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  • When I first saw Icarly i thought this was just another corny sitcom. But what surprised me was the web show story line.

    When I first saw Icarly i thought this was just another corny sitcom. But what surprised me was the web show story line. I grew up in the nineties and you had shows like spellbinder, goosebumps and an old favorite the odyssey. What made Icarly popular is probably the web show. Viewers can part take in the show making it and excellent example of a multimedia show. Miranda cosgrove suits the role of Carly well. Its definitely different to the girl she played on drake and josh. The other characters like Sam , Freddie and Spencer are also nice. But i have to consider the fact that i probably would find this show 14 years ago a lot funnier then know. Here's the reason why i give this show only a 6. Sam violent behavior and her meat addiction it's both not very funny to me. Also that Freddie gets treated like crap by Sam isn't very funny. The web show itself is sometimes a bit tacky just two girls acting immature. Still i can tell why it's so popular. It's sort of a world without consequences where people can do what they wan't
  • I don't pretty much like this show,but it's still funny.(Nose grows)

    Nickelodeon made a show that you will never forget.Because they overplay it like a BAJILLION TIMES!!!I'm sick of watching the same episodes over and over again.The jokes are getting old.It's basically about this girl named Carly who starts a webshow that everybody loves.Now first off,iCarly sucks.And David Archuleta said that whoever hates this is losers.David,why?!I'm not a loser,Carly is.Second,the characters.Carly is such a spoiled brat.For example,when she had to sit in a dinner of a stupid family and Spencer was fencing,she told Spencer to no fence ever again.Carly,he's older that you and you're telling him what to do?!Sam is suck a pshyco freak who never deserves a boyfriend.All she ever cares about is ham.Freddie is such a nerd,Spencer is ok,but Gibby is the best character of the show.Third,How many specials are there?!Just like the Naked Brothers Band,they have specials that really suck.And that's just all I have to say.F.Score:

    Humor:It lost it's laughter a long time ago because of the stupid reruns.

    And that's all I have to say.Victourious is way more funnier than this.
  • The show is almost a carbon copy of Drake and Josh.

    When I saw the first episode of Miranda Cosgrove's new show iCarly, I really liked it. The show is about Carly Sha (Miranda Cosgrove) who lives with her elder brother Spencer Sha (Jerry Trainor)in Seattle, Washington. She goes to Ridgeway Junior High School with her friends Sam Puckett (Jennete McCurdy) and Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) on many adventures. Each night in Carly's apartment, Carly, and Sam do a webshow called "iCarly" to thousands of fans in Seattle. I like these webcasts, they are really funny, and enjoyable. If not, the funniest webcast is the one when Carly, Sam, and Freddie try to break a world record for the longest webcast. I don't get why Sam is so obbssed with the World's Fattest Priest. The picture was to die for. Unfortunately, iCarly did not break the world record. Spencer's mech sculpture though did. The only downside to the show in my mind is that the show possesses most of the traits from Drake and Josh. It possesses the mean teacher, simulated laughter, dating, and some of Josh's special phrases like "Spherical Meat". Miranda did a good job singing the song "Leave it all to me" which is the iCarly theme.Overall, very funny show, but I just wish the show make its own legacy instead of borrowing from Drake and Josh.
  • Go.Burn.

    This show is abysmal. Dare I say it, I would almost rather watch Zeke and Luther. I cannot believe that this show has survived up until now and that Miranda Cosgrove is being signed a seven-figure deal to serve up more of this billy-crud to the mass public. Her jokes are not funny, they're lame and squeamish. They make me turn off the tv until that artificially-generated laughter dies down. Her child voice is not cute, it's disgusting. The whole Sam-hates-but-secretly-wants-to-kiss-Freddie thing is not cool or romantic, it's outdated and a replica of so many other love/hate relationships that we see in television media nowadays. And the concept of three friends doing a web-show is not "the greatest thing since sliced bread" or an amazingly awesome and innovative idea, its youtube blown a million notches out of proportion. Honestly, the only show worse than this one on Nick has to be Victorious (which is actually a rip off of iCarly itself), with its humor that only the laugh-track finds hilarious and its should-be award-winning character for stupidity and uselessness in a sitcom, Andre.
  • drake and josh was good but this isnt

    icarly is a show about a webshow which is a stupied idea. the plots are boring the jokes are stupied nick has turned into disney dont you see the simularities crappy shows that last for a couple months then after it ends it gets replaced by a show even worse than its last. i heard fred was on this show was the title of the episode called ''when $*!%collides''. nick used to be a great network but now it terrible the only good show on here is spongebob squarepants and come to think of it thats the only show on this network i can stand.
  • It's basically two girls yelling random, unfunny things while stupid logos pop up on screen.

    If ever anyone asks me for a definition of the word "self-indulgent", I'll simply refer them to iCarly.

    And by self-indulgent, I truly do mean self-indulgent. In iCarly, it seems that every human being in the world watches and loves iCarly, from children to adults. The web show never receives criticism or has issues because everyone in the world is a huge fan and recognizes the cast when they're out on the streets. The show even feels the need to show the camera-man Freddy laughing at Carly and Sam's stupid jokes.

    This is made more frustrating by the fact that the web show never amounts to anything more than Carly and Sam throwing things, smashing things, and yelling at things, all while stupid names and logos for dumb segments pop up on-screen. And the fact that everyone in the show overacts makes the whole thing even more unconvincing.

    This is really, truly an awful show. It's not in the same league as, say, The Naked Brothers Band (which is possibly both the worst band and show I've seen, and easily the most self-indulgent and pretentious), but it's still complete nonsense. At no point while watching this show have I ever found myself laughing. At most, I may have chuckled, but even that I'm unsure of.

    DogBasket000 basically gave my exact thoughts on this show, so kudos to him.
  • It's a pretty intolerable show.

    I know that I'm probably going to repeat the words of many people before me, but hey, why not? iCarly was a decent show back around the first season. Was. Now, it's an intolerable, almost unwatchable waste of a 30 minute time slot.

    Our main character, Carly, is a whiny, bratty teenager who throws tantrums every single time she doesn't get what she wants. Her best friend is Sam, the "tom-boy" who beats the crap out of everyone. (And the show makes it out likes it's supposed to be funny. It's not. She's /hurting/ someone!) She criticizes Freddy, the used-to-be-nerdy tech-guy, for EVERYTHING. Gibby and Spencer are more annoying than funny.

    The over-used jokes about fried-chicken, pork, people getting the snot beaten out of them and hobos is really wearing thin. They also insist on playing the laugh track for every other line, which are rarely/never as hilarious as they make them out to be.

    iCarly, their web show, is one of the most idiotic things I've ever seen. How in the world could a show about two girls prancing around in bogus costumes, yelling at each other, and smashing fruit get POPULAR so QUICKLY? I think that's an insult to the real web comedians who actually worked for their fame...

    And one last thing. That episode about where Freddy had never had his first kiss? I swear I was about to topple the television over. There are plenty of people who have not had their first kiss at the age that these god-awful characters are at. Are they /trying/ to make some of these "follow by example" children go rape each other in the streets because according to iCarly, it's one of the worst things imaginable to not have your first kiss when your around 15!?

    So basically, I'd say you are better off running into a stone wall until your skull cracks than watching this show. It really boggles me on how this show is still running strong. 1/10.
  • Another example of why live-action on Nickelodeon just doesn't work.

    I'll be honest: I've never really liked the concept of live-action on Nickelodeon. Especially Dan Schneider's shows. And this show is a testament to my opinion.

    I just don't understand why people like this show. To me, it's just another show filled with high-school cliches and unrealistic scenarios. 30,000 views on a website with no advertisement in a couple of days? I'm an avid YouTuber; trust me, unless your video is an overnight smash, it's not that easy. And why they had that horribly obnoxious Fred character on that show, I'll NEVER know...

    Another thing that bugs me about the show is the content I consider inappropriate for children. I was appalled by the mention of "pointy boobs" in the first episode; to think that there was a time when it was taboo to say things like "shut up" or even "dead" on a children's show...

    In my opinion, Nickelodeon is supposed to be a program for kids. Bring back some of the classic Nicktoons, and tone it down with the horrible teen-oriented shows.
  • Like a roller coaster; starts off at the top then goes all the way down.

    I will admit something that might surprise those who read my review on 'iFight Shelby Marx'. I actually did like iCarly at one point, especially during the first season where there more subtle jokes, and the plot actually made sense. Then, I noticed, as iCarly began to get more and more famous, my like for it died down. For example, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it supposed to also feature user inputted videos too? I don't see any :/ I will also admit that even in the later seasons, there are some funny moments. Keyword: moments. For example, in 'iKiss' when Sam grabs the baseball bat and leaves. But honestly, compared to the sit-com laughter generated during the show, I barely laugh. And I think I'm a pretty funny guy :/
  • It used to be somewhat bearable, but (definitely!) not anymore!

    Okay, at first, this looked like it was going to be a good show, at the very least. Drake and Josh was good, so this should be too, right? Kind of. I liked the randomness at first, and the first season was kind of okay. But then, as the show rised into the undeserved fame that it has gotten, it just went completely sour.
    The newest episdoes are so damn obnoxious I could scream. The randomness was bearable, even a little funny before, but now they are all so loud and irritating!
    Characters, well, they're all shallow and sad. The acting is terrible, too!
    The laugh track is so stupid. Someone could open a door and the laughtrack would laugh like bloody crazy!
    Also, the fixation with that words "nub" and Sam's unnatural fetish for anything meat-wise.
    The show is bland and boring and so is the plot lines, and I don't suggest you or your kids watch this show. It is utterly terrible and nothing good will come of watching it.
  • It sucks.

    What more can you say? Now, I love random shows usually. I love Animaniacs, I love Ren and Stimpy, and I love Edd Ed and Eddy. But this isn't random. It's just embarrasing, painful, and obnoxious.

    My main promblems are the characters and acting. Miranda Cosgrove was somewhat good in "Drake and Josh", one of my favorite shows of all time. I don't know what happend inbetween shows, but she is just horrible in this. She laughs when she says her lines, even though they are never funny. When she needs to be serious, she just comes off as annoyingly bad. The other actors are hit and miss. The guy who plays Spencer is entertaining at first, but his acting is so over the top that you just want to deck him everytime he appears. Sam is just stupid. I have anger issues and I like meat, and I do not act this way. The actress is fine, I guess, but she needs to take acting classes nearly as bad as Miranda Cosgrove. Freddy is bland. He's the tech guy. There's not much to say there.

    The webshow they do isn't funny. Who would laugh at something like that? Girls squashing eggs with a video game controller isn't funny, it's annoying. I don't know one person, and that includes little kids, that have ever even smiled at one of these gags. My little cousin, who's supposed to be the target age group for the show, actually turned off the TV five minutes into it, and said the show "Was the worst thing I've seen since that Barney movie the school made me sit through."

    And let's not forget the canned laughter! Look guys, I realize that you are trying to give the allusion that this show is funny, but it's not working. I usually look over canned laughter, if the show is good enough. (This was the case with "Drake and Josh".) But if the show isn't funny to start with, the laughter seems out of place, and obnoxious.

    The last problem I have is that it's a little adult for a little kid's show. Believe it or not, there was a time where you could get kicked off the air if you said "Fart" or "God" on a children's show. And, I know this will be hard for some of you to imagine, but those shows were just fine without it. "Animaniacs" was a children's show, but it was also well receved by adults, even without those words. Icarly dosn't really give a darn, and says whatever it wants to. If you said "Boobs" on a kid's show ten years ago, it wouldn't have gotten greenlighted! Also, what is up with the dating in this show? When I was 14/15, I was still watching cartoons! Dating just wasn't my consern at that moment in time. I realize kids today grow up a little faster, but this show isn't helping!

    Bottom line, with a kid's show that's not a kid's show, a obnoxious cast, horrible writing, and just an annoying overtone, why bother watching?
  • I love this show. I also think it is one of the cleanest comidies for our children today to enjoy watching.

    I am 28 years old. This show to my 8 year old daughter is to her what saved by the bell was to me. A group of friends who have different little teenage experiences. Most of them are funny and enjoyable to watch, and I don't even mind sitting down with my children to watch. I really like the show and find it to be better then most of the crap that society is trying to ram down our younger generations throats. And if you pay real close attention to the background in the locker room setting you can tell that it is the same one they used in saved by the bell. Just obviously a little remodled. But who can't enjoy this show. It is one of the cleanest comides for our youth on tv and I will continue to enjoy watching with my kids.
  • I recommend watching iCarly. Watch some early and late season 1 episodes to get a feel for it, skip iCarly Saves TV and iGo to Japan (both seriously flawed), and watch from the beginning of season 2. The show may hit potholes again but stick with it.

    I'm definitely a fan of the show, but certainly can see merit in some of the arguments against it. The laugh track can be grating, the quality of the writing can be uneven within and over the course of episodes, and sometimes they are too dependent on slapstick gags to get laughs. But having said that, on balance, I appreciate the show for what it is: a guilty pleasure sitcom which appeals primarily to a younger audience, but includes elements to interest older viewers as well (beyond the references of an adult nature, which range from the blatantly obvious to ones so subtle they may or may not be deliberate, I find the fluidity of gender and responsibility roles interesting). I think all four actors do an admirable job with their characters (episodes I haven't liked have been because of the material they had to work with, not the performances). In particular, Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress are outstanding and have a wonderful rapport that shows in their performances on screen.
  • Um, what.

    This show is so stupid that I can't begin to tell you how I feel. But I will do my best to say that this show is just bad. I can't stand the writing, the acting is bad, and the show is bad as well. All I can actually say is that it needs to be moved somewhere to a place where it can just can itself. But either way, this show creeps me out so much that I can't stand watching it for more than 5 minutes. Overall, this show is for those who like weird stuff. Thank you.
  • This movie is about the iCarly team getting nominated for the iWeb Award for Best Comedy. When they go to Japan, Kyoko and Yuki, their competition sabotage them, and leave them in the middle of nowhere. Will they win the gold?

    When I was about to watch this, I thought it was going to be the average iCarly, simple and funny. But after this, I thought it was AMAZING! From jumping out of an airplane, to winning the iWeb award for best comedy, I give this 2 thumbs and toes up. :) I especially love that they used action and comedy to make it an incredible movie. In my opinion, I think this movie should get an award for real. The TIMA (The Incredible Movie Award)! Overall, this was one of the best movies Nickelodeon has made in the past couple of years! :B
  • Spencer saved it from getting a 1, but iStill hate this show.

    C'mon Nick, you can do better then this. I used to respect you, but now your just s***.
    So basically this show stars the b**** from Drake and Josh (actually a good show) named Carly, who was blessed without the pressures of having a personality. There's also Freddie, a character who for some reason friend group consistes of two girls, including one who tries to beat him up. Who's the one who tries to beat him up? Then ungodly abomonation known as Sam. She is the biggest b**** on TV today. She constantly abuses Freddie for things as small as stating his own opinion, and most importantly ISN'T FUNNY.

    The reason this show even gets a 1.5 is because of Spencer, who can occasionally be funny (something every other part of the show lacks) Just ditch the other characters and make a spin-off about him.

    All in all, don't watch this show. Just pray for it's cancellation.
  • This is the worst show i have ever seen

    THis show is so bad i became depressed after watching it for five minutes. THere is nothing good or even mildly interesting about this so called "show" THe acting is awful, the script is so bad i threw the remote at the wall, and the characters are unrealistic and just plain stupid. THe soundtrack recorded by the little star herself Miranda Cosgrove is the worst music since the Jonas Brothers and Naked Brothers Band. I can't imagine how anyone could like this show but it keeps ranking high in the ratings so Nick won't cancel this anytime soon :( I would give it a zero but the scale only goes to 1 so that is what this show gets: a one out of ten. Oh yeah and to all you parents out there who let your kids watch this, heres is a tip. This show isn't appropriate at all. THere is a lot of making out and other questionable things on this show that make it inappropriate for little 5 year olds that watch this garbage. 1/10
  • Ugh...

    My God and Goddess, what a horrible show this is. Don't get me wrong, I grew up with Dan Schnieder's shows, like All That and Kenan and Kel, and found them hysterical (in fact, I still do). I also enjoy good slapstick comedy every now and then. But this show is just crap. It stars Miranda Cosgrove (yeah, the bratty little sister from Drake and Josh; didn't you always want to see her in a starring role?) as Carly, a teenage girl, who seems to be deprived of any semblance of a personality. She lives with her moron of an older brother (yeah, because people didn't already not take artists seriously enough), and even though neither of then works a job, and their parents are nowhere to be found, they seem to live in a relatively nice place. Together with her "tomboy" friend Sam (yeah, because all tomboys have long hair and wear relatively feminine clothing. Sam is not as much a tomboy as she is a violent borderline juvenile delinquent), she puts on a supposedly popular online show (though I have yet to see anything funny about it), that her other friend, Freddie, produces (on a side note, Freddie, though he seems to have Carly's same problem of overall blandness, is probably the most tolerable character on this dumb show).

    So why exactly is this show such a hit? I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. Maybe kids today are just weaned on stupid "humor" like this and have no idea what real comedy is.
  • If only Nevel HAD deleted iCarly.....

    If only Nevel HAD deleted iCarly.....
    This show is completely stupid,lacks humor,and has the worst actors ever.
    After the success of Drake and Josh,I was happy to know that Miranda Cosgrove would get her own show!After watch the show however......I wasn't.Carly is a perfect beautiful girl who gets ANYTHING she wants and never has bad things in her life.Even when she deserves it.LAME!Sam is a pathetic attempt at a tough girl who always beats other kids,mainly Freddie.Speaking of Freddie.....he's a nerdy boy who happens to be in love with Carly.Spencer is an adult who has no responsibility for Carly,and he even lets her do whatever she wants.
    The webshow,iCarly, is extremely stupid and boring.(I mean seriously,Bikini Danicing with Dog food?!)
    And the jokes are worst,here's an example:
    delivery guy:Um,I'm looking for Shay,Carly.
    Carly:I'm Shay,Carly.
    *audience bursts out laughing*
    I just think this show is terrible.Period.I think you show only watch this show when you're bored.
  • Absolute Garbage....

    iCarly is based on 3 bratty kids that make a web show. After airing a couple episodes, over 500,000 viewers tune in.

    The characters are awful in this show. Freddy is a nerd. Well, at least he used to be until they ruined him in season 2, which totally ruins the entire Freddy character. Carly isn't funny at all, and not to mention her acting is quite bad due to the fact she smiles occasionally in serious scenes. Sam is downright disgusting, and you see no reason why the three of them are friends at all. The only character that I even find funny at all is Spencer.

    The jokes are lame. For one, Sam always has to mention Fried Chicken. Doesn't that get a little, I don't know....boring sometimes? Freddy doesn't he mention any technical terms past season 2 due to the fact that they ruined the show completley in the middle of season 2.

    The storylines are lame. They've had 4-6 episodes with extremely similaur storylines. A nerd named Nebel trying to take over iCarly.

    And it's so freaking annoying when they copy complany brands and change them slightly. Peepy coola (Coca Cola), Pear (Apple), Shamwow(Shampow), Snuggies(Sacks), ect.

    Overall, iCarly was O.K. through season 1, but has ended up to be disgusting trash.
  • Very boring...

    This show is very boring and I don't like it. The jokes won't keep you awake for one second or the "funny" phrases. The laugh track is super annoying. Someone could just take one step and the laugh track would burst out laughing like crazy. The shirts are terrible, too. (Coffee Noodles, Electric Ham, etc.)

    The characters are also very annoying and predictable. Sam is an ugly little brat who hurts people. Carly is an ugly little spoiled girl who tries to be all sweet. Freddie is an ugly nerd. Freddie's mom is an ugly woman who's overprotective. They're all pretty ugly, aren't they?

    That's all I have to say. DaftPunkLover out!
  • While I occasionally do laugh at iCarly I don't find this show funny. However I find this show annoying as well as unrealistic.

    First off let's look at the web show. According to an episode, it said that they get over 300,000 views in just about every show. Okay, first of all, I have no idea how in the world they were able to recieve that many views so quickly. If you go onto youtube, it can take months to get even one thousand views. Sometimes it can take even years to get that many. Yet, all of them were able to achieve so many views in just a few of their web shows. Another thing I'd like to bring out about their web show is that it seems to me like everyone loves their show on TV. But if it happened in real life, I don't think a lot of people would like their show. Okay a few people might, but not as many as they say. Onto another thing, the acting. It just annoys me to see that Miranda Cosgrove's acting has gone downhill since Drake and Josh. If you ask me she can play mean a lot better she can nice. And I don't like a lot of the voices that she does. I can't really describe how it sounds but remember her voice when she said, "Six cute little chicken funerals!" and "Find a small chicken!" That's the kind of voice that annoys me. The others on the show act okay. As well, I dislike Carly's character because everywhere on the show, she's smiling or acting way too perky. I mean, it's like she's happy about everything, which is really annoying. And as for Spencer, I don't know how he can make a living off of his art. Personally, I think his art is terrible, but it seems to me like almost everyone worships every little thing that he does. Anyway, I may laugh at iCarly sometimes, but it wouldn't be a show that I would consider to be one of my favorites.
  • probily one of the biggest disgresas to childrens television

    omg were can i began, so we all know the show icarly
    is about a girl named carly[played by miranda crosgrove]
    with her freind sam[played by jenett micurdey]
    with there teck geek fredy[played by nathen cress]
    she also has an older brother named spencer[played by jary trainer from drack and josh]and they all host there ownweb show that become popular and endores misedventurs along the way.
    but now thats out of the way how is icarly in general?

    its stupid not funny unentertaning annoying to say the least. i will admit something good the show does have its moment and it is kinda funny in some parts...but its not enough to save the show.
    the humor in this show is absolutly stale and pitiful
    that im suprised the laugh trak made in the studio.

    the insane sence of humer is probily the downfall of this show. beacuse it is used to often some moments are absolutly weird in some parts........and it makes me sit there and think huh?.........huh is right the humor is crap and never the less repitive.
    "lets see a boy named gibby dancing with his shirt off
    freddys pysco mom
    another boy naed gibby dancing with his shirt off
    sams ubsesion with meat another boy gibby dancing with his shirt off
    this time hes called guppy

    see what i mean the show needs a new joke book cuz some of the joke are really starting to get on my nerves.

    one thing i mostley hate about this show i how many tv movies it has. your sopposed to wait till somebody craps in there pants for a tv movie.

    first there was i carly saves tv
    i go to japan
    i think they kissed
    i quit i carly i fight Shelby marks
    i space out
    i save your life.
    and a few others. way too many tv movies
    wat is up with nick nowadays why does every show they have, have to have a tv movie ever other month.

    oh another thing the web show they do the web show segments r terrible and r have the reason why the humer in this show is crap. i aactily find the plots going around carly and her freinds much more importand than the icarly web show they do. but why is icarly so populer when shows like all that kean and kel drak and josh the amanda show had actial good humer but arent as populer.

    cuz of the adiunce interactivnes one in a while on the icarly web site u can post a video of u donig something stupid and poitless

    witch ppl like this make me sick they only go on icalry just to get notice on tellivison for only five seconds. witch is just pitiul

    oh and one more thing the laugh track really has to go it sounds like they brought in a 4 year old in the studio and he starded play on the laugh trak. [and i thiught hanna montanna played the laugh trak to many time.
  • A funny comedy in the midst of a declining television network

    If you didn't know, this wasn't Dan Schneider's first producing job. This wasn't even Cosgrove's first time. It just has this feel that this has been here for a while. It is the oldest currently running non-animated show on Nickelodeon. But the thing that makes this show sparkles is the comedy that is tried and true. In fact, it's been tried and true for 16 years now starting with All That. Continuing from All That to the Amanda Show to Drake and Josh to iCarly, this show is actually a nice show. Compared to Victorious (I feel an iCarly knockoff with music) and Big Time Rush (a JONAS knockoff), this feels original and to that, I give them a congratulations. Even though sometimes it feels as if it gets annoying, it is a good all-around show.
  • This show is about a 15-year old teenager named Carly who lives with her older brother Spencer in an apartment in Seattle. Carly, Sam, and Freddie do a webshow every night called iCarly. Freddie is the technical producer for iCarly;Carly and Sam hosts.

    Honestly, I was so dissappointed when iCarly won the KCA 09 for favorite Television. No disrespect to the cast but, this show is terrible.There are so many flaws in this show.(1) Most of the jokes aren't really funny they are annoying. (2) Spencer doesn't really act like an adult, in fact, he never punishes Carly for something she did wrong. She is really the boss of him and that is sad! (3) There some PG-13 sexual references in this show that may be inappropriate for kids. For an example, when Spencer was building that golf course, one of the holes was a cardboard man's privacy and whenever you get the ball into the hole, the cardboard covers himself up. Spencer calling a woman sexy.(4) Nevel is a annoying little pain. (5) Sam being a violent tomboy and so much more. Don't get me wrong some of the things that the cast do on the show are good. iDream of Dance was pretty good. Just because I read other people's reviews, that doesn't mean that I am saying what they are saying. I am honestly expressing my opinons about this show. I am not going to lie and say this show is great when it really not, but I am also not going say this show is a bunch of crap either. I think this show needs to be fixed. I am sure that the cast is nothing like the characters that they play.
  • Dumb... and poorly...

    This is most poorly show because this show is trying to make annoying, unacceptable behavior, and this should rated something like PG for most annoying, gibbiest, cheesy, and fake. Because Carly is disgusting and annoying. Sam is dumb because she trying to hit, pulling with someone's hair, and TOO crazy. Fred is weird looking with smile face because he's always jealous and love struck to fall in love with Carly. But Fred is ok. "Date a Bad Boy" episode is pretty dumb and annoying. All of this actor on "iCarly" is being acting very POORLY. Carly is also acting like 4 years old.

    how the f**k icarly got second on the best kids' shows! That is so messed how! this is so wrong don't disagree with me or esle you are so retared icarly is worst than most shows drake and josh was so much better don't lie. this show isn't all that funny i barely laugh unlike the shows i watch most of the time.i think icarly should of got like on that list like 60-100 on that list NOT 2! miranda was so much better being mean than being nice only if the producer would listen and take icarly off this place FOREVER!
  • I don't get it. Seddie doesn't make sense.

    I know that there are many Seddie fans, but I am not one of them. Personally, I think that Sam and Freddie together is just awful. This show should clearly have Carly and Freddie end up together. I seriously hope that this episode was not forshadowing a Seddie ending for the show.
    Sam was so mean to Freddie just because Freddie pulled one joke on her. Seriously, how many jokes has she pulled on him?! And, how old are these kids anyway?! Thirteen? Fourteen tops? It's not an unusual thing for kids at that age to not have their first kiss. So, I don't see why everyone was making a big deal out of it. It was unrealistic.
    Overall, I think the episode was pretty poor.
  • A show in a show that is on a station, that shows shows! What else could you say about this wonderful show?

    If you combine the art of web and the art of television slapstick comedy, you get one show: iCarly! The show is about a 14-year old girl named Carly and her friends, Sam and Freddie, as they try to woo in more viewers for their webshow that became famous after Sam posts funny talent show auditions on a Youtube-like website. I can say the show is just like the 2006 Pink Panther movie. It has that type of comedy that you can't expect. Only at certain times can you not expect the type of comedy that is approching! When an episode starts with two kids ready to having a cupcake throwing contest, and the loser must drink a cup of pickle juice, you know what to expect for the next 25 minutes: pure, slapstick, comedy. If course, iCarly has some cons. It seems that an idea (for example, Sam and Freddie's kiss in iCarly), is not dragged on into the upcoming episodes. It would be cool if the show started up that Sam and Freddie would go into a relationship, but as most shows do, the idea or even mention of the event is not shown in the next ep. I love this show, even with that con!
  • This show in my opinion is too childish and some episodes are annoying.

    Sorry, but I can't stand Carly's voice in this show. Just wanted to throw that out there. Okay, this show is about a web site formed where it is then transformed into a tv show on the internet for internet viewers. The main character is Carly Shay, and she has two friends, Sam and Freddie, and she lives with her older brother Spencer. It is an apartment building in Seattle Washington. In the beginning episode Freddie comes up with an idea for a web show since he knows so much about technichal equipment. The web site is iCarly, and I see that it is an actual web site in real life too. Kinda cool if you ask me. Now I am going to be calm about the downfalls wiht this show: Okay first off, some episodes and scenes seem immature to me. Let's see now, oh yes, the voice-acting is also screechy. It makes my ears bleed. And I also see some toddlerish themes. Well since I am a new adult I probably would like this show if it had more adult themes in it and maturity. So I don't like this show very well. Yet another not so good show that is live-action in today's new generation. But I think there are worse shows out there than this one. Sam can also be very mean, I feel bad for Freddie at times. And lastly, some episodes are REALLY annoying. Like how Carly was in the episode iFence (but not the whole episode, just around the middle.) There's a few other episodes I also think are annoying but I can't think of them right now. I just stick to watching Drake and Josh. I will admit that iCarly's web site is cool but the show could use some work. Dan Schneider needs to step up and not write so may childish episodes. End of review.
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