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  • iReally hate it

    If this show was directed towards teenagers and not 8 year olds, I'd be more ok with this but I'm not. iCarly is about a not so funny girl (Carly) that's a star on the not so funny webshow iCarly. This show is one of the worst shows I've seen. I'd rather watch yo-Gabba-Gabba than this stuff. This show teaches little kids to become criminals because of Sam always doing random not so funny crap and no one doing anything about it. Another aspect of this show is that it makes fun of hobos too much. What's funny about homeless people? Look at the economy and unemployment rates! As for the episodes, I thought the earlier episodes were "decent" but afterwards they just got dumber with every season. Especially that iFred and ikiss episode. iCarly's teaching little kids that being different is wrong in every way Well you know what, I Don't think that fred is funny!!!!!! Oh where's the fire arrow huh? See I can express my own opinions. Go ahead get mad at me all you want but guess what.....I don't friggin' care! iKiss was just ridiculous. That episode shows that it's ok to get your first kiss when you're 6 years old and that being a 15 year old teenager without a 1st kiss yet will get you nowhere in life. I'm going to describe my opinion of each character with brevity.

    Carly: Not funny, spoiled brat, and slut

    Sam: Rude, violent, bad influence, bi, and again, not funny

    Freddy: weak, spineless, oblivious, Spencer: funny (it varies), clumsy, bad guardian

    Gibby: annoying, g** , insecure

    I'n sorry for dissing any fans, but it's my opinion. No one can change it.
  • a girl decides to start a webshow with her friends. the girl lives in her apartment with her brother

    To all of the people who thinks this show is good, I have something to say to you all. If you rated this show above a 5.9 then you think any show is good( this is an insult); it means that you have no taste and you don't know what comedy is and most importantly, you have been tricked! Brainwashed!, Deceived! You have been tricked by the cast, Nickelodeon's ads and money, and by the so-called good acting! All of you kids listen, I am not going to penalize you for liking the show but I will say that you're young and naive and when you get older you will start to grow some sense and you will soon realize how stupid shows like this and what shows will soon appear on NICk and Disney are! and you will think sarcastically, I used to like this?! But for right now, You have been tricked and the only reason why you like this show is because Nickelodeon spends money on advertisements and they hire people to say that this show is bigger than it really is! If the producers of this show didn't spend even a penny on this show you all wouldn't even taken a second look at this crap, so don't sit there and pretend like this show is, not that bad or that it's good because it's not! You can disagree with me all you want but I am not going to change my mind, besides it's not like Carly, Sam, and Freddie can just pop out of their show and beat me down just for expressing myself!
    This show is a hot mess(emphasis on the mess!) where should I begin? Should I begin with the immature, fraction of a man you call Spencer who apparently wears the adult pants in the family because he has no control over his 16 year old sister or the bad morals in the show or the nearly sexual adult references. Someone for God's Sake Please Write To Nickelodeon And Ask Them Straight Up What Age Group Are You Trying To Reach Out To?! Because some of the references in this show are sures heck not appropriate for children. I gave this show a chance, so did a lot of people who gave reviews from 1-5 and they are saying the same thing."This Show Blows(Sucks) just like that sketch "The Blowing"!" If you believe in good comedy, morals and intelligence. Please rate this show a 1 but no higher than a 5.9. If Nickelodeon sees enough bad reviews for iCarly maybe this show can get cancelled once and for all!
  • ISeriously Don't get why people don't like it.

    One. I's not mean spirited. A mean spirited show would be Courage the cowardly dog. Dan Schinder does a good job of bringing a kid show to nick but that has thinks that are funny to little kids but Teens laugh because they are funny (in a different way) to them. I don't see why everyone is hating on a funny show. .... seriously .... Icarly is about a girl who's mom is dead and her father is in the war. So, her 28 year older brother (who quit law school to become a lawyer)is taking care of her. Carly and her friends Freddie (whoes mom is way to over protecttive), sam (who needs to learn to behave better) and Gibby (who is just plain.... Gibby) create their own webshow and run into problems on the way...
  • Ithink this show is awesome

    This show is fun, wacky, and absolutely hilarious. with it's different aspects; the web-show, the wacky brother, and the dork that is always taking his shirt off, this show is in every way original, and does not deserve the criticism that it has been receiving. It is in every way , an excellent show, especially for a Nick show. As for the cast, first the only star of it was Miranda, but ever since the show started, they have turned into an All Star Cast. With all of this said most people should conclude that this is one of the best tween shows out there.
  • Im sorry, but this show needs to die.

    I pretty much hate any teen shows Nick dish out and this no exception. Why is the show still on the air? Is it really that great of a show? Or hilarious in any way? I don't think so. The humor will only attract children and provide nothing the adults would laugh at. ICarly feels like a dirty collection of cheap, unknown webshow clips you would find on YouTube by doing a random search. Sure, its better than Fred, but still, not funny. The boxing match with hot Victoria Justice was one of them. PLEASE avoid.
  • Icarly....

    I use to like this show when it first came on but then after a while it lost my vote for best show but it will certantly get my vote for worst teen show!Its not even funny and very inapropiate for the kids of 5 or 6 to be watching!hello,doing an webshow is like super dangerous and this show is teaching kids about how fun it is to do one!I am soooo glad My cousin who is 5 hates this show!I want all the good shows that use to be on nick and that was age appropriate!I grew up with the best shows!
  • icarly, a show about friends, family, and everything funny in between

    From what I'm seeing here is that a lot of people have rated it as a one. I honestly don't know why. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a 10 year old girl who watches Hannah Montana and Disney shows like that. Nope, I'm a very mature 16 year old. Now, as I read in the reviews, people think that icarly is pointless and stupid and "doesn't compare at all to how genius 'Drake and Josh' was" blah blah blah. First of all THAT show was dumb. Drake was this stupid high schooler that kept going out with different girls, and Josh this other stupid high schooler that kept getting tricked by both his step-siblings.

    Icarly is not like that,yeah, it might be a little of pointless comedy at times, but don't you think the world needs a little bit of that? I mean seriously, life is already messed up as it is, people don't have time for anything now a days. Icarly just reminds us that is good to have a little of pointless fun in a while, next to a couple of good friends. Yeah, so it's for little kids. Even better! Don't you ever look back at life and say "i wish i was that age again?" well if you haven't then I'm really ashamed of you. It is during your childhood years that you get to have that innocence towards the world, that innocence that you will eventually lose. So why not go back a little, and watch a show that has just pointless comedy?! And if you have little siblings, or relatives then watch it with them. That way you will be spending time with them. Then when they grow up, they'll always remember you as that person who was willing to spend their "precious" time with them.

    So go ahead and watch some icarly, spend some time with friends and family, and laugh a little while you're at it. It's good for your health. And if you rather not, then you should stop making those kind of comments. Let us enjoy that little innocence we might have left.
  • This is the show that replaced Drake and Josh?!

    Ok, Drake and Josh was my favourite children's Live action show. When I Saw the advert it instantly made me want to not watch this show. When I Heard that this was by the same creators of Drake i Josh, I Decideed to giveit a few chances. The first episode I Saw was that Dingo TV Episode, that was okay. After I Decided to watch another episode he day after, and I Was that Pac-Rat epiosde that was Boring. I Watched a few more Episodes, but the more I Wathed it, the more I Started to Hate it. But seriously, I Still can't believe that this show replaced Drake and Josh. This show is just two Kids acting like idiots.
  • Nick is going to hell in a handbasket as we speak

    This show is trash. Just plain and simple. I would not DEFINTATLY NOT let my kids watch this horrible excuse for a kids show. It has no good morals to learn from. Lets start of with the characters:
    Spencer: The supposed "adult" in the family who acts like he doesnt know a thing that's going on. I personally liked him better as crazy steve on Drake and Josh
    Carly: For the main character of which the show is named after, acts like a spoiled brat... need i say more?
    Freddie: I actually quite like Freddie, but I feel so sorry for him because he gets made fun of for being smart. Sam: the mean blonde who attempts to be a mixture between Helga Pataki and Angelica Pickels but fails horribly because she is a one dimensional character. I hate Sam :)

    peace out
  • iCant stand it any more.

    I must admit that when this show had started, It was good during the first 2 seasons, it was good. But after that it started to get annoying. The jokes where getting old and stale, Like that fat kid, all the time with his shirt off, and also many situations started getting too exaggerate , For example that it is the most popular show on the Internet, and that everybody likes it, Also not to mention that the new episodes have lost all reality, and that annoying kid, with the annoying voice, that is supposed to be the villain of Carly. Lets not forget that it airs so much that I Don't even want to see the old episodes.
  • A show for "Kids" and..."Teens"? you can't have the best of both worlds.

    The show overall is alright. Most of the time the jokes aren't really funny, but every now and then, there will be a good one. There is way to much randomness on the show, which I guess, depending on the person, could be a good or bad thing (I don't really mind sometimes). The main problem I have with this show would be the fact that they are trying to appeal to a teenage viewing audience and a kid viewing audience. If this show was intended for kids, they are going to make KID friendly jokes/plots. If this is for teens they are going to try and make teen friendly jokes/plots. If your trying to do both, it's either going to be inappropriate for kids, or immature for teens. For example: the whole idea of boyfriends, kissing, ect. if this is for "Kids", I don't know if I really want my kid watching stuff like that. It also depends on what you define as a "KID". Are we talking 5+? From a teenage point of view, this show has some elements that appeal to a teenage viewing audience, but at the same times, a lot of the jokes and topics are...childish.
  • Episodes are pretty hit and miss for me.

    I'm going to get this out of the way first. The web show that they do is just stupid. None of their sketches are funny an I aways fast forward though them when watching. However the show over all is not bad.

    They have a bit of a problem with using too much Random comedy and that's nothing to be proud of. Random comedy is the laziest of all comedies. Don't get me wrong it's funny when used from time to time but over using it is just stupid and even the slowest of minds can see a show's lack of effort when randomness is over used. However in spite of it's dumb jokes and terrible web show, there are some funny jokes in there too. The characters are pretty interesting, and the show usually takes some twists and turns that one normally wouldn't see coming so it keeps you on your feet. Some of the jokes are a little above kid standards. They make subtle sex jokes and even slip quick lines of dialogue that you're not technically supposed to say on a show with that rating. you can only hear it if you listen close though. It's not a must see kind of show but honestly I don't' think it deserves the kind of crap that some people speak about it.
  • Great show.

    I have to disagree that it went downhill in Season 2, cos out of what I've seen from season 2, it's really good. iSaw Him First is on right now, and I'm loving it. But the show overall is fantastic. It's like my second favourite show now, and my favourite sitcom. The characters are great, the episodes are fantastic & I love it. I reckon Sam secretly likes Freddie though, since even though she's always insulting him, some of the things she says, clearly show she has feelings for him. The webshow parts are great, the ideas are really imaginative, and I love this show a lot.

  • Drake and Josh, Just Add Water=iCarly

    My summary and my rating probably don't match but read ahead. Drake and Josh was probably the best show there was on Nick at the time. I'll admit that iCarly can have its funny moments like when Sam kept smacking Zeebo in "iCarly Saves TV". But iCarly is basically a watered-down version of Drake and Josh. It just disappoints me that Miranda Cosgrove wasn't commited enough to just stay on Drake and Josh. I think that iCarly being created got D & J cancelled. I'm not complaining but they have "slang" that I've never heard before. What is a nub? Bring back D & J or get better writers for iCarly.
  • The best Nickelodeon show.

    iCarly is hilarious my favorite episode is definitely iMust Have Locker 239, every episode is a different adventure. Sam is crazy but the end she's a pretty nice person i mean she didn't give up her job when she had the worst day of her life at the job. Freddie is a smart person, i mean hand-cuffing Sam to Gibby. Carly is the star of the show when there's the worst problem she always fixes it and Spencer is weird (ex. she made Carly paint hobo's for two hours at a park) he is always been one of my favorites. Overall iCarly is one of the 3 best to ever be on Nickelodeon, next to All That and Spongebob.
  • Another Dan Schneider masterpiece.

    I'm always impressed by Dan Schneider and his brilliant shows. I've seen all of them, and I mean all of them. Zoey 101 is my least favorite, and this (iCarly) is probably my favorite. The characters are clever, and I like the jokes (even hidden ones like the hotel name being "Come On Inn" in iTake On Dingo). The cast seem to have a great chemistry, and it is a good show for both boys and girls, something that Dan Schneider is usually very good at doing, making his shows great for both sexes. My favorite character is probably Spencer, because he's hilarious, and probably the show's best actor.
  • The second best show on nick!

    Icarly is a really funny and cool show! How could you not like it? It is great! The funniest character on this show is definitely spencer. There are tons of moments from this show about spencer that made me burst out laughing. Like, when sam threw a football and it hit him in the bad spot. Or even when he was playing the drums and they caught on fire. That never got old. Even all the characters are funny. But, the funniest thing to ever happen on this show was when there were 2,718 of these cakes called "fat cakes" in a tank, but gibby (the fourth funniest character in this show) thought there was 5! That was really funny. Icarly is awesome!
  • Not as good as the first season, but still a great show.

    This is probably the best show on Nick, but that's not saying much. I really loved season one, season two not as good, but still you can't help but wonder if anything will turn around. The plots are great, the jokes are above mediocre, and the characters have deep personalities. The best actor by far is Jerry Trainor, Spencer. He really carries some of the kids a lot of the time, brightening my view of the show. So in conclusion, season one was great, season two is meh. When this show carries on, I'd like to see where it heads.
  • Drake & Josh + Girly Teen Girls=I Carly!

    When Drake & Josh was being cancelled(that was a painful day for TV) I heard the Megan star, Miranda Cosgrove was getting her own show called, I carly. On the commercials I thought, ehh! But when I sat down to watch it, it was actually pretty funny, almost like Drake & Josh. Except this show diserves a PG rating than Y7 in my opinion because it's more for teens(and some girl-seeking adults), same with Drake & Josh. I like those funny expressions Freddy makes when something scary, weird, or embarrassing happens, I actually p*ssed my pants laughing when I first saw that. I even lol'd a few times while waching this show. Except my family doesn't like this show, but some of my friends do and at least I do. Except one thing that sort of creeps me out a bit, is that in the beginning of the series, Freddy had a high pitched voice but around the end of that season, his voice changed into a deep voice. The reason is that the actor, Nathan Kress was 15 years old at that time and had a high pitched voice! But lets not get into that! Spencer is also funny how he rubs his belly while making noises in one episode, and he's also so dumb, he's funny (much like Homer Simpson). Sam is Carly's friend that stars in her show. Yet, another good Dan Schneider production that is live action.
  • Two best friends are the creators and hosts of a popular webshow.

    An amusing show for tweens to watch with their parents. iCarly stars Carly Shay, a middle school girl who lives with her goofy older brother, artist Spencer. She and her best friend Sam host a webshow they created along with Freddie Benson as their technical producer.
    Their personalities are as different as can be: Carly is sweet, caring and does well in school. Sam is mean, a poor student and often complains of a neglectful mother (but where does she get all her trendy clothes? Just wondering.) Freddie is dorky but nice, and is the subject of Sam's bullying. He puts up with it only because of his crush on Carly (who of course does not feel the same way) These differences can make for interesting conficts and even adults can enjoy this show, which is very nice these days. (I get a kick out of Freddie's ridiculously overprotective mother, for example, the episode when she actually looks for cloudblock! Funny stuff!)
  • hello there! i am a 27 year old woman with a 5 year old girl and a three year old boy. I DON'T SEE HOW ANYONE CAN SAY THIS SHOW IS BAD FOR KIDS!!!!! i love it, my daughter loves it, and my son watches it too. i wait for new episodes. i love these guys!

    some people need to pull the sticks out of their butts. how can they say this show is bad? jerry trainor: hilarious! i cannot wait to see what he will do after icarly (not that i want them to stop anytime soon...). extreme talent. jeanette mccurdy: talent! she can keep a straight face, she really plays her part, i love her. and an awesome singer to boot! miranda: beautiful, plays drama very well. i can see her in horror movies kickin' monster butt in the future. nathan: can do anything well, i really mean that. young, cute, really funny, again, can't wait to see what he can do in the future as well. wow, i never thought i would like a show like this, but it reels you in with it's comedy and plots. icarly kicks butt butt BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My sister and I really like this show. (and this may be the most detailed review I've ever written lol)

    I've been reading through the past couple of pages of reviews people have written and there are probably 5 main things that people keep writting about (no disrespect to the people who may think these things, you're entirely entitled to your own opinions).

    1) Miranda Cosgroove (Carly) not being funny. Now I will agree that there are moments where, when she talks, I would like to tear my eyes out of my head but she really isn't that terrible now is she? She does have a way where she can say just about anything with a sort of flavor to it that makes it sound very funny. This is just my opinion though but as an actress, I'd give Cosgroove a solid 8.0

    2) Ripping off brand names. Now really, is this that big of a deal? I must've read 9 or 10 reviews where people talk about how pissed fof they get when iCarly has a brand name meant as a parady of certain merchandises and stores (Shamwow instead of Shampow, Tallmart rather than Wallmart, The Sack instead of The Sleepy etc.) Now people, this isn't really that big of a deal is it? Sure sometimes it may be cliche and annoying but alot of the time I think it's pretty funny. But even if you don't think it's funny, is it really something to basically despise the show over?

    3) Bad reoccurring jokes. OK, I'll give you that. There are quite a few bad reoccurring jokes in this show. Like Sam's constant talking about Fried Ribs. Really isn't that funny anymore. But that's merely one example. Don't get me started on Carly and Spencer's relationship >.> Anyways....it's not really that tragic. Every show has it's bad reoccurring jokes. Nothing to sulk over.

    4) Bad examples set for children. Alright, I'll give you this one too. There are quite a few reoccurring plot points which I definately concider inappropriate for children (Ms. Brigg's point boobs, Spencer making out with nearly every woman he meets etc etc etc.) But, once again, this isn't a terrible tragity. Don't let your children watch it. Leave it at that. I (as a 28 year old woman) think this show is quite funny. And if your kids are under the ages of say 7 or 8 I definately say that you shouldn't let them watch it much. I do wish that iCarly would tone it down a bit in this area. It is rather problemsome alot of the time.

    5) Characters. Everybody is bashing the characters. Well I myself half agree, half disagree. I'll take it one character at a time:
    Carly - Her character is very flat. There is very little to her except the qualities that she seems to always carry with her (kindness, fairness and sassyness). This in itself makes her a pretty hateable character. BUT, these qualities do have quite the up-side: you can put her in just about any situation. Think about it, Carly as a character could be put in just about any episode scenario and still fit in perfectly. This is quite a bonus in my opinion.
    Sam - She is a violent tomboy. There is nothing much else to say. She isn't very funny alot of the time but her actress is great and she really does have a personality to her. There is alot of think you could say about Sam and they few things that make her her. There's just alot to like. Though I do see how people could dislike her.
    Freddy - Techgeek at first.....I don't know what now... Well I gotta agree with what most other people say here: his character's taken a turn for the worse. I liked his character so much better in season one. I really don't know how to describe him at all anymore. They really need to nerd him up again soon. I'm missing nerdy Freddie. The nerdiness complimented the other characters traits very well alot of the time and I miss it.
    Spencer - There's alot to say here....He's Spencer. Too childish, got his facts all wrong, very flat as a character, and too much of a lady's man to suit his character. But the one thing that almost makes this all worth while: he's hilarious! Spencer really is funny. Probably the funniest out of all of the characters. I just love hereing him talk. Anyways, back to characterization. Now, all of Spencer's faults can be easily explained in a characterized way though: he is an artist. Artists throughout history have been shown to be wack jobs and freaks. And that's what they're trying to do with Spencer. Just not in the right ways. I just think he's too childish. The way that Carly actually seems to disciplin (sp?) him really is annoying alot of the time. He needs to grow up a bit. And as a closing comment: his art is pretty bad... If they're trying to get him across as an artist then they should find some better ways of expressing it.
    Nevel - Yeah, he's annoying. Pretty much all there is to say. He's a very climactic character alot of the time and can be funny at times but he's just annoying. And the episodes with him usually all have very similar plots.
    That pretty much all I have to say.
    As a closing to this long-ass review I would just like to say that when you watch this show you really need to open your eyes and take it in for what it is. There's alot of things about this show that need to be looked past to see the beauty of it as a whole. Long live iCarly. Thanks for reading.
  • Not as bad as some people are rating it but definitely not a perfect ten either, at least not in my opinion.

    ICarly is a good show in my opinion, but not great. I used to think the characters were really real, they actually acted like kids I knew but now it has changed with all the dumb "drama" they put in to it about friendships and relationships and blah, blah, blah. And it should never be considered as hilarious. Every once in a while you get a line that's really funny and even some of the webshow skits are pretty good (ex: Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie) but a lot of the times, they say something, and I'm like, "Was that supposed to be funny?" Now for the characters:

    Carly: I really dislike her. Obviously Miranda is not the best actress in the world, and is it just me or does her voice get really obnoxious after a while? I think her character is kind of boring and she can act really snotty and annoying in some episodes. Also some of the stuff she says could be funny but she says them weird and they aren't anymore.

    Sam: I liked her better in the beginning when she was really tough and not wanting to eat food all the time. In recent episodes she has gotten more girly which upsets me. Freddie: I actually like him better in the recent episodes, he's funnier than in the first couple of seasons. They're not really doing that much with him now though. Spencer: Hilarious. Love the fact that he's an artist although I don't like his art at all. Some of his subplots are really creative. (I wish he got rid of the longish hair and go back to what he had in the first season though.)

    Gibby: I feel the need to add him. Now, what can I say about Gibby. "Oh Gibby, there's so much not right about you." I think that about sums it up.

    This show could be better but I still like it and love to see new episodes. Although, I must admit, I kind of only watch it for Sam and Freddie, okay and Spencer. Basically anyone but Carly actually. Well, good-bye to anyone who took time out of their life to read this review. :)
  • itd not as bad as people are saying

    Icarly really isnt as bad as some people are saying. Although you might think that Icarly is getting worse I personally think it is getting better. Ive loved it more and more since they started adding a healthy dose of drama (probably from about ikiss) and I think if you read between the lines youll start getting an actual storyline which is actually a very good one. all the characters are good actors and although its got the storyline its also relatively funny. A lot of people are saying that Spencer is the only funny one but there are others. Besides Spencers in it quite a lot so theres no reason for complaint there.
  • A good show with good stars. Absolutly better than most of the reviews it has been getting from others.

    Icarly is a positive and up-beat show about an independent girl and her two best friends, Sam and Freddie, that film one of the best shows on the web. it also includes Carly's wacky brother, Spencer. Of course every show needs its obsticals. Their obsticals consist of Ms. Briggs, Mr. Howe, Neval Papperman, and the Number One Icarly Fan , Amanda (Mandy) Valdez. Their is also the Wacky recurring character Gibi, who hates wearing shirts, is picked on by Sam and other bullies, goes to the therapist, and has been tested for his crazy acts a lot by the school. This is a really good show from Nick.
  • Can't Believe How Many People Hate This Show

    I'll admit, when I saw previews of this show before it even aired, it looked dumb, and I thought I would hate it. But then I watched out of curiosity and it was really funny! Honestly, the people who hate this show a lot probably haven't seen any episodes. They judge from the previews and honestly, the previews aren't that good.

    This show has some really funny plots. The plot of a webshow is a very creative and original ideas. And there are a lot of very funny episodes of this show. This is the only thing on Nick that's worth watching at all, at least nowadays
  • iCarly has to be the best live action show on Nickelodean since All That and the Amanda Show.

    iCarly is a hilarious show on Nickelodeon that appeals to viewers of a wide range. I hear of five year olds watching this show with their 35 year old parents, both laughing hysterically at the comedy. The plots are hilarious and keep me laughing. The stunts they pull off are just crazy sometimes. It is also combined with videos posted on its own website equally as funny. The aspect of letting viewers send in their own videos that can be seen on the website and even on the show was a great idea. Some people may just be watching it to see if their friend on t.v. while at the same time getting hooked to a great show. As for the characters, well, hilarious!! They are original, have great personalities and the actors fit them perfectly! The characters and the actors have great chemistry as well. This show is definitely one for the record books. Dan Schneider never disappoints.
  • iDon't Like It Anymore

    Let me just start of my saying that iCarly was one of the best live action shows in Nickelodeon history. In the Top 5 even right with Drake and Josh, All That, The Amanda Show and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Now it sucks. Why? Because now, it's about gimmick and love triangles like Degrassi. In Season 1, it was funny as heck! The storylines were less interesting, but it was still funny. Now, the storylines are more interesting, but it's less funny. The running gags such as the constant mention of hobos and abusing Freddie are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overused. Plus, another thing that really ticks me off is the way the characters have gone out of character. Carly is annoying and selfish, Sam's a bully(used to just pick on Freddie) and pretty irritating, Freddie is a crybaby and not dedicated to Carly. What I mean is, back in Season 1, when that girl was hitting on Freddie, Freddie could have easily gone out with her to fill in his empty feelings due to the fact Carly had no interest in him, but he was dedicated to Carly. Now, he hits on any girl he sees. Like in iFight Shelby Marx, Freddie pathetically trying to get Shelby Marx's attention and in that episode with that snobby British guy, he was totally checking out those girls in the music video. And, to top it all off, he KISSES Sam. WTF?! Aren't they supposed to hate each other? I mean, it's one thing if Sam forces herself on him, but he willingly kissed her. That's pretty shallow, dude. And with Freddie being a crybaby, he always complains about how Sam treats him. C'mon, be a man! No one wants to here you whine! But the one sole thing that really really REALLY ticks me off about that show is Freddie's mom and there's one thing I don't get about her. Why is she called MRS. Benson when she's divorced?! Does that make any sense? Anyways, the thing that ticks me off about her is her constant nagging. "Brush your teeth after every meal", "floss", eat your vegetables, Fredward" Sew it on a freakin' pillow, Grandma!!! I can speak for about the majority of us when I say no one wants to hear you nagging 24/7! We already have to deal it with our OWN mothers! We watch shows like this to ESCAPE our problems, not encounter them. Sheesh! No wonder she's divorced. The last thing that I hate about this show is how they overhype the specials. They basically torture us with all these previews and three hour marathons and when the special finally airs, it's a pile of crap! That's what I mean when I say this show is all about gimmick, because it basically is! And have you ever noticed all these iCarly commercials nowadays? It's like it's all about money now. It's as if Nick doesn't care about us anymore. The money that would and should be used into making a show better is instead being put into overhyping the show with these fake previews that promise a shocking reveal, but turn up to be crap and these stupid love angles. Before Season 2, I would have given it a 8.5. Now, I give it a 6.5 or a D. C'mon, Nick. Can't a good show stay good? For once?
  • iCarly is about 2 teenaged girls who make a popular webshow

    Let me first say that this show is yet still continuing to go downhill. Season 1 of this show provided us with good humor, interesting plots, and some really impressive acting. Season 2 was decent, and you noticed some of that bright humor went down the trash. Then Sam started getting really disgusting. And then there's season 3. Season 3 has been a letdown so far full of disappointing specials like iThink They Kissed and iQuit iCarly. iThink they Kissed had a terrible plot, considering that the whole moral of the plot didn't come til the last 3 minutes of the episode. iQuit iCarly was something I think the directors could have come up with in the first season no doubt about it. The acting throughout the show so far has continued to fail more and more. It mainly comes from Miranda Cosgrove. Now before you say that I couldn't act as well as Miranda Cosgrove, I will tell you that I would not have the guts whats-so-ever to do a sitcom in front of 10 million people. Miranda Cosgrove has got to be getting paid almost $1 million a year now that iCarly has become a more big production. She shouldn't be getting the money is she doesn't do the acting good. She's not funny at all like the show try's to do. Sam is just disgusting now on this show. In one episode, she eats corn, and you can see blood all over the corn. She is always beating up and slapping Freddy in the newer episodes. In the older episodes, she just messed with him and called him names. Now, Freddy actually gets hurt. Pretty good role-modeling to younger children. It's just plain ugly. Spencer I have still found to find awfully funny, same for Gibby. Freddy isn't even a nerd in the show anymore. They screwed up his characteristics completely. From the beginning of season 2, he completely changed from being a nerd to just being a regular guy on a family sitcom comedy. The jokes are still funny even on the newer episodes, but the storylines run dry for the most part in newer episodes and some of the acting has gone downhill like I said.

    Overall, iCarly is still a decent, partly enjoyable show to watch, but is full of more disgusting gags, thin on ice storylines, and some not-so-terrific acting.
  • iLove iCarly!

    Awesome, awesome, and more awesome. At the time this show came out back in 2007 I was skeptical. I was angry when "The Amanda Show" was removed from Nick and had hated every live-action sitcom on there except "Drake and Josh" ever since. Of course I found out that the same guy who created "Drake and Josh" - Dan Schneider - made "iCarly". At the time I was ten years old and was almost as into "Drake and Josh" as I was "Hannah Montana" (stupid me on the Hannah Montana part!) so I thought, eh, okay I'll give it a try. I watched it...and I've been hooked ever since. It's just FUNNY. I love the little rivalry that Sam and Freddie have in the background (and of course like all my friends I went nuts when they kissed). Carly is awesome, she comes up with the greatest things to say, and she has a wicked wardrobe. And of course I wish I had a big brother like Spencer. All the girls in my youth group wish they had a big brother like Spencer. My favorite thing he came up with was definitely, "Anyone can roast beef...but nobody can pee soup." I am like a mixture of both Carly and Sam. I am smart, sensible, and hate being dishonest, like Carly, but I'm a bit of a tomboy, love playing pranks, and can't get enough fried chicken, like Sam. Overall this show is amazing and is my second favorite Nickelodeon show!
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