Season 5 Episode 7

iStill Psycho - Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 31, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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The iCarly gang are invited to Nora's parole hearing in which Nora is released. Nora later kidnaps the gang inside her house.

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  • IStill Psycho

    A creative and endearing episode in theory, but it was essentially the same thing as last time. While I enjoyed it, I am not sure if we needed this episode.
  • This episode was iAWESOME!

    This episode was iAWESOME! So much great BUTT-KICKING at the end!

    First off, Spencer's got a hot new giraffe friend . T-Bo/Ms.Benson are sooo funny together!

    Why would the gang let her go? Even if they thought she learned her lesson. What she did was extremely wrong, granted it was almost two years ago. But still, going to her house was incredibly stupid, the Dershlits inviting them was certainly a Red Flag.

    That food looked gross xD . LOL, the return of Maxi-glass. i loved when Sam was like "Unlock it Nora"! And when she tried to break the window!

    Nora FINALLY got her some Freddie loving xD. LMFAO "Missin My Kissin'"!

    Gibby's the fattest, why send him up?xD

    DAMNNNNN Sam/T-Bo/Ms.Benson ***ed the Dershlit's shi*t ALL UP! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOL. EPIC a** fight, and when T-Bo crashed the motorcycle into the dersh*t house XDDDD.

    The Dershlits are crazy. Ugly too, especially when they wee like "Forever.....and....Ever...and Ever" xP.

    Poor Spencer . Stuck on a Spinning wheel for 15 hours xD. Wish Gibby would have done something xD . But he put it down in Part 1, so they had to do it different and he gotz my respect. Overall, EPIC special and the absolute BEST episode!moreless
  • Good start and Development

    Ever the second part of an episode is better because is where "action" happens. But this time I can say that Part 1 was awesome because the way they developed it. Obviously jokes werent as funny as part 2. Dont like the icarly of "squirrel", wasnt rally funny. But overall was very good
  • WAY better than the original episode "iPsycho"

    This review is for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the 1-hour TV Movie "iStill Psycho". I'll admit, I thought that this 1-hour TV Movie was going to suck but it was actually not that bad. It's still not that great of an episode but it's definitely NOT the worst episode of the season. "iLost My Mind" is still the #1 worst episode of Season 5. To shorten this review just a little... I'm gonna go through what I liked and disliked. There are more dislikes than there are likes though. My dislikes were the beginning of the episode with the webshow, Gibby and his fake head, the laugh track clapping at Gibby saying "Gibby" (his catch phrase), Carly getting guilty and telling the judge to let Nora be released from prison, Nora inviting the iCarly crew to her welcome home party obviously being in a trap (even without the promo, I would've known right away that it would be a trap), Nora kissing Freddie with Carly and Sam not doing anything about it, the running gag with the whole "Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever" (that was really getting freakin' annoying), Nora (as a whole lot) was annoying but she wasn't as bad as the original surprisingly, Nora's mom being in the plan to trap the iCarly crew, Nora's dad obviously being Nora's plan to make the iCarly crew trapped at their house forever, Nora and her parents looking for Gibby all around the house, Mrs. Benson kicking T-Bo out of the apartment, and some more. The parts that did make me laugh were Spencer spinning on the wheel (although, that got old after a while), the judge telling Gibby that his fake head looks cool, T-Bo (throughout the 1-hour TV Movie) was hilarious, Gibby being stuck in the chimney and getting tennis balls thrown at him, and a few more. I also liked there were a couple of callbacks from the past episodes such as the return of Sam's butter sock from the Season 2 episode "iTango With Dingo" and the return of Mrs. Benson fencing calling herself "Fencin' Benson" from the Season 1 episode "iFence". Also, the rescue in this sequel was WAY better than the original. Gibby and Nora fighting each other was very boring, stupid, and horrible. The rescue with T-Bo crashing through the door with his motorcycle and Mrs. Benson fencing Nora and her parents to save the iCarly crew was awesome and it's probably my favorite part in this 1-hour TV Movie. Overall, this 1-hour TV Movie was still not that great but it was WAY better than the original episode "iPsycho" and this sequel most certainly DID NOT suck. 4.5/10moreless

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