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  • Finally, Miranda gets her own show!!!

    She was my favorite on Drake and Josh show. I bet ICarly will be so awesome! I can’t wait to see her show! I’m glad that Jerry will be in that show!!! He comes from Drake and Josh and he play by CRAZY STEVE! He is very funny on Drake and Josh show. ICarly will be better show! The preview looks good. I am shocked that Miranda getting her own show. Whew! It was not spin off show! If they have spin off show then that would be so lame. I really want Miranda getting good actress than on Drake and Josh show! What if ICarly will be better than Drake and Josh!!!!!!
  • Miranda Cosgrove's Web Show

    As much as I enjoy Miranda Cosgrove torturing Drake Bell and Josh Peck back in "Drake and Josh", this show is better and more hilarious. Miranda stars as Carly who starts a show on the web. Her big brother and best friends help Carly make iCarly.com the best web show on Earth by providing the greatest comedy in the history of laughter. I also like the scene selection part. When Carly and Sam asked Mrs. Francine Briggs to have the right to put on a show, their evil teacher denied the girls' request. Carly was really ticked off, but it didn't stop them from having another great idea. She asked Spencer if she and her friends could use the web to put on a show.

    I think this sitcom is better than "Drake and Josh" because this show is starring Miranda Cosgrove. She used to be the little sister of two idiot step-brothers, but now she's the star of a new show. However, I still think "Drake and Josh" is a funny show. This reminds me of the correlation with other Nick shows. "All That", "The Amanda Show", "Drake and Josh", and "iCarly" are somewhat being passed down by different actors and actresses; Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Miranda Cosgrove.
  • I have just watched the first two episodes of this series, and this show rocks!!!

    Miranda Cosgrove finally gets her own show after four years with Drake and Josh, starring as Megan Parker. Here in iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove is older, and she is the main character, playing a girl named Carly, who is awesome just like Miranda in real life. One thing that I want to point out is like every time Sam might say something, even if it is annoying, or stupid, Carly will still laugh! Kinda freaky to me, but if everyone else has a different opinion, I'm cool with that. Some people have been matching this show up against Hannah Montana. I'll say that Hannah Montana is a pretty good show, but I think iCarly will do much better, and Miranda is a better actress that Miley Cyrus. Anyways, another one of my favorite actresses in Jennette McCurdy who plays Sam, Carly's best friend. The Freddy-Carly thing also pretty cool. I mean, who doesn't have a crush on Miranda and or Carly? [It doesn't matter, they're the same people] Freddy is pretty cool, but his comebacks vs. Sam are pretty lame and weak. But time for my favorite character of all. You might know him as Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh, another show on Teenick. Give it up, for Jerry Trainor, as.... Spencer Shay!! His character is so great, and he even has the same crazyness in him that he has in Drake and Josh. Some funny quotes like "You owe me half a taco!" and "I made it into a squirrel." always crack me up no matter how many times I say it. Weirdly, these are pretty much the only main characters in the show. Four may be a low number, but I don't care, it doesn't make any difference to the show. I think this show is gonna be great, and I hear it is supposed to have forty episodes in the first season. It even says that on the iCarly guide on www.wikipedia.org that the first season will be forty episodes, and that would be so great if that happened! Okay, so that is it.
  • Dan Schneider does it again.

    Dan Schneider has created numerous hit shows for Nickelodeon and iCarly is no exception. I've been waiting for the premiere since March and I was not disappointed. There is never an unfunny moment throughout the whole show. The actors have great chemistry and Miranda is even better than her role as Megan. I'd have to say the funniest person is Sam because she has the best comebacks and Jennette McCurdy is great with slapstick comedy. I see a great future for this show because it's so awesome, who wouldn't love it. I'm honored to be editor of such an exceptional show and I can't wait for future episodes.
  • A girl with her own webshow.

    I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about iCarly. But damn this show is funny! It has the same humor as Drake and Josh but they take it a little bit further. They said bra in the first episode, I was shocked but laughing. I also like seeing the weird kids do their thing. It's a great show and I hope iCarly stays on nick as long as Drake and Josh does. Dan Schnieder is a genius. Maranda Cosgrove is finally in the spot light. I give iCarly a ten out of ten. It's better than Hanna Montanna (which i dislike greatly)
  • A really good show!! It's very funny too.

    iCarly is a new Nickelodeon show that premiered a few days ago. I thought that the commercials were overplayed before the show aired though. Miranda Cosgrove stars as Carly Shay. She finished Drake and Josh she began this show. This show might also be as good as Drake and Josh. Jennette McCurdy plays her best friend, Sam Puckett. She's funny. Nathan Kress plays Freddie Benson. He fights a lot with Sam but he has a crush on Carly. Carly's brother is Spencer Shay, and he is played by Jerry Trainor. I was so happy when I found out he was in this show because he is so funny.
  • love it!!

    love this show! i love it better then drake and josh! and there was onely 2 episodes! lol i cant belive that that show is this good when all thay played were 2 episodes! lol i cant belive how funny this show is! i almost die of of the show with the 2 episodes! i cant wait till thay make a new one!! i still see the other ones but cant wait till the new episodes come on! i cant belive how populer this show is i cant amagen how many peaple will will wach this good show =) like most of the owrld!
  • Funny as ever...........

    OK so you have this girl, Carly, living with her artistic brother Spencer. Carly has a best friend named Sam, when they are forced into doing their schools auditions for the talent show they see that a lot of their class mates have awesome talents. So long story short they start up some webisodes called "iCarly" were they host many wonderful and yet random talented people. This is all done with the help of Carly's annoying neighbor, Freddie, who also has a crush on Carly. Anyway the show is a hit that is watched by thousands of people. Personally though, I think that Jerry Trainor that plays Spencer steels the show. His random lines and insane attitude makes me crack up so much. For instance in the first episode Carly asks him to lend her his camera but he can't because he made it into a squirrel.
  • This show is a representative of kids everywhere. Today is a fast-paced world with kids all over the world on the internet. Definatly the best thing since sliced bread on PB&J.

    How could you not love this show? It's got so many great actors. This is a show kids can relate to. There are a lot of shows not suitable for kids but this show comes out of the shadows of dark dramas and horror movies and into the light. I can guarantee this show will be a hit by the end of this season. I'm a kid at heart, and.. I'm still a kid actually but I know the stuff on TV and all that pales in comparison to this! No more Dora the Explorer, no more Degrassi! Everyone can relate to iCarly in some way.
  • Finally, a new show on Nickelodeon that isn't an embarrassment.

    Like what the summary said, Nickelodeon is running out of ideas and fast. 2 new shows they got off a Nick-sponsored game called "Tak" and now a Nick-based movie called "Barnyard Animals". They don't absolutely stink, but Nick is starting to act like Hollywood; getting ideas from past ideas, such as remakes or just turning something into something else. Ok, onto the show...

    "iCarly" reminds me of what people act like behind the webcam if popular on sites like YouTube, which makes it funny and imaginative. Many of the jokes come from comments too, such as "Getting 34,000 hits/views" and "That made me lol I peed myself". This makes me think that Dan Schnieder (creator of "Drake and Josh" as well as this) is one of the people out there who seem to know what we want to see; new and unoriginal.

    The cast as well is great. They picked up Miranda from "Drake and Josh" and does her part as good as she is on DaJ. They also have another guy from DaJ who played as one of the theater workers called "Crazy Steve" and acts similar in this and, in my opinion, the funniest character, and plays as Carly's brother (if I'm correct). The other 2 I've never seen before, but they too are doing a good job. This keeps up and this will be the new DaJ!

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully I won't have angry fans on my back that love the show since I didn't give it a 10, but I'm givin' my honest opinion!

  • This is just perfect. Dan Shcendier has done it this time! I mean this in a good way.

    Icarly is better than I expected! My favorite part of the show so far is that p e e on Carl sign. I love that. I lauged so much I nearly peed myself. I like this show. It might be 30 years younger for me but that doesn't mean I can't watch the show. A new series that will get better and better, like Drake and Josh. Drake and Josh got better throughout the years so Icarly will too. I don't beleive anybody would hate this show. That big wart is kind of disgusting to see on the little screen. Well I love Icarly. Yes Ido!
  • i like the show a lot except for Carly's stupid friend Sam. she just ruins the show. nobody could possibly be that stupid!i like the brother the best though he is awesome!

    at first i was kinda surprised at how far the show was pushing the limits but i kinda got used to it. it IS pretty annoying how in most shows either one or both parents are dead. i didnt see the whole first episode but as soon i i changed the channel the first thing i heard was " because we made fun of her pointy boobs" and im like WHAT?!? im pretty sure carly said crap somewhere in the show,too. and then her brother comes in with a naked woman doll! i've never seen a Teenick show go this far. her friend Sam REALLY annoys me. the only part about Sam i enjoyed was when Carly kept spraying her with water. overall a pretty good show.(except for Sam)
  • it is about a girl named Carly and the only family member around her is her brother that is 26 years old. Sam and Carly said somwethin funy and frddie put it on splashzone and people enjoyed it so now they do it every week and people enjoy it,.

    I think it is hilarious show and it reminds me of Drake and Josh becuase Crazy steve is their brother and Carly is well Megan form Drake and Josh. IO think the borther is the funniest. It is really fun and i think that sam is so cool and i like it how the cast members get along so well. I definetly like when her brother was putting up the sign that was the funnist part for my ipionion. It was so funny definetly when the police names was Carl. It was so cool. Hoepfully i am slmost done talking about the first two episodes.
  • Wow, this show is better than I thought it would be. In fact, I enjoyed it! Hey, for once, Nick actually did something right! Yay!

    I'll admit, I had my doubts about this show when it was advertised, and I expected some disappointment. Boy, was I wrong! Although I haven't seen enough of them to really know the show, the plots are creative, amusing, and humorous. In fact, I got a few laughs from the first couple episodes! That is definitely the best way to start a new series. I don't really care much for the video production itself, but rather everything outside of it. However, it's pretty easy to figure out the outcome of it (I was able to guess the ending of the first two episodes pretty accurately), but you never expect how specific situations will turn out. All in all, this is a really great show. I warmly welcome iCarly into the world of Nickelodeon.
  • This could be an big hit for Nick this migth be bigger than Drake & Josh i still like Drake & Josh better but who knows rigth.

    This is really an good show to start watching migth not be as bigger than Hannah Montana but still an good show to watch.To be honest i though this was going downhill fast but i was proven wrong rigth.I actully like this show funny,cool, and of course "Off the wall" I known it's only the frist two episodes but you have to amited this is an really good show for Nick.Love all of the chracters on the show they all are unintentionally funny one for Nick rigth?
    The show is going to get better and better each episode, My favorite chracter is Carly of course and by the way the theme song rocks.
  • This show is amazing!!

    Let me just say now. I am a huge fan of Drake & Josh, it being my favorite show. I was really sad when I heard it was ending, and was hoping Nick would have some kind reconciliation. I thought the plot for the show sounded incredibly dumb at first, and the thought that went through my head was "Not another lousy teen show from Nick." Then I heard that the guy who plays Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh was supposed to be a main character, plus Miranda Cosgrove, so I decided to watch the premier. Guys, it was hilarious. I was literally laughing every few seconds. The acting is great, and the lines are really funny, especially compared to certain other shows "coughhannahmontanacough!!" The cast have great chemistry, and the acting isn't forced. The first three episodes had me laughing until I was crying.For me, this show comes second to Drake and Josh. Feel free to disagree.
  • Nice show.

    Finally, Miranda Cosgrove gets her own show. She plays the role of a teenage girl named Carly Shay, and her two best friends, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. Carly gets her own Internet show after going through talent show auditions for her teacher. I saw some of the show just today, and it is plain awesome! I'm also glad that this didn't turn out anything like Mr. Meaty! I liked Miranda better on "Drake & Josh" though, but I like her even better on this show. Because on "D&J", she was just plain mean. She played the role of their mean evil sister, Megan Parker.
  • iCarly, in my opinion, is a repeat of ME:TV, but at least it meets the targeted audience and actually makes sense, which is commonly not found in Nickelodeon shows since SpongeBob SquarePants.

    When I first watched this show, I was shocked. I was stunned to find such a show like iCarly be created by the same creator as Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh. For once, there was a TV show that targets people, like me, who doesn't have a life and stays on the computer.

    When I first heard about iCarly, I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Boy, was I wrong.

    Using terms like "nub" and "lol", Nickelodeon is finally stepping up to the future of today's generation kids. Featuring Miranda Cosgrove, a talented actress (often noted as being Megan on Drake & Josh) playing as Carly, she and her friends, Sam and Freddie, are hosting a web show on the internet through iCarly.com (which, by the way, exists.)

    Overall, this show is very good and I recommend it to the preteen audience group.
  • iCarly rox!!

    Awsome show! First of all, it's straight up funny. I love how real people can send videos, and be on the show! Plus, they have a REAL website, not a fake one! Miranda is an awsome actress, and the other characters are great too. I LOVE this show now, though I haven't seen that many shows. Goodbye Drake and Josh, make room for iCarly! I never really liked Drake and Josh, although it was real funny. But this is a great show! But, as you can see by my username, it doesn't hold a candle to my personal fave, Code Lyoko. But, as far as animated shows go, it's only second to Hannah Montana!
  • This is one of the best new shows I have seen in a while!

    I really love this show! It is awesome! It is about about a girl who lives with her brother in this awesome complex or something! (it has an awesome elevator!) and its got this weird guy named lubert or something with a ginormous wart! She has a best friend named Sam and there is this boy named Freddie that lives across the hall that is like in love with her but she likes Jake.(this guy from her school) on the one where Jake plays on her show and he thinks that she likes Freddie because she gives him a kiss on the nose. Its funny.
  • Miranda Cosgrove gets her on tv show

    It seemed that Miranda Cosgrove.got her own tv show.Which is called "ICarly" an tv show where they do webcams shows and also showing off talents werid ones even from us tv viewers.Ok I do not know how to rate this show.This show is an bit confusing to me.I mean this show,is beginning to looked liked Me Tv.I mean bit similar.This show is alright.altough I think that there are enough teen nick show to watch on nick.Anyway its cool that Miranda,has her own show to star in,plus singing her own show theme song like Drake Bell.So she goes from being the evil sister Megan on Drake and Josh from doing an webcam tv show.
  • I was very disappointed when Drake and Josh got canceled, so I thought I would hate this show. But I gave it a shot and now I love it!

    This show is about a girl named Carly, her older brother Spencer, Sam, and Freddie. Carly starts her own web show called iCarly to get kids to be themselves and not what other people want them to be. It sends out a great message and at the same time isn't a geeky show about feeling good. It replaced Drake and Josh but in a few years I think it will grow on. Drake and Josh didn't have such a good start, but at the end it became one of Nick's most watched shows. I think that the same thing will happen to iCarly. I can't wait till they get more characters and Guest Stars to really bring this show to life. I would recommend this to people that were already fans of Drake and Josh or people that are just looking for a good show that teaches a good lesson but isn't too geeky or bad to watch. It is no where like the Disney Channel shows and doesn't have many things Drake and Josh had. It's still a great show!
  • its ok

    I've only seen it two times so i cant bash it or anything. this isn't like drake and josh was at all. it isn't that bad from what I've seen so far but it isn't also the greatest. Carly has her own online i camera talk show thing that is a big hit online. Carly's show is mostly what the show is based on is what i get. Carly and her best friend Sam co host the show and Freddie directs it. Freddie kind of has a big crush on Carly. Carly has an insane brother who thinks he is an awesome artist.
  • Drake & Josh & Ned's Declassified got cancelled and I wasn't very happy. This isn't as good as them but this is a suitable replacement.

    This show tells the story of a 13 year old girl who lives with her 26-year old brother. She takes the blame for what her best friend did and as punnishment she is to hold talent show auditions in the gym with her friend Sam. Her neighbor who has a crush on her whom is opperating the camera accidently records Carly and Sam making a bosom refernce to their teacher and he puts in online. However people say that they are hilairious and they decide to make their own webshow. I think that this show is pretty funny. Give it a shot.
  • Miranda Cosgrove needed to break away from that Drake and Jose show, they were holding her back.

    Miranda Cosgrove who plays Carly Shay on her new show iCarly needed to break away from that Drake and Jose show, they were holding her back. This iCarly.com show is not boring, its a crazy out there of sort, but its also great. Miranda is a brillant and talented actress for a young age and will do great in the near future. I dont know what else to say about it. Have to give TV.com an email about how many words can be typed, even for a short review. Try to submit and wont take least than 100 words.
  • A surprisingly delightful show about a teenage girl and her two friends with a weekly webcast.

    So here I was the other day looking for some decent television and I'm not sure what compelled me to watch iCarly. I'd never found much of an appeal in other TeenNick shows other than Drake and Josh which was only funny so many times before the gags got predictable. However, I was pleasantly surprised with iCarly. Cosgrove is great in her new lead role and her supporting friends make for some strangely hilarious moments. The chemistry between the three is exciting and funny. The true star is Jerry Trainor as Carly's big brother Spencer who's insane and random antics make for the best moments in the show. Altogether, though by no means perfect, iCarly provides amusement in one of the few ways Nick can these days. Definitely worth checking out over the rest of the TeenNick lineup.
  • Suprisingly really really fun!

    I thought i wasn't going to like this show, because i thought if i saw Miranda Cosgrove by herself, i'd only be sad because Drake and Josh weren't there with her. But this show has its own set of fun characters to get to love, and i really like it! Miranda Cosgrove is probably one of the most talented teen stars out there right now, and she's very good on this show.
    I actually found myself laughing out loud more than once as i watched, and i was really getting to like the characters as well. They're real and likeable at the same time: Carly, her brother, and both of her best friends.
    The sequences where Carly and Sam are shooting the show are a lot of fun to watch, and very humerous as well. It makes you want to know the girls, because they're just so funny.
    Granted, a lot of the credit should go to Dan Schnieder, and his original brand of comedy centering on random outbursts about things like hobos and ointments.
    I definitely recommend this show to anyone.
    When you look at the state of the kids TV world right now, Nickelodeon is kinda living in Disney Channel's shadow, with Disney Channel's mega success with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana. Annoyingly, they kinda have the monopoly. But i think iCarly can contend with Hannah Montana. It has a fighting chance, anyway. Maybe, hopefully,eventually we'll see the tables turn again in Nick's favor, and i think shows like iCarly are what is going to do it.
    Overall show grade: B+
  • Dan Schneider, you never cease to impress me.

    This show is awesome, but of course, It doesn't beat Drake and Josh.
    It's about 13-year-old Carly Shay who creates her own webshow with her friends Freddie and Sam.
    This show is very funny, the jokes are original and the actors can act! I love the jokes and each episode is a different topic.
    Sam's action's always naje me laugh!
    Nick, you have another classic coming your way.
    Freddie is such a cute,hot nerd!
    Miranda Cosgrove did a great joc on the theme song. I'm so happy that she finally gets her own show; I've been a fan of hers ever since I saw Drake and Josh.
    Dan Schneider, you never cease to make me piss in my pants laughing on the floor.
  • iCarly seems really entertaining!

    iCarly seems really, really entertaining to me. Carly also seems like an exciting person to be friends with. She has an awesome older brother who can make anything out of anything else. She has two best friends, Freddie and Sam. And, she, Freddie, and Sam have a web show called... iCarly! But, there are a few things that kind of make Carly mad... Her totally annoying and mean teacher, Mrs. Briggs, Tasha, a girl from Carly's school that "urks" her, and and 11-year-old child named Nevel Papperman, who wants to be her little boyfriend. I really think that iCarly is really fun to watch. It might be my new favorite TV show!
  • It is amazing. At least for me.

    I like iCarly because I look for osmething to entertain e not to be the best show and it isn't bad. I like the feud between Sam and Freddie and Spencer's crazyness are enjoyable. It makes me laugh and the whole wecast show and the people that are featured are entertaining, so for me it is an A+. I thought it would be a simple copy of other shows from Nick or teen shows, but it's unique it it's own way and it it's just perfect at least for me who looks for a show that's enjoyable and funny. So I'll keep watching expecting it to get better or at least make me laugh.
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