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  • N ot a good show

    iCarly sounded like one of those shows that may have been great, but it's a show that will just make you hate it with all your might. The show stared Miranda Cosgrove from Drake and Josh and would be about an internet show. Now to be fair,the idea of a show based on an internet show sounded interesting. At first watching the early episodes wasn't too bad, there was some decent comedy, it had the right amount of randomness in it, and it had decent plots. However as the show went on, I noticed the show deteriorating. The charming humor is now nothing but real juvenile humor and is really not funny at all. The randomness on the web show and in the show itself has gone overboard and makes it hard to tell what's going on in the show. The stories are not as interesting and are stories I have already seen on other shows. The acting for the characters was not that good even when the show began. Miranda has a tendency to laugh when speaking her lines, Sam acts like a spoiled brat and even the actress when she's not on the set sounds like a brat, so she is acting like herself on both the show and in the real world, Freddie was pretty good and seemed to be the only one giving effort in his part, and everyone else is just a little bit too over the top. The show also loves to have constant fights over the most trivial things such as little insults. You can't go 5 minutes into this show without seeing fight after fight after fight. Another problem with this show is that every episode starts with the letter "i". For example, "iwant to stay with Spencer" or "ipilot" it's really stupid and they should try to come up with episode names that don't start with "i". Finally, I didn't like the morals the show had to offer. iCarly seems to teach kids that you can get away with doing bad deeds. For example, Sam always beats up Freddie and nobody really does anything about it. So it's teaching our kids that if you fight someone, you won't get in trouble? The characters also have a nice variety of bad words that the kids can speak, which means this show teaches kids to say bad words. Then there is the infamous moral in the iMeet Fred episode that teaches kids to NOT have an opinion on anything they disagree on. In the past, cartoons and other live action shows taught us friendship and getting along with one another, but now it's like "Hey kids! Go out and beat up anyone and do anything you please and you won't get in trouble." Way to teach kids the right things Nickelodeon. The Spencer plot points aren't too bad, but they are just really weird and not that funny like buying a huge cup of coffee that you can swim in or obeying a magic meatball. Speaking of the humor, why is most of it about hobos? What's so funny about them? In this day and age, people are unemployed and are loosing their homes. So tell me what's so funny about that? The only real good things about this show was the premise and Freddie. If it looks like I am nitpicking here and there, fair enough, but I have seen a lot of the episodes. The morals are terrible, the characters are pretty one dimensional, Sam goes nuts at the drop of a hat, its humor about hobos is cruel and NOT funny in the least bit, the Spencer plot points are pretty useless and really contribute nothing to the plot. There are moments of funny here and there but only because of concepts I am familiar with in other shows and what Dan Schneider has done in the past with other shows, other then that most of the show is bad. What could have been a decent show, got convoluted into a mess because of poor morals, constant fights, and bad humor. This show is just so bad and just so hateful
  • Mean-spirited and shallow

    I don't know. I was okay watching this show at the start, and while I'd much rather watch this show then a Disney Channel Sitcom, everyone and every joke comes off as either too harsh, too dumb, or too annoying.

    I know one thing for sure, I certainly will give this show props for coming up with a plot that's fresh and original. Buuuuuutttt that's the only thing iCarly has that's good in the least. Carly is a prissy wuss, Sam is a rebel, and Freddy is an awkward tech-geek. I honestly don't have a problem with Freddy (who's smart and has common sense most of the time) or Spencer (because he's genuinely entertaining), but I have a problem with everyone else. This show makes too many jokes about homeless people, makes up stupid words (for example, "shiz", cutting a little too close to the curse word from my likings), and is overall nothing interesting nor special.

    I'm glad it's ending. get this and "Victorious" off, and maybe Nick can start getting good again.
  • Boring

    Drake and Josh was better but this is boring
  • Sure, it's not the best thing in the world, but it is still watchable.

    I do love Dan Schneider's work like Drake and Josh, but iCarly seems like an medium accomplishment. My score for this show has gone down because of the following, there hasn't been many very great episodes since season one, (the best one, imo) but the show is keeping up a bit with season four and a tad bit of season three, season two wasn't that good and secondly, because this show plays waaaaaay too much on Nickelodeon now, along with SpongeBob, which can be very irritating playing the same episodes all the time, the last thing that bothers me is, the laugh track, it is not needed at all, they over-use it way too much. iCarly can get too much publicity sometimes, this show even got it's own issue of People's magazine to be in fact. However iCarly is something good to watch on Nick these days, unless you wanna waste half an hour watching FanGirl and Crap Crap or Victorious. Final Grade: B-
  • Sigh...

    iCarly used to be REALLY GOOD. Now, Sam and Carly's relationship is down the toilet. Sam is bossy and rude and Carly's really prissy. My FAVORITE characters are Freddy, Spencer and Gibby cause they have REAL and FUNNY personalities. You got to admit, the main girls are VERY shallow. Sam is also very physical and encourages kids to be all punchy and stuff. Carly drools over all the boys which makes viewers (girls) boy crazy and desperate...
  • iCarly isn't too terrible, but there are still lot's of things that need some more work


    iCarly is about a teenager named Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove) who produces a popular webshow. iCarly is also one of the most popular series in the history of Nickelodeon. That doesn't mean it isn't full of holes.

    While the premise is good. Some plots can be good some can be bad. I like episodes centered around Carly's webshow than one about some boyfriend she meets and she and Sam fight over him. There isn't much in the form of humor on iCarly.

    Occasionally you might get a good joke, but many times you just get a character screaming some random line that's supplimented by a laugh track. The laugh tracks are there just too make things look funny when there is little actual humor.

    The acting isn't so great either. The actors and actresses all sound so sarcastic, like they don't mean anything they say. Very little feeling is put into it.

    All I can say is at least it's premise is pretty original has little to do with music like we've seen with lots of other shows in the same genre. Can't say anything too good about the humor. There are lots of things that need to be fixed, like the laugh track or the acting.

  • woooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Great show and I actually like it.

    iCarly is a pretty funny show to watch and even though many people hate it, I actually like it. I don't think its very annoying at all although it can sometimes be. I really love the first 4 seasons but then it did started to get less laughable and enjoyable but I can still enjoy those kind of episodes a bit so that's why I give this episode an 8 out of 10
  • iAm On too Much!

    This show is so annoying! It's on way too much, along with SpongeBob. Can't it be cancelled already?

    The characters are annoying, and the storylines are stupid. It hardly lives up to any of it's predecessors (All That, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh). I saw about three episodes, and it sucked. I almost fell asleep in the middle of it. And what's with the Fred episode? I hate that web series. Nickelodeon, this show isn't that great as you say it is! Cancel it! Maybe you should start re-running the sitcoms from the `90s you aired so often! They're so much better than this crap!
  • iloser

    it's bad her's reasons why

    1.they can't go 10-15 sec without using there laugh track

    2.it's a bad influence and teaches kids to be crybabies like carly

    3.it's a ripoff of drake josh but they girlifiled it

    4.they use bad language outloud
  • Boring As Crap And unrealistic as Hell

    Let me get this straight. I could only bear to watch one episode. It's stupid. AND disrespectful.

    The only one I watched was the stupidest idea ever. It was about electric sneakers. Somehow there was a company who put a built in electronic in the shoe and when you stepped in a puddle they would break and almost catch fire. ( I don't remember it well, if I'm wrong sorry, but icarly still sucks) what the heck were you think was gonna happen if you stepped in a puddle with electric shoes.

    First, the show is inappropriate. They talk about boobs. Plus they randomly beat up people and go to jail. They are setting a bad example for the vulnerable kids. Sam gets put in a mental hospital.( I hear this from my friends) they beat up people all the time. And get off the hook from having a tv show their children like. Please assassinate them. Plus making fun of Hobos is wrong. Do u think they can bath them selves when they can't even buy food.
  • not bad... but not exactly good either...

    U kno the title says it all. I can name a bunch of flaws about the show... but its not the worst show ever...
  • Why so mean

    This show is made for kids. If you have an account here and more so using curse words, it's not made for you. So, please, stop.
  • Don't watch

    Their is nothing good about this show, it stupid and silly, worse show ever on nick or disney
  • Amazing

    iCarly is one of my favorite shows.
  • If you want to know BAD, then watch Shake it Up, Austin & Ally, & anything else on Disney Channel

    Seriously, why do so many people hate this show, almost to the point of it being sadistic hatred? In all honesty, the show is NOT that bad, & for what it is, it's a very clever show that kids can enjoy & even teens can love if you don't even take it seriously. And you know what? this is arguably the last good show Nickelodeon has made (not to say the network is horrible, like Disney Channel, but it IS making some pretty crappy show recently).

    iCarly is not a perfect show, but it's far from being mediocre or even crap. The show itself has very clever jokes that are mostly funny, & at times just a miss for some people, very realistic & likable characters played by a good cast, great performances from actors who actually know HOW to act (unlike the actors in that Jessie crap), a good script, & morals young kids can learn from!

    Some people honestly take TV shows too seriously, but iCarly is one of the few good shows left alive in Nickelodeon. It DID become rather crappy when they began to involve it more with all of that Victorious crap, but it began to make a remarkable recovery & soon became funny once again.

    What I mainly love is how I can only use this one show against anything that Disney Channel has made. Why? Because this ONE show, has enough morals to make up for any of the new crap Disney Channel produces. Jessie, Shake it Up, Jonas LA, Austin & Alley, & A.N.T. Farm can be put together, & even those shows, that have no morals at all, cannot even come close to how many more morals & lessons of life iCarly can own the shit out of them without even thinking about it.
  • So Hilarious!

    Hilarious. And I Love The Characters!
  • Overrated trash.

    I've got some positives and negatives here so *sigh* here we go...

    iCarly, when I here this title I think the words, "annoying, exaggerated acting, cruel jokes, and awful for young kids."

    The Good things:

    iCarly has a few giggles here and there and some of the acting has a lot of passion into it, and I like how they live in Seattle considering that I live in Washington myself and feel that this state is sometimes forgotten.

    The Bad things:

  • A very bad show... and here's why

    This show, iCarly, is one of the worst shows Nick has to offer. The writing is mediocre at best, and the plots are poorly put together. The show has been on for 6+ seasons, way to many...

    First of all, the characters in the show are not exactly roll models, and they aren't even likable at that. Sam Puckett (one of the main characters on the show) vandalizes property, cheats in school, breaks every rule she can, and is a complete bully to Freddy Benson (another main character in the show). Sam shows no moral values and has no respect for the world around her. Carly shay (main character), is supposed to be the level headed, strait A student, and is best friends with Sam. Though Carly makes the most sense on the show, she doesn't stand up for herself, and puts up with all the psychopaths around her 24/7. I have lost all respect for her. Freddy Benson gets no respect for being the brains behind iCarly. He practically makes the damn web show! Yet he also puts up with Sam and her crap. Don't even get me started on Spencer Shay, who is completely unfit and incapable of being a guardian... So how are we supposed to be on they're side when none of them have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    Second, the writing is terrible on this show. Yes, I know it's written for kids, but it gets way better than iCarly. To say this show is cheap and unfunny is quite an understatement. It's hard to believe that full grown men write this. Most of the "comedy" comes from the characters doing something stupid on their ridiculous web show, or the characters blurting out stupid puns to each other. What I find really hard to believe is that EVERYONE seems to be a huge fan of their web show. They, including the adults, find amusement out of the pointless, gross, and messy things Sam and Carly do on the show. And who the hell cleans it all up! Overall, i am not nearly impressed by the comedic element of the show. Half of it just gross-out jokes anyway.

    I give the show a 2 out of 10. The only redeeming quality of the whole show is that sometimes the characters do learn valuable lessons on important issues. But what flushes all that down the toilet is the gross humor, poor plots, and cheap writing.

    My suggestion, avoid this show! 2/10
  • Can't Say Anything But....

    Agree with 90sGirl and cupcakediva123
  • Horrible Now

    It used to be an okay show, but now they are trying to hard to make it funny. The plots are stupid and boring. A waste of time. Carly is not even funny and she tries to hard to be a slut. She dresses slutty all the time now. I wish they would just stop making new episodes. And again with the laugh track. It goes off every other line and it's not funny! The actors and actresses are growing up and they need to stop making these episodes already.
  • More like I stink

    This is a boring show nobody in my house wants to see. What kids want are cartoons not mainstream crap like this. If you want views make a good cartoon like spongebob, but don't make it like fanboy and chum chum.
  • This is ICARLY, or should we say IREEKY

    Reasoning: ( Warning, This may be a long post since I'm going to cover a lot of things)

    1. The characters

    Carly acts like a total whining baby that throws a temper tantrum whenever she doesn't get what she wants. If I act like that, I would get in trouble in a split second! Yet when she acts like that, she doesn't get in trouble, HUH!

    Sam is a total tomboy ,that when you see her on the show, she is eating meat or beating up Freddie.That teaches kids to beat up kids randomly! Why does Sam hate Freddie so much?

    It was never explained on the show!

    Freddie is constantly being rejected by Carly or beat up by Sam. Freddie is a total chicken because he never tells anyone about Sam bullying him. That teaches kids to never tell anyone if you are getting bullied.

    Spencer is on something or he's sober, due to the fact that he fails to make us laugh. Why is

    it that he is so irresponsible? Whenever Carly wants something, Spencer always gives it to her, no matter if its a phone, computer or even permission to go to a concert! What the heck!

    Almost all parents do not do that! That teaches kids yet another thing: parents will always give you want you want! It's like Carly hypnotized Spencer into doing that.

    Gibby always takes his shirt off! That teaches kids to "flash" people (that's illegal!) Also, why do people make fun of him being fat?

    2. Acting is so bad, its a simple rehearsal.

    3. They spam laugh tracks

    An example:

    Carly: Freddie, what are you doing?

    Freddie: Just hooking up the Y-7 drive (I think that's what he said) to the computer.


    Huh? Freddie wasn't even trying to be funny!

    4.Bad influence ,Humour and Merchandise

    4a: 1. it also teaches to agree with everyone else or face torture

    An example: FRED episode. Freddie said his honest opinion and gets bullied for it? What the heck! ( sorry for saying "What the heck!"a lot)

    2.It tells kids you can get away with anything like:

    spray-painting your school

    hurting(verbally and physically) an adult

    blackmailing people


    You can get in big trouble for doing those things!

    4b:they merchandised it so much. you see it in every store

    4c: The jokes aren't even funny! One example:

    Sometimes, they sound like this: OMG, he's a nub, like the nubiest! WTF?

    Also why do they put i in front of every episode name, like, IRocked the Vote, IOMG and more?! Whats next, IHave No Idea What I'm Doing?

    Its not trendy!

    its racist, too!

    Whenever you see a black person, they are rapping every single time!

    Also, its mean to guys (not talking about racism)

    A few example:




    And that's my rant!
  • Umm, No. Drake and Josh is a lot better.

    I decided to give this show a chance. I watched the "iPliot" episode, some of the "iDream of Dance" episode, a little bit of the "iLike Jake" episode and bits of another episode. I didn't like any of the episodes. This show is so boring. It's not funny either, just dumb. I bet every episode is gonna start with "i". Thats gonna get old after a while. I don't even know why they gave Miranda her own show. She has the most annoying character on the entire show and she's the star. The only good person on the show is the guy who plays Spencer. I guess you have to be a Miranda Cosgrove fan to like this show. If you are a fan of Miranda then I guess I recommend this show to you.
  • It got bad at around season 4 or 5

    Great show, up until Season 4 or 5. Some of the stuff they say is hilarious. I don't like Gibby's new catchphrase "Gibbayyy" and how the audience goes "woo!" whenever he says that. I still watch it, but some episodes are ridiculous, like "IMeet the First Lady" and others. Plus the love triangle between Carly, Freddy, and Sam is getting annoying. I loved the episode when Spencer pranked everyone. They say some bad words though (hobknocker), that kids will go around saying. Pretty bad influence. This is not Dan Schneider's best for sure.
  • Another great show!

    I mean although it really cant beat Drake & Josh. But it is like one of the best comedies ive seen in my life. a girl name Carly Shay has a own webshow. She with her best friend, Sam, and her neighbour, TOTALLY HOT freddie, helps her with the show. Spencer who is like Carly's brother is totally goofy and totally hilarious
    i think this show is totally awesome. Way to go Dan Schneider! yet another great show. but what i really hate in this show is Miranda's acting. she acts so stiff and all. i mean when she acting in megan in drake and josh :0
    MARVELOUS! anyway, this show is so awesome. i love it so freakingly much. Stay cute, Nathan ;)
  • FUNNY!

    iCarly is abouut Carly who lives with her 26-year-old brother Spencer who is an artist. Carly's best friends: Sam and Freddie do a webshow together after they were hosting talent show auiditions for their school and they were supposed to upload them on spash-face ( youtube ). When they made fun of the meanest teacher in school, Fredie, the camera boy or Tech producer put them on splash face and they got tonnes of good reviews. So, they decide to do a webshow, in their upstairs apartment room. Minor details: Hilarious, Sam and Freddie hate each other, Freddie loves Carly
  • Ehhh =_=

    I used to like it...TILL I CAME TO MY SENSES!!! I found out nickelodeon is most of musical disney wannabe EVER filled with hourly nonsense!!! I loved the OLD nick better that had the splat before it got replace with boring orange letters! The old cartoons (like rockos moderen life, rugrats, hey arnold!, etc) are much better then all of these musical show and reality crap!!! STUPID KONY PRODUCTIONS! Icarly....fail!
  • Possibly the best show created by Nick yet!

    I really love this show! There is nothing that I don't love about it. Why do you think my username is iCarly317? Anyways, I just love the whole concept the the entire show.

    I love what trouble Carly, Sam, and Freddie get into all the time. And the problems that they have can actually relate to problems that kids in real life have (for the most part). And for it to be created by Dan, that makes the show all the more better. Knowing that he won't disappoint us at any time soon.

    I can't wait for any future episodes as I hope the show will last quite a while.
  • Boring show.

    This show is bland at many ways. They like to use the laughtrack alot, because the humor sucks. It's jokes are meaningless. Didn't last for 10 minutes, only 5.

    PS. Dan Schneider has a fetish on people covered with tapes, fat people, and foot fetish.
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