Season 1 Episode 5

iWanna Stay With Spencer

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Carly's grandfather comes for a visit and is appalled by Spencer's unusual behavior, so he questions Spencer's ability to be in charge. Carly must convince him that Spencer is capable of being her guardian.

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  • A step up from the 4th episode!

    Now this has got a good story. Yeah it was pretty obvious she wasn't going to move but it was suppose to happen that. Love this episode.
  • iWanna Stay With Spencer- Bad

    This epsidoe lacks unexpectancy. It was like "Oh no I'm gonna leave." Yeah sure like Carly is gonna leave on the fifth episode! The granfather was a total wierdo. This episode was just terrible.
  • FINALLY!!! an enjoyable episode of "iCarly" after the poor and boring episode "iDream of Dance" and the atrocious episode "iLike Jake"

    Season 1 started out excellent with the episodes "iPilot" and "iWant More Viewers", the after that... these two episodes totally ruin the streak for excellent episodes which are "iDream of Dance" and "iLike Jake". Now, it goes to a superb episode of "iCarly". While it's not as good as "iPilot" and "iWant More Viewers", it's very enjoyable and it can be heartwarming at times especially at the end of the episode. My only problem with this episode was that Dan Schneider made an episode with Carly leaving too early. He makes an episode like these when it's barely the fifth episode of Season 1... come on, this episode should've been in Season 2 at least. Dan Schneider just started out WAY too early to make an episode like this. Anyways, this episode was funny and enjoyable despite that one problem. Carly going goth and Spencer & Granddad both saying "Oh my god" after seeing her goth was hilarious. It was very funny when Spencer's food was burning. It also very funny when the firefighter said "this is some good chicken stirred fry" when he was eating Spencer's burnt food. The ending was great bur it was obviously predictable. Overall, a superb episode of "iCarly" but it angers me that Dan made an episode like this too early. 9/10moreless
  • Drama

    This episode was definitely sad to watch. Carly almost had to live with her granddad because Spencer is such a irresponsible legal guardian but he cares about Carly. Spencer made a rotating wheel with hammers one got loose and almost hit Carly. Granddad saw it and wanted Carly to live with him. This was the firs time that the web show wasn't as important. She even tried to make Spencer mad at her by dressing up in black and wearing piercings to make him look like a good guardian for her to their granddad. i think that was cool. But that segment where Carly almost had to leave was sad. in the beginning of the episode Carly punched Sam was a bit too violent even with the bag of fake blood.moreless
  • This is exactly what I don't like about the series.

    Okay, this explains why iCarly has been so dramatic lately. So Carly's grandfather comes and wants to take Carly with him to Yakima after Spencer almost kills her with a fan of hammers. I don't know about you, but I think that's actually a good reason to take Carly away from Spencer. I mean, COME ON! A fan of hammers?! Everybody knows that would be a dangerous thing to use. Spencer could have killed Carly! Heck, he could have killed himself, for what it's worth! Yeah, I know, I know. No one wants to main character to leave, Spencer is cool, etc.

    But now, to the point of this review. It was waaaaaaayyyyy too early to getting dramatic. Sheesh, we have some really sensitive people around here. I've noticed a huge amount of "This episode is sad" or "This episode made me cry" reviews here, when it really wasn't all that sad. More like overdramatized if you ask me. I know that as a girl, I should probably have been at least a little touched by this episode but trust me, I'm a pretty tough girl. It runs in my family...moreless
Greg Mullavey

Greg Mullavey

Grandfather Shay

Recurring Role

Mary Scheer

Mary Scheer

Mrs. Benson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Carly and Spencer's granddad is said to live in Yakima, Washington and says that he drove 90 minutes to visit them in Seattle. Actually, the drive is about 2 hours and 17 minutes, a 47 minute difference.

    • In this episode Freddie is revealed to have no leg hair yet and his mother is worried about that.

    • In the scene where Spencer and his grandfather were talking (after Carly, Sam, and Freddie went to the Groovy Smoothie) Spencer had a blue Apple iPod Shuffle on his shoulder.

    • It is revealed that Spencer went to law school, but he dropped out to become an artist.

    • It is discovered that Carly has asthma, but she hasn't had an attack since she was seven.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Spencer: (To Grandfather Shay) Oh and she's really into drinking coffee. I always give her decaf without telling her.
      Carly: What?
      Spencer: Nothing!

    • Grandfather Shay: (referring to Freddie hanging onto his leg) Would somebody remove this young man from my trousers?

    • Spencer: And I am very responsible, no matter what you say! I know everything that goes on around here.
      (Spencer's stir-fry catches on fire behind him)

    • Grandfather Shay: Just remember, I'll be dropping in on you guys from time to time.
      Spencer: Please.
      Carly: Anytime!
      Grandfather Shay: 'Cause I still think you're a bit of a nutbar!
      Spencer: Why? 'Cause I do this? (lifts up his shirt and rubs his stomach while shouting)
      Grandfather Shay: Don't do that! You do it like this! (lifts up his shirt and rubs his stomach while shouting)
      Carly: You guys are so embarrassing! If you're gonna do it, do it right! (lifts her shirt and rubs her stomach while shouting)

    • Freddie: Sorry! Lost my cool for a sec there.
      Sam: You can't lose what you never had!

    • (Carly is about to leave for Yakima)
      Sam: So...who's gonna take the blame when I put live lobsters in the trunk of Ms. Briggs' car?
      Carly: Will you at least try to stay out of trouble?
      Sam: Nope.

    • Spencer: (about Carly's punk look) Look, this is just a phase.
      Grandfather Shay: And what's her next phase? Stealing cars? Swimming with hobos?
      Spencer: I don't think hobos enjoy swimming!

    • (Spencer is cooking dinner)
      Spencer: Must you look in my wok?
      Grandfather Shay: I just want to know what you're cooking for dinner.
      Spencer: Chicken stir-fry, that okay? (picks up the chicken and plays with it) Or do you think Mr. Chicken should go pack his bags and live with you in Yakima?

    • (Carly, Sam, and Freddie are packing Carly's things into a box)
      Sam: (takes an MP3 player out of Carly's hand) Oh, can I have this?
      Carly: I'm moving, I'm not dying!

    • Carly: (to Grandfather Shay) Spencer's very responsible, and very grown-up.
      Spencer: (coming into the room) Hey you guys, I was wondering- AHHH! (falls down the stairs)

    • Grandfather Shay: Your dad also agreed that since he's not here right now, I can decide what's best for you.
      Carly: Well what does he know? He's in the Navy on a submarine, three miles underwater. He's probably all dizzy!

    • (doorbell rings)
      Carly: Doorbell...
      Sam: Smells like your Granddad. (to Freddie) You smell like garbage.
      Freddie: Your butt's shaped like a ham!

    • Spencer: (about the suit he's wearing) I hate it!!
      Carly: You're not supposed to like it. It's supposed to help Granddad see you as a mature adult.
      Spencer: Okay...can we have ice cream after he's gone?

    • Spencer: You're out of control!
      Carly: Yeah, clearly I have a problem. I'll check into Smoothies Anonymous tomorrow!

    • Carly: Oh, you remember Freddie?
      Grandfather Shay: Course, lives right across the hall.
      Carly: And I think you met Sam last time you were here?
      Grandfather Shay: Yes, she borrowed ten dollars from me and then ate my sandwich!

    • Spencer: Why didn't you tell us you were coming?
      Grandfather Shay: What, a man can't drive ninety minutes and surprise his favorite grandkids, huh? (hugs Carly and Spencer)
      Sam: How come my grandfather just sleeps and burps?
      Freddie: Because he's related to you?

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      (girl on video sings and breaks a glass)
      Carly: Yeah!
      Sam: Nice!
      Carly: Did you see that?
      Sam: Why can't she sing that note next to our math teacher's head?!

    • Spencer: You live under my roof, you live by my rules. So, always try your best and eat your vegetables!
      Carly: Okay, are you on some kind of new medication I should know about?

    • Spencer: Where have you been?
      Carly: At the Groovy Smoothie.
      Spencer: For a half hour?
      Carly: Smoothies are thick, you can only suck 'em down so fast.

    • Carly: (about her punk look) Well I figured since I'm going to a new school, it's the perfect time to, you know, reinvent myself. You like?
      Spencer: You look fantastic!
      Carly & Grandfather Shay: WHAT?!

    • Carly: What about school?
      Grandfather Shay: You can transfer to Yakima Junior High.
      Carly: Gross!

    • Spencer: (about how to take care of Carly) Oh and these are the vitamins she needs to take everyday, I only give her ones shaped like dinosaurs.
      Grandfather Shay: Why?
      Spencer: Dinosaurs are cool.

    • Mrs. Benson: So this fire is your fault!
      Spencer: Mrs. Benson, please-
      Mrs. Benson: Because of you, I had to stop right in the middle of rubbing anti-tick lotion on Freddie!
      Freddie: Mom, I don't have ticks!
      Mrs. Benson: They hide in your leg hair!
      Freddie: I don't have leg hair!
      Mrs. Benson: Which worries me deeply!

    • Freddie: You know, I oughta go tell your grandfather a thing or two.
      Sam: If only you knew a thing or two.

    • Carly: I'm moving to Yakima. I'm gonna be a Yakimite or Yakiminitian.
      Freddie: Yakamaniac.
      Sam: You're Yakimannoying.

    • Freddie: Hey! Could you keep your hands off my equipment over there?
      Sam: I could, but I don't think I will.
      (Sam continues to play with the equipment)

    • (doorbell rings)
      Spencer: I got it.
      Sam: If it's Freddie's mom, don't open the door.
      Freddie: Hey, my mom happens to be - yeah, don't.

    • Sam: Anti-tick lotion?
      Freddie: It's precautionary!

    • Spencer: I'm wearing my suit.
      Freddie: Nice.
      Carly: Isn't it kinda small on you?
      Spencer: Yeah, 'cause I only wore it once in the tenth grade for a school play.
      Sam: What role did you play?
      Spencer: Man in suit.
      Sam: Ah.

    • Spencer: Wait! (Spencer tries to catch up with Carly and the phone rings) Hello? No Freddie's not here Mrs. Benson. I don't know when I grew leg hair! I gotta go. (hangs up the phone) WAIT!

    • Grandfather Shay: Yakima's a great town!
      Carly: No great town can be named Yakima! It sounds like someone throwing up!
      Spencer: It does. (pretends to throw up while saying Yakima)

    • Grandfather Shay: Spencer needs to learn to take care of himself before he can take care of a child.
      Carly: I'm not a child! I'm just young and short!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Granddad stayed at the Parker-Nichols Hotel, which is a reference to Miranda Cosgrove's TV Brothers Drake Parker and Josh Nichols from Drake and Josh, which was created by Dan Schneider.

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