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  • I love this show!

    I really do love this show! Actually, this is the only Nickelodeon show that isn't a cartoon that I'm willing to watch! It's about a teenage girl who has an online webshow called iCarly where they do crazy, really cool things. Her and her best friends, Sam and Freddie, along with her older brother Spencer all work to do their part in making iCarly the best webshow ever. Sure, there are some spoilers who want to destroy their chance at fame and mostly fun, but they always catch them in the act- even by surprise. This show has inspired me to get all my friends so we can make a webshow of our own! All in all, iCarly is a pretty cool show.
  • iCarly is great!

    I admit this show did not look very interesting at first, so I didn't watch the premeire. One day, nothing else good was on, so I watched iLike Jake. It was funny and entertaining, and I have watched the show ever since. Every time a new episode comes on, I just have to watch it! Nick is going downhill fast, but they really pulled themselves together for this show! This has been the only good nick show in a years that is funny in a realistic way which kids can relate to. Yay for iCarly, long may it live! Icarly rocks!
  • A pretty good show and funny!

    Well I must say that I'm kinda loosing interest in all these kind of shows, but since Miranda Cosgrove did such a great job in Drake and Josh as Megan, and I loved Drake and Josh, I kinda got dragged into watching Icarly. And it does have some really funny moments. Spencer is sooo funny he always makes me crack up!! It is sometimes under appreciated and I think people should give it a chance. What else can I say about it..... hmmmmm I'm trying to use up space here so tv.com won't say you need at least 100 words.. BLAH BLAH tv.com!! Oh there goes 100 words..
  • Great!

    iCarly is about a 13 year old girl, Carly, who makes a webshow with her friends Freddie and Sam. Their webshow is a big hit, and they become well known. Carly is your every day girl, she's smart, and always does the right thing. Sam, on the other hand, is a 13 year old girl who almost never does the right thing, and is always getting into trouble. Freddie, is Carly's neighbor who has a big crush on Carly, but Carly has never felt the same way. Carly and Sam are the stars of iCarly, and Freddie is iCarly's technical producer. This show is hilarious, I highly recommend it.
  • ByeCarly.

    This show started off all right. ICarly happened when Freddie left the camera running while she and Sam made fun of a teacher's breasts. Why she would make fun of her teacher when a school camera is in the room, I'll never understand. Unfortunately, that was the high point. Everything just goes downhill from there.

    Let's begin with Carly. Carly is a regular teen girl, so nothing stands out about her. She is the "Kermit the Frog" in this as Carly usually plays it straight. She is played by Miranda Cosgrove, who is very stiff. She doesn't move. She doesn't show much emotion. The exception is that one scene in every episode where Miranda yells about something, but she still doesn't move much! They could replace her with a robot and it wouldn't change anything.

    So next, we have Sam. Jeanette does a nice job playing her, but the character is too over the top. The character is too dependant on insult humor and it gets old quickly. They should also cut down on Sam/Freddie scenes because they all fall into one of two categories: Sam and Freddie bet on something, with Sam winning; or Sam is mean to Freddie for no good reason. The only reason Freddie tolerates it is to impress Carly.

    Speaking of Freddie, why do these shows have to humiliate the boys all the time? Freddie always loses bets to Sam; he's a puppet to Carly's wishes; and he always gets ripped for what he's interested in. He had to get a tattoo (which ended up being fake, but with all the pain) and had a hose put down his pants, on camera! Embarrassing, unnecessary, and ridiculous. I doubt they would do that to a girl. If it can't/shouldn't be done to girls, what makes it fine for boys?

    Spencer is there just for laughs. His stories are the good kind of funny. Often they rely on odd, improbable/impossible occurrences (like a flaming cymbal), or are just goofy. Usually, they are not realistic, but I don't expect them to be. He is Carly's guardian and the show explains why. Spencer's sculptures often are just random objects put together. Spencer is the only character that's both well acted and well written.

    This show may hold one's attention for a while, but it gets old fast. It's far from the worst show out there, but it's even further from the best.
  • iCarly is THE poot!

    Well first off I'll say that this show is really colourfull- Look how they all have different little outfits and stuff! And it kinda reminds me of this person I knew named May, but that's another story.
    Okay anyways, iCarly is really interesting. It's kinda annoying how every episode has them getting on that webshow, but I guess that's the whole point of the show.. hah. Like I said, they all have different outfits kinda like All Grown Up, and they all talk so different. Freddy is "the trouble maker", Sam is "the person who does all the work, and Carly is just.. Carly.
    What caught my eye on this show is the theme song, it's so catchy! But you shouldn't judge a show on just the theme song, so I did not base my entire review on it, so don't start thinking I didn't 'cuz I didnt. But yea, I like the theme song. Except the Drake Bell part, he's annoying. Only thing I don't like about this show is Spencer, he's really irksome. And his socks.. But it's a good show and you should definetly try it!
  • This show is definately very original, I tip my hat to Dan, and it's also a lot funnier than you would expect a show about a girl with a webshow to be...

    The first thing I notice about this show is that it's original. This idea hasn't been done before, which gives it that 'totally new' allure. The characters are interesting, with some funny minor characters and a hilarious group of main ones, including Carly (The girl who the webshow is named after), Sam (Her mean friend), and Freddy (A tech wiz whom Sam picks on.)

    There is also her brother Spencer, who collects socks and makes sculptures in his spare time, (which is all the time as he's 27.) All in all, the show is zany, wild, and wacky, with many of the moments being purely entertaining. Overall, the show gets an 8.5 from me, for the sheer fact that a show with such a seemingly loose plot can be so funny.
  • The show hooked me from the start and just kept me interested the entire way.

    I watched this show and from the start of the show, I thought it was interesting. Like a fish hook, the show caught hold of me and I wouldn't have been able to turn my eyes away. As time went on, I found my enjoyment of the show increase. From the humor between Sam and Freddie's constant arguing to the jokes and free loving comedy that Spencer portrays. Every character in the show adds greatness and it really makes it hard to turn your eyes away. If there's anything left to say, all I can say is I really look forward to the rest of the episodes. This show is just so good that you would not want to miss it!
  • I really didn't used to like it...

    When this show first came out, I was like, "Yeah, whatever, just another preppy Nick show". All my friends liked it, but I hadn't really given it a chance. So I watched it, and immediatley fell in love with it! I love Spencer, he's my favorite. Then Sam, Freddie, then Carly. Nothing against Carly, I just like everyone else better. One of my personal favorite episodes is the one where that annoying little Mandy person becomes addicted to iCarly and won't leave them alone. I don't remember if that's the one with the giant coffee cup or not, but I did enjoy the humor of the giant coffee cup. Hm, that might have been the one with the 50th iCarly Spectacular. Anyway, it's a really cool show for not being an anime, and I reccomend it.
  • I love icarly it is probulary the best show on the web what you can watch on the web anywhere i can not believe inone eispode where she nearly left that was a shock but i am glad she did't which is the good thing

    I think ICarly is the best thing on the web i am really shocked when i saw the eispode where Carly nearly left icarly but i am glad she did't and also i heard a rumor that she was going to leave and that Miley Cyrus'sbrother Carl was going to do it so it would be called icarl which it is strange but i am glad that did't come true. I also can't believe where Freedie left for his girlfriend's webcastbut i am glad that he came back cause evrybody knows that icarly wanted be a show without him we know sam would
  • A great show!

    icarly is all about a young girl who has a webcast with her friends. she lives with her bro, spencer, who screws up on allota stuff(which i thinks funny). her two friends, sam and freddy(the tec producer) like to fight alot, but sam always has the better discs. the episodes are ussualy about them trying to promote their webcast, icarly.com. my favorite episode is when they try to set a jonas world record for the longest webscast, which i soon will write a review on. all and all, its a very funny show, and if ya dont watch it ya should! plz visit my profile!
  • Good show

    Carly is a teenager who lives with her twenty-six year old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces her own web show with her friends Sam and Freddie from a studio in her home. Carly and Sam are the hosts of iCarly while Freddie works as the technical producer. Spencer is an artist and develops some of the weirdest but coolest works of art. My favorite characters are Sam and Spencer. I like Spencer because he is funny and has the coolest socks. I like Sam because she always making fun of Freddie and she is always wanting free food from Carlys home. I also enjoy the fans and their sweat clips.
  • iCarly is a television show about a girl named Carly and her two best friends Freddie and Sam, they host their own webshow in the attic of her home.Her twenty six year old brother watches over Carly because her father is in the war.

    I love iCarly, the show is so funny and it is a role model for both kids and teens. There is always something new going on and every week the jokes get even better. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the show, but after watching the first episode on Nick, I knew that it was something special. I don't know what else to say, just keep up the great work and keep up the funny jokes, I hope to see a lot more episodes of iCarly over the years and wish it to live long! iCarly rules!
  • A great show.I saw one episode and I loved it.

    Well here is the start of this really long review.This is a really great show called icarly.Its now one of my most favoritest shows of all.Its about a girl named Carly.She is best friends with Sam.She decided to have a web show with Sam.With Freddie as the Producer guy.So the web show turns out to be great.But weird things happen in like every episode.But overall I still like it.Now their is Carlys brother Spencer.Spencer lives with Carly.Spencer likes to build and create Scultors.But I think he is really weird.But he funnier than anyone else.But I don't really think this show is that funny.But like I said this is a good show.
  • Alright show.Kinda annoying.Cool in a way though. Great website.

    I don't know about this show.
    This show isn't the worst show on Nick or anything,but it's very annoying.
    I can't stand Spencer sometimes,and the episode about the "obsessed" fan was VERY annoying to me. It even got on my nerves!!
    I couldn't stand it. Anyway,the cast is OK. I think Sam,Freddy,and Carly are a pretty good group!
    I like how they always talk about their website. LOL,thats funny. They great website by the way.
    But I don't like how they never put their fan's videos on there show.
    If you ask me... the show is a bit-CHILDISH. Its nothing really that a 14-16 year old would watch. This should doesn't suit me.Its not really,cool enough.Like I said,it's just too childish. And should probably be put on TeenNick/TheN.

    I rate this a 5/10. Hope this helped.
  • This show is about a girl named Carly who has her own tv show with her two best friends Sam and Freddie.The web show is called "i Carly".In each episode there is alwase funny things they say or do.Freddie seems to like Carly.Sam likes to pick on Freddie.

    i Carly Is a cool show.It is so funny,Sam can be mean with Freddie,She picks on poor Freddie,on his clothes.Carly is always having something going on.One episode Carly was given a Free scholarship to some fancy school that was far away from where Carley lives.She wants to go but if she goes she will have to stop her webshow and leave her friends.Carly first before any thing meet the hed of that schooland if the hed lady likes Carly she will be acepted in But Sam and Freddie do not want her to leave so they mess some thing up.:)Will she leave or will she not?
  • This show is SO much better than Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh put together! because Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh are, what i think, pretty stupid shows.

    I especially dont think this is the BEST show in the world but it is better than a lot of other shows. I really thought Zoey 101 was better than Drake and Josh and i now think that iCarly is even better than Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh, even put together! I rated Drake and Josh a 1.4 and i rated Zoey 101 a 3.8. This show is sort of "stupid" only very few times; and mostly all the rest of the time it is pretty funny and good to watch. I DO NOT recommend you to watch Drake and Josh or Zoey 101 and iCarly is, for the most part a decent show. But, like i said there ARE better shows; this is not my favorite show
  • Great But Like Any Other Show It Has It's Issues.

    It is one of my favorites but there are a few things that could be a "turn-off". We've seen this humor before like in "All That", "The Amanda Show", and in "Drake and Josh". It can be annoying because of the repeating humor reason but other wise it is a great show. It's about a girl, her feisty best friend, and her lovesick neighbor that start a webshow. It has a brilliant plot and most episodes will get you laughing. Wow I still have 16 words left. Anyway, the mischief, conflict, and love they share makes this a great show to watch.
  • I am impressed at how good this show is, I think it should at least be on the top ten TV list as one of the most greatest shows of all time! That is cool how iCarly becomes an internet show where they do tremendous entertainment!

    This show basically features Carly, Sam, and Freddy. Three pals that weren't always friends but soon bonded and became majorly important because if they hadn't become friends, iCarly never would have formed. I think Jerry Trainor who plays as Spencer is the coolest parent. He's also actually Carly's 26-year-old brother! I think this show is quite entertaining to watch especially when their show iCarly goes live and viewers are watching! Random Dancing is cool when they run out of other ideas because dancing can be fun and an adrenaline pumper! So it provides a good boost of entertainment, especially when they get special visitors like the Plain White T's! No way are they gonna let sleezeball Neville Pappermen ruin it all! Other episodes feature A LOT of dancing that's for sure. Another is when Jake Randall comes to play a song for them, but it turns out his singing isn't so hot! I think this show is always excellent because they all have an exciting happy ending and things always turn out good at least toward the end of the show, but some are thrilling throughout the entire show! So all episodes have at least a couple of good things happening, and I think that's the way it should be! Carly seems to be the main character of the show, and the iCarly idea was mainly Freddy's idea! And since he's good at technical equipment, That was how the show started. But its really interesting because it doesn't just feature the iCarly webshow, it also shows the lives of usually Carly and Spencer, and Sam and Freddy are mostly only shown with Carly hanging out with her. So maybe in the future they'll show at least a short scene where they feature Freddy and Sam at their houses. But don't worry that's cool too when they show Carly and Spencer! So this show is cool and shows kids the greatness of this show! I'd say people who do not like this show do not understand he true essence of Comedy shows like iCarly! This show is successful and highly enjoyable!
  • This show is awesome

    This show is about a girl Carly Shay who makes her own webshow called iCarly. Joining her are her co-star Sam Puckett who constantly gets in trouble and the carly obsessed producer Freddie Benson. There is also her rather odd brother Spencer Shay who dreams of becoming an artist. The webshow becomes an instant success making Carly and Sam instantly popular.

    This show is pretty good. I have to say there is a tie between which I like better this show or Zoey 101 (girl shows at least) and this show just keeps getting better and better as it goes along.
  • a show about a young teenage girl carly shaye (Miranda Cosgrove) starts a webcast called icarly. with her best mate sam (Jernnette McCurdy) and her next door nieghbour Freddie (Nathen Kress). watch it to follow what they get up to.

    i think its a great teen programme. and could be a trendsetter because carly shaye (Miranda Cosgrove) has a great fashion sense and any girl who has a passion for fashion will follow it. sam always gets in trouble and it shows the consequences (detention, suspension). also it shows the problems of teenage life, like boy troubles etc. if you love Drake & Josh you'll love icarly. i have seen all the episodes and have an account on icarly.com plus know all the lyrics to the icarly theme song, leave it all to me. icarly is just like other nickelodeon shows like Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, Genie in the house, Unfabulous, Sleepover club, the naked brothers band. so i recommend you watch all the shows mentioned in this reveiw. and yes icarly has a website called www.icarly.com visit it.
  • A girl who has a cool web show

    I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about iCarly. But damn this show is funny! It has the same humor as Drake and Josh but they take it a little bit further. They said bra in the first episode, I was shocked but laughing. I also like seeing the weird kids do their thing. It's a great show and I hope iCarly stays on nick as long as Drake and Josh does. Dan Schnieder is a genius. Maranda Cosgrove is finally in the spot light. Nickelodeon is finally stepping up some in a very long time. I give iCarly a ten out of ten. Nice Work!
  • I enjoy it but a few things annoy me

    I don't watch this on a regular basis, only when I'm bored but it's a decent show. A few things annoy me though. One thing that really annoys is the fact that everywhere Carly goes at least someone recongizes her and says "Oh em gee, you're Carly? from iCarly? The web show?" I mean come on! Let's be realistic here. Not EVERYONE in the world is going to know who you are no matter how "popular" or "famous" you are. Sam annoys me. She acts like she's such a hardass and if she can't make fun of people she won't be able to survive.
  • carly, sam, and freddie come up w/ an idea for a webshow where kids can act as crazy as they want and do whatever they want w/o parents, teachers, or any adults telling them otherwise..also they go to school

    ok this show is ok..most of the time i watch it for the theme song b/c i totally agree w/ the many ppl who say this..it is so catchy..im always like moving my head from side to side and singing along..and then i squeal when i hear drakes voice in there too lol..and yes he co-wrote the song..yay..but anyways..i also agree that it is way overdramatic..i understand kids cutting loose and doing whatever they want and going crazy but its like the whole cast is overacting..they have the staged laughter in there and most of the time im not laughing..there are those occasional jokes that are funny but i barely laugh thru an ep..its mostly about the action and drama..i think i just liked miranda better as megan and jerry as crazy steve
  • My absolute fav show since Kenan and Kel and All That. This show is seriously keeping Nickelodeon cool instead of the jumping the shark.. like CN

    iCarly is an awesome show. First of all, I'm glad that Miranda Cosgrove made her own show because she didn't really stand out in Drake and Josh :( This (new and improved!) show about her doing webcasts, I think that was the awesomest idea ever. When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be overly crazy but I watched the first episode and immediately became a fan. Not only is it awesome, but it's really funny because of the jokes n' stuff. I like how all the characters act towards each other. Miranda just shines and McCurdy is really funny with her lack of knowledge.
  • Keeping Nickelodeon Alive...

    As a fan of previous Dan Schneider's work such as The Amanda Show + Drake & Josh, I've also have grown to like his new production, iCarly. It's not the best show ever on Nickelodeon, but it's definitely one of the more watchable shows from this era. The odd stoylines and random jokes will keep you entertained through the duration of an episode. There's just something about this show that does not seem right. Maybe it's the fact that the actors can go a little over the top attempting to get a laugh from their viewing audience. All in all, it's definitely a show that I will sit and watch when it happens to come on, but not a show on my "must see" list.
  • I can't wait to see istakeout. I saw a picture of the lady with all the tattoos. I think she's Sam's cousin. She's awesome. I wonder if all those tattoos are real.

    I can't really write a review for that episode yet (istakeout) because it's not on until saturday. I just wanted to say that the tattoo lady looks pretty cool. I have to write a hundred more words. Whew. This is like homework or something. Am I there yet? How about now? How about now? Let me try counting them from the beginning. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two (that makes ninety words) twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six. Finally. Done.
  • wow i think its pretty dumb that miley cyrus's brother is taking over and miranda cosgrove is leaving. her in the show made it more exciting and now that another wannabe cele. is coming, it is going to suck

    icarly which might now become icarl is one of the stupidest shows that i have ever seen. i think that it is pretty sad, miranda, sam, freddy and spenceer is all the show needs to be the best. i cannot believe that mmiley cyrus'brother is replacing carly shay. what is it gonna be carl shay? i think that is just wrong also is he going to be one of carly's cousin or is he going to come and they will do some stupid thing that will take the young actress off the show?i cannot wait to see how they are going to replace her and not just that but also how they are going to make sam and and especially her lover freddy feel about that. another cyrus coming to tv is not exactly the best thing. it might make people hate the show. hopefullly they realize that carly shay aka miranda is the best for the part..
  • my favorite comedy on nickeloden since Kenan & kel , clarrisa explanis it all and some other classic snick shows.

    Icarly is funny and sometimes stupid.

    My favorite show they just had on is the iGot Detention w/ the 50th show on icarly when the teacher caught them of doing icarly in classroom then he was making of the princpal. The princpal came to the school afer seeing icarly show on the computer and got the teacher out.

    Some other episodes are also fuuny w/ this one !

    I think nickeloden is trying to copy disney channel w/ teen nick shows , because of nick , MTV , VH1 and some other sister mtv networking is now viacom.
    Cartoon Network also changed over the last 2 years or so.
  • I think that iCarly is OK

    I think iCarly is OK. I sometimes might watch but I am not a big fan. I really like Sam she cracks me up. What ever she does to Freddie. One of my favorite episodes is iPilot when Carly & Sam make fun of Ms.Briggs and pointy bubs. Another one of my favorite episodes is iWant more viewers when they prank call their doorman Lubert and then they bet on who will get more viewers. And both of there plans didn't work. Like Spencer & Freddie's plan there was a big sign over the highway and then a few minutes later it said pee on Carl that was funny. But I still think that iCarly is OK.
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