important customer.

    Meanwhile, Freddie recieves a chain email from Gibby that says if he diesn't forward it, he will be cursed with back luck by a ghost named Consuela! :p He doesn't believe a word of it, so he just deletes it. Then, of course, horrible things begin happening to him! Is this just a coincidence or "Consuela's revenge"?

    These are good episodes, not the best, but still good. I think all fns of this show will enjoy this one.moreless
  • ok, i always liked iCarly and now I love iCarly. iStage An Intervention is the 2nd episode of the new seaosn, and it's clear that iCarly isn't just a hit, it's a classic Tv show. There is no other show on disney or nick that compares! read my review!!!moreless

    This episode is all about Jerry Trainor which is never a bad idea because Jerry Trainor (he plays Spencer) is always hysterically funny. This was also different because we got to see him kind of go off the deep end and get out of control. I loved the dynamic between Carly and Spencer because you can see in this episode how bonded they are and how much they care about each other. And it was genius how the writers made a show about him becoming addicted to a video game that used to be really popular back in the day. Everyone was great in this episode. Sam, Freddie, Carly, Spencer all are just getting better and better and are funnier and better actors than anyone in prime time TV. And the girl who played Sasha Striker was straight up HOT. They need to make her Spencer's love interest!!!! And one of the coolest things is if you go to iCarly.com (a real website that is very good) you can actually play Pac-Rat and it really is ADDICTING!!! Go iCarly!moreless

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