Season 3 Episode 16

iWon't Cancel the Show

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 01, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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After Sam is suddenly forced in jail, Carly and Freddie make a serious vow not to cancel the web show since her dad will be watching. So she asks Spencer to help, but will prove difficult since he has a date that same night.

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  • What? Another bad one? :(

    Ok its time to get on with it. I've seen enough bad iCarly episodes.
  • 316

    It's not that Sam's absence brought the rating down, it was just the entire episode in general that was incredibly weak. The sketch's were simply not funny, not one, and they just took up about 75 percent of the entire episode.

    Incredibly disappointing since I was actually excited to see this episode focused on Spencer, considering how hilarious Jerry Trainer is, but this was just annoying, especially Gibby, and the albeit predictable ending was not entertaining.

    I really couldn't care about why Jennette Mccurdy was absent, and it didn't really affect the episode much, the writing was lacking tonight, not the amount of characters on my television screen.moreless
  • Somewhat weak but since Sam was NOT in this episode... I'm gonna give this a perfect score

    I thought that this was a... well... not really a perfect episode because there were a couple of flaws in this episode but let's just say... enjoyable episode of "iCarly". Well, this is going to be my second time being generous on an "iCarly" review. The first time was "iSaved Your Life". I'm only giving this a perfect score because Sam was NOT in this episode. No offense to the people that like Sam but she just drives me insane because she abuses Freddie too much and is a bad influence on children. An accomplishment to have Sam absent in at least one episode. This episode wasn't terrible at all... it is somewhat weak but I'm giving it a perfect score because it was funny and Sam was absent in this episode. The highlight of this episode was when Gibby was brushing his teeth with mustard and then Gibby says "This is torture"... hilarious scene but poor Gibby. Spencer doing the webshow for Carly since their dad is going to watch "iCarly" for the first time was pretty cool. The sour milk was gross yet pretty entertaining. There a couple of flaws as I mentioned earlier. First flaw was that Spencer's plot with that sophisticated woman wasn't that great. Second, the idiot girl who thought the man's mustache was a squirrel is really getting old. One good thing about it though is Carly looks good in the cowgirl clothes (LOL). Overall, this wasn't exactly a perfect episode but it was funny with a couple of flaws that I can let slide and also because Sam was absent in this episode (again, no offense to the Sam fans)... not the greatest episode I've ever seen and not my favorite episode either but it's pretty entertaining to see. 10/10moreless
  • iwont cancel the show

    Thankfully, there was no Sam, and I certainly enjoyed that. I understand that a lot of people like her and I get that her character is integral to the success of this show, but I just find her presence to be ever so perturbing. The show primarily featured Spencer here tonight, which was a good thing as Jerry Trainor adds so much to this show and is one of the reasons I am able to be over 7 and still watch this show without being completely embarrassed. The storyline with him trying to act sophisticated was pure gold, and even the iCarly online segments weren't that annoying today, when they usually are.moreless
  • Sam's absence prove epsiode costly.

    When Sam was sent to jail for throw her hot dog down someone pants, the iCarly crew have to scramble to find a replacement. Carly would like her brother Spencer to replace her, but she got a date, so he must go back and forth between iCarly and his date. There were some fun moments, but Sam's absence got this episode a 6. I read that the reason Jenette McCurdy's absence that she was in the hospital. Was she sick? Was she hurt? I love the actress and when I heard she was in the hospital, I'm very concern. I hope someone at TV.com knows more about it. I'm in the dark and I would like to know.moreless

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