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  • Quite possibly one of the worst TV shows ever (along with Hannah idiot Montana).

    This show is pathetic! Why the hell would anyone want to watch this? It's so fricken stupid! It's not even close to being realistic, and the jokes(if you could call them that) are not anywhere near funny. Just sad that's what they are. Not funny. Just sad. And pathetic. And terrible. I saw part of this once and I wanted to throw the TV out the window and shoot the crap out of it cuz this show was so stupid. I can't see how anyone would like it. Fyi, if you're thinking about watching this show, take it from me and don't watch it. Its horrible.
  • A girl creates a webshow with her two friends, Sam and Freddie.

    This show is all about a girl named Carly and her friends Sam and Freddie. She creates a webshow in her attic. Sam and her host the show while Freddie works the camera. Spencer is her big brother/guardian. He's the guy who plays Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh. One of Carly's enemies is Nevel. He wants her to kiss him and she won't, so every chance he gets he tries to ruin iCarly. An annoying character in the show is Mandy. She's Carly's #1 fan and wouldn't leave the iCarly crew alone. She left them alone for a while but then brought the iCarly website... and then sold it to Nevel (she didn't know he was Carly's enemy). That's my review of iCarly.
  • iWould love it you'd stop making titles that start with 'i'

    Hi, I'm back with a new review. Yay. I guess. Do I have fans?


    I used to like this show.. back when it was good. Now it's all awful, just as most TV shows get after a while.

    Characters: Why am I doing this? Ugh. All the characters have personality, which is good, but not good personalities. Sam sets a bad example for younger kids. She's constantly beating on poor Freddy and she's lazy as hell. Freddy is a coward and can't stand up for himself. Ever. Carly bothers me. I couldn't tell you why, but she does. Spencer and Gibby are probably the only likeable characters in the show.

    Episodes: They started off good, but now they're kind of pointless and uninteresting. Like the epiosde where Freddy and Sam kiss. That's not for /all/ audiences. Little kids probably don't take much interest in that. Plus there's that one episode about Fred. Freddy states his opinion and everyone hates on him for it. We're talking about Fred, the annoying internet (and apparently TV) star, not religion. We don't need to shoot arrows at some kid for not liking Fred.

    Plots: The show is about three teenagers running a webshow. Orginal, I'll admit, but now it's kind of lame.

    Humor: Bleh. Half of it funny.

  • i love this show

    i love you carly freddy sam and spencer your are my faveorite show i been wanted to watch i carly i saved your life for 3 years now i think you should put it on netflix so i can watch it your show is so funny lol i hope you put it on netflix bye from your friend samantha ps i hope you write back and put it on netflix bye love you guys <3

  • What a wonderful series!!!

    Oh my god i love this show so much!!!! So the show is about a girl named carly who owns a popular web show who goes thru crazy adventures with her very abusive best friend sam and her other friend who is called a dork named Freddie.This show has great comedey that always makes me laugh!!One of my favorite episodes is when carly gives sam a makeover and in the end of the episode it craked me up! So this show has alot of great things and is toatlly orignal and this show is definitly one of my favorite shows!!
  • Not Exactly What I Call a Good Show

    Before I start, I'm just going to say that I enjoyed season 1 of this show. It had a good amount of humor, the plots were interesting, and the storylines flowed pretty well. But after season 2 came around, nearly all the humor disappeared. But before I start on the humor, lets begin with the characters. We have Carly, who was OK around the first season, but after the next seasons, she turned into nothing but a spoiled brat. Freddy is one of the only characters I liked, for he was the only with an actual personality. Spencer is a character I also like, but I felt like the actor was giving too much. As for Gibby, he was just downright annoying and not funny at all. But the worst character by far is Sam Puckett. She is never grateful for anything, only cares about herself, and is downright a bad influence towards children. And what I mean by that is the fact that she always beats up Freddy and never gets in trouble. The acting itself is mediocre and could be done better. As for the main plot, it is original, but executed very poorly. But the worst aspect of this show is the humor. Like I said before, season 1 had good humor, but in the other seasons, it's nothing but cruel and unfunny humor. The humor in seasons 2+ is pretty much about hobos. I mean, what's so funny about hobos? People are unemployed right now, and all Dan Schneider can do is just make a big joke about it? I really expected better from him.

    This show did seem good at first, and the first season was good, but the other seasons were nothing but a mess. The fact that this show is plagued with unfunny and cruel humor and uninteresting characters makes this show very hard to like. Just pass this one up and watch Drake and Josh instead.

    Presentation: 8.5/10 The story is good enough and the plots are interesting as well.

    Acting: 5/10 The acting itself can be improved a lot, and the actors give too much effort.

    Entertainment: 4/10 Unbearable. Why does every joke have to be about hobos?

    Lasting Appeal: 6/10 Season One is very watchable. However, pass yourself up on the other seasons.

    FINAL SCORE: 5/10 Meh
  • This show has to go!

    This show is stupid,boring and unpredictable,it's about this girl named Carly Shay and she gets her BFF'S Sam,Freddie and her brother Spencer to help her with this silly website called Icarly.I really dislike this show and they're's too many insultive moments.This show has to get bummed or else.
  • Why does this show have high ratings?

    I found out about this show when my friend Brynn was talking about it and laughing at it, but when I watched it, I didn't exactly find it funny. It should be called ''I should of made a better

    Ok. Seriously this show is horrible. Its about some loser kids putting on a stupid show to get attention. While it not as bad as Shake It Up, the characters are just bland idiots who can't make people laugh. The laugh track comes on so much its like they put a 5 year old in charge of it. And like I said, none of that stuff is funny. I don't know why people find this crap funny, but then again, that's just me.

    The plots are Just Sam and Carly fighting all the time or some threat to icarly and the joke are just repeats of other jokes. Some are disturbing, like when Freddie said after Carly said he and Sam didn't kiss in a while, "My lips are starving!" What the hell? That's not funny, that's just disturbing. Dan Schnider, what the hell is wrong with you? Whoever wrote these jokes should sit down and watch some Laurel and Hardy, that will show them what real comedy is. Also, what's with the homeless jokes? What's so funny about homeless people? I don't find anything funny about this joke. The plots are just the same crap over and over again. It gets bland after a while. Gibby is DISGUSTING. Thank God he doesn't take his shirt off any more. Every time I see him, it's always rip your shirt off, and "GIBBBEEEHHHHH!" It's disturbing as hell.

    I'm glad this show ended, and whoever finds it funny needs to watch some REAL comedy.

  • A teenager gets the chance to speak her mind up by her own web cast. Genius.

    We discovered Miranda Cosgrove on "Drake and Josh" as the evil Megan: the little girl that put pranks on everyone like it was her job, this time around it's completely the opposite! Carly, who lives with his 26 year old creative and crazy brother Spencer, is a girl that marches at her own drum. Along with her best friend Sam, whom is a "vicious" girl that is always hungry and who's favorite hobby is making fun of other kids, specially Freddie, who hangs with Carly and Sam all the time, and serves as the tech producer of iCarly (on the show)Freddie is in love with Carly, but she makes him understand that they're just good friends. The show is refreshing, funny and highly entertaining. It's like something we haven't seen before, so I predict great things for it. Nickelodeon is back on track.
  • Backdoor advertising on NICK.

    For the sake of parents and gaurdians everywhere, I will be happy to see the back of this show, as it has been nothing more than a giant back door advert of late for APPLE, with it's, PEAR, Phone, Pad and Compujter parodies, this is so wrong, and along with Victorious fills up at least an hour if not more on Nick every day, stop the daily 1 hour+ back door ads NICK!!!!!
  • Best show on nickelodeon from 2007-2010

    iCarly started great and funny but over the years it got kinda old. It was the funniest thing ive ever seen!!! But seriously did yall watch the comercial before the last episode came on? The comercial was horrible!!!! They sai at the end that they saved the best for last!!!! That was the worst episode of iCarly!!!!!! it wasnt funny at all. It didnt make sense whn freddie called sam on his stupid phone and said "wanna get bAck together?" but he enjoyed it when Carly kissed him???? And how could carly move to italy when she didnt even finish high school yet???? They were supposed to graduate and go to college!!! But dan schnieder had to ruin it when it was getting started!!!! They didnt even finish it completely. What if we wanna know how missy is doing or mrs. Bricks, or principal franklin, or mrs benson, or TBO.. The lAst episode SUCKED!!!! they couldve done better than thAt. And if that was their best then thatz just sad.
  • A Prime Example of offensive television


    Ok. Seriously this show is horrible. Its about some loser kids putting on a stupid show to get attention. While it not as bad as Shake It Up, the characters are just bland idiots who can't make people laugh. The laugh track comes on so much its like they put a 5 year old in charge of it. And like I said, none of that stuff is funny!


    Carly is a girl who smiles all the time and is super whiny. She SUCKS. She mostly worries about herself and practically ruins the show with her forced acting and happy go lucky attitude and always smiling all the damn time.

    Sam is anthor idiot who constatly picks on Freddie. She usually and constantly always tells offensive jokes and practically destroys her fair share of the show too. And if ANYBODY can call this inconsiderate jerk as a best friend or role model, then that proves how clueless people are about Sam.

    Freddie is a computer nerd whos talents are ignored mostly. I used to like him as a character, but now I can't stand him. He's always popping in and saying something offensive to someone.

    Spencer is the most imature guardian. He is so lucky that carly didn't get some brain injury (but I have a feeling that's gonna happen). Also much money does he get anyway on an artist's salary? Because I'm sure as hell they can't afford that apartment. His plot lines only serve as terrible comedic value and show the worst of what this show barely offers.

    Gibby is DISGUSTING. Thank God he doesn't take his shirt off any more. Everytime I see him, it's always rip your shirt off, and "GIBBBEEEHHHHH!"

    The other characters are horrible portrayed bad actors which is why some work for disney now. Freddie's mom is annoying and Chuck, Lewbert, T-Bo and everybody else are just HORRIBLE!

    The plots are Just Sam and carly fighting all the time or some threat to icarly and the joke are just repeats of other jokes. Some are disturbing, like when Freddie said after carly said he and sam didn't kiss in awhile, "my lips are starving!!!!" WTH!! That's not funny its disturbing. Dan Schnider, what the hell is wrong with you!! And whoever wrote these jokes should go to jail for poisoning kid's minds. And then they make fun of homeless people and treat them like shit or a totally different species.

    The jokes CANNOT be classified as jokes. People have already said this, and I AGREEE!

    Overall: Thank God nick is ending this, though I wish that finale aired in september or sooner so that I can throw a huge party. The characters suck, the jokes are digusting and the laugh track is annoying. At least it's better than disney, right?................right?
  • this show ended yes

    this show is very poor the reason the rant is so low it's because of alot of things humor is very shitty 3.4/10 now the plot sometimes gets a little carried away no too much carried away 2.9/10 is very stupid and whats with the laughing track and some things arnt very funny there just stupid i laugh very few times in this show 1.8/10 and theres more reason but i dont need to say them no cause why cause its just gonna be a long ass review bye bye
  • The SECOND yes, SECOND worst show ever!

    This is another one of Nickeolodeon's fails of a show. iCarly has so many flaws that you could easily point out in seconds and there's nothing funny about this despite the fact that it's labelled as a 'COMEDY' show. Yes, 'COMEDY'. So, anyway, let's get to the point:

    The characters/acting skills:

    The acting skills portrayed here are as poor as shit. The actors with the exception of Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Spencer (Jerry Trainor) are not even trying plus their acting seems pretty forced if you ask me. The majority of character personalities are either passable in some cases, poor or questionable. So, let's get to the details:

    Main characters:

    Carly: She is meant to be the all round 'nice, sweet girl'. Really, she's not. She is a spoiled little brat who gets let off the hook for absolutely everything and she controls Spencer WAY too much. She is whiny and throws tantrums like a 2 year old. The actress (Miranda Cosgrove) is way better on Drake and Josh, than this trainwreck. Also, she is one of the few characters to abuse Freddie, Nevel or Gibby whenever Sam does it so she's one of the bad examples on the show because she teaches you to follow abuse from someone else.

    Sam: The stereotypical 'tomboy'. She is an absolute BULLY rather than a tomboy because she abuses Freddie VERBALLY and PHSICALLY and that god awful laugh track plays when it's 'funny'. How is abuse funny? Sam has also been sent off to prison numerous times as well as a MENTAL hospital and that meant Carly, Spencer, Freddie and Gibby had to break her out. But in the iCarly universe, they DON'T get arrested because the police recognise their webshow whereas in real life, you would be arrested + Carly and the gang would be tried as adults as well as being accomplices. She only cares about herself and meat and she is another bad example because she teaches kids that it's OK to beat up random people for the fun of it as well as going to PRISON and a MENTAL HOSPITAL.

    Freddie: One of the few characters I kinda like although his personality after Season 1 is questionable. He is the nerd and is one of the few targets of Sam's abuse. But, although he's 50% - 75% likeable, I have one thing to say about him: GROW A PAIR! the reason I say that is because he's got no courage to stand up to Sam, I'm a girl and if that were me, she'd get beat up straight away and I'd quit the webshow! But, another thing is that he teaches kids that it's OK to accept bullying and not to tell anyone.

    Spencer: The so called 'guardian/older brother' of Carly. For me, again is the same as Freddie, but he needs to stop giving Carly what she wants and LAY DOWN THE LAW! I don't see Spencer as an authority figure because he rarely notices what's going on and he lets Carly walk over him. Spencer, you need to man up too! Other than that, his plots are funny in some cases.

    Minor/extra characters:

    Nevel: An annoying 11 year old trying to bring iCarly down. Although he's annoying, I feel sorry for him in ways seeing as he's another target of Sam and Carly's abuse. He is also a 50% likeable character in some ways but doesn't make me laugh.

    Gibby: Yet again, another target of Carly and Sam's abuse. The whole 'taking off his shirt and GIBBEH!!!' thing easily gets old however but Gibby is passable.

    The plot:

    Boring, generic and the putting 'i' in front of everything as episode titles is old and stupid. The same thing is being copied for two of Disney's ***ed shows, A.N.T Farm and Austin and Ally. The plots don't make sense like the pilot episode, I mean how can you post a video and then get millions of views THAT QUICK?

    The jokes:

    Unfunny and offensive. The jokes are often about hobos (poor people) which is offensive because we actually get poor people finding it hard to lead a suitable life as well as living in bad economies or 'fat jokes' (Gibby) which is also offensive judging his weight as well as well as Sam beating up random strangers. The laugh track is annoying because it repeats every time which gets annoying and makes you want to tune out.

    Overall summary and rating:

    An unfunny, offensive and generic show with repetitive plots, a stupid webshow with gross parts like making chicken noodle soup in a toilet, one-dimensional, subpar/passable, or questionable characters as well as offensive, violent scenes with no values.


    Characters: 1/10. The only reason I give 1 is for Spencer and Freddie's efforts in trying because everyone else doesn't care or can't be bothered.

    Plots: 0/10. Boring and generic.

    Jokes: 0/10. Offensive and unfunny. The only funny thing is most of these's actors ATTEMPTS in acting. Where did Nickeolodeon find these people?

    Nickeolodeon, cancel this, the horrible merchandise and every other rubbish show you've produced since 2010 and put on classic re-runs. By now, you're following Disney's route.

  • The same mind who created Drake and Josh created this? I think Dan Schnider is great... but this show stinks. I wouldnt be surprised if the next episode of ICarly is called ICanceled.


    ICarly has become more than disturbing.... It goes from, "We need to break Sam out of detention to do ICarly!" to this, "We need to break Sam out of a mental hospital to do ICalry!" A mental hospital crosses the line! I know a six year old girl who watches this show. Does she need to be learing about mental hospitals? No. The show has become more than enough inappropriate, and Im not even an adult. They have said boobs, holy crap, and uses constant violence. I mean they make backpacks for little girls! This show isn't really even fun to watch, like it was the first season. The show has become to random, and just confusing. Here's some problems with the show.

    Problem #1 Treatment of Freddie- Freddie, (mostly in the first seasons), is treated terribly! When I first began watching this show, I thought, "Oh this will be funny. Sam will be constantly making jokes about Freddie." But it just got worse. By the second season, Freddie was being violated and abused by Sam constantly. In fact, in one episode, Freddie shows being scared of Sam. This is terrible! I know its acting, but I still feel bad for him... TV Shows, especially kids shows, aren't supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. In one episode, Freddie even picks up a jumbo knife and holds it up to his neck. Then, he puts it down and says, "No Freddie, bad thoughts lead to bad actions." I guess this is kind of a lesson, but for a little girl (ICarly's main audience) it shows what suicide looks like. -_-

    Problem #2 Responsibilty- Ok, so there's like two main authority figures in this show: Spencer, and Mrs. Benson. Mrs. Benson is never respected and just made fun of, by Sam of course. Spencer says yes to virtually everything. The one episode that he actually said no to something was the episode when Carly wanted to go to an MMA fight. These are very dangerous, and Spencer tells Carly no... for the first time. Well guess what, Carly throws a little tantrum, just because she didnt get one thing she wanted. She can go rob a bank if she wanted, but this one thing upsets her that much. So, she ends up sneaking out, and when Spencer finds out, he goes to the MMA fight to bring Calry home like a responisble adult. So, the wrestler that Calry and Sam ae interveiwing mistakes Spencer for a mean stranger, so he throws him against a wall! Spencer was trying to be responsible, and he gets thrown against a wall. -_- So, Carly, Freddie, the wrestler, and Sam bring Spencer home (while unconiuos). The wrestler gives one quick apology, and Carly forgives him, (like she is the one who needs an apology here), and then they leave Spencer on the couch, and go upstairs and have a dance party with the wrestler... -_- That is awful!

    I only have one minor compliment for the show, but it also has a bad thing about it.

    Compliment #1 Plots- I must compliment Dan Snchider, who is known for his original ideas, for giving the show some pretty intresting story lines. But still, the problem is, the kids always end up ok, even when they go do something very dangerous. They never learn. Now I'm not saying that I want them hurt and dead, but It shows kids that no matter what you do, you can wing it and nothing will happen to you. It's a bad lesson. But I must admit again, the stories are good.

    So, if your a parent reading this, make your own decision, but I would say NO to this show in your house. If your a teen like me, I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud, but this show is just disturbing and stupid, so your really wasting your time watching it. Go watch a show like Adventure Time. It still has that adult humor, but its alot more fair.

  • iCarly

    While I wish I could give you higher, I truly can't. iCarly started off strong. A great show but then episodes started spreading too far away from the original ones. Episodes stopped revolving around the title of the show iCarly and more about their personal lives. It was good at first but then it just got plain annoying. And in the last couple seasons where was Spencer and his sculptures? Those were the funniest things Spencer did and the writers took it out of the later episodes. If that was the case they should have let him go to law school. It was good to end it right now. It was truly getting a bit crappy.
  • I Hate This Show.

    One word: UNFUNNY. What I hate about this crap are the nut jobs on here. Like that teacher for instance. She talks like a sick cartoon pig and she dismembers stuff animals. She think she's trying to be funny, but I think it's rather offensive that cute. Nickelodeon made better shows back in 1990s and early 2000s. And to think Mr. Meaty was the crap next to this crud.

    I will never say goobye 2 you never will i
  • Icarly was a fantastic show for kids and adults alike

    My daughter and I have seriously had some great times watching Icarly together as a family. The show was funny and had some of the best characters you could find on a TV show (Spencer as a baby was the best). I have read some of the comments on this site and for those who think the show could be inappropriate at times, you really need to loosen up. Icarly was much better than most of the garbage on TV these days and I never had any issues with my 7 year old watching the show. My daughter and I will truly miss the show and its ability to please all age groups and we will continue to hope that one day it will reappear in one form or another on Nickelodeon again.

    I like this show. too bad it's going off the air.:( They were fun loving and kind and also really funny.They were so good and I loved the randomness and funnyness on the webcast.My life is different now with icarly out of it. :(
  • My Review of iCarly

    At first, I watched this show in its earlier episodes and seasons. They had decent comedy and a nice amount of randomness. But not this show has gone overboard. They're going crazy trying to think of new ideas. They are TOO random now and their jokes are lame and overused and stolen from other TV shows.

    They're selfish and self-absorbed. They make constant jokes of hobos, which is NOT funny. Most people are unemployed and loosing homes. They are making fun of real life tragedies. My sister has to live in a trailer and has to work all day at McDonalds' to save their home, and plus they have a three-year-old son. They can barely afford to pay for gas in their old car and they have to go to my dad for money for groceries or gas almost every week.

    They're plots, already used. I watch tons of teen comedy shows from back then and I see the same plots used before iCarly used them.

    And the morals, OH THE MORALS. They're so bad. Sam is constantly beating up Freddie and no one does anything about it. She's always doing bad things to usually land someone in trouble, except she gets away with it easily.

    Miranda Cosgrove goes against everything Spencer says. I really was proud of him when he finally said 'no' the that fight, I forgot what it was, but Carly had to go and get some look a likes that wouldn't fool a monkey, to replace them while they snuck off to go to the fight. Spencer was speaking from experience and he was only making sure Carly didn't get hurt, but at the end he got hurt just trying to save her from getting injured.

    When they got home, they left Spencer on the couch while he was still unconscious to go up and film the webshow and dance with the guy who had hurt Spencer. One simply empty 'I'm sorry' and they were abandoning injured Spencer who had sacrificed himself so Carly wouldn't get hurt to dance with him? How coldhearted and cruel is that?

    I can't even go on about this show. I'll update later.
  • This filth deserves to be booted off the air...

    In a time of despair for Nickelodeon considering how poor they are doing with their line-up of crappy shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum, True Jackson VP, The Troop, Victorious, and several others, this show lands up at the top of my least favorite shows. Everything about this show wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. The acting is terrible. And by acting, I mean Miranda Cosgrove. If I gave her a million dollars, she couldn't do any better acting job. Just because she is pretty doesn't mean she can get away with smiling in all her scenes and acting like a complete numb-skull. It wouldn't hurt if half of the jokes in the show weren't gross or annoying. Let's see. Freddy's finger starts bleeding rapidly, a hobo joke, Freddy gets smacked in the face, a hobo joke, Freddy falls out of a tree house, hobo joke, Sam's teeth start bleeding, hobo joke, Sam beats the hell out of a TV producer with a sock full of butter, and guess what? A hobo joke! Refreshing!

    One last thing: DON'T SING MIRANDA!!!!

    ~Deranged Lemur
  • It's not as bad as everyone says. It can be funny, but it does need work.

    Overall, this isn't a bad show. It may not be as classical as the old Nick shows of the late 90s and early 00s, but it still has some good humor in it like the sarcastic humor that is used sometimes such as a scene in iTwin where Freddie talks about his uncle who was an avacado.:) My favorite episode, however, would have to be either iPie or iReunite With Missy. Several of the jokes, however, are tired and overused. For instance, there are too many jokes about hobos and about Sam's eating. That kind of humor gets old really fast. This show can also be too unrealistic. I mean, no one in real life makes a huge a deal out of someone having never been kissed or beats you up for having an opinion that is different from everyone else's. This show also contains some adult material like intensive making out in some episodes and jokes about bras and guys' privates like in iHate Sam's Boyfriend and iMight Switch Schools (you guys know what I'm talking about, right?). Other than those things, this is not a bad show at all like most people have been saying. It could be better, though, and I hope it improves soon. Marebear2009, out!
  • Top 10 Best Reality Sicoms

    This show is easily a 7.0 because the little cast and the lack off episodes its been producing in the last year or two but when this show was producing a show every week for a full season that's the time i would've ranked this show 10.0 but this has down ranked in the years let alone the show is going away for ever next week yeah the season finale Good Bye iCarly
  • How is this doing good?

    Why is this still on the air, it use to be good like season 1 but than i saw one episode and it was the worse thing i had ever seen so i don't think this show should even be on why Dan Schneider why?
  • Great Show!

    This is my daughter's FAVORITE show! She will watch it over and over! I haven't told her it's ending yet, but she will be upset i'm sure! The news channel here in Indiana said you were having a give a way of items off the set! Could you let me know about it on your website! It would be an awesome present for Ciristmas! I will miss you guys too since i watched it with her! Sad to see you go!
  • Similar to the trail Victorious is in

    This is going to be a long review, so I hope you like to read. iCarly aired about 3 years before Victorious aired and the show is at its 5th season. The 5th season in a series is usually its killer, like I said in my negative Victorious review. It is really a big, big killer for iCarly. The episodes lack humor, originality, and flow. This season is really just so boring it brings down the show big time. It is a little better than Victorious, but not by much. It did have a gold age that lasted longer. If you read my Victorious review, it said that the gold age of Victorious was Seasons 1-2. iCarly's is Seasons 1-3 and early season 4. The rest was just whatever someone just randomly thought of and then slapped on a TV screen. This is one of the reasons for Nickelodeon's decline. It isn't that good. The average at this website is 7.8. A show this bad doesn't even deserve a 6.0. Like Victorious, the show isn't consistent. It also now has a taste for brighter colors, which I don't like. This also happened with Spongebob. They are both now just too colorful. At least Spongebob is more entertaining, but it was a little inconsistent because of the switch of writers. It happens with every TV show. Now that I am older, I will be tougher on my judging. In fact, even a show like Drake and Josh was a little inconsistent. I don't like that, but at least Drake and Josh had a more consistent show that was a lot more popular and is more entertaining. iCarly is in between Victorious and Drake and Josh. I have seen a decline in Dan S.'s, whatever his last name was, shows. Drake and Josh was a classic, iCarly was below average, and Victorious was a dirty excuse for a TV show. I think I just went really off-topic. Anyhow, the show declined in quality, but more slowly than Victorious. It was only Season 3 in Victorious and it already is a bad show. Mid-Season 4 was when the show iCarly started to deplete and completely depleted when Season 5 aired.
  • Early seasons: funny The rest: -barfs-

    This show was perfect without gibby always on it. I mean the show is running out of ideas. Good thing it's ending this moth it's just ruining nick. It's very rare when i laugh in a episode in icarly.
  • icarly

    I Have been watching Carly are Sam and Freddie steel a couple want have they all been doing since season 4 5 6 7...
  • I don't understand what's supposed to be funny about this show.

    I guess you have to be a preteen to understand this "comedy"
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