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  • This show has started off as a very good show and is very funny, but the show could be improved.

    ICarly is a very comical show, and it is fun to watch. The characters all have different personalities which helps the show greatly. The show does have some aspects in which it could improve. Carly ans Sam can be very annoying and times, and they act inmature in some of the episodes. There also some inapproate comments made during the shows, as well as some inapproate actions. An example would be Sam accusing Carly of "enhancing" her appearence. This was obviously talking about her brests. This is inapproate for a show that could be viewed by younger kids. Other then these problems, which do not happen to often, this is a very good show, and is very enjoyable show to watch. As along as no major changes occure, the show should be good, and continue to be good.
  • change of heart;

    when i first reviewed this show i said it was MAD corny and lame and whatnot. then i started watching it more and it started making me laugh... a lot. so, i changed my review. i love this show! haha. spencer is adorable + completely random. sam is JUST like my sister, being sarcastic allll the time... man i don't know what i was thinking with that last review. i do have to admit SOMETIMES the jokes are a litttttle bit corny. i mean come on... just sometimes. other than that this show gets a great score. probably the best thing on nick right now, since spongebob SUCKS with the new episodes. :/
  • *sigh* Not another Teenick show.

    Teenick's been going downhill for years, and with it's new addition iCarly, it's gonna be going downhill faster than ever. Of course Miranda Cosgrove would get her own show. If there had been some other actress in place of Miranda, maybe the show wouldn't be so bad. I don't know. But if it's going to turn out anything like Drake and Josh, iCraly's in trouble. Drake and Josh started out great, but went downhill. iCarly's already going downhill and it's only had 2 episodes. There are a few mildly interesting parts in the show, and a few good actors/actresses. (I.e. Spencer, and at certain parts of the episodes Sam.) I'm pretty sure iCarly will turn out to be a big hit and all, but I'm probably never going to like it much. (Lol. 8 people? Why am I not surprised? Oh well. That's just the way society thinks. They don't know how to be different. They see a "star" is the lead role in a show and they automatically set their brains to think they love the show and it's awesome, and all before they've eve seen it.)
  • Eh... I like it i guess

    Well, so far my impression of iCarly is that it's strange but funny. It can get a little annoying, and i know thats a lot to say after just three episodes, but whatever. My favorite character is spencer, he's funny. I wish he was my big bro. I like his socks, they are so cool!!! Freddie is annoying. I dont like him and you can disagree with me all you want but im not changing my mind. I think the reason he annoys me is beacause he is like me in real life. Kind of sad when you think about it... but this show is cool.
  • Ughh

    iCarly should be called iStupid, its just another overrated nick show. It's not as bad as Drake and Josh but its still bad. First off, I can't stand Miranda Cosgrove...she's not that funny and she can't sing. The show is just kinda wierd I don't get why people think its so great. It's not the next big thing. I really don't like Nickelodeon or the actors/singers on there so that's another reason I don't like this show. I heard that there will be an iCarly soundtrack. Why? does this show even have music on it? Ahhh Nickelodeon please give it up. Your shows are not that great and iCarly is one the most overrated ones you have made.
  • I have to say I judged this show far ahead of time. Its not the greatest but its okay to watch now and again.

    I really did judge this ahead of time. It's been on at my house a lot lately because of my younger siblings, and when I finally got the time to watch it, I realized it wasn't as bad as I first thought. Spencer does make the show a lot more interesting. Without him i think it wouldn't be as good. There are a lot of times where it doesn't make sense at all. The plots do not work. And the story just doesn't make sense, but im probably just analyzing it way too far. Its more for younger kids, so considering the age group their trying to appeal to, i think it works for them. Just don't watch the same episode twice.
  • A new type of show that I guarentee will be great.

    iCarly is a show about a girl named Carly (Miranda Cosgrove)
    her best friend Sam, and her neighbor Freddy, who have their own webshow. It all starts when there is a talent show at their school, Mrs. Briggs, one of the teachers will not allow some kids to perform because she believes they are talentless. So Carly gets this idea to start her own show online to allow kids to do whatever they want. (You may even send them a video.) This is a classic show. I have never heard of anything like it. I believe this will be a great show.
  • Horrible

    This has to be the worst sitcom I have ever seen in my life. First lets sum up the story. 3 little brats make a web show that isn't even funny in the first place, then over 500,000 people like it for no reason at all.

    That's the storyline. I'm surprised it made it to a second season. Another problem I have with the show is that annoying laugh track. It goes off every 3 seconds at wrong moments. Then the jokes/words they use. The jokes are not funny at all, it's like the writers were all 2 year olds. They also use words that people in a everyday bases won't use, like "Suckish" (wtf), "Fladoodle" (again wtf) etc... The writers also are unoriginal. Instead of Wallmart they use Tallmart, instead of Fedex they use Sendex, etc...
  • a very horrible show that lost its touch and now way is it for Kids!!!!

    Icarly had a good season 1, but after that season 2 just destroyed the series. Miranda cosgrove isn't funny, her blonde freind is even worse. And Freddie...how is he a nerd? I knew this was a bad idea from the start, I mean the show started out with Carly and her blonde freind making a video and her and her freind make a joke about the teachers pointy boobs, yes POINTY BOOBS....what. is this what there showing to kids the days. ANd all of the sudden, the post that up on the web and it gets several HITS. This show is fake, and their relationships are too complex for a 14-15 year old girl to be dealing with. This is a lame show and last

    Cosgrove AINT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!
  • Random, but sometimes too random. The first episodes were more complicated and well written.

    Some of the reviews say that iCarly is too violent. I disagree because it probably has the same amount of violence as any other show. That's not something I don't like about the show. It was pretty good in the beginning episodes, but it all went downhill from there. The episode plots started to get less complicated, so some of the more recent ones had not much of a plot and especially lame and random resolutions to the problems. (iFight Shelby Marx, iCook, iThink They Kissed, iCarly Awards, iMust Have Locker 239, iLook Alike, etc.) The first episode kind of like that was iDream of Dance. Some jokes are funny, but they have to know when they're putting too many random jokes into their scripts.
  • This show is slowly getting underappreciated and it keeps on getting dissed.

    Now people may say, The humor is terrible, they can't come up with a good joke, these kids can bearly act. In most ways this show features more teen humor, sometimes kids can laugh at stuff easy. This show is getting dissed by each episode, or depending on the humor, sure iCarly had a little problem with season 2 and the jokes weren't as good as season 1, but this show is pretty great in my opinion. Also the laugh track is kinda used alot, but it doesn't really matter anyways. This show is pretty much in the teen area, adults wouldn't probably find the humor too good though. It's just too bad it's getting dissed alot. Final Grade: A+
  • Okay, but fell victim to seasonal rot.

    iCarly is considered the successor to Drake and Josh. As such, it succeeds at that and it has turned out to be a pretty funny show.

    Then season two came on.

    The show was great mostly during season one, and there have been few episodes that shined after that. The funny randomness of season one turned into merely randomness and violence...oh, all he violence. I don't think there's been this much violence on children's television in decades.

    Overall, it's okay, but I would only really watch the first season for a good example of the best of the show.
  • This show is pretty good.

    I wouldn't say that this is my favorite Nickelodeon sitcom. My favorite was Drake and Josh, and because of iCarly, Drake and Josh was ultimately cancelled.

    I totally disagree with this decision; Drake and Josh was much goofier, spunkier, the theme song was a lot more original, and the show overall was more directed towards teenagers.

    However, iCarly is a pretty great show in all. While Miranda Cosgrove spent her days in Drake and Josh tormenting her brothers and setting a bad example for kids who loved to play pranks, Carly Shay wants to be a good inspiration for kids to be determined, and that if they try hard enough, they could be just as famous as the members of iCarly.

    However, she speaks a little fast in some scenes, which can be a little hard to understand for smaller children. Besides that, this show is fairly good. It's not better than Drake and Josh, but it's definitely good.
  • A pretty cool show

    Though it may never be as epic as Drake and Josh, it's still fun to watch. The program is about a 14-year-old girl who runs a popular web show called Icarly from the third floor of her apartment with her best friends, Sam (Why do so many people complain about her? Jennette McCurdy is known for playing the mean girls) and Freddie, the technical producer and Sam's punching bag. Carly lives with her 26-year-old guardian, one of my favorite characters. Jerry was funny as Crazy Steve and he's just as funny doing Spencer. Don't be hatin' on him just because he rarely acts his age. I think the idea is original to say the least. The stuff done on Icarly is not the greatest, but far from dull and uninteresting. Though, it is strange how they get so many viewers per show-a mystery that will likely be left unsolved. I disagree with other reviewers. I don't think the moral of the show is it's okay to be naughty. The only time Carly does not-so-good things is when she is either fixing a horrible mistake or getting revenge on someone who deserves it (like Nevel). However, there is one flaw I find: the vocal acting (rather too much screaming, especially coming from the girls and I liked Freddie's voice better in Season 1, but he's reached puberty. Nothing we can do about it now)
  • iCarly is a very good show.

    I Love icarly. it throws what I like all together the internet and TV. the show is about 3 kids who start a web show and becomes a hit. the brother spencer droped out of law school to become an artist. He makes very crazy art. Dan knows how to write a very good episodes. I love the show alot. they should keep making more season. I heard the are making 45 episodes for season 2 and splitting in half for season 3. don'y know what's going to happen. Also season 3 is going to be the last season of the show. hopefully not though. I love how sam beats up people. Also fredie is pretty crazy. Mrs. Benson is the weirdest mom in the world.
  • An okay show... but not great.

    The only reason I give this show a 6 is because it can sometimes be funny and entertaining. First off, this webshow thing the characters run is just a bunch of random, annoying, unfunny humor. The child characters seem to have little or no respect for adults. Sam is violent and hoistile. Carly is mean to Spencer. Hobos are constantly being mentioned and what's the deal with those random shirts that the characters frequently wear that say things like "Ointment 500" and "Quirky Chowder". I mean WTC? The show's humor and laugh track are just annoying, the storylines are lame, and the show has a lot of sexual innuendo that shouldn't be in a kids show. The acting is okay I guess but this show needs work. By the way, that "Fred Video" that ended that one episode was so annoying it gave me a headache. Enough said!
  • An OK show, but it could be inprove in many ways.

    Icarly is a show about a girl named carly. She creates a show named icarly due to the fact when she was judge of a talent show the adults wouldn't show weird acts. So Here the Pro's and Con's of this show

    Funny jokes, lot's of decent characters, Real life situations. Good acting. Spencer is like the funniest.

    I hate that Sam, some people say she's funny but she's mean to Freddie she once apogize for doing something so mean to him but she said she would still torture him and apogize every year so she could fresh again, They mention Hobo's in every episode, like they did in D&J. Carly's a bit bratty to Spencer. She once stuck out because she didn't get her way. plus, you made fun of her boy friend once behind his back because he had a stuffed animal collection.

    So It's OK I hope they can improve it a little more.
  • It was good for a while, but now it sucks.

    When it first showed up as a commercial for the series permire (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) I was like "Hey! It's Miranda Cosgrove! This looks like a good show and looks pretty funny!" But when I saw it you know what I thought? "What The Heck Was That?!?!?!?!" It was terrible! Like sitting through a Briney Spears music video repeating 1 million tiomes!!!! So annoying and so horrible! The jokes: lame and racist. Ex: "iPromise not to tell": In the begining Spencer is trying to operate a lamp and he can't because the instuctions are in Japenese and it says to say "Lamp" and it will turn on. Carly says to say it in Japenese and Spencer tries gets angry and yells in anger Rampoo!!!! and it turns on. So Carly makes the racist comment: "Oh! You have to say it like an angry Japenese man!" those jokes make me sick!
    In all this show is sickening. The end.
  • Very good show. Best in teenage comedy.

    This show has no hardcore storyline that makes viewers have to watch every episode. This show is nice and simple. Good for all ages. The characters does a pretty good job. The idea of having kids do a webshow but on tv will have very good infuence on the kids watching and on their minds on Internet and the tv. Even thought it's not that educational in the minds of parents but it may have some postive effects on the kids. I even see alot of adults at age 21 and older watching this. This show is turely a comedy for all ages.
  • A terrible show gets a low rating.

    This show is terrible. It's about Carly, a girl who lives with her brother, and her two friends' web show. Most episodes revolve around it.

    Really, I don't see why the web show is popular. It's terrible. It's just boring and random bits put together into a bad web show. There are common acts like "Messing With Lewbert" to annoying act idiotic acts like a "Bikini Fight with Dog Food."

    Another flaw with the show is the characters. They suck. Carly's a whinny, bratty teenager, Freddie's a loser, Sam is a poor attempt of a bad girl that has an obsession with food, and Spencer is just random. Nearly every single episode, Sam talks about food constantly and eats. Nevel, a person who's against Icarly, is a pathetic wuss. He tries to constantly destroy Icarly just because it's more popular. Sad, really.

    Jokes are so over done. Sam constantly eats and beats up people and Freddie pathetically and consistently tries to kiss Carly. Also, Carly almost always gets what she wants. She sneaks out, gets her brother beat up, ruins his sculpture, and gets detention, but her lazy older brother never punished her once. Hobo's are often referenced as if their godly. Spencer's sculptures are often praised, but they are just rubbish.

    There's really no point of watching this show at all.
  • Ok

    Carly is a teenager who lives with her twenty-six year old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces her own web casts from a studio she constructed in the attic of her home. She does this not because she is looking for fame or fortune, but because she wants to be a good role model for kids and teens. "iCarly" makes TV history as the first series to incorporate kid-generated original content into . its script. I guess this show is ok, but it could be a lot better
    Overall grade for this show en titled iCarly. . .

    8/10 80 % B-
  • A young girl does exciting webcasts with her two best friends and becomes an online celebrity.

    iCarly is a pretty good show, I absolutley love, love, love, love, love, love LOVE Nathan Kress! He is so adorable and sweet! I think that he's really cute too. tee hee. I'm really looking forward to him getting together with Sam, because, hello, it's sooooo obvious that the two of them have some kind of affection towards each other! I love it when they argue and have their little "seddie" moments. I'm not a huge fan of "creddie" because I don't really like Carly's personality. she's too much of a goody-goody and to me, she's just not Freddie's type.
  • Carly's too old, this show sucks now! The cast is dumb and they try way too hard to be funny

    It was cute when Carly was 13 or something years old at the beginning, but now she's just a Brat.
    Carly Shay hosts her own webshow with the help of her best friend Sam and a guy who lives near her and has a crush on her, Freddie.
    The reason I started hating this show is becuase the characters are sort of lame......
    Spencer is an idiot. I mean he's just way too random and he just does random things that people think are funny, but they are not.
    Freddie is a character I'm ok with. He's a kid who gets bullied all the time and is a techno geek, but he's sweet and actually a good character.
    Sam is a girl who is like a tomboy and eats almost anything. She really annoys me because she is like a criminal and extremely stupid (but not as stupid as Spencer) Carly is one of those preppy happy perfectionist girls who gets mad if she gets only one tiny thing wrong. I have characters like this. They are terrible! Why do they have to make them?
    Overall...i say this show sucks, but it is ok to watch if nothing good is on TV....
  • Carly hosts her own web show,iCarly.She lives with her brother and produces her Web casts from a makeshift loft studio.Grappling with adolescence,she never aimed to gain fame.It all happened when she was obligated to record the school talent show.(iPilot)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    This show is good for any ages and can only be described in one word... AWESOME!!!
    It's one of my favorite shows.
    I like all the episodes.
    All the characters are original and have their own personalities.
    The show is not just a comedy its very general...Has everything.

    I love IT... I don't know what more to say. Everybody have their opinion. Some people think its great, others don't. In my opinion this show deserves a 10/10 :D * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  • Its a girl who makes her own web show..enough said

    I find it rather annoying about how selfish and rude the main character. Carly has no respect for her older brother/guardian. Like the one episode where Spencer decides to ground Carly, she is just completely rude to him and she ends up winning at the end. The girl needs to have a reality check! Thats the main reason why I hate this show. I know its a show, but Carly is a terrible example for young girls. Thats why everybody would rather watch Disney. Unlike Nickelodeon, Disney has their characters who are role models for their viewers. Nickelodeon is just about rude disrespectful brats.
  • another one bites the dust

    alright so i did do this review earlier but now that this show has been on a little while i can do a proper review. This show is alright since it does try to break the traditional mold of t.v. with the whole web show idea. However, novelty can only take you so far. In the begging this show was pretty entertaining, i mean who wouldnt chuckle at a drum catching on fire? But after you get past the cheap laughs you realize how boring the show really is. They over play their gags on this show wayyyy to much ie: the bagel guy and that kid who always takes off his shirt we get it already!!! Add the characters, well their just your run of the mill stereotypes, the crazy kooky brother the tech geek who will never get the girl. i would steer clear of this show, it may entertain you for about 5 minuets until you realize that you know exactly whats going to happen and change the channel
  • One of my favorite shows.

    iCarly is an awesome show. Every episode is good (except for maybe iHate Sam's Boyfriend, that one is overplayed and boring). This show stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly. I think she's a great actress and is very funny. Sometimes her jokes on this show are very corny though. Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) are also good actors. Sam is really funny, but the funniest is Spencer (Jerry Trainor). He's hilarious! This show is one reason why Nick is way better than Disney Channel. This show is a billion times better than Hannah Montana or any other crappy Disney show. 10/10
  • Move over Hannah Montana there's a new girl in town.

    iCarly has to be one of the most original shows there is. While incorperating material sent to them from real kids at iCarly.com they keep that same comic appeal of Drake and Josh. Dan Sneider knows how to do good comedies. Now Miranda is recognizable as Megan from Drake and Josh but she's way different here. Here she is the sweet Carly Shay, living with her brother Spencer, an artist, while their dad is in the Navy. She puts on this web show iCarly with her best friend Sam, a tomboy who loves hurting people, and Freddie, the technical producer who has a crush on her. This is a great show for all ages that will give you genuine laughs and make you wonder why Hannah Montana ever had the top ratings.
  • The program is about 3 friends who have an online web show(Fantastic Idea)! Carly, Freddy and Sam are the friends and Freddy is very clever and geeky and has a huge crush on Carly. This is a brilliant comedy and has lots of laugh out loud moments.

    Well I have to admit that Carly's character isn't that great as she is all goody goody. (She is better as Megan in Drake and Josh) She is a good actor but not fantastic. Sam however is HILARIOUS as is sarcastic, greedy, will insult forever and selfish but we all love that don't we! Freddy is geeky and very funny as he is always outsmarting everyone. Spencer is probably one of the funniest characters as he is very dumb and gets obsessed with things very easily... He is an artist and used to go to law school so whenever Carly and her friends are stuck in a contract Spencer always helps them out. Well.. the main story is that they have an online web show where the randomest things happen. They all have funny and wacky adventures along the way and I would recommend this to anyone! 'Cepy someone grouccchhhhyyy! Lol! Anyways I think it's brilliant.
  • iCarly is a so called comedy about three friends (two of which STINK at acting) who run a (I don't know why) popular web show.

    The first thing that comes to mind when I see this show is - okaaaaay. It is utterly and completely unrealistic and most of the actors on the show are absolutely rubbish at acting! Their web show is meant to be popular - and yet it is pointless and has stupid subplots within the web show. Why would this web show EVER get hundreds of thousands of viwers like they say it gets (if it were in real life)?
    At first I quite enjoyed the show because of it's different and unique plot. But the more I watched it, the more I hated it! The main character - Carly Shay - is supposed to be the semi-popular goody goody girl who all the boys like, and who always seems to solve any problems that come in her way. I loved Miranda Cosgrove (Carly) in Drake and Josh in which she played a mean character - which she suited. But she is awful at playing a good girl. I think her acting is terrible!
    I also dislike Freddie, although he is an okayish actor and some of his lines are funny, his obsession over Carly is pathetic. And out of all the girls in school - suprise suprise, he likes Carly. I would personally be very offended by him if I were Carly, in one episode he even tries to blackmail her into kissing him! I hate the fact that he is obsessed with Carly. It is just Nicelodeon trying (and failing) to make Carly more attractive and impressive.
    The only characters I think are fairly good in this are Sam and Spencer. I like Sam because of her witty comments towards Freddie and dry humour which makes her at least likable (unlike sooomebody). Although I think that Nick' is trying to make her a bit too tough.
    I also like Spencer because he is so dumb and childish. His lines are often unusual and oddly funny.

    Overall, I think that iCarly is a waste of air time and I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone unless they were very easily pleased.
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