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  • a show made to entertain the viewers but sadly fails to do so .

    this show has alot of potential to be great but the plot lines are getting lame. yeah this show is funny but the jokes just gets you cheap laughs and not laugh that you could laugh everytime you her it.some are annoying such as the iam your biggest fan and also inevel , those are some episodes that made this show sunk so bad . this show gets worser in season 2 with exception of the icarly movie and iowe you those were good but still nonetheless this shos is still lame but not bad.this show is till ups and downs on how bad it is.
  • My absolute favorite tv show.

    This tv show is my absolute favorite. I honestly don't see why some people think it's boring. It's awesome. :D

    Two of my favorite characters are Spencer and Sam. Sam (Full name is Samantha Puckett) is very funny, she's probably one of the funniest parts of the entire tv show. The references to her mom are always fun to hear. Example: "My mom keeps screaming at the cat to get a job."

    Spencer is always acting like he barely knows anything, except in that episode "iWanna Stay With Spencer" which shows he can be very mature. That episode was so cute. :D

    My favorite couples are Carly and Freddy and Sam and Spencer. I'm happy that the Seddie fans will get to have their kiss but personally I don't see Carby (Carly/Gibby).
  • Another dubful christmas special

    It's Christmas time in I carly land this time around Carly gets angry over the fact that spencers project recks the gift. Since he made the tree out of crap he thought was great. Like a hammer. Carly wishes he was normal, he becomes normal, she doesnt like this normal, screams, crys and good use of chicken wings. I hated this episode, the more the eiposde went on i wished the fake setting was thr real setting. Sam in jail, ugh that makes it all better. To me the episode went no were as it just was Carly either screaming or crying the name of the angle who only wanted his chicken wings. The only think i wanted to do was slap carly and tell her to stop sreaming so i could hear the episode. All in all it was another bad christmas episode, i could tell they put nothing into it with a steal of charlie brown at the end. This makes me feel better about how bad the drake and josh special went. :?
  • What's the big deal about this show? I don't get it...

    Yeah I don't find this live-action show that good. its kind of a crappy show if you ask me. I am sorry but how is this show so great? How do so many people like it? This show is childish and has bad quotes. I think everyone can agree here though that about the only good actor who can be at least a little funny at some points is Spencer. Just about everything else about this show is NOT sparkling with beauty and amazement. Some episodes are kinda gross, and I don't really think I've ever laughed by watching this show either. I'm also not a big fan of Miranda, so seeing her star in her own show didn't have me with high expectations for it being a good show. I don't know a lot of the actors just are mediocre in my opinion. I also didn't really like Miranda's character Megan in Drake and Josh in some episodes when to me her stunts got way too harsh and annoying. Dan Schneider I think can make a better show than this one, he did an excellent and the best to me with Drake and Josh though I know that. (Except when to me Megan has crossed over her mean and annoying boundary lines.) I don't know how else to explain this situation but I do know that this show to me is crappy, lame... and crappy! Just another OVERRATED live-action show. Some people like this show but I don't! Maybe Miranda is kind of alright, and I don't mean any disrespect to the fans whatsoever. Good day. I got nothing else left to say here.
  • I love this show!

    I think this is one of the best shows that is curently on Nick at the moment. Nick doesn't have that much good shows anymore (especially the animated ones, about the only truly awesome one left is Avatar, and the only decent one I can think of right now is Barnyard, SpongeBob has sadly been not doing as good with some past poisonous episodes.) While I do think this is a great show and many are likely to disagree with me and my positive review on iCarly, I do at least think that Drake and Josh was the best and not much shows can top that one. I also think the actors for both Drake and Josh and iCarly are cool too. (And they are Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor.) iCaly perhaps needs some tweaks, and there's not that much funny parts in it so they could cut down on the automated laughter. The voices are a little high-pitched, but I still love this show. I think iCarly has a lot of great episodes with well written plots. I hope to see more great episodes premiere on this show, and that some things will be fixed too. I also am interested in the web site, so I say long live iCarly! ~Reno.~
  • a show about a webshow in seattle with 3 peoples!

    This is great that miranda cosgrove got a spinoff! good for her! its funny but sometimes it can get really boring awkward or weird. jennete mccurdy is also funny but they are not great actors. nathan kress is weird and even weird when he starred in the nick original movie about the freaky gym teacher. my favorite episode is igo to japan or idream of dance. i guess ive probably seen every episode. This is a decent show! i i i i i i i i i i i like it it it it it it it it it it !
  • toned down version of drake and josh

    so megan from drake and josh finally has her own show yay!! lol. icarly is about a girl name carly shay who makes internet shows with her best frends sam and freddie :P while going through everyday school drama. this sow is very funny and i thpought it wasnt going to be at all. the movie was great and i enjoyd it from start to finish.Carly is a teenager who lives with her twenty-six year old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces her own web casts from a studio she constructed in the attic of her home. She does this not because she is looking for fame or fortune, but because she wants to be a good role model for kids and teens. "iCarly" makes TV history as the first series to incorporate kid-generated original content into its script.
  • I don't see much wrong with this show at all, I like this show and its one of my favorites that's currently on Nick!

    When it was time for the awesome Drake and Josh to draw to a close, they decided to give Miranda her own show where she's the main character! Its like a chain actually, first there was the Amanda show where Amanda was the main head of the show, then two side stars called Drake and Josh were given their own show called Drake and Josh which stars them as the main charcters! Now we got a side star who was Megan in Drake and Josh who is the main character of this show called iCarly! I think this show has some great episodes! I also thought iWant Pie was a great episode, it mad me hungry and crave pies! Yummy! Make your own fabulous and delicious pie recipe! (That also shows that I keep up with new episodes, I also saw iGo To Japan and Pac-Rat!) I think the characters are great and there are some very special episodes with interesting plots. I like Carly Shay! And there's also Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson as her buddies, and then her guardian is Spencer Shay who is her older brother! Well I'm glad this show came out, its one of the few remaining great shows Nick has on their good show gauge which is slowly decreasing by the year. Well I'm glad Ms. Briggs isn't shown much anymore, Neville too. But still, Neville I actually can't help but miss him, he was only shown in two episodes. Well that's one special thing season one has, the memories and the interesting events of last year. This season has their own special episodes too however. This show is one where I like and is a favorite of mine!
  • While it needs some tweaks, it's not a bad show to be honest.

    From the creators of the sucessful Nickelodeon show, Drake and Josh, comes a new series starring the show's Miranda Cosgrove (Megan) about a girl named Carly Shay who runs a webshow with her two best friends: Bad girl Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress). As well as Carly's brother and guardian, Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor), who appears on the webshow on occasion. Together, they go through mishaps from police encounters to cooking fires. At the end, everything ends up worked out. While some quotes that aren't humorous and plots that just stood out weak have to be tweaked, the show isn't actually bad. I'd recommend it to about anyone.

  • why do many people think this show is so funny!? i personally think they should work on their lines and the laugh box is still annoying.

    Icarly is about a group of friends Carly, Sam , and Freddie make a webshow called Icarly. Carly lives with her older brother spencer. I personally think that this show is not funny! The laugh box is getting really annoying escially in the new season. ANd basically everyone knows that Freddie likes carly i mean comon it's been noticeable since the first season i hardly think that's called love. The only thing that keeping this show alive is spencer and the fans i think he's a bit funny at times. Don't get me started about funny lines they say, that is not funny I bet nobody even says THAT IT'S SO RETARDED. Overall this show is going downhill unless they come up with better punchlines than this pieces of crap and please for god sakes minimize the laugh box it's starting to get on my nerves. If u like this show keep watchig it i won't stop but if u wanna see something that's really funny go to comedy central or somethin' it's way better than this.. trust me!
  • Another of Schnider's comedy series. Rock and Roll series!

    I've watched this comedy series almost when it aired and I got into it right away. This series is more comedical like Drake and Josh, only it is centered around a 13 year old girl with her brother as a guardian. That makes it different from Drake and Josh. This series got a load of comical material, like Carly and Sam playing games on a beserk doorman who is only reconized by his wart. And Sam is the real comedian, who only wants to think about herself and cause Freddie and others a lot of pain. And Spencer inventing bizzare inventions, weirder than mines, make the comedy really high. Even though iCarly is the comedy series now, Drake and Josh will not be forgotten.
  • The only kids show that brought me in...

    This how is awesome but its not something I tell everyone. I mean the jokes are random and funny but there is also the feeling when you watch it that they are truly TRYING to make you laugh. Its as if its a task sometimes. It really hard to explain.
    Onto the next part. The plot. I mean technically the only plot is to make a webshow, which is a good idea because you can't really exaust it too much because there is always something to say. So obviously this will be on the air for a looong while (next Full House possibley? lol doubt it)
  • Great, but a few problems. The main one is how this could have been better

    All right. So Carly, Sam and Freddie are going to do a new TV show on a Network named TVS. At first, this is good, but as time progresses, more changes are made, so it gets worse. They find a Music Player for a Band, "Harper". But Freddie must slave the Main Producer, Brad. First, Brad makes Harper talks less (if at all), then they add a new character, Zeebo (A guy Dressed in a Dinosaur Costume) who is a terrible Character that annoy Carly and Sam and Butt-Thump them. Sam attacks them with a Mic, but they stop here. Then they Fire Sam, and since she still gets paid, she accepts. Carly just turns around and go's back home, but Brad say's that they own iCarly, Carly and Freddie. So they are Forced to do it.

    Now another New & Bad character appears, Amber Tate. Freddie must give her Vomitting Dog a bath. Harper and the band are now removed, and Harper now play's Zeebo since his Former Actor quit after being Attacked by Sam. They, do a rehearsal. After Harper (dressed as Zeebo) sings a bad song, he quits. Brad tells Feddie to plunge the toilet in Brad's office. After what Freddie has already done, he quits. Carly say's the Show is not iCarly anymore, changing everything. They ReCreate a Show with Amber Tate & Zeebo, but, in Carly, Freddie, Sam's, ans Spencer's opinion, it's lame. Harper then sings a Song, ending the show.

    NOTE:The ending really was awfull; Just saying that the show is not iCarly anymore was Awfull.
  • Funniest show on TV

    I am far older than the typical age of the iCarly viewer, however; I think this is the funniest comedy on television. It doesn't preach like so many other shows featuring young actors. It is what it is, a funny show, and that is what a comedy is suppossed to be. Funny shows shouldn't preach or moralize; they should be comical. iCarly features good acting by Miranda Cosgrove and a breakthrough performance by Jennette Mccurdy. The girls work good off each other well and the comical banter between the cast (especially between Mccurdy and Cress) leads to some funny stuff, such as their constant betting. I think this is an improvement over the TNBC shows I used to watch when I was younger. I don't feel as patronized or preached at as I did when I watched those shows. This is what it is, no more, no less, a funny show. Don't take it seriously, just go along with it and be amused! Be prepared to laugh a lot, because this show is funny!
  • Um...all I can say is...HILARIOUS!

    I'm in my mid-twenties, and for some reason, I love this show. I was a fan of "Drake and Josh" as well, and was sorry to see it go. As for iCarly, I enjoy it because it doesn't have any really serious undertones...it's just all for fun. Miranda is an amazing young actress, and her two side-kicks in the show are fun characters. Not only that, her sculptor brother Spencer (played by Jerry Trainor) is both crazy and adorable. It's great that the show brings in real kids' videos and puts them in the web show. It's one of those shows I enjoy watching, even if I've already seen the episode.
  • An absolutly hilarious show.

    Carly Shay is an average 13-year old girl- an older brother, best friend that she mothers, a boy who pines after her, and her own webshow. They of course, have all sorts of adventures: from broadcasting live from detention, to searching through the apartment for baby chicks. Spencer, Carly's older brother that she lives with is absolutly hilarious with his antics. Jerry is a great actor. Sam and Freddie's arguements over the weirdest things makes them extremely entertaining also. i do think Carly needs a little more charcater development however. However, they probably do need one mother-like charcater who's not over obsessive *cough Mrs. Benson cough* Overall, this is a hugely funny and entertaining show, and much better than any live-action shows Disney is offering these days.
  • I have watched the show since the first episode and i am realy grateful for the secend season.

    I have watched the show since the first episode and i am realy grateful for the secend season. I havent seen mutch of niceloadion shows but this show mutch be one of the best show nickelodion got on the air.
    The scrip and the story line for every episode is just great, its realy funny to watch carlys brother spencer and hes insane scalpshers.
    I dont think the show whuld have been so funny whit out him, i think he means a lot to the show.
    I am looking up for a thrid and maby a fourth season of this great show
  • I do enjoy iCarly. However, there are things that annoy me about the show sometimes..

    I'll admit iCarly is pretty cool at some points, and they've got some good jokes in there. But, I see it many times, it just kinda got a little boring and on my nerves a few times. One of the problmes, is the laughing and claps in the background. You're always hearing the same laughs, same cheers, and same Ooh's every episode. It gets annoying after a while mostly because you hear laughter everytime someone says a single word. Another thing is that Carly is way too happy all the time. She is always smiling and acting so happy, and her jokes can get really lame sometimes. Sometimes she's funny. But the rest of the time, she's way too perky. And Spencer. My God, his sculptures aren't that good but everyone seems to be in love with them. Like in one of the episode, he made a dog for a woman, and she freaked out about it. But it looked horrible. Okay, so in summary, iCarly can be pretty cool at some points, but other times, this show just gets so annoying. I wish Dan Schneider would've kept Drake and Josh going rather than iCarly. My final grade is a C for this show.
  • I personally recommend this show, for its light, entertaining and innovative show. The idea of this show itself is brilliant and the players is also really got into their character. Two Thumbs up!!

    I personally recommend this show, for its light, entertaining and innovative show.

    The idea of this show itself is brilliant, like having their viewer talent video in the end of the show. This is the 1st interactive teen tv show ever in the history of television industry.

    The players (Miranda Cosgrove, Jennete McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor)is also really got into their character. The Way Carly (the nice and a little naive girl), Sam (the mean girl, literally!!) and Freddie (the geek boy) interact with each other is very special. Not just like another teen in another show.

    If i have to compare this iCarly show to another teen show, this the best show among them all for now. A real breakthrough for nickelodeon after Zoey 101.

    Two Thumbs up!!
  • Really Awsome!!

    iCarly is my favorite show on Nick... Its new and its the most funniest show on Nick..

    Carly Shay (played by Miranda Cosgrove)is girl who is the star of her own web show (helped by her two friends, Sam and Freddie), iCarly. She lives with her 26-year old brother Spencer in Seattle. Her father is in the Navy and is stationed on a submarine. Her grandfather lives 90 minutes away in Yakima, and i dont know about her mother, but im guessing she died when Carly was young..

    Everybody who plays in this show is soo funny.. and this show is unique couse they say and do things that no other show would do on nick or disney..
  • Absolutely Luv it.. really funny

    Its one of Nickelodeon's best shows.. Since the fall of Drake and Josh and the Mighty Bee, nickoledeon needed a good show and they got ICarly.. sometimes your cracking up, other times you ready to hit somebody. The point is that you get really involved in the show. Season 2 started off well... hopefully it doesnt tank like Nickelodeon's H2O. Miranda Cosgrove does a great job as the shows main character Carly with her 2 best buddies Freddy and Sam. Spencer (Carly's older brother) is really funny getting into the stupidest things. You wonder if he is "okay". Its a 5-star show... but you have to be into kid shows... Even Adults like watching it so it depends on your likes and dislikes. If you dont like sitcoms about 3 teenagers having an online webshow then let me suggest turning to C-Span
  • iCarly a great show created by Dan Schneider. It's about a girl Carly Shay and two friends who produced a webshow.

    This show is an awesome mix of characters. It's a great show for the family. I don't see why people don't like this show. The chemistry between these three friends make this show so extravagant. It's funnier than some of these new shows out. Nothing more greater than Freddie a guy friend to Carly, who believes he might have a chance with her. And if you saw the opening credits to season two, by the looks of it they might have thoughts of getting together. Season 2 is going to be way better than the first, you can just tell by the opening credits. iCARLY is the best show thus far. : )
  • great to watch, and the first of its type!

    icarly, starring one of my favourite teen actresses miranda cosgrove, is definitely worth while, its great and is unique in many ways, unfortunately miranda was better off in drake and josh, her character and acting was better with Drake bell and josh peck, but in icarly it seems more lame, and to be completely honest carly is the least funny character, but the show is still great and i hope season 2 is better than season one.
    like miranda cosgrove, jerry trainor also starred in drake and josh as 'crazy steve', but i think his more calmed down and sane character in icarly as 'spencer' definitely suits him more!.
    icarly is a great show, and is definitely one of the shows saving Nick!.
  • What's with the hate.

    Personally, I believe this show isn't one of my favorites but it is still a very decent show unlike many of the other lame shows nick has to offer these days. This also gives Miranda a chance as a star of a tv show and not a side star if you would call it like she was in Drake and Josh. Overall though I liked her character as Megan in Drake and Josh more. She was funny, and entertaining. In iCarly she's completely different, she's definately be given a more mature character but I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Overall, I enjoyed Drake and Josh more but this show is enjoyable to watch as well.
  • This show is about a girl named Carly Shay. She lives with her older brother in his apartment. Carly and her best friend same have there own web show.Carly's neighbor Freddie films there show. They have fun adventures and fun times.

    I would have to give this show and 8.5 out of 10. This show basically shows the live of Carly Shay a normal 13 year old. This show is hilarious. They are so funny on camera. They do hilarious and outrageous stuff. All of the characters are funny. My two favorite characters are Spencer and Sam. They are so funny. All of the crazy and ridiculous things they do are off the wall. This show is very amusing. Anyone who like non stop off the wall comedy this show is definitely a must for you. Saturdays at 8 on nick.
  • Why am i seeing negative reviews about this show increase? This is one of the few shows that is saving Nick!

    iCarly I think started off with a hit and it still has some pretty good episodes, but the beginning episodes were the best! Why are so many poeple criticizing this show? I don't get it, this show has great characters and great plots in every episode,a dn there's clearly worse live-action shows out there than this one, you've gotta admit that this show beats Out of Jimmy's Head and the Naked Brothers Band anyday! The other reason is there's actually some good comedy i this show and this show does quite well for live-action shows of this day and age. GHive this show a chance and watch an episode, because this show also has originality by starting off with a web site idea! I've never seen a show star off with something like that. And Miranda Cosgrove makes a cool spicy addition by making her the lead role, and she was also on Drake and Josh, so if you didn't like her charater in Drake and Josh then you also gotta admit that its better in this show, at least i think so! And Spencer in this show is great because he makes cool art sculptures! The characters have very good roles and they can do a lot of interesting things on their web show. So i think those who don't like it just don't know good comedy when they see it. iCarly is a great live-action TV show with great and impressive ideas and I always enjoy wathcing it.
  • iCarly is a pretty good show.

    iCarly is a pretty good show. The characters are interesting and the plotlines are creative. By having only a few main characters, iCarly keeps the clutter down. Most of the characters are very well developed. There's artistic and quirky Spencer, bold Carly, and loud and blunt Sam. I don't think Freddie is much of a character, though he has great potential if the writers develop him more.

    But most of the humor in iCarly is cheesy, and the canned laughter is lame. Normally, I don't watch shows with canned laughter, because I don't like being told when to laugh. iCarly is an exception, because the good things outweigh the bad.

    This is a good show, with potential to become a great one.
  • It's just as funny as Drake and Josh. (maybe because it's made by the same guy, Dan Schinder.) but it's little more kiddy....

    When I first saw the show, I am cracking up and laughing. The show isn't the best thing I seen in the entire world but it's fairly intresting. The plots are intresting, (sometimes) not overdone, and also a little silly.

    Freddie is funny but to be honest, Sam and Spencer are funniest characters. As for Carly, she's not that funny...so she's seirously needs to stop trying to be funny. The only times Carly is funny when she disclipines Sam or gets mad. Miranda Cosgrove was funnier as Megan than Carly.. I do consider this show to be good (considering that the main character is barely funny.). When you manage look past the kiddy atmosphere, you might find this show quite humerous.
  • Maranda Cosgrove plays a young teen that has a web show. She lifes with her 26 year old brother Spencer, who acts like a child, just like every other father figure in shows like this. She has 2 freinds Sam and freddy.

    Okay, first of all , Maranda Cosgrove needs to do one of 2 things leave the show, or get acting lesens because she is a horrible actor. Every time she says something that is slightly humorus to a 3 year old she smiles or giggles. Her older brother, Spencer is a fair actor, he may have a future is kids shows, but nothing else. Sam nad freidy are the same as carly, bad actors. Now the guy that made this show really should stop making shows, he has run out of ideas and has resulted to useing jokes from Drake and Josh. The plots for most episodes say that " If Carly dosen't like them, thay are bad." Like in on episode Carly and her freinds want this kid who has a popular site to review their show. He invides her over and it turns out that he is 11 years old. Now he is most lkely the be in puberty and is starting to have feeling for girls. He kisses Carly and she dumps pudding on his face. So the 11 year old kid goes and write a bad review of her show.( which by the way I agreed with) She goes for revenge, which give a bad messege. First she tries to FORCE this 11 year old kid the say that he likes her show by getting a large teenager to hold him.Now just this is breaking the law and Nevil could have sued.So he gets out of that and goes home. It turns out that Carly and her friends has told on him, after they ambushed him. His mother forces him to write a good review.

    Now that episode implies that when a movie star make a movie and a reviewer write a bad review on him that movie star can tell on him and make him write a good review. That episode sends a horrible messege, that kids should break the law to get what they want without getting in trouble.

    If I were you I would leave that show alone. Really, don't watch it. It is a discrace and needs to be canceled

    If anyone has anything to say about this review note me.
  • It's better than everyone says it is. Why does everyone hate this show?

    iCarly is about a thirteen year old girl named Carly who teams up with Freddie and Sam to create the ultimate webshow titled- you guessed it- iCarly. They display whatever they want- what teachers do when they're not in school, Spencer's awesome sculptures, etc. The show is much better than the website in real life. If you ask me, you should totally watch iCarly. I wouldn't say perfect- they can make it better- but defenitely a show worth watching on Nick. So if you are on Nick and nothing else good was on but iCarly was, give it a shot. You might find that you like it. My grade: A-.
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