Season 1 Episode 10

iWant a World Record

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Carly, Freddie and Sam want to get into the world record book so they decide to try and beat the record for longest ongoing webcast. Meanwhile, Spencer builds an enormous sculpture.

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  • This episode was about making it to the world record book.

    Carly, Sam, and Freddie want to be in the World Record book so they think of a plan to make that happen. So Spencer and Freddie are in a group and Sam and Carly are in a group to think of a way to make sure they a world record. Now Carly and Sam plan doesn't work as smooth as they wanted it to. since they tried to make a web cast show for 24 hours but since of dumb reasons they didn't make the point. Don't worry because Spencer did and got to put Carly, Sam, and Freddie name because they helped put something on his masterpiece.moreless
  • iWant A World Record- Mediocre

    Geese I semi-liked this episode. I liked how Sam and Carly did the web show and stuff but ohter than that this episode was ehhhh. I hated the ending how Spencer was like help me put on the last peice. Then Carly, Sam, and Freddie get creidt? They did not do anything but out something on! I partly-enjoyed this episode.
  • It was okay but after watching it so many times in the past... it was getting old and tiring to watch

    In the past, when this episode premiered on Nick like around 2007, I thought that this was an okay episode but it's stuff we've all seen on television before. As Nick keeps rerunning this episode so many times, it just got old and very tiring to watch and it went from okay to mediocre in my opinion. Back then in 2007, Nick would air reruns of this episode like three times a week and I was sick of it because it got old and tiring to watch and the things that Carly and Sam did to have a 24-hour webcast are just stupid things that we have all seen before. Carly and Sam dipping their head in cold water to wake themselves up... come on, we have seen that on television like a million times before. It was good to see Granddad again as well but the stunt that he did is the one that we have all seen before. Let's just say that everything Carly and Sam did for their 24-hour webcast is the same old thing that we have seen on television before. Come on, you should've come up with something more exciting, seriously writers?... My score is at a 5 because Spencer was the only one who made me laugh. Sam waking up Spencer with a horn was very funny... I have to admit that never gets old for me. Spencer having pins on his hand was also hilarious. The whole thing with the World's Fattest Priest was also very funny. Overall, Spencer and a few scenes entertaining scenes are the only things that never got old for me and at least give this episode a 5... sorry fans, but I didn't even find it a great episode in the first place when it premiered in 2007... I used to think it was at least okay but my opinion changed and now it's mediocre to me. 5/10moreless
  • record time

    This episode was very funny to watch even though you could predict that they weren't going to make the record. This must have been the episode with the most webcast screen time in it so that must have counted for something. So the gang decides to do the longest continues web cast in history. But at the end Spencer's sculpture with moving electrical appliances draw too much power and the show is interrupted for 4 seconds definitely felt sorry for them. but at the end Spencer did break the record with his sculpture and he even let the kids help him in the end so they could be in the Jonas book of records too.moreless
  • iAwesome Episode!

    This was one of my favorite iCarly episodes. I love when Carly and Sam were doing eachothers make up. That was funny, cause they looked silly! I felt really bad that they didn't win for longest running web show, but it was really really really really nic of Spencer to let them be in his world record. The ending with the fat priest was very very funny. The guy who never blinks was funny! I really liked him and the lady. They were nice characters. I really want them to appear again, even though they probably wont appear again sadly.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Carly's apartment is on the eighth floor. When they went street fishing from the iCarly studio, their fishing rods must be very long since they caught a baby.

    • Spencer's sculpture was inducted into the Jonas Book of World Records for most moving parts on one creation.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Grandfather Shay: And who doesn't love exercise?
      Carly: Uh, that would be most Americans.

    • Freddie: I could talk about memory chips, the importance of backing up your personal data...
      Sam: I'd like to back up over your personal data with a truck.

    • Freddie: Why are you obsessed with fat priests?
      Sam: I'm not. I'm obsessed with the fattest priest. The chubby ones mean nothing to me.

    • Carly: And think how much buzz iCarly would get if we did break that record.
      Sam: I could get my face in the same book as the world's fattest priest. Oh my gosh, I would die.

    • Spencer: Wait, I blinked.
      Calvin: I didn't.
      Spencer: I can see why you love him.

    • Worker: There is a gas leak. You guys have gotta get out of here.
      Carly: Wait! (to the camera) Okay, um, we are still in the middle of breaking the world's longest continuous webcast.
      Sam: Which we will do.
      Carly: So, right now please enjoy the following argument. (to the worker) We can't stop this webcast!
      Sam: We're trying to break a world record here!
      Worker: There is a gas leak. I don't know when it started, okay? This is serious business! You girls have gotta get put of here! I mean it! OUT! (Spencer runs in)
      Spencer: Okay! What's goin' on?
      Sam: This old dude's trying to make us leave.
      Worker: Just for a few minutes until we determine if it's-old dude?
      Sam: Sorry... person of age.
      Carly: Is it okay if we stop our webcast just for a few minutes?
      Marilyn: I'm sorry, if you stop I'm going to have to disqualify you.
      Carly: Okay, people. We're having some issues, here. But just keep watching iCarly. We're not going off the air until we break the world record.

    • Marilyn: Spencer, this is my boyfriend, Calvin.
      Spencer: The guy who never blinks?
      Calvin: (not blinking) That's right. (Spencer tries to make him blink, but doesn't work)
      Calvin: Not a chance.

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