Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Is Sam falling for Freddie? Or is it just Sam's twin sister? When Sam tells Freddie that she has a twin, Freddie doesn't believe her. Meanwhile, Carly tutors Spencer's enemy, Chuck. Spencer tries to prove to Carly that Chuck is evil.

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  • iTwin!

    Now this is what you call identical twins with very different personallitys.
  • Sam has a twin. We probably will never see her again.

    Melanie Pucket is introduced to the iCarly Universe, simply to further underline Freddie gullability. What a waste of a potentially good character. This is the best Dan could come up with! Sam impersonating her sister to rattle Freddy's cage, Melanie seeing people run in fear from her because they think's Sam, even a big reveal to Freddie that there really are two Puckett sisters is denied the viewing audience. Hopefully a future Melanie episode will pick up where this episode falls short. Since the status quo of the relationship between the trio has to be maintained, this does not appear likely.moreless
  • One of my favorite "iCarly" episodes of Season 2

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "iCarly". Finding out that Sam has a twin sister was very interesting and Freddie and not believing them was hilarious. I never find anything funny about webshow scenes in "iCarly" but the webshow scene in the beginning of the episode was surprisingly the funniest of all but probably the only webshow scene I actually laughed at. Freddie being gullible about everything was very funny. Spencer telling to never play dodgeball naked was a pretty weird but hilarious scene. The subplot was also hilarious when Carly is tutoring Spencer's arch nemesis Chuck and Carly doesn't believe that Chuck is evil. It was hilarious when Freddie doesn't believe that Sam has a twin sister even though Melanie has a sweet personality and likes Freddie. No offense to the fans who love Sam but I would prefer Melanie to be Carly's best friend instead of Sam because Sam really gets on my nerves and if the writers would have added Melanie on this show... I would have actually love "iCarly" very much. It was hilarious when T-Bo kept asking Freddie if he wanted pickles. Freddie and Melanie dancing and Freddie freaking out when Melanie kissed him was hilarious. It was funny when Spencer showed Carly on his laptop about Chuck and Carly saw the truth about Chuck. Spencer and Carly getting revenge by convincing Chuck's dad to send Chuck to math camp was hilarious. The ending was also very funny when we see Sam and Melanie actually together. Overall, one of my favorite "iCarly" episodes of Season 2. 10/10moreless
  • Great

    I love this episode. It starts off a little strange with the Freddie gullible stuff but it got way better from there. The two main storylines were outstanding. Carly's realization that Chuck is evil was funny. I really liked how they turned the table and used the fake number to get Chuck sent away to summer math camp.

    Even better was the Melanie storyline. Great acting by Jennette to be convincing enough to play the bad Sam and the sweet Melanie. Her look was even different enough to look like a twin but not exact copy. Freddie's second kiss ever and now he knows "twins". :)moreless
  • Great Episode!

    This was a great episode. I don't like how everyone was is always mean to Freddie. It was really funny all the parts where Freddie was mean to Meleanie was very funny! Like when he said "OH SHUT UP"! Freddie and Meleanie's kiss was very suprising, and hot! I like the ending where they show Sam and Melanie really are twins! I just wish Freddie could know the truth.

    Chuck is an awesome character. He's kinda like Stewie Griffin, but older! Chuck is very evil, but he's a cute little kid, which gets him out of trouble with Carly. The ending of this plot was funny! Dawf? Carly is so mean telling Chuck that was a new number, but Chuck diserved it! Overall, great episode.moreless

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    • Freddie: People care what I think!
      Mr. Howard: No, they don't.
      Freddie: Yes, sir...

    • Freddie: Sam would rather chew broken glass then go out on a date with me for a whole Saturday night, no way she's going through with this!
      Carly: You asked Melanie.
      Freddie: Okaaay. You can pretend I'm going on a date with Melanie, but I know... I've got a date with Sam. (chokes on smoothie and coughs it out)
      Carly: What?!
      Freddie: I'VE GOT A DATE WITH SAM!!
      T-Bo: You wanna buy a pickle?
      Freddie: NO!

    • (after it's revealed Melanie is real to the audience)
      Sam: How could you make out with Freddie?
      Melanie: He's adorable!
      Carly: I can't believe the two of you are sisters.
      Sam & Melanie: Me neither.

    • Spencer: (after returning from the grocery store) Your pork roast!
      Carly: Um... I asked for an orange.
      Spencer: You didn't say pork roast?
      Carly: No.
      Spencer: Who was I talking to?

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