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  • Very boring...

    This show is very boring and I don't like it. The jokes won't keep you awake for one second or the "funny" phrases. The laugh track is super annoying. Someone could just take one step and the laugh track would burst out laughing like crazy. The shirts are terrible, too. (Coffee Noodles, Electric Ham, etc.)

    The characters are also very annoying and predictable. Sam is an ugly little brat who hurts people. Carly is an ugly little spoiled girl who tries to be all sweet. Freddie is an ugly nerd. Freddie's mom is an ugly woman who's overprotective. They're all pretty ugly, aren't they?

    That's all I have to say. DaftPunkLover out!
  • While I occasionally do laugh at iCarly I don't find this show funny. However I find this show annoying as well as unrealistic.

    First off let's look at the web show. According to an episode, it said that they get over 300,000 views in just about every show. Okay, first of all, I have no idea how in the world they were able to recieve that many views so quickly. If you go onto youtube, it can take months to get even one thousand views. Sometimes it can take even years to get that many. Yet, all of them were able to achieve so many views in just a few of their web shows. Another thing I'd like to bring out about their web show is that it seems to me like everyone loves their show on TV. But if it happened in real life, I don't think a lot of people would like their show. Okay a few people might, but not as many as they say. Onto another thing, the acting. It just annoys me to see that Miranda Cosgrove's acting has gone downhill since Drake and Josh. If you ask me she can play mean a lot better she can nice. And I don't like a lot of the voices that she does. I can't really describe how it sounds but remember her voice when she said, "Six cute little chicken funerals!" and "Find a small chicken!" That's the kind of voice that annoys me. The others on the show act okay. As well, I dislike Carly's character because everywhere on the show, she's smiling or acting way too perky. I mean, it's like she's happy about everything, which is really annoying. And as for Spencer, I don't know how he can make a living off of his art. Personally, I think his art is terrible, but it seems to me like almost everyone worships every little thing that he does. Anyway, I may laugh at iCarly sometimes, but it wouldn't be a show that I would consider to be one of my favorites.
  • probily one of the biggest disgresas to childrens television

    omg were can i began, so we all know the show icarly
    is about a girl named carly[played by miranda crosgrove]
    with her freind sam[played by jenett micurdey]
    with there teck geek fredy[played by nathen cress]
    she also has an older brother named spencer[played by jary trainer from drack and josh]and they all host there ownweb show that become popular and endores misedventurs along the way.
    but now thats out of the way how is icarly in general?

    its stupid not funny unentertaning annoying to say the least. i will admit something good the show does have its moment and it is kinda funny in some parts...but its not enough to save the show.
    the humor in this show is absolutly stale and pitiful
    that im suprised the laugh trak made in the studio.

    the insane sence of humer is probily the downfall of this show. beacuse it is used to often some moments are absolutly weird in some parts........and it makes me sit there and think huh?.........huh is right the humor is crap and never the less repitive.
    "lets see a boy named gibby dancing with his shirt off
    freddys pysco mom
    another boy naed gibby dancing with his shirt off
    sams ubsesion with meat another boy gibby dancing with his shirt off
    this time hes called guppy

    see what i mean the show needs a new joke book cuz some of the joke are really starting to get on my nerves.

    one thing i mostley hate about this show i how many tv movies it has. your sopposed to wait till somebody craps in there pants for a tv movie.

    first there was i carly saves tv
    i go to japan
    i think they kissed
    i quit i carly i fight Shelby marks
    i space out
    i save your life.
    and a few others. way too many tv movies
    wat is up with nick nowadays why does every show they have, have to have a tv movie ever other month.

    oh another thing the web show they do the web show segments r terrible and r have the reason why the humer in this show is crap. i aactily find the plots going around carly and her freinds much more importand than the icarly web show they do. but why is icarly so populer when shows like all that kean and kel drak and josh the amanda show had actial good humer but arent as populer.

    cuz of the adiunce interactivnes one in a while on the icarly web site u can post a video of u donig something stupid and poitless

    witch ppl like this make me sick they only go on icalry just to get notice on tellivison for only five seconds. witch is just pitiul

    oh and one more thing the laugh track really has to go it sounds like they brought in a 4 year old in the studio and he starded play on the laugh trak. [and i thiught hanna montanna played the laugh trak to many time.
  • A funny comedy in the midst of a declining television network

    If you didn't know, this wasn't Dan Schneider's first producing job. This wasn't even Cosgrove's first time. It just has this feel that this has been here for a while. It is the oldest currently running non-animated show on Nickelodeon. But the thing that makes this show sparkles is the comedy that is tried and true. In fact, it's been tried and true for 16 years now starting with All That. Continuing from All That to the Amanda Show to Drake and Josh to iCarly, this show is actually a nice show. Compared to Victorious (I feel an iCarly knockoff with music) and Big Time Rush (a JONAS knockoff), this feels original and to that, I give them a congratulations. Even though sometimes it feels as if it gets annoying, it is a good all-around show.
  • This show is about a 15-year old teenager named Carly who lives with her older brother Spencer in an apartment in Seattle. Carly, Sam, and Freddie do a webshow every night called iCarly. Freddie is the technical producer for iCarly;Carly and Sam hosts.

    Honestly, I was so dissappointed when iCarly won the KCA 09 for favorite Television. No disrespect to the cast but, this show is terrible.There are so many flaws in this show.(1) Most of the jokes aren't really funny they are annoying. (2) Spencer doesn't really act like an adult, in fact, he never punishes Carly for something she did wrong. She is really the boss of him and that is sad! (3) There some PG-13 sexual references in this show that may be inappropriate for kids. For an example, when Spencer was building that golf course, one of the holes was a cardboard man's privacy and whenever you get the ball into the hole, the cardboard covers himself up. Spencer calling a woman sexy.(4) Nevel is a annoying little pain. (5) Sam being a violent tomboy and so much more. Don't get me wrong some of the things that the cast do on the show are good. iDream of Dance was pretty good. Just because I read other people's reviews, that doesn't mean that I am saying what they are saying. I am honestly expressing my opinons about this show. I am not going to lie and say this show is great when it really not, but I am also not going say this show is a bunch of crap either. I think this show needs to be fixed. I am sure that the cast is nothing like the characters that they play.
  • Dumb... and poorly...

    This is most poorly show because this show is trying to make annoying, unacceptable behavior, and this should rated something like PG for most annoying, gibbiest, cheesy, and fake. Because Carly is disgusting and annoying. Sam is dumb because she trying to hit, pulling with someone's hair, and TOO crazy. Fred is weird looking with smile face because he's always jealous and love struck to fall in love with Carly. But Fred is ok. "Date a Bad Boy" episode is pretty dumb and annoying. All of this actor on "iCarly" is being acting very POORLY. Carly is also acting like 4 years old.

    how the f**k icarly got second on the best kids' shows! That is so messed how! this is so wrong don't disagree with me or esle you are so retared icarly is worst than most shows drake and josh was so much better don't lie. this show isn't all that funny i barely laugh unlike the shows i watch most of the time.i think icarly should of got like on that list like 60-100 on that list NOT 2! miranda was so much better being mean than being nice only if the producer would listen and take icarly off this place FOREVER!
  • I don't get it. Seddie doesn't make sense.

    I know that there are many Seddie fans, but I am not one of them. Personally, I think that Sam and Freddie together is just awful. This show should clearly have Carly and Freddie end up together. I seriously hope that this episode was not forshadowing a Seddie ending for the show.
    Sam was so mean to Freddie just because Freddie pulled one joke on her. Seriously, how many jokes has she pulled on him?! And, how old are these kids anyway?! Thirteen? Fourteen tops? It's not an unusual thing for kids at that age to not have their first kiss. So, I don't see why everyone was making a big deal out of it. It was unrealistic.
    Overall, I think the episode was pretty poor.
  • A show in a show that is on a station, that shows shows! What else could you say about this wonderful show?

    If you combine the art of web and the art of television slapstick comedy, you get one show: iCarly! The show is about a 14-year old girl named Carly and her friends, Sam and Freddie, as they try to woo in more viewers for their webshow that became famous after Sam posts funny talent show auditions on a Youtube-like website. I can say the show is just like the 2006 Pink Panther movie. It has that type of comedy that you can't expect. Only at certain times can you not expect the type of comedy that is approching! When an episode starts with two kids ready to having a cupcake throwing contest, and the loser must drink a cup of pickle juice, you know what to expect for the next 25 minutes: pure, slapstick, comedy. If course, iCarly has some cons. It seems that an idea (for example, Sam and Freddie's kiss in iCarly), is not dragged on into the upcoming episodes. It would be cool if the show started up that Sam and Freddie would go into a relationship, but as most shows do, the idea or even mention of the event is not shown in the next ep. I love this show, even with that con!
  • This show in my opinion is too childish and some episodes are annoying.

    Sorry, but I can't stand Carly's voice in this show. Just wanted to throw that out there. Okay, this show is about a web site formed where it is then transformed into a tv show on the internet for internet viewers. The main character is Carly Shay, and she has two friends, Sam and Freddie, and she lives with her older brother Spencer. It is an apartment building in Seattle Washington. In the beginning episode Freddie comes up with an idea for a web show since he knows so much about technichal equipment. The web site is iCarly, and I see that it is an actual web site in real life too. Kinda cool if you ask me. Now I am going to be calm about the downfalls wiht this show: Okay first off, some episodes and scenes seem immature to me. Let's see now, oh yes, the voice-acting is also screechy. It makes my ears bleed. And I also see some toddlerish themes. Well since I am a new adult I probably would like this show if it had more adult themes in it and maturity. So I don't like this show very well. Yet another not so good show that is live-action in today's new generation. But I think there are worse shows out there than this one. Sam can also be very mean, I feel bad for Freddie at times. And lastly, some episodes are REALLY annoying. Like how Carly was in the episode iFence (but not the whole episode, just around the middle.) There's a few other episodes I also think are annoying but I can't think of them right now. I just stick to watching Drake and Josh. I will admit that iCarly's web site is cool but the show could use some work. Dan Schneider needs to step up and not write so may childish episodes. End of review.
  • Not only does iCarly lack any sense of moral value, but the humor is rather mediocre and the storylines are bland and extremely unrealistic. One of the very worst live-action shows I have ever watched.

    Dan Schneider seems to have a knack for making mediocre shows. Starting with Drake & Josh, his shows have been nothing but trash, with flat, generic characters, unrealistic stories and plots, and an absence of any humor. iCarly is another terrible idea. The show has a pretty basic premise: Your typical "good girl" character named Carly decides to create a show to showcase cool stuff for kids, and her friends, Freddie and Sam help her with the show.
    As unique as the idea is, the episodes tend to have a simple pattern: Something happens related to iCarly, a problem emerges, and the problem is solved by iCarly. You can easily expect what the flow of an episode will be.
    The characters in this show are rather generic and lame. Carly, as I mentioned before, is your typical girl who's the nice, happy one. Sam is your typical tomboy, possessing not only strength but a tough attitude. Freddie is pretty much the "dork" character, having a knack for all things related to technology. As you might have expected, Freddie has a crush on Carly, but (somewhat) develops one for Sam. There's not many episodes to the show, but, already, I can assume that one of these pairs ends up working out. There's also Carly's brother Spencer. Because Carly's dad is in the military (what happened to the mother is never explained), he assumes the role as her parental guardian. He's your generic goofball, who goes on stupid adventures and says crazy things at crazy times.
    Although the characters suck, this show severely lacks in another category: humor. Most of the jokes in this show are tired and overused, physical comedy (although the excessive abuse of poor Freddie is just plain irritating), jokes about Sam's eating (which are wearing thin), and "random" and "crazy" things that happen. The thing is: none of this is funny. Many of the jokes are rather immature ( Spencer says, "I had a bad case of poison ivy for two whole weeks and I didn't even notice...[until] it spread...to places." Freddie asks where it spread to, and Spencer gives us the answer we've all been expecting: it spread to his penis and focus on people being hurt or annoyed, and Spencer's random (and terribly lame) comments. The show tries to shove humor down your throat at almost every damned minute, so you'll never really see a moment where the laugh track isn't used for more than 30 seconds. The show should REALLY try to be more serious; not everyone is into childish jokes.
    Another problem is the voice box, but it's mostly helped by the excessive (and poor) humor. It's used (literally) almost all time, and it's usually the same voice clips. In fact, you can even tell that it's the same clip used for "They're in trouble!" or "They did it!" moments. It would be better if the voice box was used more sparingly and with a greater variety of clips.
    Another thing is the show's lack of moral value. Typically this wouldn't bother me, but iCarly's something different. In one episode, Carly and the gang snoop around their teacher, Mrs. Briggs's house because they want a good story for their webshow. They get caught, and, instead of their teacher filing a report with the police or getting them expelled, has them put her on their webshow in exchange for their impunity. In another episode, Freddie gets constantly beat up, attacked, and threatened because he dislikes a popular web series hosted by a kid named Lucas. In yet another episode, Carly's teacher Ms. Ackerman tortures the children because she's sad because her boyfriend broke up with her. (she gives them zeros for tests they haven't taken yet, she gives them quizzes on what they never learned, and even hands out physical punishment), and instead of getting arrested for abusing her students, gets arrested for downloading songs. (which, as long as it's not done for profit, shouldn't be illegal) When the police take Ms. Ackerman away, the children of her class simply decide to go ice skating instead of "[telling] Principal Franklin that [their] teacher's been arrested." ANOTHER episode has the kids hack into the school's network, and get off the hook because they give Principal Franklin an 11,000 watt microwave. Another thing is where Carly rebel against Spencer and goes to a mixed martial arts fight without permission, meets a cool fighter, and watches him beat up Spencer. Spencer ends up knocked out, the iCarly gang has that star on their new webshow episode, and nobody is punished. The figher isn't put in jail, and Carly isn't grounded (not only for going behind Spencer's back, but for being a deceitful liar and cheater). All of these examples appear to be giving away some bad messages: "You can get away with bad things", "You shouldn't accept those who are different", and "You shouldn't be afraid to be naughty". I might be exaggerating, but only slightly. Yet another flaw is the realism. Things are totally unbelievable. In real life, I've never seen a person who has a "magic meatball" tell him to drink ketchup, surf, and buy an ostrich. I've never seen people go as far as to physically harm people for having a different opinion. I've never seen a police officer that slaps a man in his behind with various items and traps his kid in a glass tube with a curtain when he bothers him. None of these things are what you can expect to see in real live, and are totally unbelievable.
    Also, this show tends to focus on rather lame subjects. The main thing the characters talk about are hobos, "Galaxy Wars" (a poor Star Wars parody), Sam's eating habits, and other things. They aren't particularly interesting, and the fact that these subjects are brought up again, and again, and again makes them even more annoying to hear about.
    So, all in all, iCarly is an absolutely horrible TV show. The humor is nonexistent, the storylines are lame and expected, the characters are generic, the plots are unrealistic, and the episodes tend to give people a bad message. iCarly is easily one of the very worst shows on Nickelodeon at this moment, and I highly suggest that you stay away from it.
  • Where to even begin??

    I hate this show. This is literally the WORST comedy show I have ever seen in my life. People complain about great shows such as Avatar, The X's, and Kenan & kel, YET they forget to mention this crap. How can people even like this show? Nick, why?

    First off, the laugh track. Ok, here's a line from the show.
    Spencer: I LIKE PIE!
    Laugh track goes on for about 20 seconds. See what I mean? Second: The acting. I hate it, miranda cosgrove can't act for petes sake. She always stares as the camera, smiles, and it looks like as if she's shaking. Next is Freddie. He's the smart-ass who always bores me to death, and acts as if he's the best. Just look at the picture of the show above, look at the way he's smiling. He always looks like that when he's smiling. It creeps me out. Next is sam, she's the tomboy who trys to act tough. She annoys me in many ways. She always picks on freddie, and freddie is to scared to do anything. Finnaly, its FRED. That stupid youtube user came on TV. WHY? Hes ANNOYING. I can tell you thousands of reasons this show is bad, but i'll be ending my review here.
  • This show is full of crap, its crappy, don't watch this crappy show. It's also annoying and a huge bore.

    This show is nuthin' but crap, CRAP I say. Don't even get me started. Nick fails yet again with another miserable and crappy live-action show in this new era of time that is overrun by the crappiest tv shows in the world. This show is number 13 on my top 20 worst shows ever list. The voices are all too screechy and high-pitched, I need to wear ear-plugs when I watch this garbage. This garbage will get you nowhere with good business and good money, believe me because I know what good business is, and what good deals are. This show has nuthin' but dull horribly voiced acting (especially Carly Shay's, her's is the worst voice ever.) And the laughtrack plays a frikkin' 9 million times just to annoy you and makes paying attention to the show a whole lot harder. Carly in this show is just an annoying little spoiled brat, like in the episode where she wants to get in to see some violent and bloody wrestling fights, and she was an annoying brat just because Spencer didn't think it was a good idea for her to go, I think that sends a bad message to kids. Fred was even worse, complete utter bullsh!t and unnecessary garbage was inflicted towards Freddie in this episode. I can not understand how this show has so many fans, this show in my opinion was crappy to begin with and has gotten immensely more crappier recently with its bogus new episodes. Please avoid this show at all costs and watch something else on Nick. Like Drake and Josh, that show is 1000X better than iCarly, either that or watch SpongeBob whenever its season 1, 2, and 3 episodes come on. Thanks much.
  • With so much potential with a great cast, Dan Schneider needs to rethink this series.

    Now I will admit that iCarly is a flagship show on Nick, but that is only because there is nothing else on besides Spongebob and True Jackson.

    This show has absolutely shown it's potential in earlier episodes such as iPilot and iMake Sam Girlier, yet the majority of the episodes are horrid.

    The Sam character is a terrible character with her poor meat jokes who beats on innocent people. Why star a complete badass to set an example for kids watching. The Carly character is also very annoying with her consistent amount of poor jokes. Put them together on a web show and you have a combination of pro wrestling and terrible jokes.

    The background characters a terrible because the cast is so odd. You have this fat kid who is another one of Sam's punching bags, who takes his shirt off and is proud of his stomach. I'm all for self-confidence but this is ridiculous.

    The humor is just poor with so many Drake and Josh jokes that are recycled except with a twist for the worse. The plots are far beyond predictable with the end of the show being obvious with Freddie and Sam going out and iCarly bein the most watched website show.

    Overall we have seen brilliance from Schneider, but he needs to fix this show before it's to late
  • A show talking about bras and showing bras.

    Again, like many other TV Shows, a certain actor/actresses in thrust into the limelight, in this case Miranda Cosgrove, having built up her reputation in previous Movies/Series. She is now the star of the show, gets to sing the soundtrack (and thus gets even more fame from that). Wonderful? It creates as much imbalance in popularity vs her other co-stars, especially Nathan Kress, who is continually thrust into minor rolls in each episode, except iDont Want to Fight. Cosgrove's music would never have met the charts without this show and her singing the main theme song (which was not written by her) and other covers such as About You Now and Stay my Baby.

    Back to the show, Cosgrove reveals more physically by acting scenes in a bikini, Hawaiian hula type bra and mentioned bra many times through out. Bras and seen in many cases (though not of the other actresses). Granted that the show is not meant to be just for kids, I'm surprised at the multitude of mentions of the female undergarment, especially in the first episode, where the phrase "pointy boobs" were mentioned. I'm not sure whether kids would thus refrain from saying that at home/in school afterwards. Then in one episode, the word "panties" is mentioned.

    It's not that I'm against the mentioning or showing of female undergarments (which girls will wear), but for a show from Nickelodeon, the people in charge should have realised that kids would get the exposure to such stuff. I doubt that other Nickelodeon shows have such content in them.

    As mentioned is other reviews, the laughter track is extremely annoying and unnecessary in many parts--for example, when the character Sam cries, how on earth is that a time to laugh? It distracts people from getting the joke and is used almost in every sentence.

    As mentioned, Cosgrove is made the star of the show and thus gains the utmost fame and support from die hard fans, who even scold a hotel staff when she is told to keep her noise level down (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk0gtfUk98U). Jennette McCurdy is the second star of the show but she faces competition from Cosgrove in the music industry (compare the popularity of her new single vs Cosgrove's covers). As noted, the third co-star Nathan Kress is the least noted of the lot. He is portrayed as a atypical boy who suffers the brunt of bullying by a girl and other boys but somehow a wizzard at technology. His height in early episodes make him a cute actor but unusual given his character's crush on Carly/Cosgrove. Beyond that, Kress isn't breaking into the music industry and as Cosgrove's fame grows with each episode, Kress falls behind. I would bet that he is the least paid of all the three actors.

    The content of the show is of course fictional, but also lets one wonder how it fits into a comedy series at certain times (thus the laughter track is used).It also contains several continuity errors (how can your father be and Air Force Colonel on a submarine? US Special Forces have their own branches, and the Air Force doesn't use US submarines--that is for SEALs). A unique feature is that of allowing viewers to submit their own videos to be shown during or after the episodes, but again the videos somehow do not meet the theme of comedy.

    Once again, it is a show that is riddled with mentions of the female undergarments, exposure of skin, and over used laughter tracks. It is a series which thrusts a teen actress so far into the crowd such that her songs/actions are excessive supported by her fans, leaving her co Stars behind.
  • Just not my type of show...

    When iCarly was announced I was really excited to see the show. Drake and Josh used to be some of my favorites and I really was eager to see Miranda act in her own show. Unfortunately, it was nothing like Drake and Josh. iCarly isn't funny or lovable. There is nothing real about it and every character is based on a stereotype.

    The show is about a bubbly teenager - Carly - that begins her own web show to showcase others hidden and unique talents. If only the writers would have kept this in mind when they wrote later episodes. From episode 2 and on, the only thing Carly is showing on her web show is utter stupidity. Over and over she makes fun of other people and always somehow ends up on top. I know that it's fiction but at least have something real in it. There isn't a person alive that gets everything they want... but Carly does. She even gets her brother beat up in one episode when she goes to a boxing match behind him back - and doesn't even get in trouble! Another example would be when she gets a boyfriend... that tried to steal her brother's motorcycle. Spencer was okay with it! What sense does that make?

    And, if you're a person that always wants to keep their facts straight, don't watch iCarly. Apparently the writers are bubble-heads themselves and don't know the difference between the airforce and the navy. Also, the plural of possum is said wrong a few times...

    Like I said before, Carly get's everything she wants in the show. Do not watch it if your all about morals because this show has none. Whatsoever. Overall, do no watch iCarly. It is a horrible show and I'm just waiting for it to end.
  • This show is terrible!

    iCarly, wow, not much I can say about this show, except that I hate this live-action show. It is very annoying and cheesey. Live-action shows like this are what's taking over tv and making all the good cartoons disappear. I can't watch this show for five minutes without either getting annoyed or wanting to put ear plugs on. I'll admit the first season looked okay, but now the episodes suck a goat's rear end. Fred is my worst enemy, not to mention I think Sam is very rude and stuff. Sometimes her attitude really chaps my hide. Spencer I think is a pretty good character though, but man he was so much cooler and stuff as Crazy Steve in Drake and Josh. Sorry, but Carly's voice in this show is too high-pitched and screechy for my tastes. I also hate how much Freddie is bullied around in this show. iCarly is just another one of your average crappy comedy shows that can occasionally be stereo-typical and often sexist. What with the school settings and the bullies you see in it like Sam, and that girl in iMake Sam Girly or whatever it was, where to me she was the most annoying bully ever. Not a good situation where kids like to imitate that kinda stuff for some reason. I think iCarly is very lame and I prefer to watch Drake and Josh over it anyday.
  • This show makes me want to pull my brain out.

    Problem number one Carly is 14 her guardian is 27 why does she treat him like a child it is not funny and it makes the show tell kids to treat there child like crap too. The jokes are not funny but they have the laugh track set on high, the girls say the most stupid jokes(no not jokes they say normal things like hi or what up) and then you hear 5 minutes worth of laughter.
    How do these girls afford flat screen tvs and computers

    And for 14 year olds they hardly say or talk about things a normal 14 year old girls talk about.

    This show is awful never watch it EVER
  • One word summary. Garbage.

    Is this what are youth of today are watching these days? Oh, gosh, this stuff is just plain awful. But let's get to the bottom of this. This show is about a girl named Carly and here friends Sam and Freddy. They decide to start a web show which becomes instantly popular. Ok, the first problem right off the bat is the humor. The jokes aren't funny and the humor doesn't make sense. An example, Freddy's mom is going to get engaged to a mean door man. When he tells his friends about it, they laugh about it. So then Freddy's response to their laughter is, "Cut the jokes pucket, this is serious chizz!" Uh... Yeah... I don't know any kid who would laugh at this. It's just not funny. The second problem with this show is that nothing is realistic. Every single child in this imaginary world owns an Iphone, a hi-tech computer, the coolest(and most expensive)clothes, and all have absolute perfect lives! This does not add up. This is giving kids the completely wrong idea. Especially in this rough economy. Also, their web show, that they have zero advertising for, is an instant hit and is apparently watched by every person in the world. This, again, makes no sense. Especially since what they do on the show is put on wigs and dance and other stupid things. The final biggest problem with this show is how big of a bag example for kids. The actors on this show are rebellious and rude and the father figure(Carly's brother) lets Carly do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Bottom line is a horrible show that you should keep your children away from. Please do not encourage the producers of iCarly to make more things like this by giving them views. This show needs to be put to sleep. Fast.
  • iCarly is, in my opinion, annoying, unfunny, teaching bad example to kids, insulting and unrealistic.

    Dan Schneider has done many good shows in the past and up until iCarly aired, I loved all of them. But on the day iCarly began to run on Nick, the whole time I was left wondering when this would end. Don't get me wrong at all. The plot is a good idea; a group of teens try to make a popular web show and run into problems that result from their show. But, when I saw it, I was just annoyed by what I saw. But I've learned in the past ya can't judge a show by the first episode, so I decided to give it more chances then I should've. This is one of the worst live action shows I've seen in a while. So Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are the main characters. Carly is your typical good girl, although in the new episodes she's becoming more of a selfish prissy brat. Sam is your aggressive tomboyish girl, who picks one just about anyone she wants to and they make the voice box in the background laugh so that it seems like it's funny to beat someone up. Spencer is the crazy guy of the show, who's also Carly's guardian because their Dad's in the army. Now as for Freddie, I don't mind him. He's really the only one on that show that acts like a normal person. But Sam always makes fun of him just because he's into all the technical stuff, like I am. So besides Freddie, the characters all annoy me. Carly always gets what she wants and if she doesn't she throws a big temper tantrum and if she still doesn't get it she disobeys Spencer to get it. She's spoiled too. There was one time she got all A's, and she received a big screen TV. Wow. I got straight A's, and all I got was a congratulations. Also, she is way too annoying and immature. In that iDate a Bad Boy movie, she said that she was almost fifteen and I was shocked by that. From the way she acts, I thought she was only eleven. Sam is way too mean. I don't know why she hates Freddie or why she likes to beat on him, but she just does it to have fun, which teaches a bad example to kids. Spencer is too crazy for me. He is too childish and always gives into Carly always. I don't know why her father left him in charge. Now on to other things. The voice box is the most annoying voice box ever used in a show! It's like after every other line, a laughter is used. There are sometimes where they'd say or do something really lame, and then you'd hear people crack up. I don't even know why they have a laugh box if they don't bother to get a real audience. Also, you hear the same cheers, the same oohs and the same aws. Also, they try too hard to be funny, and because of that, they really over use the jokes. Worst of all, the jokes are very childish and in most cases, something only a young child would find funny. As well, the acting could use some big improvements. Miranda Cosgrove has really lost her touch since Drake and Josh. At least in that series, she could do a happy voice without making it sound like she was acting. Miranda tries too hard now. This show is also unrealistic because I don't know how the heck they got so many views so quickly for their web show. Many times, it can take years to get as many as they have, yet they got like over three hundred thousand views in just a few web shows. It's insulting because they stereo type. Like in that iKiss episode, Freddie was beat up because he had never been kissed by a girl. Well, I'm older than them, and I've never been kissed. Also, in that iMeet Fred episode, Freddie was beat up-again-since he declared his hate on Fred. So that also leads me to saying why it teaches kids a bad example. As I've said before, Carly gets away with everything. So it is basically saying, "You can do whatever you want to do and not listen to your parents," and "You can not express your opinion if you disagree with other people," and "If you haven't been kissed, you're a dork." So to sum up this very long review, I think that iCarly is a terrible show and I really hope it is canceled soon. Dan Schneider should've kept Drake and Josh going instead. Grade: 001/100.
  • It got a little better.

    Carly, Sam, and Freddie make ICarly up in Carly's attic
    and goff off and get 300,000 viewers(RRRightt)

    It has a bit of a weak plot and Carly,Sam,and Freddie aren't that funny so giving it 4.5 seems a strange doesn't it,well I for some odd reason find Spencer funny some times,but not all the time about 50% of the time.("I fell asleep on the bus and woke up in Canada",LOL)but other then that it's not that grate.

    Sams mean,Freddie love struck for Carly,Carly is stuck in the middle and Spencer is always making some kind of dumb thing and all are really annoying most so the time.

    Some people are going to hate,others will agree,Vote away.
  • not funny + bad example for kids + violence = worst show next to glenn martin dds

    icarly sucks... 5 things that make this thing horrible
    1. bad acting
    2.not funny
    3. violence
    4.3 teens want to make a web show with out supervision WHAT??????
    5.its on nick which makes me sad becuase nick was awsome back then with sponge bob, the fairly odd parents, back then thoughs shows were epic but not with all the new graphics, crappy acters, and crappy laughing audience,same thing with nicktoons net work there starting to suck with the whole "glenn martin dds" sorry to go off topic with a diffrent show. icarly review: bad acting, not funny, violence, im pretty sure this is a bad choice for any 1 to actually enjoy this show and watch it....
  • The episode had some decent episodes in the first season, but it kept getting worse and worse afterwards.

    In the first few episodes of Season 1, in my opinion, iCarly was interesting, and the plots were realistic. Well, now I say: Miranda should of just stayed with Drake and Josh. The show is NOT funny at all. Carly and Sam of "iCarly" aren't funny at all; The show doesn't deserve any awards, like they made the movie for. The commercials they have are misleading, trying to act like the episodes are exciting when they are not worth a flip. Before the show, I even thought Jerry Trainer as Spencer, at least, would be funny, because he starred as Crazy Steve, a funny character from Drake and Josh - the same show Miranda Cosgrove left before iCarly. But even now, he's not as funny as he once was. The episodes of iCarly are getting really unrealistic; the plots are not funny and are hard to understand. Sam's twin? Weird! I think people will always remember Miranda Cosgrove as 'the girl who stars as those brothers' younger sister in Drake and Josh!' even if iCarly was her own show.
  • I carly is borning, she's not cute inside or out!

    In the Buzz (at the left hand colomn), it says 7 users who are iCarly fans have written a total of 329 reviews. She must have 7 different sign ons and she must keep herself busy during break time, trying to write up another postive view. Who else could it be? When that show comes on at my house who ever is watching turns the channel. She has no personal appeal, her daddy must be the producer!
  • One of the most overrated shows ever to air on TV

    Ok, im sure i dont need to write a review of the shows plot as im sure you have all read it by now, now, basically, i dont understand why this show is rated so high and why so many people like it! Ok firstly and most importantly, they use the laugh box for almost every line, even if it isnt even remotely funny, for example, principle Frankin says "congratulations Carly, Sam my kids and i love your show" (laugh box plays)
    Carly says "wow thanks!"
    (laugh box plays)

    I mean, what? To continue, the most of the jokes arent funny in the slightest, its obvious they are trying way too hard to be funny and it just makes them look stupid! I can find no more than 5 decent jokes in every episode. Then of course theres the acting, nobody on this show can act to save their life, especially miranda! i didnt like miranda in drake and josh, i hate her in this, she cant even say anything without it sounding cheesy, her acting is so fake and sarcastic, oh and she cant sing for s#!t! I mean ave you heard the iCarly theme song? If you havent, i do not advise listening to it, mirandas pathetic attempt at singing will destroy your ears. If you are a fan of this show, then you must not know what a comedy show is supposed to be! I only watch this show when im bored out of my skull and theres a new episode on. DOWN WITH iCarly! oh yeah and i forgot to mention, they do 1 web show, on a completely random website, that isnt even good, with no advertising, and they get 37000 views! right... Oh yeah, and their web show is a load of s**t anyway, they do nothing funny, just over the top and random. sorry if this review is a bit jumbled uo but i was in a hurry while writing it.
  • At first I thought it was just another Drake and Josh, but when I actually watched it, it was fairly impressive.

    By all means, this show is far better than Drake and Josh. Miranda Cosgrove, who plays the main star, Carly, has really shined her true colors in this show, it is a decent show. It does get annoying, though, when I have to see all the little arguments Sam and Freddie make. Sure, they can amuse me at times, but they get old quickly. They start off with a fresh new teasing, then slowly die down.

    My favorite character is Spencer because he is humorous and caring. He really looks out for Carly as a brother AND a guardian, and that's something I think I could see happening outside of TV. I enjoyed this show better than Drake and Josh for many reasons. More humor, more characters, awesome theme song, and more or less, it isn't as immature as Drake and Josh was. Nice job, Nickelodeon!
  • This show has started off as a very good show and is very funny, but the show could be improved.

    ICarly is a very comical show, and it is fun to watch. The characters all have different personalities which helps the show greatly. The show does have some aspects in which it could improve. Carly ans Sam can be very annoying and times, and they act inmature in some of the episodes. There also some inapproate comments made during the shows, as well as some inapproate actions. An example would be Sam accusing Carly of "enhancing" her appearence. This was obviously talking about her brests. This is inapproate for a show that could be viewed by younger kids. Other then these problems, which do not happen to often, this is a very good show, and is very enjoyable show to watch. As along as no major changes occure, the show should be good, and continue to be good.
  • change of heart;

    when i first reviewed this show i said it was MAD corny and lame and whatnot. then i started watching it more and it started making me laugh... a lot. so, i changed my review. i love this show! haha. spencer is adorable + completely random. sam is JUST like my sister, being sarcastic allll the time... man i don't know what i was thinking with that last review. i do have to admit SOMETIMES the jokes are a litttttle bit corny. i mean come on... just sometimes. other than that this show gets a great score. probably the best thing on nick right now, since spongebob SUCKS with the new episodes. :/
  • *sigh* Not another Teenick show.

    Teenick's been going downhill for years, and with it's new addition iCarly, it's gonna be going downhill faster than ever. Of course Miranda Cosgrove would get her own show. If there had been some other actress in place of Miranda, maybe the show wouldn't be so bad. I don't know. But if it's going to turn out anything like Drake and Josh, iCraly's in trouble. Drake and Josh started out great, but went downhill. iCarly's already going downhill and it's only had 2 episodes. There are a few mildly interesting parts in the show, and a few good actors/actresses. (I.e. Spencer, and at certain parts of the episodes Sam.) I'm pretty sure iCarly will turn out to be a big hit and all, but I'm probably never going to like it much. (Lol. 8 people? Why am I not surprised? Oh well. That's just the way society thinks. They don't know how to be different. They see a "star" is the lead role in a show and they automatically set their brains to think they love the show and it's awesome, and all before they've eve seen it.)
  • Eh... I like it i guess

    Well, so far my impression of iCarly is that it's strange but funny. It can get a little annoying, and i know thats a lot to say after just three episodes, but whatever. My favorite character is spencer, he's funny. I wish he was my big bro. I like his socks, they are so cool!!! Freddie is annoying. I dont like him and you can disagree with me all you want but im not changing my mind. I think the reason he annoys me is beacause he is like me in real life. Kind of sad when you think about it... but this show is cool.
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