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  • Ithink this show doesn't even make an attempt

    I didn't watch the first season but I heard it was descent. Now here we are something seasons latter and the show is terrible. It tries to hard to be random and overall it's not funny. It's not clever in what it's trying to do. The acting is over the top and stupid. We've seen these ideas before and can tell you how they are going to turn out before the opening titles finish. The show is unrealistic and over dramatic and us as the viewers have seen much better teen dramas then the garbage this show about. This show was very easy for them to do get a cast of people no ones heard of and just say random thigs at times. They didn't need a script or even a writer. Becuase it's not hard to tell that this show didn't have either. There aren't even a attempt at real jokes. The random humor works for CN becuase it's not just random humor in shows like Adventure Time. There are also real jokes and characters you care for the characters and have a story. I think theres no redemetion for this show. If nothing else the actors that are playing over the topic characters are trying to deliver a real preformance. The thing that annoys me the most though is the internet jokes and the stupidy that comes with that. They could have made a real attempt and it may not have been good but it would still be alot better than the show we are stuck with now.
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