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  • Ithink this show doesn't even make an attempt

    I didn't watch the first season but I heard it was descent. Now here we are something seasons latter and the show is terrible. It tries to hard to be random and overall it's not funny. It's not clever in what it's trying to do. The acting is over the top and stupid. We've seen these ideas before and can tell you how they are going to turn out before the opening titles finish. The show is unrealistic and over dramatic and us as the viewers have seen much better teen dramas then the garbage this show about. This show was very easy for them to do get a cast of people no ones heard of and just say random thigs at times. They didn't need a script or even a writer. Becuase it's not hard to tell that this show didn't have either. There aren't even a attempt at real jokes. The random humor works for CN becuase it's not just random humor in shows like Adventure Time. There are also real jokes and characters you care for the characters and have a story. I think theres no redemetion for this show. If nothing else the actors that are playing over the topic characters are trying to deliver a real preformance. The thing that annoys me the most though is the internet jokes and the stupidy that comes with that. They could have made a real attempt and it may not have been good but it would still be alot better than the show we are stuck with now.
  • iLove It

    I watched just about every episode I have on DVD. Seasons 1-5 are available on the market as seasons 1-4, but where are seasons 6&7 as season 5 on DVD? It's not like I'm upset, but I just gotta see 6&7 on DVD. Other than that, phenomenal ending that was that iCarly had.
  • Another Great Series by the Master Dan Schneider

    Well it was not Drake and Josh, but it was a great show, delightful for all ages. Icarly was hilarious and over the years really grew into a show everyone (well, all those with sense) will have fond memories of.
  • Average show

    iCarly is definitely not the best show on tv but is one of the better shows on nickelodeon. Its at least superior to Big Time Rush and New Spongebob. I was a big fan of iCarly when it first came out but now I'm bored with it. Its an average show. Some episodes are interesting while aren't. The acting on the show is pretty decent. The actors do their best with what they have to work with. There's also some funny scenes in some episodes but the humor doesn't always work. Overall,iCarly is a decent show but you probably will get bored with it after a while

    The only people who would like this show are females in between the age of 8 and 20, girly girl and tomboy. Yes, even tomboys. Nick is horrible now, ever since the channel got that laughing kids and lightbulb logo. Spongebob also got crappy around there. This show doesn't belong on nick, it belongs on Disney Channel, which I like to call the free buffet. But there is now tons of garbage on nick now like the recent Spongebob, Sam And Cat, Dora (what the fuck?!) etc. The only good show on recently was Robot And Monster, but that was unfortunately very short lived, only had about 20 episodes, and only lasted a mere half a year and was cancelled due to innapropriate content due to the innuendo scene from the thanksgiving episode in December 2012. Nick, just give up. You are a disgrace. Please just give up already.
  • pretty f***ed up jokes for a kids show.

    I grew up with the early years of this show, so I used to like it.

    But this show is stupid, cruel, and unrealistic.

    I was 12 when I last watched this, and that was for Jerry Trainor. almost 5 years later, I can't even watch it anymore despite Trainor being so good. I never noticed how much it's filled with "You must be popular" and "Make fun of kid's low self confidences" undertones are present.
  • iSh*tty

    I consider this one of the worst shows nick has ever made. there's a lot of stuff that pisses me off so much. the show is a bad influence to the kids who watch it. not to mention horrible at the same time.

    I'm going to give out reasons why this show sucks

    1. It's not even funny the humour and punch lines are weak, and don't make sense at the same time.

    2. It treats guys like sh*t one obvious example is sam mis-treating freddie and freddie's too much of a giant chicken sh*t to fight back

    3. they don't perform in front of a live-audience even worse, they spam laugh tracks, mostly at the stupidest parts where nothing funny happens.

    4. they tell kids its okay to make fun of hobos, seriously what's so funny about people who lost they're homes?

    5. they used the word hobknocker look it up on urban dictionary if you dare!

    6. they mention things related to the upper chest area of the female human anatomy, seriously inappropriate for kids

    7. they tell kids its wrong to have your own opinion or speak your mind, be like everybody else. it basically says "agree with everyone else or get scroched!" just like what happened to freddie in the "fred" episode. freddie just said his opinion and he gets scroched over it? that just tosses the term "freedom of speech" out the window.

    Overall rating: why Dan Schneider?
  • Probally one of Dan Schniders best works ever

    I dont know why this show gets labled bad. Marvin Marvin and Bucket & Skinner are bad shows but iCarly is actually decent. It was the show I would always enjoy watching when it aired on Nick. Plus, it also had the only good episode of Lucas (the guy who did FRED) where he did a pretty decent job acting. From the piolet to the finale, the show did a good job. Some of the jokes were gross but they were outshined by the ones that were actually funny. Practiclly every character from Carly to Spencer were likable and hilarious. Even the antagonists like Nevil Papperman and Lubert Sline the doorman were solid characters that I enjoyed. Plus, Sam has her own show now so you kind of see the iCarly world carry on in a way. If you disagree, too bad you dont know what a real good show is.
  • iHate This Show

    iCarly is the show that began the downfall of Nickelodeon. First of the all, the jokes are not funny and are so random and pointless. I mean, on their little web series, Carly and Sam do random things that aren't funny, and frequently burst into a Random Dancing segment, which isn't even dancing. They just jump around. Also, they invite several guests on this show, including Fred, which involves him eating a cabbage and screaming in a spaghetti pool. This show is trying to throw creative ideas at us, but it's just coming across as another sitcom in which speaks down to its audience. Even though most of the main cast are solid actors, especially Miranda Cosgrove, I recommend you watch them in something else. iCarly is horrible, and is a disgrace to 90s Nickelodeon shows.
  • Went Out Like A Champion

    iCarly is the kind of show that started off great. Season 1 was in the developing stage, but you could tell it the show was going to be something special. The next two seasons were probably their best. It was fast-paced, the jokes were funny, and everything was on fire. Sam was downright evil to Freddie ("iKiss was her most disgusting moment) but now we know why. It wasn't around 2011 that the show really got annoying and downright bad. It felt like: "We're a bunch of young adults doing this because we need the paycheck so let's try to phone it They virtually wasted an entire opening pre-credits segment on who ate the pepperoni off a pizza.

    But the series finale was awesome. I think a lot of people would have loved it anyway because it was really ending and Dan Schneider created the damn show, but I digress. It was everything it needed to be (and it put a smile on my face when Carly kissed Freddie, like five damn years of speculation had ended proudly). That's how you go out. They even showed Carly's father at long last. Everything an iCarly diehard could want went into that finale.

    I always thought that Dan had three "kids" in terms of TV shows: All That, Drake & Josh and iCarly. I feel like he was attached to those three shows. Even though iCarly was pretty crappy near the ending, once the ending came, it felt like all those horrible episodes were worth the while. Besides, the show had three good-to-great years before that crap. To this day, "iGet Pranky" is still their best episode other than the finale. iCarly was built for success and I'd like to think Dan thought that way too.
  • Why did they stop the show???

    I LOVED I carly from the beginning! I couldn't WAIT for the first episode to come on! In November of last year, I fell to peices when they said I carly was saying IGoodbye. I stayed up and watched the whole thing. I was in tears! Then i thought, Why? I LOVED IT! Ibringbacktheshow!
  • iReview

    This show is pretty good. I'm surprised it lasted that long. The final episode sucked. Actually, the entire last season sucked. I loved this show but wasn't sad when it ended. They're grownups now and it had to end someday. Overall, I really like this show. One of nickelodeons few good shows in the past five years.
  • iCarly is one of the better shows on Nickelodeon, other than horrific shows such as Fanboy and Chum Chum and Marvin Marvin.

    My third TV review.

    Okay, now, why I rated iCarly to a 6.5 out of 10 is because this show actually has some funny scenes in some episodes, and sometimes, the humor in this show can get boring sometimes. This show is about a 18 year old woman named Carly Shay, who lives with her 31 year old brother, Spencer Shay, and her friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, and they are actually pretty funny in this good show. As I said before, iCarly is actually one of the better shows on Nickelodeon nowadays, other than horrific shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Marvin Marvin, How to Rock, Victorious, Big Time Rush, etc. Stay tuned for more reviews!

    My rating: 6.5 out of 10
  • WOW..

  • Carly is spoiled and Freddie needs to grow a pair.

    Honestly they cant go 2 seconds without using the laugh track and its annoying as hell. The characters are all messed up and don't make any sense, and the jokes are not the least big funny. THis show is shit.

    Carly, stop being such a spoiled little brat. Just because Spencer didn't want you to go to that fight, doesn't mean you have to be a little bi*ch and complain about it. Throwing a temper tantrum like a 2 year old isn't gonna change Spencer's mind about letting you go to the fight. Just grow up and act your age you ignorant spoiled brat.

    Sam, stop abusing everyone around you, including your peers. Stop harrassing Freddy. What did he ever do to you? Nothing. You put him through hell everyday of his life and it seems to me you really don't give a rat's a**. Be nice once in a while, because it seems to me you have a shriveled cold heart, you ungrateful creature.

    Freddy, stand up for yourself once in your life and GROW A PAIR! For god sake, they run you around like a slave and you just let them do that? You have to learn to speak up for yourself and say "NO!" You do everything for them and make the whole god dam webshow, now it's time for them to do something generous for you, instead of being their monkey.

    Spencer, You need to be taught how to be a responsible guardian. You never look out for your baby sister, all you do is take Carly wherever she wants, No matter at what time, where it is, or what place. You need to learn how to say "NO!" also. You're obviously not fit to be a guardian, so I Highly suggest you discipline her once in your life.

    Freddy's mom, stop being so OVERPROTECTIVE! You're making him anti-social and you're ruining his life! Stop treating him like he's three, treat him like an adult! You need to stop this sh*t, because I don't think your son likes what you're doing.

    Gibby, PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON! Nobody wants to see your fat jiggle, that's just uncalled for.

    And don't even get me started on the plots. They're so random that it's not even funny.
  • icarly lebureart 100

    full epsiodesbye
  • Was good ,but then.

    This show was actually pretty dang good in the beginning,but now it's crap the jokes are lame and boring and it's stupid 5/10 mediocre/average

    No more quick comedy that was cheesy. This shows actors acted for cash, not for a comedic reason, just for a quick paycheck. Only a show that is appealing to 10 year olds.
  • An ok show by creator Dan Schneider but it is flawed and far from perfect as Big Time Rush.

    Icarly is an ok show for me. I remember when I first watched this show it was great and I had a fun time watching and there were so many parts that made me laugh. But after watching it a few times I began to get bored with it. And the show has many flaws which is why I didn't like Icarly after watching it a couple more times. First of all this show is flawed and far from perfect as the other Nickelodeon masterpiece Big Time Rush. Second it doesn't deliver the goodies of Drake and Josh due to the lack of humor and weak execution and the show itself could have been a lot better. And last but not least the third reason why I didn't like Icarly as much as Big Time Rush is that the show itself is overhyped on the slapstick jokes and I find the whole show to be way too overhyped on the slapstick jokes and if your comparing this to Big Time Rush there's a big difference between the two shows. Big Time Rush has a lot of light comedy jokes and tones and it doesn't have the overhyped slapstick jokes of Icarly which is why I like Big Time Rush over this show. The jokes in this show are way too overhyped and it totally keeps the bar low for one reason. The only thing I like about Icarly is the performances of the casts like Miranda Cosgrove who is so gorgeous and cute even Jennette McCurdy delivers a solid performance and she's just as gorgeous and cute as Miranda nevertheless this is a forgettable show and it could have been better for one reason at least its better than Victorious.
  • The first words I said after iGoodbye ended? YES! THAT DUMB SHOW IS FINALLY OVER!

    No. Not ONLY is it a bad influence, but it's awful too.

    The hobo jokes. Really? The creator said he didn't mean hobo in that way. Alright, so if I call someone an idiot, and I say I meant "awesome person" when I said idiot, would that MAKE IT THE MEANING?!

    They talk certain part of the female body. For example, the pageant episode. WHY?

    I try to find a moment where they could go 10 SECONDS without a laugh track. So far, I think I've only seen it in iGoodbye or (maybe) iQuit iCarly. So they only do it in special episodes? -__- At least Good Luck Charlie can go 10 seconds without a laugh track!!! BTW, a live studio audience wouldn't be any better. They TELL people when to laugh.

    I have no problem with "hobknocker" though. Urban Dictionary users just thought it sounded dirty and made up all KINDS OF SICK MEANINGS. Hobknocker is just some nonsensical sword. That sort of annoys me, but whatever.

    How could Dan work on masterpieces like All That and Kenan and Kel but then do THIS? I mean, those were hilarious and this show is awful. I guess he was trying to appeal to the new audience of today's world.

    They also promote cyberbullying. They love to embarrass people in front of the ja-ka-zillions of people watching their webshow. How would they feel if they were the victims of the cyberbullying?

    Sam is so abusive to Freddy and Freddy barely ever stands up for himself. It's really not funny. It just isn't.

    Why Dan Schneider? :(

  • One of Nickelodeon's Mediocre Shows

    The show centers around three teenagers. Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove, who also played Megan from Drake & Josh, Sam Puckett, played by Jennette McCurdy, and Freddie Benson, played by Nathan Kress. So one day, she somehow becomes popular through a video called "Talent Show Auditions," (I think that's what it's and I don't see how that video made her popular because it wasn't very funny at Back to the show, she and her friends create a web show called "iCarly" for the fanbase of the particular audience. Now you might be asking yourself, what is the iCarly webshow about? Well, basically, on the web show, they do random unfunny skits, such as one about a cowgirl who thinks the cowboy's mustache was a squirrel, that somehow make the viewers laugh.

    Now, I know this is going to get a lot of negative votes, but this show is unfunny and mediocre in my opinion. One problem I have with this show is that it keeps on spamming the laugh track. I'm not kidding. It's used so much even at points where the jokes aren't funny. It's mostly spammed during their web show.


    Sam: Now, before we go..

    Carly: We just want to remind you...

    Sam: That's what the Earth looks like from Outer space...

    (laugh track goes off)

    What the heck? That was not funny at all.

    Another problem I have with this show is Gibby. He is by far the most strangest and worst character in this show. Why? Because:

    1. He takes his shirt off for no reason. This is usually when he dances.

    2. His girlfriend, from what I could remember, is taller than him! Now, it's been a long time, so I don't quite remember.

    3. He has man- well..... nevermind. You don't wanna know.

    Another problem is that its for some reason one of the successful Nickelodeon shows. I don't understand why. It's not funny at all. The only times that made me laugh were the events going around Carly and Co, rather than the web series, which is sad because that is supposed to be the funniest and most important part of the show.

    I have more problems with this show. But that's all I'm going to talk about. If tigerdude22 likes this show, I'm going to get really mad because he's one of the most popular users out there. He should hate this show.

    Overall: 2.5

    Grade: D-

  • Poor show!

    I was good until 2008. After that this sucked. The mean, evil, tough, prankster Megan Parker will always be better than the wimpy, sensitive Carly Shea. Drake and Josh beats ICarly by FAR!.
  • Not liking this at all

    To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this show...

    I used to hate it a lot last years for being so mean spirited... Nowadays... is still not better

    Well, it was about to be one of my most hated shows ever, but atleast this show has interesting humour... why am I saying that? Shake It Up... enough said...

    I do like how colorful the characters are, but I think Spencer is the best in this show, the only one that gives me a smile everytime, the others are ok and do their best to be funny... which only works usually...

    What I hate about this show is... a lot, but the first thing that comes in my mind when thinking about this show's downsides is: FUCKING STUBBORN LITTLE CHILDREN
  • Icarly is not best but it's NOT nesscuarily the worst!

    As I watched the first ever episode of icarly it was pretty descent , somewhat humorous and entertaining but as much as I adore the characters for their individual personalities i got to admit ICarly has been going down hill ever since season 4 5 6 , it seems that it's rare I would laugh at their humor attempt. The Carly cast sometimes say inappropriate words such as ;hob knocker( I decided to search the word and trust me you wouldn't even wanna know the as well i find its not nesscaury they always seem to make fun of hobos but i dont see anything funny about people who are less fourtante and can't get a job its kinda sending a message to kids that its okey to make jokes about 'hobos' . yes. I agree with you guys that kids should NOT be watching icarly well that's why is because its for TEENS (12 and up). The idea of a web show being included was very neat But I think they could of calm down with all the inappropriate stuff or as Sam would say "shizz" ICarly is not a bad show just could of been a little better #nohate goodbye Icarly and thanks for offering everything you have to give nick I give it 8/10
  • iCarly: LOVED

    I love iCarly and I always will. I loved it from the 1st episode to the last episode. I was a bit upset though when Miranda Cosgrove decided not to do another season. But you know what they say good things have to come to an end. I wish they had one more movie.
  • Not horrible, but not all too exciting either.


    I have to be honest with you, when I saw Nickelodeon begin to produce a lot of live-action shows that were mostly targeted at 12 year old kids. Not thinking much of it at first, I started to watch one or two episodes. Some of them were pretty good, while others weren't all that. The acting in iCarly is decent enough to be labeled as entertainment for the age demographic it's targeted at, and even for me. Once in a while I will watch iCarly, and the episodes and story lines to those episodes aren't horrible.

  • Mean spirited in almost every way and sending out the wrong morals a child should never learn, iCarly lowers the bar for a kid's show.

    iCarly sounded like one of those shows that may have been great with its clever premise, but it's a show that will just make you hate it with all your might and ends up being one of the worst shows ever made. The show stared Miranda Cosgrove, from Drake and Josh, who runs an internet show along with her friends, Sam and Freddie, and have some adventures involving their web show. Now to be fair,the idea of a show based on an internet show sounded interesting. I do admit, the concept alone is very interesting and could've made for one of the best shows ever. Sadly, that's not the case with this show at all.

    At first watching the early episodes wasn't too bad, there was some decent comedy, it had the right amount of randomness in it, and it had decent plots. It had a good concept going for it and seemed to be doing just great with how it was handling it. However, around season 2, the producers got very lazy and turned the show into a mean spirited pile of junk. The charming humor is now nothing but real juvenile humor and is really not funny at all. Some of the jokes themselves are really inappropriate and cruel for no reason, but I'll get to that later in the review. The randomness on the web show and in the show itself has gone overboard. Some of the things they do on the web show now make no sense or anything. The stories are not as interesting and some were already seen on other shows. Not to mention that many of these stories now send a very bad moral message to the audience.

    The acting for the characters was not that good even when the show began. Miranda has a tendency to laugh when speaking her lines. She's also very rude and disobeys Spencer almost every time. She has no respect for authority and thinks she can do whatever she wants to do.

    Sam acts like a spoiled brat throughout the show and treats everyone like dirt. She always makes hobo jokes and something about fried chicken. This is supposed to be funny how? Not to mention she ALWAYS flies off the handle over the littlest of things such as when she wants to be right or something. In particular, she likes to beat up Freddie and hurt him a lot.

    Freddie was pretty good and seemed to be the only one giving effort in his part. Though he did get annoying towards the end of the series and never really grew a spine to tell Sam to stop beating her up. It's a wonder he never filed a restraining order against her. As for everyone else, they were mostly well over the top, especially that bellhop guy in the apartment.

    The show also loves to have constant fights over the most trivial things such as little insults. You can't go 5 minutes into this show without seeing fight after fight after fight. In fact, every episode always has a fight or some petty argument over something irrelevant to the episode. Another problem with this show is that every episode starts with the letter "i". For example, "iwant to stay with Spencer" or "ipilot" it's really stupid and they should try to come up with episode names that don't start with "i".

    Finally, I didn't like the morals the show had to offer. iCarly seems to teach kids that you can get away with doing bad deeds. For example, Sam always beats up Freddie and nobody really does anything about it. So it's teaching our kids that if you fight someone, you won't get in trouble? The characters also have a nice variety of bad words that the kids can speak, which means this show teaches kids to say bad words. In one episode, Carly breaks up with a boyfriend because he likes something girly and cries about how much of a wimp he is. It basically teaches boys and girls that they HAVE to be stereotypical and generic to the max. Then there is the infamous moral in the iMeet Fred episode that teaches kids to NOT have an opinion on anything they disagree on. And if you do have a different opinion, everyone will turn on you and try to kill you(like Freddie nearly getting hit with a flaming arrrow). In the past, cartoons and other live action shows taught us friendship and getting along with one another, but now it's like "Hey kids! Go out and beat up anyone and do anything you please and you won't get in trouble!" Way to teach kids the right things Nickelodeon.

    The Spencer plot points aren't too bad, but they are just really weird and not that funny like buying a huge cup of coffee that you can swim in or obeying a magic meatball. Admitadelly, there were some moments in those plot points where they were kind of funny, but that's not saying much.

    Speaking of the humor, why is most of it about hobos? What's so funny about them? In this day and age, people are unemployed and are losing their homes. Why should I laugh at a group of unfortunate people who are struggling through life and basically starving? Seriously, how disrespectful can you get and tell me what's so funny about making fun of hobos or the homeless?

    If it looks like I am nitpicking here and there, fair enough, but I have seen a lot of the episodes. The morals are terrible, the characters are pretty one dimensional, Sam goes nuts at the drop of a hat, its humor about hobos is cruel and NOT funny in the least bit, and the Spencer plot points are pretty useless and really contribute nothing to the plot. There are moments of funny here and there, but only because of concepts I am familiar with in other shows and what Dan Schneider has done in the past with other shows. Other then that most of the show is bad. What could have been a decent show, got convoluted into a mess because of poor morals, constant fights, and bad humor. This show is just so bad and just so hateful.

    I hate this show so much, I hate how it teaches kids bad morals, to not be different, to follow the crowd, that you're not allowed to be unique, and just how the show mocks homeless people. It is such a miserable show that is not fun, the characters are cruel, and it's so mean spirited. Avoid this show at all costs.
  • An amazing show!

    This is the funniest show ever! I can't believe most people on this site are saying negitive things about it, Wow! A show about two teen girls doing a webshow is boring, But a show about two crazy teen girls doing a crazy webshow isn't! I watch it everyday and is not a bit sad while it's on or even waiting for the next episode, Even repeats are good with icarly! Some people find this different, Werid and just wayyyyy downhill. I don't believe them, To all the people who love icarly, You really know what to watch! And to the people that hate it, Try and make people hate icarly, It's way too hard! GO NICKOLODEAN!
  • Quite possibly one of the worst TV shows ever (along with Hannah idiot Montana).

    This show is pathetic! Why the hell would anyone want to watch this? It's so fricken stupid! It's not even close to being realistic, and the jokes(if you could call them that) are not anywhere near funny. Just sad that's what they are. Not funny. Just sad. And pathetic. And terrible. I saw part of this once and I wanted to throw the TV out the window and shoot the crap out of it cuz this show was so stupid. I can't see how anyone would like it. Fyi, if you're thinking about watching this show, take it from me and don't watch it. Its horrible.
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