Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The cap cam that Sam wears is the same one used in the previous episode, "iGot Detention."

    • In one scene, the police disturb an iCarly live web show, claiming that a truck had obstructed their view. However Carly lives on the eighth floor, making this impossible, unless the truck was more than twenty meters (about 65 feet) tall.

    • During the stakeout at the apartment, the two cops were behaving inappropriately. Spanky was still bullying Spencer by spanking him like when they were kids and the detective used Spencer's credit card to order pizza, which is illegal and it's also inappropriate professional behavior, so Spencer should have the right to file a complaint about both of the police officers.

    • The convenience store that Carly, Sam, and Freddie go to in this episode is called Schneider's Convenience Store, in reference to the show's creator, Dan Schneider.

    • At the very end of the episode, Spencer handcuffs Spanky to the sofa and spanks him with a broom. This means he deliberately beat up a police officer, which is illegal.

    • Even though the tattoo was fake, it would've been illegal to get one. You must be 18 or older in order to get a tattoo, unless you have parental consent.

    • Socko owns a sock factory, which explains how he manages to hook Spencer up with all his socks.

    • We find out that Freddie's mom calls Freddie, Fredward. This is what Sam calls him in "iPromise Not to Tell".

  • Quotes

    • (Freddie, Carly, and Sam walk into Schneider's Convenience Store)
      Carly: Wow, this store is so convenient!

    • Mrs. Benson: You come with me, right now!
      Freddie: Where?
      Mrs. Benson: To a doctor, to have that blemish removed!
      Freddie: No! Removing tattoos is extremely painful!
      Mrs. Benson: So is being the mother of a delinquent!

    • (Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and the Detective are watching one of the pirate movies)
      Detective: There's nothing illegal about bad acting!

    • Spencer: So where are you guys going?
      Freddie: Uh...we're just gonna...run out and get some, uh...
      Carly: ...stuff.
      Spencer: Oh! I need some stuff!
      Carly: Yeah not that kind of stuff!
      Sam: Bye!

    • Spanky: Oh, hey, I think somebody dropped a contact lens, right there. (points to a spot on the floor)
      Spencer: Where? Right over here?
      Spanky: Right there.
      (Spencer leans over to look and Spanky spanks him with a toilet seat)
      Spanky: HA HA HA HA! Spanky strikes again!

    • Spanky: (talking about pizza) We ordered one a half hour ago!
      Detective: Hope you don't mind man, we used your credit card.
      Spencer: No...that's good news...

    • Spanky: (looking out the window) Woah, woah, this could be our guy!
      Detective: Yeah look, he's got the bag!
      Spanky: I see the bag!
      Detective: Think that's our guy?
      Spanky: That is definitely our guy!
      Spencer: (excitedly) You got the illegal DVD guy?!
      Spanky: No! The pizza guy!

    • Freddie: (zipping up his sweatshirt to hide the equipment he's wearing) There. How do I look?
      Carly: Chunky and lumpy.
      Sam: Just like my Aunt Judy before she got that operation!

    • Carly: How hard can it be to catch a guy selling pirated DVDs? We go into the store undercover and get the evidence ourselves.
      Freddie: Wait...what if the guy's dangerous?
      Sam: Half my family's dangerous. So?

    • Mrs. Benson: (knocks on the door, then opens it) May I come in? (walks in) Whoops, already in!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Hello. You've reached iCarly.com.
      Sam: If you're looking for comedy-
      Carly: -press one.
      Sam: If you're looking for my pork pot pie, a cop ate it!

    • Carly: (while picking up trash off apartment floor) Stupid cops... not cleaning up after themselves... interrupting our web show...making me grumble to myself.
      Sam: Some people just have no manners. (crushes soda can and tosses it on the floor)

    • Sam: (in sad tone) Hey. I had a pork potpie in your fridge from last weekend and one of those cops downstairs ate it!
      Carly: Well they drank my Peppy-Cola!
      Freddie: They did?
      Carly: Do I seem peppy?
      Freddie: Not really.
      Carly: Well!

    • Freddie: (touches tattoo of Sam with his finger with an upset expression on his face) Sam! In tattoo form! So awful...
      Carly: How are you hiding that from your mom?
      Freddie: It's not easy.
      Carly: Yeah, doesn't she still give you those bi-weekly body inspections?
      Freddie: No! I told her I was too old for those a long time ago.
      Carly: Yesterday?
      Freddie: Maybe....

    • (Spanky sneaks up on Spencer and spanks him with a cucumber)
      Spencer: OW!
      (Spanky laughs)
      Spencer: Please don't spank me with my own cucumber!

    • Annie: Quit whining kid. Getting a tattoo ain't so bad!
      Freddie: It's not?
      Annie: No! It just hurts a lot and lasts forever!

    • Sam: (pulls table over to Freddie) Ready Freddie?
      Freddie: Ready for what?
      Sam: Annie's a tattoo artist.
      (Freddie gets a frantic look on his face and tries to run out of the studio, stopped by Sam)
      Sam: You made a bet and you lost. Right Carly?
      Carly: I want no part in this, I'm just going to watch the bouncy jogger man!

    • Sam: (walks into iCarly studio with a tattooed woman at her side) What up, party people? Say hello to my cousin Annie.
      Annie: Hi.
      Carly: I thought you said she was in jail?
      Annie: Oh, parole baby!

    • Carly: Ok, I don't see any criminal activity but I do see a jogger who really should be wearing a bra! Poor guy...

    • Freddie: (debating with Sam with MPEG stands for) You want to bet?
      Carly: No, she doesn't.
      Sam: Yeah I do!
      Carly: How come I can hear me?!

    • Detective Craig: (holds up badge) Detective Craig, Seattle Police Department.
      Sam: (thinks she will be arrested for crime) Freddie, take my backpack.... (hands Freddie her backpack)

    • Sam: (talking about what MPEG stands for) Okay, it's a bet. And...loser has to get a tattoo of the winner's face!
      Freddie: Oh, you're on! (shakes Sam's hand and starts doing a search on the Internet) But you're gonna pretty upset when you have to get a tattoo of my face on your- (looks at computer screen) ...you're right. I lost!
      Sam: And now my face will forever become a part of your skin!

    • Detective: What's an MPEG?
      Carly: It's a computer video file.
      Freddie: Yeah. MPEG stands for Mega Pixel Electronic Gallery.
      Sam: Wrong! MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group.
      Freddie: Mega Pixel Electronic Gallery!
      Sam: Moving Picture Experts Group!
      Carly: Can't we just say MPEG stands for Most Pimples Enjoy Gravy and move on?!

    • Spencer: Uh, what can I do for ya?
      Detective: I'd like to talk with the kids.
      Sam: (loudly) You can't prove anything!

    • (doorbell rings)
      Spencer: I'll get it. Freddie, hold these egg yolks! (hands two raw egg yolks to him)

    • Carly: (entering the room) Hey, Spencer!
      Freddie: (at the same time as Sam) What's up?
      Sam: (at the same time as Freddie) Hi!
      Spencer: Hey, little sister and her two friends who never seem to hang out at their own homes!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: You see Freddie...
      Sam: ...our technical weenie,
      Freddie: Producer!

    • Freddie: (rushing into the room) Sorry! I was watching this show on the Tech Channel that was really-
      Sam: Hey!
      Carly: Millions of people are signing onto iCarly.com right now, so could you please pick up your pretty little camera and count backwards from five?

    • Sam: Okay, Freddie's never late for iCarly. Are you worried?
      Carly: If I wasn't worried, would I be drinking water with this expression on my face? (drinks water with a frantic expression on her face)

    • Freddie: Do you really think Sam's gonna make me get a tattoo of her face?
      Carly: I don't know, but if she does, won't your mom freak?
      Freddie: She freaked when I spilled one tiny drop of mustard on my church pants!
      (Carly laughs)
      Freddie: What?
      Carly: Church pants!

    • Sam: So, what ever will happen on this new and exciting webisode of iCarly?
      Carly: I'm glad you asked.
      Sam: I'm glad you're glad. Are you glad I'm glad you're glad?
      Carly: Weird. I'm getting less glad!

    • Mrs. Benson: Fredward Benson! You got a tattoo?
      Freddie: Uh...
      Sam: We told him it was wrong...
      Carly: Fredward?

    • Spencer: Do you know what it's like to be harassed every day by some kid?
      (Freddie looks at Sam and Sam smiles)

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