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  • I liked the...


    show's earlier seasons but the show has just gotten worse as it went on. Seddie has taken over the shows comedy and turned into a Degrassi thing.The first seasons raised the rating but not much. I can see a terrible ending for a show that looked good for a while. Until they started to love each other...

  • Icarly started out as some fun kids and now it is just garbage like the rest!


    It is sad because in the first few seasons of this show they were still fun kids/teens just trying to have fun. It then started to transform into aninappropriatedisturbing show that kids should notbe watching. I amspecificallytalking about the new episode I lost my mind. They break out of a mental hospital! That is terrible! Not because it is boring, but they can't do that!!! That is showing kids what a mental hospital is. It is not a good thing to break out of a mental hospital! That is just cruel and messed up!!! it isinappropriate and just wrong!!! They have gone from "yay 50th web show" to "guys we have to break sam out of a mental hospital because she needs to do icarly" That is terribly messed up and wrong! After i saw the commercial for that iimmediately started encouraging children everywhere to stop watching that show!

  • Drake and Josh go canceled for this?!

    Hannah Montana was a show that killed Disney. However,Dan Schnieder thought about making a show that was like Drake and Josh,but failed all the way. iCarly is about a girl named Carly who starts a web show with her friends Sam,and Freddie and her brother Spencer. Now,I used to like this show,however,it stupid reruns made me lose it's laughter for the show. First off,the characters are jerks and disobey everybody. Carly is a selfish brat who's rude to her friends,her brother and even her boyfriends. I would rather hang out with Megan from Drake and Josh than Carly. Sam is an even bigger jerk. She keeps constantly abusing people,only cares for meat and keeps making hobo jokes. Freddie is the only good character of the show since he's not a jerk,but is the least respected character of the show. Spencer is OK,but I prefer Crazy Steve. Gibby is now annoying than ever. He keeps constantly taking off his shirt all time,and even in public (And at school!) The humor just fails very hard. It's mostly related to hobo jokes,and it's not funny. "Who wants to go jump roping with hobos?" "We can do a science project about hobos." "You made me draw hobos in the park for hours!". Seriously,you guys are making fun of poor people,and that's just cruel. I mean,Drake and Josh had hobo jokes,but they didn't take advantage of it. Don't even get me started on that stupid laugh track. You can't even go 1 minute without hearing that laugh track. Also,why are there so many specials? It's just like the Naked Brothers Band. And some of them were just bad,especially iMeet Fred. Also,Carly and Sam care wayyy too much about their webshow. Even David Arcthuleta called all of the haters "losers". David,you know how many people did you insult?! Whenever someone has a bad review of their show,they try to get them to like the show. Seriously,these people don't even know what an opinion is. This show is even lasting 4 seasons. Drake and Josh lasted longer,but still,iCarly should get canceled soon,and I hope it doesn't even last longer than Drake and Josh.
  • iRuleTheAir

    Oh, I hate this show! But I can't hate it without a valid reason...right? well, I have a lot of reasons why I hate this show--but, to spare time, I'll list only a few. My first reason is: the webshow plot. Easy, right? Original, yes, but they could have done much better in executing it. 2: the snotty main character and the hobo addiction they must have. Carly always gets whatever she wants, and Spencer does nothing about it (one time he did, he still got injured and Carly gets off scot free again), and any original joke they have is diluted by a hobo joke afterwards. 3: I can't decide between the laugh track or Sam and her constant beating of Freddie, so I'll pick the laugh track and let other reviewers handle Sam. The laugh track plays constantly, even on jokes that seem good enough to elicit a chuckle--and it needs to stop. Even though Dan likes the laugh track, really? Do we need to be treated like goldfish and instructed when to laugh? That's what America's parents and kids have turned into, goldfish?

    ...and the last issue, that the title of this review brings up, is that, other than Spongebob, it is the most played show on Nick right now. TVtropes even says this about both tycoons, "On 7/29/10, of the 11 hours Nickelodeon has minus Nick-at-Nite and Nick Jr., nine hours were filled with Spongebob and iCarly alone without any of their current Nicktoons showing and only two other shows shown." 9 hours?! Nine hours of iCarly, seriously?!
  • iWish this show would get cancelled soon.

    Hang on... this cancelled Drake and Josh?! Now, I'm not actually too fond of Nick's live-action shows, but I thought D&J was decent, despite the fact it got cheesy in places (in my opinion). But after watching /this/, I'd rather watch a marathon of D&J all day. Then again, maybe it's the fact that I don't really like Miranda Cosgrove (who played my least-favourite character in D&J, Megan) which makes me dislike iCarly.

    The main gist of the show is that three friends decide to create a web show and overnight, they become a success. The plot had potential; it sounded quite original and web shows were becoming more popular at the time, thanks to websites like YouTube. Unfortunately, like a lot of good ideas, it was poorly executed.

    The first problem is the how quickly they become famous in the first place. In the real world, you're lucky if your video becomes viral overnight and many people have to work hard to get the fame they (sometimes, rightly) deserve. Usually, the video itself must be funny, horrifying, or some other odd reason for it to go viral. In iCarly, however, their humour (which I'll talk about next) just revolves around... randomness. It bothers me how fast they became viral, since I don't really think their first video was anything special. In fact, it reminds me of Fred's videos. Hmm... that last sentence should give you an idea of what iCarly is generally like if you think about it long enough (and if you know who Fred is).

    Now onto the humour. Like I previously said, it's all about randomness. It's so over-the-top it's not funny. Also, what's with all the hobo jokes by Sam? Hobo jokes aren't really appropriate, considering the world's economic climate (as of this review). The fried chicken jokes are also stale. Carly was unfortunately unfunny to begin with, being as she acts like a total drama queen. The characters are annoying and awful. Carly, like I said, is a drama queen. Sam is a horrible stereotype of tomboys (cruel, rude, bossy, aggressive, ect.) and constantly attacks Freddy. And speaking of Freddy, he was at first the only decent character on the show, but even then he was later Flanderized. Spencer fails as a guardian and he shouts too much. The other minor characters aren't likable either.

    Now I may have little knowledge on acting, but even I know the acting in iCarly sucks. Cosgrove has a tendency to laugh during her lines and Jenette McCurdy (Sam) seems to act like a brat in real life, too. Nathan Kress (Freddy) seems to be the only actor trying in this show. It's pretty sad, really.

    Overall, this show is a sucky replacement for the infinitely better Drake and Josh. It's just awful, and it teaches the viewers to follow the crowd and not be different. Do yourself a favour and watch D&J instead.
  • iCarly is another one of Dan Schneider's great creations.

    iCarly, created by Dan Schneider (also the creator of Zoey 101 & Drake and Josh), is a show about a girl named Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), who decides to create a webcast with her friends, Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress). Carly lives with her brother, Spencer (Jerry Trainor), while their father is serving in the Navy. Each episode features a new webcast being filmed by Carly and Sam, while Freddie handles the technical work. The show's main purpose is to give kids a voice and to show that anybody can achieve success if they have a good idea and put their mind to it. I would recommend iCarly to any Dan Schneider fan, and to any fan of great tween comedy!
  • Viewers below 18 should probably read this review.

    Okay, now I'm gonna review a very special show. Special in a bad way! First of all, Miranda Cosgrove is so ugly, or something beyond ugly, so why would many people watch this piece of dog poop. Everytime that I see/hear/think of Miranda Cosgrove, all repulsive things in the world come to my mind. Second, is its influence to younger audiences. Suppose you are the eldest child in the family. So your mom is dead and your dad is in the army and you are in charge. Your younger brother/sister is fond of watching iCarly. Okay, suppose you are playing with airsoft guns in your room and your brother/sister tells you not to play airsoft guns because she doesn't want to. Luckily, your parents scold your brother/sister where he/she got it. He/she said that he/she got it from iCarly. *Okay, that was right! Carly's always imposing rules to Spencer even though Spencer is older! That's just lack of respect. I just hope Carly would someday get punished for it. I think that this is the show's moral value. Trust me, this same thing happened to me and my sister and she sometimes imposes things on me and some that I do not want. And that, I think is a bad influence to her by this show. In conclusion, people below 18 years old should avoid this spoiled-brat-a-dog-poop show.

    Final Grade: 1/10

    *I only sometimes watch that show when I get home from school, but I just learned that this had a bad moral value by reading the reviews.
  • iLove it, it's so good

    This show seems to be more decent than most other children's sitcoms on TV. It has good quality jokes and the storylines are fun. Sometimes I may have a gripe with a political reference or two but that's all. I suggest that Nickelodeon should shut down their animation studios and convert full-on to live-action stuff. Oh, and put Nick @ Nite on it's own channel and change it's name. Sometimes, if I have kids of my own in the future, I might sit them down and watch this with them. This is one of the only few things I ever have time to watch nowadays.
  • You know i of internet,Carly of well, Carly.

    So Freddie (Carly's neigbour, friend and fomrer stalker) puts up a video of Carly (main character)& Sam (her BFF, agresive, evil, dirty) joking about their teacher's boobs online and everyone wants more, so they start a webshow. The webshow is super popular, so tghey film every weke. It even wins awards in unvierse, etc. But like the webshow has took abakcseat recently for the misadventures of the gang. While we are on the "gang": You alo have Carly's quirky older brother Spencer & their weird friend Gibby (wh noone knos his real first name).

    Overall: It's a funny show, but there are better on TV. I'ts a great way to kill 30 mins, no doubt on That. 8.5/10.
  • what is up with all these teen sitcoms all these cartoon stations must have? don,t they know how bad they are

    you know i hate how all you see on tv nowadays is basicley nothing more than teen sitcoms. this show right here is icarly a show about this girl named carly (played by miranda crasgroth) her freind sam (played by jenett mcurdy) and there teck geek freddy (played by nathen cress) carly some how end up becoming populer through a rather unfunny childesh video. she also gets mad about how kids with talent are getting pushed out by kids with mediocer talents. so they all decide to start a web show called icarly. withch pretty much consists of kids with mediocer talents and a bunch of random segments.

    so how is icarly in general?.....
    stoopid not funny weird chessy dull mediocer and annoying,
    so im going to break this show apart peice by peice. first off the humor. not sure why kids find this funny but the humor in this show is just stale and cheesy. with some off the weird jokes they do the show itself turns out to be nothing more then just a stoopid weird sitcom. the show itself is never the less repenitve here are the list of jokes the seris uses often kid dances with his shirt off
    freddys pysco mom
    weird guy at the smothy place
    messing with there door man lubert

    this is basicly the kind of humor you see every now in then in the show i can tell already the show is running out of ideas. and that the producers need a new joke book fast. another thing i despice about this show is how many tv movies it has lets see...

    icarly saves tv i fight shelby marks i quit icarly
    i space out and i pysco
    serisly what is up with all these tv movies??? i heard this seris is already entering its 24th tv speical enought with the tv speicals. the icarly web show is the worst part of it all its pretty mutch a pointless web show with them doing something stoopid. theres nothing left of this show i will give it one thing its relly populer dosent mean its good. but it deserves a run for its money overall its just cheesy so it gets a 5.
  • Absolute crap. Miranda Consgrove was good on Drake and Josh playing "Megan Parker", Drake and Josh's little sister, but a spin-off on her was not such a good idea. Why?, You ask, well then, READ THIS REVIEW!

    iCarly is about a girl named Carly Shay (Miranda Consgrove) who lives with her older brother, Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor from Drake and Josh) does a webshow with her four best friends, Sam Puckett (Jenette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress).

    The series went downhill after Season 1. The show started off decent, but ended up terrible starting with season 2. Why?, You ask? because the cast have outgrown. When the cast outgrows in later seasons, the show is not the same anymore. Freddie (Nathan Kress) got transformed from a nerd (40% of the reason I use to like the show) into a well-built, mature, deep-voiced, brat. Freddie is a brat, because he is always being pushy against his own Mom, not to mention that still in season 2, he gets jealous whenever a guy goes near Carly. Sam transferred from a brat who does no-more than tease Freddie, into a bully. Almost every episode, Sam treats Freddie like crap.

    Not to mention the old jokes, like Sam mentioning Fried Chicken and saying something insulting to Freddie. Doesn't that get old?. Carly was never hilarious to start with. Why?, because she is Miss Perfect, Dramatic, and all babyish the minute she does not get what she desires. Spencer, is still the same, hilarious and comedic so I'll give the show that.

    The webshow, Oh, the webshow is trash. What more do they do than stand in front of the camera and host crap like, "The Wedgie Bounce", "The Blowing", and other nonsense. Not to mention they cast that potato-shaped character, Gibby (Noah Munck) in nearly every webcast. The play's like "The Englishman who was a terrible Father to his two children named Fuffley and Peeta" are terrible. To be honest, the cast of the webshow need a better set and acting lessons. Overrall, Terrible webshow.

    To conclude, the show is crap. Miranda Consgrove was good on Drake and Josh as Megan, Drake and Josh's little sister, but why do a spin-off on her when you know it will be crap? From the first minute you watch it if you have not yet, you would change the channel. If you don't want to waste 30 minutes of your valuable lives, Do NOT WATCH the SHOW!

    You can thumb me down but you cannot change my and some other people's OPINION by doing so.
  • Wow, and I don't mean that in a good way.

    (Please note that I don't mean for this review to come of any offence to anyone who's a fan of iCarly, and I don't mind if you like it. This is just my own opinion about the show, and how I feel about it.) Unfortunately, my opinion for iCarly is that it's terrible. It really amazes me that this series was created by the same guy who made Drake and Josh, which was one show that I really liked. For example, the jokes aren't even funny to me, and I can watch a whole episode with a straight face. Actually, strike that-I can watch an episode rolling my eyes the entire time. The jokes are completely stupid and unoriginal, especially in the web show. It's so confusing how they were able to get so many views so fast-in my opinion, it's an insult to all the truly great web comedians out there who work much harder and put more effort into their stuff. And for most of them, it took years, unlike the weeks it took iCarly to get. Going back to their web show, they do a bunch of random stuff on the show that isn't even funny for me: a bra telling scary stories; random dancing every three minutes; screaming whenever they get a chance; making fun of their doorman, and more. What makes it even worse is their laugh track in the background. Okay, if you're going to have a laugh track, at least use it properly and not every three seconds to get a laugh out of your audience. If you're going to do that, don't use it at all, because then it just becomes annoying. The laugh track seems like a lame way to get the audience to laugh, which shouldn't be necessary at all in a comedy show. Worst of all, you hear the same cheers, laughs, and oohs from them. As for the characters, Carly is supposed to be your typical good girl, but she's actually acting like a shallow, teenage brat who screams every three seconds in the show. Worst of all, Miranda Cosgrove's screaming is beyond annoying. If she doesn't get her way, she'll throw a big tantrum until she gets what she wants, which she ALWAYS does. As for her legal guardian, Spencer, I honestly don't know how he's able to make a living out of being an artist. Plus, they don't even look that nice and instead looks like something that a three-year-old would want in his/her room, and not something that most adults would want to put on display. Sam is the stereotype of all tomboys: mean, rude, messy, pushy, and aggressive. She attacks anyone she pleases for no reason, and makes fun of Freddy with no explination. I like it when Sam acts nice, which she rarely does. Her jokes are mostly about bacon, meat, and hobos. She lives with a neglectful mother who treats her like crap. Freddy's the only one I can stand, but he is so desperate for love that it's not even funny anymore. Plus, I hate how he always gets attacked for the smallest things: expressing his opinion on the web, never being kissed, and so on. The acting is pretty terrible, especially for Miranda Cosgrove. I don't know what happened to her, but she's just a terrible actress nowadays To be fair, though, she may just be displaying how she thinks someone like Carly would act, so maybe it's not as bad as it looks. The other ones do okay, but Jerry Trainor was funnier on Drake and Josh than iCarly. So in short, iCarly is perhaps the worst live action show I've seen in a long time. Dan Schneider really should've kept Drake and Josh going instead of coming up with this.
  • is this rugrats's successor? is this like the nickelodean we knew of the 90s i dont think so

    i tried watching one episode and right away i knew it was just another one of those hannamontanna type shows aimed at nothing but wanting to be popular singer it didnt stop on the tv no they brought it to the nintendo wii and they thought people would like them even more well i got news in this review

    the voice actors sound like toilet the whole acting behind the show is garbage when nickelodean said a new show was coming ididnt know it would end up like this this has to be one of the worst generatiosn to be a kid and im an adult to know this even other tv channels are turning into garbage i dont even know what to watch everything is based on reality now adays and there is not many rugrats calibur shows at least in the 90s , we had rugrats ren and stimpy doug ahh real monsters etc now the stable looks like this

    fanboy and chum chum spongebob -the only show aimed at kids id let my kids watch if i had ne the whole line up on nickelodean needs to be reworked , and starting with this horrendous show
    i dont even know how to end my review but by saying your better off taking your kid to see adisney movie because this show just puts nickelodean at the bottom of that totem poll
  • iHate this show with a passion

    I only watch this show when I babysit a little girl who loves this show and always begs me to turn it on, which i don't want to because not only is it terrible but it teaches terrible lessons. Let's start with the fact that their show is wildly popular. The whole reason they decide to do a web show in the pilot is soooooo many kids watch their show on the rip off of youtube. In real life, if you put a web show on youtube it'll get 2 hits in a year. But on this show, their web show MAGICALLY gets thousands and thousands of views. how would everyone in the world know to watch a couple of teenager's web show in seattle, i ask you? And then there's the terrible lessons this show preaches, which is why I always hesitate to let Ava watch it.
    The pointless violence. Carly's best friend Sam is a volatile girl with a short temper and likes to hit people but if it were just her it wouldnt be as big an issue. But everyone on the show is violent. Whenever any character regardless of how obscure they are doesn't get their way, they could be an old lady, a little girl, or anyone in between, they hit and they punch and they're just nasty. That's the thing I hate the most that all the kids on this show are all so violent and teach little kids you can get what you want by hitting people.
    Then there's really stupid things this show chooses to preach. Like in on episode Carly and Sam tell Freddie he'll get bad luck if he doesn't forward a chain letter. Anyone in sane America will tell you absolutely nothing happens if you don't forward a chain letter. Those evil clowns, axe murdderers, or girls who was raped 30 years ago are not coming to get you. This show is not funny, has way too many dirty jokes for a kid's show and teaches terrible lessons. Itruly hope this goes off the air soon.
  • Like Victorious, a very mixed show.


    Some love it, some hate it, others find it mediocre at best, poor at worst. Personally, for a show for 8-year-old girls, this beats Shake it Up any day of the week.

    This show is about a girl and her friends making a webshow designed to show creatvity and enjoyment for kids.

    The character are a girl named Carly, a sweet girl who stays away from trouble, but also has a dark side. Speaking of dark side, Sam, Carly's best friend, is rude, pushy, hates people, and cares more about corn dogs and chili fries than anything else in the world. Hooray for bad role models to kids! Freddie is the technical producer of the show, and is hated by the popular kids, 'cause he's in some math clubs, even though I know girls who think the actor's hot. There's also some crazy kid named Gibby who's funny yet random, like GIR from Invader Zim. Spencer is by far, the best actor and the funniest out of all of the characters in the show. He is meant to be the Grandpa Phil from Hey Arnold! who is the child making wacky sculptures, and Carly is the parent.

    The episodes all talk about awards, fame, rivalries, directing, family issues, and tons more, and it keeps having creative jokes for a kid's show. Plus, most of the characters, especially Spencer are hilarious.

    Overall, not good as Ned's Declassified or Drake and Josh, but still a fun and enjoyable show for your little sisters to watch when they get home. 8 out of 10.

  • iCarly, the instant hit webshow. How did that ever happen??

    So they make a webshow called "iCarly" and somehow, their first LIVE webcast, that no one has heard about, got like thousands of views. I don't get it. The webcast was LIVE, and no one heard of it before, that is impossible. So we have our characters: Carly is the spoiled brat who overreacts way too much about things. Then there's Sam, the mean, agressive person who doesn't care about anything except two things: herself; and meat. There's Freddie, the camera guy, I find him the only decent character on the show, and he gets made fun of just for being smart. And last there's Spencer. Spencer has his funny moments but for most of the time he's doing crazy stuff that usually ends up just catching on fire. Well, overall this is a mediocre show that I'm guessing lots of people don't like, so do I.
  • iCarly is about a girl name Carly and her two best friends Sam and Freddie that have a webshow. They get into all sort of hijinks.

    iCarly is probabley the only show on Nick that I watch regularly as all the other shows on Nick are not that great. I have seen just about every episode of iCarly and the show seems to get better with every episode. I do have one complaint there are way to many iCarly special episodes.
  • I was a Skeptic at First


    When i first heard about Icarly Things Came to mind Wow Megan Parker has Grown up I remember Megan Played by Miranda Cosgrove Use to Prank and Humilate her Brothers Drake Played by Drake Bell And Josh being Played by Josh Peck i seen a Episode and i was like I will give it a Chance and I love it to this day I still watch Drake and Josh when its still on but I think its alot more Funnier then Drake and Josh

  • This show is a great improvment over "Drake and Josh."

    I simply have to admit that this is a much better show than "Drake and Josh", and I only watched two episodes of it so far. Miranda Cosgrove is simply wonderful as Carly. It's a great improvment to that awful Meagen. That tyranical teacher who is always harrassing her and her friends is prefect karma payback for all the awful pranks she pulled on "Drake and Josh." I hope that Nickelodeon has the common sense to keep this show running for a few seasons. It is much better than most of it's other live action shows that it has on right now.
  • I hate it now. When I first started watching it, it was okay, but now it's just terrible. It's time for this show to be cancelled.

    First of all, I don't like Miranda Cosgrove in the first place. How can you go from playing an evil kid on Drake and Josh to an innocent preteen on Icarly? She's ugly and a horrible actress. She's not even funny. The funniest people on the show are Spencer and Sam. The show started off okay, but they started to get into the boyfriend-girlfriend plot instead the their original webshow plot. The boyfriend-girlfriend plot and the romance plot are the two worse plots ever a show can have.
  • This show makes Glenn Martin, DDS a winner!!

    The show is the worst Nickelodeon show I have ever saw in my life. Let me begin, lame jokes, lame songs, and lame actors. Read the rest of this:

    Allright, this show is about a 13 year old teenage girl who host a webshow with her two best friends, Sam (a bad influence to Children), and Freddie (a nerd). First of all, Miranda can't act on this show. Almost every line she smiles and she never does something that is funny, like shes all nice and does no stunts on the show. Second of all, I find the storyline\plots terrible, like, Bikini Dogfood Fights, really?, oh and what about, "What am I sitting on?", seriously, and now comes "Random Mouth Dancing", oh thats just ridiculous. I watch five minutes of this nonsense and i felt like killing myself. Another reason I hate this show is because the show has no humor. Gibby taking his shirt off is not funny, its sad, which is why "Shannon" (from iWin a Date) ran away when she was dating Freddie while Gibby was dating Carly and Sam (much to her dismay) was forced by Carly to date Reuben, Gibbys friend. They cant act, or sing. My only plus is Spencer, Jerry Trainor from Drake and Josh, he is hilarious. Miranda was good on Drake and Josh but did you really have to do a spin-off on her? If you know this show sucks, you can thump me up. Pray that it gets canceled, SOON!!!!!

  • C'mon, it's not THAT bad.

    I'm suprised everyone is giving iCarly such a bad rating. It's not really that bad. It's enjoyable, and it has funny moments. But there are boring parts too. It's one of the only decent shows left on Nickelodeon. There are two main problems with it though. 1. The studio generated laughter is annoying.
    2. Some jokes aren't funny, and some are nonsensical.

    Overall, the show is somewhat entertaining, and it gets a 7.5 because it's far from perfect, but it's not bad. So, in 100 words, my rating of iCarly is:

    3.75 stars

    This is my third rating of a show. alisao64's review... BYE
  • One of the few reasons I watch Nickelodeon anymore

    I'm suprised how many people hate this show really. I mean, even the average is far lower than I expected it to be. I'll admit it looked bad when I saw previews, but I watched it with my brother one day, and I really liked it. Most of the characters are interesting and believeable, and it has some genuinely funny moments. The only gripe I have is that some of the storylines are really one-dimmensional. Like, one episode was about an awards show, and it was just that, or another episode where everyone in the hotel ran into Carly's room due to the fact that it had air conditioning during a poweroutage. I really enjoy this show, and I think people need to watch more episodes before they say it sucks, I think it would change their minds. Well worth watching. 9.5/10 A
  • YEP!!, Another BAD show by Nickelodeon

    WOW!!, Just WOW!!!.

    This show is about a teenage girl who host a webshow with her two best friends, Sam and Freddie. The show is flat-out terrible. First of all, The actors are terrible. Miranda laughs at every line she does, Freddie is a nerd, Sam is a bad influence to children under theage of 13, and Spencer...OK!!, he is a good actor. Second of all, i find the show hardly entertaining. The webshow is trash, terrible actors, terrible storylines (like "I'd Morph that") and terrible songs. Miranda Consgrove is a rip-off Miley Cyrus when it comes to songs. Third of all, What is in the show besides stupid clips with a laugh track. The show is better off without one. Guest stars like Nevel are idiots, except guest stars like Jackson Colt and Jane Lynch who guest stars on iCarly as Sam's Mom. The show has no moral lesson. All the episodes are "been there seen that" situations. I've seen Carly and sam fight, but they do iQuit iCarly (a rip-off iDon't Want to Fight", only is hour-long). I find the premise of the show terrible. Everything about the show is TERRIBLE!

    Yeah, thats right. Thumb me down, iCarly fans!. I dont care, THE SHOW SUCKS!!!! to many people and i'm one of them. Nickelodeon has to stick to good shows and CANCEL the lame ones. I'm outta this lame train's site.
  • iCarly

    A really good show on Nickelodeon that has had as much success as it's predecessor, Drake & Josh. If Dan Schneider wrote it, guaranteed it will be a fun show. Schneider has never gone wrong with writing amazing scripts, and this show is an example of that.

    I do feel as though this show can be really bad at times, but that's once in a blue moon. A really great show for anybody really. We got an original storyline, funny scenes, and the over the top possible relationships such as "Creddie" or "Seddie" that everyone falls in love with.

    For me, that's really not important, what matters is that this show is funny and entertaining, which this show is almost all the time.
  • READ THE REVIEW! A Michael Jackson look-a-like, and overly dramatic bully, and a not as nerdy nerd, what could possibly go wrong...

    Acting and character depth: The characters are all brats, and totally unbelievable. all of the guys in the show just seem to fall in love with the unnapealing turd named Carly Shay. The characters are boring and the traits brought to us in the beggining of the show are just pklayed on over and over until, like all things, they break.

    Writing: Not suitable for it's audience. It's intended for teenagers, but really, do you know anyone that thinks asking others to say "boo the the bee" is immature and likes this show? Not likely. It's a broken record with this show. And really who designed those godawful shirts that say the stupidest things like "fried elephant"? I love it how they say other TV is "Jank" (whatever that even means, really now) while theirs is what they SHOULD be spoofing.

    Plot: I give it that it is pretty original, but now it's being played on over and over. Question, what'swith all of the titles beginning with "I" it's not even witty. You could say, oh darn iJust got beatenn up by a gang, and boom, it's the new title for iCarly, that shows how lazy the writers are.

    Humor: I think the writers on this show have the idea in their head that blowing up stuff, sitting on stuff, screaming, hurting other things, and just doing really unconventional things are classified as humor. Not really. They over use hobos and unrealistic events.

    Realistic: There is none to speak of.
  • People will watch anything nowadays

    OK I hate being "That Guy" but I'm gonna be straight up this has to be possibly the worst show I've ever seen. This show sucks hard and here's why.

    For one, the characters suck. And by that I mean by that is they have no depth and completely lack the ability to think for themselves, and the main thrio cast is completely dull and overall unlikeable. Freddy is a loser who can never stand up for himself and hangs out with his so called "friends" even though they just make fun of him and bully him every chance they get. Sam is what I guess was supposed to be a source of humor, and maybe if I was 9 I would laugh when she does stupid and disgusting things, or when she hurts Freddy, but I'm not. And Carly has absolutely no personality at all. She's just there as a way for the writers to tell the other characters where to go and what to do. And why is she the main character anyway? She literally has no higher significance than Freddy or Sam, yet they act like sidekicks around her.

    Moving on, I'd like to further demonstrate the lack of personality or reality in this show by taking a look at the comedy. iCarly is a conceptual spin-off of Drake & Josh. D&J was a great show, and was always new and refreshing with various styles of comedy. One of them was the chronic randomness that occurs over the storylines. iCarly decided to take that aspect, but screwed up and made it their ONLY style of comedy. And I shouldn't even call it "Comedy" considering it's dull and uninspired. I fail to see how things like Sam licking a phone, a boy jumping in a bathtub of eggs, a fat kid taking his shirt off, or Carly and Sam doing ten second skits for no reason funny. But still the fake laugh track rolls over every 9 seconds. That's like the writers are saying "Here's the funny part, please laugh now."
    And the idiodic world around us seems to eat it up. Really, this stuff doesn't make me laugh and all. D/J had randomness, but it did it in a cool and original way, and only used it between other jokes which were equally as funny.

    now let's move on to the web show they do. "iCarly". Once again, Carly is no more important than the other characters but they still give her the title. Anyway, this is actually the worst part of the show. I thought the randomness was bad, but the randomness during these segments is completely retarded. W H Y D O P E O P L E L A U G H A T T H I S!?!?!? If this were a real webshow and the television show never existed, it would have like 3 views every month. The things they do on this show is stupid, pointless, and unfunny. And if anyone has some argument as to why the webcam show is good, shut up and watch your Hannah Montana/Big Time Rush double feature. In short, this show is a pale imitation of Drake and Josh and Hannah Montana , which fails to have any depth or originality in it.
    Overall-1/10......S U P E R F!!!
  • Basically, a poor poor replacement to Drake and Josh and the beauty that Nickelodeon was 5 years ago.

    The problem with this show is that it is supposed to be funny. And considering the fact it was meant to be a great new comedy, this is a huge problem. No one is sure how Dan Schneider could have gone from the genius that was Drake and Josh to the rat hole that is iCarly. The show basically consists of 3 "friends" that make a "comedy" webshow together. However, once again, the problem is that the webshow simply contains the 2 main characters screaming stupid, unfunny jokes and performing silly, meaningless dances and plays, that their other friend and cameraman over-laughs at. The beauty of Drake and Josh was that the audience could laugh till tears while characters said things with completely serious faces. Its replacement, iCarly, however, does just the opposite, begging audiences to laugh at stupid, repeated phrases that never catch on. The actors all do a very poor job as well, especially Miranda Cosgrove, who did such a great job on Drake and Josh as the title pair's little evil sister. Now she tries to be a popular, pretty teenage girl and it is absolutely not working out. While all of us who grew up in the earlier part of decade watching Nickelodeon know that the hilarity and comic genius of Drake and Josh will never be back, we simply cannot stand what Nickelodeon calls its "replacement", a show that does not eve deserve to be on the same channel as its predecessor.
  • A mean spirited pile of garbage.

    In my 18 years, I've watched a lot of TV programs. But I have yet to see a program as despicable and unwatchable as ICarly. This show isn't just bad, it's horrifying. This "show" (and I use that term lightly) is as mean spirited as TV gets. I mean, this show is rotten to the core. Episodes frequently feature characters revealing other characters deepest darkest secrets to the world. One character says to another in one episode, that she "doesn't play to get even, she plays to win", meaning that she sets up pranks meant to keep her on top and if someone tries to get even, she'll follow that up with a worse prank. Fights often break out for little reason at all. Furthermore, this show is an insult to the older viewers of Nickelodeon, such as myself. Where as shows on the channel a decade ago taught lessons such as the importance of friendship, today those lessons are thrown out the window. This show is a prime example of how bad children's television has gotten over the last few years. And worst of all, this show has the undeserving reputation as one of Nickelodeon's highest rated shows, and is on like 5 or 6 times EVERY DAY. This is especially bad considering how poorly made this show is. Avoid it like the plague. Overall Grade: F
  • I this show is just garbage that the garbageman forgot to pick up.

    Ok this show is really crappy in so many ways,the show has no plot it is unfunny.This show is about a girl named Carly who has a crappy web show then theirs her friend's Freddie,and Sam.they are clearly not funny in any way.The first episodes were so-so but then it got cheesy ,such as that 12 year old rich kid who can't stop stalking Carly I guess.Then Spencer is just plain out messed up in the head he act's retard in every episode.Sam is just a man in a girl body she is unpleasant in many ways.Then Freddie is just a punching bag for Sam and is the crew equipment guy for the web show.So the bottom point is Viacom is a cash cow company that puts up shows that aren't even good,this is why I don't watch any of their channel's.
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