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  • This show is original and so funny !

    I think that this show is just great. The idea of three kids doing a webcast in their home is something different to this generation of television. I love the comedy and suspense and the dramatic turns also. This show has so much potentiall and although it is very good I think it still can reach to its full potential. The characters are also very interesting and the idea of Carly being taken care of by her wacky brother just ammuses me even more, Even to hear the bickering of Freddie and Sam is so funny and enjoyable to watch, iCarly is a great show and I think it appeals to kids tweens and teens. Thumbs up!
  • Sam's a $@#^*

    I have no idea if "off the wall" means it's good but this show is awesome. I do hate sam, and to quote explode50 "Sam's a $@#^*".

    I thought it was weird when Freddy came up with the name icarly so fast. I have to say that Carly's brother (don't know his name) is the best and most entertaining character in the show. He is sometimes funny and never boring. The story lines are good but some need some work. This show wasn't in my top favorite shows, it was number 21. The internet idea is pretty unique and I hope to see shows as impressive as this.

    Storylines: Creative-9.5
    Characters: Sam is annoying-8.7
    Theme song: Amazing-10
  • Recently started, and it's really good. Am enjoying watching it when it's on. Have only seen a few episodes so far but still... Great show and clever idea I think!

    Well, iCarly recently came to the UK and wans't sure what I would think of it. I watched the first episode and I really liked it. I love the idea of them having there own webshow and think the show is very clever and a good idea.

    I have only seen the first three episodes yet as so far they are the only ones that have been shown but I am sure more will be on soon.

    Anyway, I can see me being a fan of the show just like I was with Drake & Josh!

    So yes, from me, I think iCarly looks like a very good show!!
  • iLove iCarly!! (haha)

    This is a really great show! When I first heard of it, I thought it would be another stupid show, but it's not! It can be so hilarious and random, but that's whats good about it! Miranda Cosgrove is a really good actress, and I'm glad she has her own wonderful show. My favorite character is Sam, played by Jenette McCurdy, who is also a great actress. I love her comebacks! Freddie is hilarious and cute. It's so funny what a dork he is! Spencer is just insanely funny and I love his socks! This is a really awesome and funny show!
  • iCarly is an inspiring show. It is another TeenNick favorite!! :D

    The popular TeenNick show, iCarly is about a teenage girl who starts her own webshow with her friends, Sam & Freddy. While Sam is a obnoxious slob who is failing school, Freddy is a straight A student "techno geek"; Carly is kind of in between. Sam is Carly's co-host to the show, while Freddy runs the website & shoots the show. Carly also has a brother named Spencer, who is quite eecentric He is an artist. He also takes care of Carly. Carly likes hanging out with people, including Freddy. But Freddy has a crush on Carly. Freddy & Sam hate each other. Carly & Sam often find themselves talking about girlie stuff, like boys & boobs. This is a MUST SEE!!
  • I really like this show!!

    This is one of the BEST shows on Nickelodeon. I like the cast and I don't think they do bad acting. They're pretty funny and I like the sculputres Spencer creates. The episode I like the best so far is iSpy a Mean Teacher. I don't really have a least favorite episode. They're all good. I wonder when the show will end. I hope it doesn't end soon. Overall I think the whole show is great and I hope someday I'll be able to meet Miranda Csgrove or make a video and send it to iCarly. That's my review of the show "iCarly"
  • I love iCarly!

    iCarly is a lot better than I thought it would be. Carly, along with her two best friends, Sam and Freddie, decide to do a webshow. Carly lives with her brother, Spencer, who is way older than her and he is her legal guardian. Spencer is an artist. He is always making some kind of weird creation out of something crazy like butter or yo-yo's. Freddie lives across the hall from Carly. It is really funny how Freddie is like in love with Carly and she's just friends with him. Sam is funny because she makes fun of Freddie all the time.
  • Another one of Dan Schneider's creations, about three teens and their popular webshow, 'ICarly'.

    First of all, I'm a huge Drake and Josh fan. When I heard they were going to do a spin off of D&J, I was so excited. But now that I've seen a few eps, I have to admit it's okay.There's a lot of things in the show that have made me crack up, like Spencer. He's hilarious! XP And some of the jokes are pretty funny too (some..). What makes it an okay show is that, well, first of all, most of the jokes are pretty corny. Some of the characters are kind of annoying, like that kid that hacked their website in that one episode (I forgot his name). And they try to be too much like Drake and Josh if you compare the shows which annoyed me a lot of times. I think Dan Schneider could've done better because it is a pretty decent show in my opinion. He just needs to work on some things.
  • Incredible

    Icarly is a terrific show. I thought at first it was going to be another waste of space on the tv but when i watched it I loved it. Carly makes a web show and its interesting and unique on what it is about. Spencer is hillarious, the former crazy steve becomes big brother and never made me frown always a smile seeing spencer. This is indeed a show i put as a favorite, I call 9/10 episodes a winner. I hope Icarly keeps on impressing me which im sure it will. Icarly best show on TEENNICK. Defiantly a powerhouse like Drake & Josh and All That
  • A girl and her friends with a web show.

    The worst part of the show was probably the first episode due to some content that might offend some parents but after that the show pretty much is less offensive with some minor topics such as romance/dating that no one cares about that I think they just stuck in there for some extra drama.
    The key points of the show are as follows..
    For a show that part of takes place on the internet
    It has a strong lack of Aim speak, LOLcats, and Soviet Russia
    of course for its target audience teens, tweens, and maybe children, that may not matter.
    Its basically about a Girl (the main person, Carly),A tomboy (another girl obviously named Sam), and the stereotypical guy techie (named Freddy). Sam is Carly's best friend, and Freddy is often the target of her insults as shown in the show as a repeating joke of sorts and another repeating joke is Freddy's crush on Carly and they all work together on a Web Show. Now... As the show is fictional and not reality (the cast members are really actors and as such understand the following) You shouldn't try making a web show,inviting people you don't know to see you (as seen with the Carly biggest fan episode and the episode with the artist dude)you might end up I-ntrouble (obvious show name pun) or I-nsixfeetundergroundatthelocalcemetaryduetobadpeople, So if you do make a web show,make sure to not give out personal information,parental help if needed and make sure to get permission, because there are scary people on the web. that's pretty much all that is needed to say.
  • This is one of the best new shows ever!

    The characters on this show are what keep it funny. Freddie loves Carly, but she just thinks of him as a friend! Freddie is funny, as he is always trying to be nice to carly to win her heart. he will never succeed, unfortanatly, but that could change in the future! Sam is another good character. She is aggresive and beats up Freddie until he cn't take it anymore. It could be a love hate relationship, but I guess we may never know until many seasons later. This show is great, watch it before nick takes it off the air forever.
  • Definitely not the best show Nick has to offer.

    Sadly, this show is forever doomed to live in Drake and Josh's shadow. iCarly was a good idea, but it definitely needs some work. The actors are good, but Miranda was much better as Megan, (she talks WAY too fast as Carly).

    Also, the show's not actually written that well, and it's not funny. The first few episodes were okay, but now it's just not entertaining. The jokes are bad, the characters over react about EVERYTHING, it's disappointing. Dan Schneider can do so much better than this.

    iCarly started out okay, but now it's fallen and it can't get up. I wish it was a better show, but it just isn't.
  • A bit of a waste of time!

    Ok, this is a really annoying show! Um, first off when they do the webisode they like get louder and lounder! It's like SHUT UP ALREADY!!! I really don't get it!! The way that Sam is like obsessed with food is just not right! It's kind of disgusting! Sam is probably the worst of them all, she's just, oh I don't know the word for it!!!

    I have NO idea why nick made such a fuss over it, it's not even half of what Drake and Josh are!

    All it is, is a repeat of everything else thats on tv! STUPID!!!
  • This show is about a girl named Carly with a webshow, that does it with her friend Sam. They do different things on each show. Carly's friend Freddy films it, and he and Sam hate eachother.

    This show is okay, that's why I gave it an 8.2/10. It doesn't have the best humor, but it can be funny sometimes. Most of these are stuff that's not ment to be funny, but it just turns out that it is. I must admit that I liked Drake And Josh, which this show is a spin off from, better, but I still like this show. The only thing that I would change about it is that their should be some episodes taking place ENTIRELY at the school, and some episoedes where they don't do the webshow. The actual webshow that they do is not that funny.
  • Without Spencer, this show would be locked away in a shed.

    This show is absolutely terrible. The plot is very interseting though, NOT! "Girl lives with brother and has a webshow" YAWN! I was reading the show summary, and it said that Carly doesn't want fame and fortune, she wants to be a rolemodel. HELLO?!? Rolemodels don't get access to the internet and post themselves doing silly things. It sure is entertaining, but how is having a webshow make you a rolemodel? Spencer is an adult, but and irresponsable one, she needs her parents. She should have gone with her Grandpa to Yakama, then the series would have ended ;) Another reason I dislike ICarly is because Miranda Cosgrove has no passion for acting, in my opinion. She is as stiff as a board when she acts. The only time that she isn't stiff is when she's playing Megan on Drake and Josh(which got cancelled because of her stupid show. Why cancel a great show and replace it with junk?). Well, anyway back to Miranda. If you take notice to her stiffness like me, in the theme song, in the last shot when she throws her hat in the air, her other arm is paralyzed to her side. Jump around a little bit, Miranda, don't keep your arm stiff! Also, Sam, her best friend can come off as overbearing, she's very abrasive, and that bothers me. In one episode, where Aria Wallace's character comes on the ICarly set, she is annoying, and that's basically how Sam acts. I've seen Jenette McCurdy act, and she's very good, she should stick to dramas, because I've seen her in many and she's very good in them, she shouldn't do comedy (if you think ICarly is comedy).
    The only reason I watch this show is because Spencer (aka Crazy Steve is on the show. He was a hoot in D&J and he's still a hoot. He reminds me of a young Jim Carrey.
    In conclusion, this show reeks. This is Dan Schneider's worst show.
  • great

    this is agreat show about some kids geting creative on the the internet and creaing a web show. They also have school life witch gives them iedes for the wed show witch is called icarly. thsi show is funny to wacth and has things like friendsip. The main characters just grow on you and the recurring characters just make you whet to leauh at them and there crazyness. Thsi is just one of the shows TV needs more of with great comedy and great actor that make the show go on. This is wouth the time to wacth i Love it all the way.
  • Well the show is funny and all but......

    We'll I was watching TV last night and I saw the pilot episode of iCarly and I just want to know who the heck thought that talking about pointy waffle cone boobs was funny on freakin Nickelodeon.I mean seriously what made the producer think that talking about pointy boobs was funny. In Drake and Josh, Meagan called Drake and Josh boobs as in the scientific term for stupid people not breast. But in iCarly she talks about the real boobs on a childs TV series. And another thing who's idea was it to compare a potato to a dang sports bra thats inappropriate and disgusting. My twin brother even thinks it's digusting don't get me wrong but the waffle cone boob thing is funny but were 13 not 8 or 9 just imagine a little kid like 7-9 years old going to school and telling that joke.
  • I love this show!Its the best thing that ever happend to the nick.Carly and sam are awesome.I love when freedy and sam fight they could make me laugh for hours.

    I Love The episode when you,spencer,freedy and sam make teams to get more people to watch the show,and the team who loses has to touch that guy's wart.Its the best show on nick.i watch it every time i get the chance i usually come home from school and watch i carly.Me and my friends wanted to make a show like yours but we realized we never could because mine will never be better than yours.i love your style carly all your close are so pretty.i know im just going from subject to subject but i really cant think of anything to say to you btu i do have one thing to say i Love You Show SO Much!
  • iCarly is a great show.

    WHat can I say? iCarly is an awesome, funny, not boring show. t is better than Drake and Josh, in my view. Because, if you look at my review for " iWant A World Record " you see my point. Go ahead and read it.

    Spencer and Sam. They're the funniest of all. Jerry Trainor does a great job, and he's had experience from Drake and Josh.

    Miranda Cosgrove. Going from mean in Drake and Josh to nice in iCarly. I didn't think she could do it, but she did, and she did it nicely.

    Nathan is a great actor, too.

    This is a great show, watch it when you can. 10 out of 10, perfect.
  • Carly Shay and her best friend, Sam, create a webshow with help of Freddie!

    I really think that iCarly is an eccentric show. It has many oddities: Spencer's art, Spencer's actions, Spencer's... well, everything else about Spencer. he is a very odd yet hilarious brother to Carly. iCarly is an idea I wish I had conjoured in MY mind! I'd be rich, he he he. Anyway, I love how Sam would do almost anything to insult Freddie, she is SO funny! My favorite episodes were iPilot, iNevel, and the one with pee on carl. Now, THAT was hilarious! It's a shame there are only 15 episodes, and I defenitely look forward to many more. Ciao!
  • iCarly is the best show ever, besides Avatar: The Last Airbedner. (in my opinion)

    iCarly is one of the best shows ever. Me and my dad watch it every night and we can never stop laughing. Sam has really funny lines while talking to freddie, Sam is funny when she hates everything. And the whole show is absolutely fabulous. This show is 10 times better than Drake and Josh, 100 times better than Zoey 101, and 1,000 times better than the Amanda Show. This show may have some crude humor, bad launguage, and other bad things that I don't know about, but it is a very funny show, with very funny characters, and very funny episodes.
  • sometimes great show sometimes not

    iCarly is a typical show with bad episodes and great episodes. Few episodes that you want to see multiple times. Great actors, great guest stars, great idea for a teenage comedy, now they just need the writers. I think this is a show that may not last long due to the casts age. Unless they decide to have them go into high school (in the show) and if that ends up to happen maybe the show could get 80 or possibly more episodes. This show is a maybe and we will see what happens. The number of people who watch the show will probobly be the factor
  • Very,very funny.

    Icarly is a show with awesome characters.Carly is a cool typicall teenager who has a really smart mind.She belives that she can do anything a that's what I like the most about her.Spencer is the most greatest brother to ever have especially cus' he's really funny.Sam is really great because she does things that Carly or Freddy wouldn't even think of doing.Freddy is a computer geek but is still a cool guy.The characters do some whackey things.Some of them are people that you can actually relate to,well not all the time but still it is a great show that alot of people that I know watch.
  • the show is about carly and her friend's freedie and sam and her older brother spencer. Carly and Sam host a web show called icarly! Freedie is producer the show is good my 4th favorite nick show and 8th favorite show! the main chacter is played my Miran

    Miranda Cosgrove who was in Drake and Josh .the cast are good actor's and the guy who play's Spencer was in Drake and Josh to he played a fun chacter named crazy stevie at first i just wachted because she was in Drake and Josh then after the 1 show i liked the show they has been one bad show the dance one! but others were good. the show is relly funny . fans of Drake and Josh should watch this. Now networks like disney are trying to do show's with webshow because icarly became a hit the show is good if your not watching it wach it!

    ok ok i was liek watching nick and this show came on and i was like whoa what a great show, i mean who doenst love this show
    LOL I LOVE THE SHOW!!!111one
    i mean it has like a great music theme the charecters aere all really cool and i wish i new some of them they are SSOOO HAWT and i want to meet them IRL =D
    lol i love this show and wish it had moar episodes =-[
    lol i liek rly like it, and you prolly do too!!!1 i thinkm its gonna get famous liek me LOL i lov it
    MOAR ICARLY!!11one
  • iCarly is awesome in every way!

    i love iCarly. It is an amazing show about a girl with a webshow. Carly Shay and Sam Puckett are the hosts of a webshow called iCarly. Freddie Bendson is Carly's neighbor, and iCarly's technical producer. Freddie has a major crush on Carly, but Carly doesn't feel the same about him. Sam and Freddie spent alot of their time fighting with each other. Carly lives with her older brother Spancer, an artist who works from home. He usually comes up with some pretty awkward sculptures that are interesting but weird at the same time. i will totally be watching iCarly from now on!!!
  • a girl with her own webshow.

    icarly is the best show ever!!! ever since drake and josh,ive been waiting for another show that good match it and dan schiender has done it with icarly AND zoey 101. the comedy of sam is classic. just like megan in drake and josh "id like to back up over your persohjnal idenity with a truck" see?!?! classic. the rivals freddie and sam can be funny when they agrue.the webshow looks cool too.i wish u could watch the whole show online everyweek just like in the sh0w.this show just started off as the best show ever,and it will only continue to get better! 10/10
  • A girl in Grade 8 with her own web show.

    Original, brilliant, entertaining. I give it a ten, no questions. Great acting. There is a clear chemistry through the cast, they work well together. Especially Spencer and Carly, since they worked together in Drake and Josh. We all know Carly is also Megan. But only some of us know that Spencer is the recurring character, Crazy Steve, who got Josh his job at the Premiere.

    ANother thhing I love about this show is that kids actually can go to iCarly.com and submit videos or watch webisodes of the show. I also enjoy when they have musical guests, such as Briggs, Jake, and the Number 1 music guest, we all know them for their hit song, Hey There Delilah. The Plain White T's! So I say again, a ten.
  • One of nicks best shows.

    What a show this is. First of it starts off with Carly taking the blame for something Sam did. Then they record some acts of people. Then Freddy post Carly and Sam doing stuff on Splashface. Then they create ICarly. They go through exciting adventures and task to make ICarly the top show on the web. I meen Her brother SPencer is hilarious. Will we ever meet the guy who sells him those socks? ICarly will be one of Nicks top shows in the future I think. So to close this out. Watch ICarly and let it become one of nicks best shows in history
  • Not the most original show ever made, but without a doubt has a charm to it that will make most people watch it, even if they don't like it.

    Icarly isn't the most original show ever made; in fact, I think I have seen it done elsewhere during the 90's, that doesn't mean it isn't any good because it oddly is. Miranda cosgrove is rather cute in this show, more so than in Drake and Josh where she may have annoyed some people, Jeannette McCurdy is funny and adorable along with her humorous feud with Freddie, there is something going on there and it should be fun to see it. Spencer seems like a tack on at times but adds some nice humor to the show.

    The content is family friendly, even though I could have done without the Sam grabbing carly's butt, which was no real big deal and easily ignored after a few minutes. Most of the time the show and website are nicely done and better than most shows Nickelodeon has and one can hope it has 100+ episodes ahead of it.
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