Season 1 Episode 24

iWin A Date

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

In order to help a friend, Carly opens up a dating segment, but when contestants fail to appear, Carly steps in and she finds herself becoming the lucky sweetheart for her friend.

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  • I'm giving this a perfect 10!

    This episode was great! I think this was the best episode so far! Everything in this episode was hilarious. It was very nice to finally have an entire episode completely devoted to a plot that is all about Gibby. He was never given the right amount of time, and he deserved this episode. Gibby's friend was pretty weird, but he added to the comedy, especially on the triple date with Sam. I hope we get to see more of him eventually. What really was funny was when they were doing the iWin a Date segment on the show and everyone's voice was so different. And it was funny on how much Carly liked her high squeaky voice.

    Its classic Gibby for him to take off his shirt, but 2 times in 1 episode?! It was just too funny. Especially to see him dancing on the table. Then his crush left and the other girl took charge and began to dance with him.

    I really think this episode was the best episode yet, and I really loved it. Everything in this episode was funny.moreless
  • Cool but kinda obnoxious.

    Not a very funny episode but teaches kids about relationships.
  • iWin A Date- Abysmal!!!!!!

    Ugg the major dorky Freddie is back!!!! I hated this episode becasuse the episode made no sense!!! Why isn't Shannon going with her friends to go to Girly Cow On Ice????? Seriosuly terrbilbe episode!!!!
  • good

    Gibby likes this girl Shannon but she likes Freddie instead. Carly and Sam do a dating show online and two contestants fail to appear so they will be in it themselves and the girl Shannon. They even tell Gibby to pick number two But he doesn't get it. Freddie plays the show master and Carly answers Gibby's questions. She tells him that she likes him to go get a job. On the what i you we're married question from Freddie. Then Gibby picks number one Carly. He made a mistake but Carly agrees to go out with him. She even invites Gibby friend who talks in a weird manor by using phrases that nobody gets the kid has a crush on Sam but she gets annoyed by him. So they all have a salad bowl Shannon is interested in Freddie who doesn't know anything. Then Gibby tells her that he is the one that wanted to go out with her and that he acted more like freddie. Gibby's friend makes one final comment and then Sam uses on of his phrases to drive him away. Gibby starts acting like himself and dances with his shirt off on the table. Shannon is shocked and leaves. Sam and Carly look on in disgust but there's another girl who likes to dance with Gibby on the table. That dinner scene was so funny everything went wrong But a shirtless kid dancing on a table was just a bit creepy.moreless
  • Nice

    In this episode Gibby wants a girl named Shannon to like him, but she likes Freddie. So Carly, Sam and Freddie try to get Gibby to act like Freddie so Shannon might like him too. They make a new iCarly segment called "iWin a Date", but the contestants do not show instead of just Shannon, so Carly and Sam fill in, and at the end Gibby picks Carly. So Carly goes out to dinner with Gibby, Freddie with Shannon and Sam with Gibby's weird friend. In the end Shannon runs away but Gibby might have found a new girl.

    It was nice, to me, to see a Gibby-centric episode, and I hope we see more in the futuremoreless

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