Season 1 Episode 2

iWant More Viewers

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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It's Carly and Sam versus Freddie and Spencer in the ultimate competition to see who can attract more viewers to the show. Things go crazy when they carry out their plans.

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  • Classic episode of iCarly.

    This is another well done episode of icarly. It's a classic episode. It was pretty funny for the carly gang to come up with a bet to increase more viewers by doing various things, while the loser has to touch the doorman Lewbert's nasty Wart. It was funny that when Carly and Sam made a poster that said "PLEASE GO WATCH it got soaked in the rain. Freddie and Spencer made an electric sign that said the same thing. It was funny when the cars were crashing. it was also funny that Spencer's sign says "Pee on Carl" when he was trying to turn the sign off. That part was really hilarious. The ending was cool too since they both lost, they didn't have to touch Lewbert's Wart. Overall another perfect episode of icarlymoreless

    I love this episode! OK, so i am a huge fan of icarly. i watch it whenever i can. my mom wont let me watch this show. the funny part was when the sign said pee on carl. 7/10
  • Even better than the first episode!

    This was my favorite episode from season one and still is. It has a good storyline,good humor,and the ending is worth watching alone. All around a great episode.
  • iWant More Viewers- Terrible

    These season 1 episodes are all the same:

    1. Carly: The girl who has no funny jokes.

    2. Sam: Better in the future seasons but not that good in season 1.

    3. Freddie: That dork who thinks he's so cool. (Only in season 1)

    4. Spencer: The only funny one.

    This episode was terrible because it had that same annoying unfunny humor season 1 is having. Sorry.
  • Even better than iPilot.

    This episode was perfect in so many way i can't even tell you. I really loved this episode. Now i think this is the best episode of season 1. Now i would say that the funniest part of the whole episode when the sign said Pee on Carl. I LOLed so hard!!!! I really don't have that much to say about this episode but overall 10/10.
Austin Herrera Davis

Austin Herrera Davis

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Jozef Fahey

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C.J. Manigo

C.J. Manigo

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Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Ms. Briggs

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • This episode marks the introduction of Lewbert, the doorman of the Bushwell building where Carly, Spencer, and Freddie live. He's mean, and has a big wart on his left cheek.

      This also introduces "Messin' With Lewbert", a segment that Carly and Sam created for iCarly. In it, they pull a series of pranks on Lewbert.

    • This is the first time we see Spencer's "light-up" sock.

    • Running Gag: Spencer using the word "literally" on the interstate, usually incorrectly.

    • The Band playing on Seattle Beat is Saucy Monky with their song "Disco Ball."

    • Spencer graduated from Ridgeway (Carly's current school) eight years ago. Therefore, Miss Briggs has been teaching at Ridgeway for at least eight years.

    • In the scene where Spencer's sign lights up the interstate, it supposedly causes drivers to crash. However, cars can be seen driving along smoothly behind him after the cars crashed.

    • It is discovered that Ms. Briggs' first name is Francine.

    • When Sam and Carly came into the apartment after getting soaked in the rain, one back shot of Sam had her hair was completely swept over her right shoulder, but in the next shot, some of her hair draped down her back.

    • When Spencer repeatedly and quickly said no, Freddie commented that he said no seven times when Spencer really said no five times.

    • When Carly and Sam are in front of the Seattle Beat holding the banner, the host says, "You can catch them at the showbox next weekend. (Looks at Carly and Sam) That sign is messed up," but when they play back the clip on iCarly, she goes on to say, "So don't miss-" before she looks at Carly and Sam.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • (Carly, Sam, and Freddie are reading comments on iCarly.com)
      Carly: Insane!
      Freddie: Unbelievable!
      Sam: I know, can you believe this?
      Freddie: I said, unbelievable.
      Sam: Oh I'm sorry, I thought you said you were doofy and annoying!

    • (a sound is heard in the background of Spencer's live broadcast to iCarly)
      Carly: What's going on out there, Spencer?
      Spencer: Well, it seems our sign is so bright and dazzling, it distracted one of the drivers below. (another car crash is heard) Actually, two of the drivers- (more crashes are heard) ...three of the dr- (yet more car crashes are heard) ...literally many of the drivers below are being distracted by our extremely dazzling sign!

    • (Emmett drinks the spaghetti and meatballs)
      Sam: And there ya have it!
      Carly: You can drink spaghetti and meatballs!
      Sam: Now get out of here Emmett, you creep me out!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Luckily, Emmett will eat or drink anything! Seriously! One time, Sam dropped a quarter...Emmett ate it!
      Sam: I got it back three days later.

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Okay. On our last webcast, Sam and I told you to go to iCarly.com and click that feedback button!
      Sam: And man, you people clicked on that sucker like it was your job!

    • Freddie: I think me and Spencer are gonna win, and you two are gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. I feel bad for you, Carly. (to Sam) Not for you.
      (Sam squeezes out her wet hair on Freddie)

    • Freddie: What's that?
      Carly: Soggy banner. Our plans to get more viewers didn't go too well.
      Sam: Yeah, like how the Titanic staying afloat didn't go too well.

    • Carly: I got it! I know how we're gonna get a ton more people to watch our webcast!
      Sam: Does it involve dental floss?
      Carly: No why?
      Sam: (picking at her teeth) I think that piece of corn had a friend!

    • Sam: I got it. I got it!
      Carly: You thought of an idea for the contest?!
      Sam: No. You remember at lunch, that piece of corn I got stuck in my teeth?
      Carly: No.
      Sam: (sticks up her finger) Well here it is! (tosses it onto the floor)
      Carly: And thank you, for flicking your used corn onto my floor.

    • Spencer: (running into the school) Hey Freddie!
      Freddie: (hitting his head inside his locker) Ow! Man!
      Spencer: Whatcha doing?
      Freddie: Bleeding!

    • Carly: So it's me and Sam versus Freddie and Spencer. Team with the best idea to get more viewers wins.
      Freddie: Kay. But I think the team that loses should have some penalty.
      Sam: Hasn't life already penalized you enough?
      (Carly sprays her with water)
      Carly: That's for being mean.
      Sam: It was worth it!

    • Sam: I'm on Carly's team!
      Freddie: Woah, teams?! She said each. And why do you get to be on Carly's team?
      Sam: 'Cause each sounds like a lot of work!

    • (in the middle of the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: ...Which is why I say, the potato is superior to the sports bra!
      Sam: And if you don't believe us, try making French fries out of a sports bra!

    • Sam: Say yo to the people Freddie.
      Freddie: Yo to the people! How y'all doing out there-
      Sam: That's enough Freddie.

    • Freddie: What up my peeps!
      Sam: Wow, that greeting was uncool in so many ways.
      Freddie: Yeah? Well, uncool is the new cool.
      Sam: Wow, that comeback was uncool in so many ways.

    • Spencer: Okay so wait, wait, wait. We all failed miserably trying to get you guys more viewers for iCarly, and yet it is precisely those miserable failures that are getting you guys more viewers for iCarly?
      Carly: Yeah.
      Spencer: Insanity!

    • Sam: Freddie play that clip.
      Freddie: Some people might say please.
      Sam: Yeah...I didn't.

    • Spencer: (about iCarly) I loved how you zoomed in on Lewbert's big old wart. Wonder what would happen if you squeezed that thing...

    • Carly: Spencer dinner time! You guys staying for dinner?
      Sam: Yeah, I got no place to go.

    • (They are talking about the competition to get more viewers)
      Spencer: What should the losers have to do?
      Carly: I'm gonna say...losing team has to...touch Lewbert's wart.
      Spencer: Yeah! I mean ugh...

    • Carly: So, ideas?
      Sam: Yeah, your spaghetti could use more garlic.
      Freddie: I think Carly's spaghetti is great.
      Sam: Then why don't you put some down your pants?
      Freddie: Because maybe I don't want to put pasta down my pants!

    • Spencer: Behold the sign! Are you beholding it?
      Carly: Oh we're beholding it!

    • Carly: (To Freddie and Sam) Try not to kill each other while I get the door.

    • Carly: Good job Spencer. You too, Freddie.
      Freddie: Thank you Carly, in your face Sam.

    • (Spencer opens the door)
      Officer Carl: And just so you know, I did have lotion. Cucumber melon!

    • Carly: And there you have it, you can drink spaghetti and meatball!
      Sam: Now get out of here kid before you creep me out.
      Carly: Yes you can have the rest.

    • Ms. Briggs: Well, well, look what the janitor swept up! Spencer Shay! I thought I'd seen the last of you eight years ago when you graduated. But sadly you're back.
      Spencer: Nice to see you, Ms. Briggs. Or now that I'm older, may I call you Margaret?
      Ms. Briggs: You may not!
      Spencer: Why?
      Ms. Briggs: My name is Francine!

    • (Carly and Sam enter house after attempt to get more viewers fails)
      Carly: Do I smell barbecue?
      Spencer: No, that's my burning flesh.

    • Sam: You're not still dating that girl?
      Spencer: Nah, she only liked me for my socks.
      Sam: That's weird.
      Spencer: Is it? (puts his foot on the table and shows his flashing socks)

    • (Spencer is brought home by the police and they take off his handcuffs)
      Spencer: Thank you officer. Do you have any lotion?
      Officer Carl: No! Now I'm letting you off with a warning, but the next time you cause one of the worst traffic jams in Seattle history, you will get arrested.
      Carly: I think that sounds fair.
      Officer Carl: What were you thinking?! Putting up a sign telling people to pee on Carl?!
      Spencer: It was a terrible mistake officer...(looks at name tag) Carl.

    • Carly: Can he hear us?
      Freddie: Yeah he should be able to. Oh! Try now.
      Carly: Hey Spencer!
      Spencer: (Spencer drops his taco) Aah! Hey Carly, Sam! You guys owe me half a taco.

  • NOTES (2)