Season 2 Episode 15

iWant My Website Back

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Carly loses her URL to Nevel, who's willing to give it back to her---in exchange for a kiss. Elsewhere, Spencer orders 200 pillows by mistake, but he finds a way to make the best of it.

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  • It's just like any ordinary Nevel episode... LAME!!!

    I don't see why everyone gave this episode such positive reviews. Oh well, I guess it depends if you like Nevel or not. I really don't like Nevel and that's probably why I didn't like this episode that much. However, there are maybe a couple of Nevel episodes that are actually good. One of the them is definitely "iNevel", that episode is actually a good episode that has Nevel in it. Anyways, the other thing that really made my score low was the return of Mandy... that living nightmare and annoying girl from "iAm Your Biggest Fan" who I was hoping to never see again. I guess Spencer's plot is alright but instead of these Spencer subplots, he should be with Carly, Sam, and Freddie more often. Thanks goodness that there are less Spencer subplots in the later iCarly episodes. Spencer ordering 2 pillows but getting mixed up with 200 pillows was pretty funny though. Spencer dressed up as woman did crack me up and made me laugh so hard that my score went up higher. That old man hitting on Spencer (in the old woman disguise) is also hilarious. Nothing else made me laugh hard after that. The ending was lame and pretty stupid. Overall, except for a couple of Nevel episodes, this is just like any ordinary Nevel episodes which are LAME in my definition. 4.5/10moreless
  • 215

    An eventful episode of iCarly and yet another installment of Nevel. Nevel has been a recurring character since season one, and this was one of his best comebacks. Buying the website from Mandy, their biggest fan? Now I wasn't a huge fan of Mandy the first time around, but she was pretty good here.

    Spencer dressing up like a woman to get the website back just shows what a great brother he really is. Things almost got serious between Spencer & Nevel, I loved that scene. The ending was definitely surprising. I mean we all knew that Carly wasn't going to kiss Nevel. It's just the way she escaped, for a second there, it looked like there was no way out.

    A special offering of iCarly tonight, you can definitely tell with the crowd cheering for joy when the group got their website back. Good episode of iCarly tonight.moreless
  • iwant my website back

    A very enjoyable episode of the series that features two of the crazier recurring castmembers in Mandy and Nevil. Anytime Nevil stops by you know it is trouble, and he is just the perfect villain, the perfect antagonist for the protagonist in Carly Shay.

    Here we saw the gang lose their URL only for them to get it back by Carly agreeing to kiss Nevil. You knew it would not happen, but how she avoided it was shocking, she attached herself to a harness and got reeled up into her apartment. This was a shocking ending, but it was good to see the evil Nevil not get what he wanted.

    A funny episode, and a relatable one to anyone who likes the internet. Definitely worth watching.moreless
  • Both Nevel and Mandy are back to wreak havoc among the iCarly gang. This is one episode you can not miss.

    iCarly loses their URL...to none other then their biggest fan, the insane she-duck Mandy (Played by the fabulous Aria Wallace)! They ask Mandy for their URL back, but she tells them that they already lost it once, so she'll just hold onto it. Mandy becomes the new iCarly manager. I absolutely loved this plot! Mandy is hilarious! While filming a skit for iCarly titled "The Cowboy With A Mustache And The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought It Was A Squirrel" Mandy interrupts because she doesn't get the joke. Most definitely the funniest part of the episode! Mandy then signs the URL back over to who she thinks is Freddie, but turns out to be iCarly's rival, Nevel! Nevel won't return it unless he gets a kiss from Carly. In the subplot Spencer order 200 pillows by mistake. The whole pillow thing wasn't a big part in the episode, but it was a little funny. This entire episode was just full of hilarious events! If you're a fan of iCarly, but haven't seen this episode, I recommend that you go watch it. Now. Go watch it now! Good job, Dan Schneider! You are a genius!moreless
  • iCarly is officially back!

    These previous episodes of iCarly (exept for iGo to Japan) have been dropping sense of humor. In this episode, it shows an example of what iCarly should always be like! For example, "iLook Alike", not the best episode. "iMeet Fred", expected a little more. "iRocked the Vote" need some fine tuning. And so on. In this episode, when Spencer cancels his credit card, Mandy, iCarly's biggest fan, bought the "iCarly.com" URL. Later, Nevel tricks Mandy into giving him the URL. The comedy in this episode is just what the doctor ordered! C: Therefore, iCarly came out of it's shell and is officially back!moreless

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